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Introduction of Biological and psychological Theories of crime

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Evaluation Of Your Planning Of The Essay And The Presentation And How You Would Improve Your Approach

It takes time as well as patience, and practice to develop the skill of writing an essay. The skills keep on developing when I write more and more essays. I could write this essay and a presentation on the topic that is psychological and biological theories of crime with the help of my peers and tutors (Wilcox 2018). The practice of writing an essay helped me in considering the issue that has been raised in the course, and I was able to relate them with my own experience and my thought process. It helped me add the more comprehensive and additional research I could have undertaken to tackle this topic of the essay.

The writing of this essay was having the sole objective of focusing the mind and encouraging the mind to find conclusions regarding the same topic: psychological and biological theories of crime. It helps me understand those areas to my best that I have not appropriately understood during my lecture days (Altikriti et al., 2021). The planning of writing these essays was done in the following steps that are described below are-

  • It is finding some relevant information regarding the psychological and biological theories of crime (Wilcox 2018).
  • I give a proper structure of the knowledge and the information regarding the topic above clearly and logically, and concisely.
  • The lectures and research on the topic were read by me thoroughly as well as critically and purposefully.
  • I was noting the main points which were required to prepare the presentations and the essay.

The ways which helped me in increasing the presentation skills were-

  1. Doing my research for giving a better presentation on a periodical basis.
  2. It says that practice makes a man perfect, so I went over several times to give the best in the presentations (Altikriti et al., 2021).
  3. While giving presentations and while preparing the presentations, one must keep their focus on the audience to whom this presentation will be delivered.
  4. The presentation must end with some strong finishing notes and conclusions, which help in reminding essential points to the audiences.


Altikriti, S., Theocharidou, K. and Sullivan, C.J., 2020. Specific theories of crime? A longitudinal assessment of the competing effects of psychopathy and self-control. Journal of Crime and Justice, 43(5), pp.547-567.

Wilcox, P. and Cullen, F.T., 2018. Situational opportunity theories of crime. Annual Review of Criminology, 1, pp.123-148.


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