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CHCECE011 Provide Experiences to Support Childrenís Play and Learning Assignment Sample

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CHCECE011 Provide Experiences to Support Children’s Play and Learning Assignment

For this assessment, you will need to use your Learning guide, NQS Area 5 and EYLF documents.

Part 1: Planning learning experience

Design and present in class one learning experience suitable to support the physical development of children 0-3 years. Please complete Learning Experiences Format A using a hypothetical child. 

Part 2: Evaluating the Learning Environment

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Considering the learning experience you provided and identify one strategy you implemented for each of the following. To ensure best practice please choose strategies from the National Quality Standards.

CHCPECE011 Provide experiences to support children’s play and learning

Task 2: Evaluation Learning Environment Play Experience

 Please use the National Quality Standards for strategies


1 . Strategy you implemented

Link to Standard

How did you provide a safe environment?

E.g.: Equipment appropriate in size (larger) to ensure the safety of children under 3 years.

Standard 3.1.1

How did you provide a safe environment?

Maintaining an effective learning environment with clear guidelines and mentoring of staff

Standard 2.2.3

How did you ensure the learning environment was non-threatening?

The teachers should represent themselves as a role models to clarify appropriate behaviour of safety

Standard 2.2.2

How did you ensure the learning environment was stimulating and challenging?

It is important to avoid the rewarding system only for ensuring control and a sense of order should be created

Standard 2.2.1

How did you ensure the learning environment promoted a sense of belonging?

Creating a space for people including students and parents for ensuring a welcoming environment and curriculum reflection

Standard 5.1.1

How does the environment encourage children’s autonomy and decision making?

Providing learning and playful environment for children such as allowing activities in different space

Standard 5.2.1

How did you provide a calm unhurried environment for learning

The teachers or education providers should assess soundscape in the classroom and set a relaxing tone

Standard 4.2.2

Does the environment reflect the age, gender and cultural diversity of children?

Encouraging the open discussion and remaining continuously aware to achieve academic and educational success

Standard 3.2.2

End of Written Assessment

Learning Experiences Planning and Reflection: Original experience: Format A (Part 1)

The format can be used over two week period or over two sessions of an experience.

Name: _______T_____ Written By: Date:

Name of Experience or play area: Hide & Seek experience Centre Staff Initials___________________

Setting: Indoor at play space


(Reason why you are providing this experience where possible link to observations)

Learning processes

Child’s predicted interactions/role,

(What will the children say and do?)

Intentional Teaching

Your predicted interactions/role

(what will you say and do)


(What happened – Reflect on area, equipment, children’s reaction, goal and your response).

On the basis of observation on 20/10/21, T seems To like playing with others very much and his favourite game is hides and seek. He played Hide and seek with teachers and fellows and requested to play hide & seek over and over again.

Experimentation: The exploration of different objects will be done by T While playing hide and seek in an indoor setting to understand the object permanence

Investigation: The appropriate guidelines and effective security measures to provide a safe playing environment for children will support in exploring the development in children learning in a systematic way

Metacognition: A student will identify the different ways of finding aspects through pranking that will support in gaining and transferring knowledge with other students in different situations.

Growth orientation: The student will learn that there are several possibilities in this world and strong thinking and exploration is required to win.

· First, gather the children interested in playing hide and seek and note their names to record their activities.

· The Numbering of the student will be conducted to provide a fair chance of hiding and seeking in the game to all players.

· The rules and guidelines will be demonstrated among children and they will be allowed to ask questions for clarifying the doubts while playing this game.

Challenge- It is possible that children may disappear by hiding in unknown places for which the cameras will be utilised to track the activities and location of each child while playing hide and seek in the house.

Encouraging: The students will be motivated for playing the game fairly and actively and the information of winning a chocolate packet will be distributed among his students to make them play with enthusiasm.

The children identified to be very interested in playing hide and seek and enjoy the process of hiding and seeking their fellows positively. however, it is Important To have more than three coordinators for children playing games because the lack of coordinators resulted in fatigue and tension.

It is identified that T Mostly like to hide in the game but he doesn't like to seek others and get frustrated when not able to find his fellows. The area for playing hide and seek was limited and I believe that hide and seek will be more fun in an outdoor setting with the support of some more teachers or coordinators. I have the experience to battle students or children who are not effectively understanding my nonverbal instructions and I will work on them.

Specific Learning Outcomes and related Goal/s

Outcome: There is a specific tendency that children learn from activities which they find interesting during their childhood.

Goal: To increase the focus skills and object permanence of T with the help of the Hide & seek game

How did you encourage the children’s co-construction of this play environment?

Resources Required

Getting and arranging to go right stuff

Open-ended creative space to play

Quick respond to problems faced by children.

Encouraging children to explore the different areas for developing constructive learning.

Gaming instructions

Particular rooms for hiding

Secure observation or monitoring equipment

Invigilator to track student safety

Identify how you will use this experience to support the development of cultural competence

The experience will be used to develop ethical interactions with children and their families that will increase the effectiveness of communication with parents and colleagues working at their respective places. For example: On the basis of experience the setting of playing games with children will be clearly communicated and tracked with families to ensure the safety of each individual. The experience will be utilised to represent me as a role model among students to develop better relationships and increase the effectiveness of learning and educating students or children. For example, educating children through games is more effective in improving the learning process of adolescents.

Learning Experiences Planning and Reflection Format A (Part 2)

The format can be used over two week period or over two sessions of an experience.

List the changes implemented


How did the changes support children’s learning? Did the changes affect their responses?

Provide 1 example of how you followed the child’s lead in play

How did you encourage children’s decision making?

Identify 1 example of how you encouraged, and acknowledged children’s attempts at participating and persevering in challenging experiences.

Implementing standards for hiding and seek and developing teams

Utilising water pistols in the game to increase the fun and interest of children in the game

Uniting more than two coordinators while playing with about 5 to 10 children indoor

The guidelines will be written and applied on the playroom wall to increase information access

The changes will increase the interest of students in the game and increase their vulnerability towards consciousness hand hide and seek practices while playing with others. Changes will also support the teachers and coordinators to improve learning procedures and provide better information among children.

T Other children were sitting around each other and I clapped my hands to grab their attention and told them to play an interesting game hide and seek. hi illustrated the game rules by hiding my face as a gesture. Eventually, children took interest in the game and gathered together for playing consciously by providing consent through raising their hands.

 Asking different questions for are relevant areas and improving Their knowledge by providing feedback on their mistakes

Identifying the interest of children and exposing them to real-world examples to seek their advice and improve their decision making

Informing children regarding their safety measures and supporting them to follow their interests to empower the decision-making process at an early age

One of the students from the Group ‘B' hesitated in playing hide and seek because he was afraid and doesn’t understand the rules and procedures to play. I go around him and ask to join me as his co-partner and supported him to hide behind a slide and instructed him to keep quiet. After the first round was completed, I called him and make him informed about other things then he joined the team voluntarily and continued to play with cheerful behaviour.

Provide 1 strategy you used to manage children’s challenging behaviour.

Reflect on yourself as an educator. What did you do well and what skills & knowledge could you improve for next time.

List the learning which may have occurred during these experiences. Please be specific with an example.


Future planning

Where to from here? Give reason for your choice.

Some of the children started quarrelling with each other As one of them seek others without much effort. I have utilised two rules to manage the challenging behaviour of those children including the creation of board rules and demonstrating the consequences of differential action. I Go near the students and ask them the problem and then inform them the rules to be followed during the game and the consequences of their negative behaviour on the final reward. After instructing and keeping track of their behaviour they have played appropriately in the next rounds.

As an educator, I have identified that I can manage children effectively while educating and providing them with a learning experience. I believe that my child management and problem-solving skills Have improved and I have positive consequences for my performance. However, I also believe that I should work on my general knowledge regarding the games and the basics of differential activities to answer the multiple types of questions develop from the curiosity of children.


The most important skills for educator of children is positivity and patience to increase the effectiveness of the learning processor and teaching with kindness to develop positivity. For example, I have to Resolve the quarrel between children during the game with patients and provide the appropriate instructions to play the game positively.


The math concepts have been applied to increase the capabilities of children for grasping and remembering numbers in sequence. For example, Ordered counting was performed to allow the children to hide at different places from 1 to 20.

Dispositions supported:

Depositions supported: the Cooperation was performed by students or children while playing hide and seek in a group. For example, different students combine as a team and play hide and seek with coordination by giving chance fairly to each individual.

I will focus on improving my conceptual skills to increase the effectiveness of playing games with children because the children learn effectively at an early age and it is one of the important learning areas of individual life.

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