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Developing Leadership And Management Skills

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Introduction- Developing Leadership And Management Skills

Every business wants its employees and teams to be successful for mutual benefit. To be successful, the employees and teams need to have strong leadership and management skills. The learner’s existing leadership and management skills will be evaluated, and any areas of weakness will be brought to light through the completion of this project. It is something that will help one advance further in their job. The leadership and management abilities of the author, as well as any deficiencies in those areas, will be evaluated with the help of a number of different models and theories. In addition to that, the learner is going to compile a list of activities for his professional growth that will assist him in becoming the most effective leader and manager that is feasible in his industry.

Self-Reflection Assessing My Leadership and Management Skills

I have mastered the accountability skills and I follow all the instructions that are provided by my teachers. I also complete all of my assigned tasks within the given time period. However, I have observed that I might need to improve my skills in this area since they are very in order to become an effective and efficient leader (Hamdani, 2018). I have the ability to influence and convince my team members to complete the assigned tasks and achieve the desired outcome. I have developed these leadership skills in my childhood as I was the captain of our local football team. Being the monitor of my class in school and the class representative in my college days has also played a crucial part in developing these leadership qualities in me. I was also the first child of my parents, so I always had more responsibilities towards my family compared to my siblings. I also have considerable good communication skills as I successfully communicate with the members of my team regarding the various tasks assigned to us. Also, I make sure that every task is being done in a proper manner and that the expected outcome is achieved in the end. Although I am quite weak in terms of presentation skills and I need to improve in the area. Since I was the monitor of my class in my school and the class representative in my college, it has helped me to adapt time management skills which play an important role in my overall leadership skills. I also understand the importance of time completing work and in team management practices. I have also understood the necessity of work delation (Sharma, Agrawal, and Khandelwal, 2019). Work delation helps to complete the work on time and achieve the desired outcome. I have obtained the skill of work delation in my school days where I used to participate in almost every competition held in the school. I also had an attraction towards team-based competitions which has enabled me to handle teams in an efficient manner. Apart from this, I have also gained visionary skills. This helps me to predict the future and adopt strategies in advance that can help my team in completing the tasks efficiently. A team manager should always keep an eye on the work progress of their team and after handling teams for a long time, I have gained this skill too. Although I have mastered the skills mentioned above, I still lack the skill which is organizing a team. In order to achieve success with a team, having proper organizing capability is necessary. Therefore, I need to improve this skill and I am currently working on it. I am planning to master this skill by participating in a training course (Hunt and Fedynich, 2019). The training course will help me to understand the various aspects of the skill and it can help me to master the organizing skill at the earliest. Recently, I have been able to learn the emotional intelligence skill which has also improved my decision-making capability.

Self-development plan

It was discovered that the learner’s some of the current skills were lacking. That is why this segment will serve as a journal for the learner as he works to better his skills. An alternative approach is to use the PDCA method to enhance the management and leadership abilities of the leaner (Isniah, Purba, and Debora, 2020). In this paradigm, there are four stages of personal and professional development.

Plan: First, the learner will identify the skills he needs to improve his leadership and management skills. In this section, all of the necessary skills will be addressed or listed.

Do: It is the learner's responsibility to carry out all of the tasks required by the development plan in a timely manner. In the long run, the learner will be able to improve his skills in this manner over time (Rajagopalan, 2020).

Check: As the learner wants to grow as a leader or manager in his company, he needs to identify his weakness first. Most importantly, he needs to evaluate his skills daily for the purpose of enhancing his performance.

Act: First the learner must achieve his learning goals and then act in accordance with them. However, the following table outlines the skills that are required.

Development needs

The process of development


Decision making skills

In order to increase his decision-making agility and transparency, the author will work with more experienced managers in his organization to get some hands-on experience (Bali, 2019).

9-12 months.

Emotional intelligence

To improve his emotional intelligence, the writer must improve his communication and active listening skills, as well as his motivational talents and self-awareness.

Long-term process.

Anticipation and forecasting ability

Data analysis and management skills can help the author improve his ability to anticipate and concentrate. A course on big data management is on the horizon for the author as he strives to improve his forecasting skills.

6-8 months.


People that are good at their occupations are motivated by a desire to keep learning new skills and expanding their knowledge base. Consequently, gaining a grasp of good management and leadership will necessitate some effort on the part of the author. Though leadership and management abilities and characteristics are recommended by the author, it is essential to develop one's own leadership and management skills. The author intends to work on this issue and apply the development approach stated above in order to achieve his aims.


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