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Individual Reflection Report Assignment Sample

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Individual Reflection Report Assignment Sample

Team Working in Problem Solving Task

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 In an organization different tasks need to be performed by employees and various teams in order to achieve the common goals of organization. Different people works on same tasks in united manner to develop collaborative actions that can help the organization to complete tasks in effective manner. Team working is most important for organization to gain high productivity in the internal operations of organization. With proper team working higher performance standard can be achieved. In various operations team working can be really helpful to complete tasks in effective manner(Ellis and Sevdalis, 2019). In my opinion, if all the employees of organization works in collaborative manner then it can improve the productivity and performance of organization in specific market that is selected for business purpose. I have experienced that in an effective team it is easier to perform various tasks that are difficult to complete individually.

For an individual person it is more difficult and complex to complete various tasks. In team working pressure and work divide in people equally that can help to develop motivating environment in organization and various teams. For example in problem solving process team working is required most. For an individual person it is highly difficult for individual to handle single problem in efficient way. In individual working innovation and creativity in operation get reduced. In the problem solving task this is important to analyse problem from various perspectives in order to understand the problem in effective manner. In my opinion this is not possible for an individual person to understand problems with different perspective. In this process team work can play effective role. With collaborative operation problem can be analysed from different perspective of each team members. This collaborative action can help team to get better overview of the issue that is faced by team and organization. By effective team operation and collaboration more creative and innovative ideas can be created in order to find the solution for particular problem. This is how effective team working is really good for problem solving for organization.

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Team Skills for Effective Completion of Task

For effective completion of task it is important for individuals to have various skills. The team skills that are possessed by individual person in team can help to complete various tasks and operations in effective manner. To develop an effective team various skills are required for individual member of team. These skills can improve the capability of team and help them to perform with high success rate(Arfara and Samanta, 2016). Some of the main skills that are required for effective team development are- Effective communication skill, time management skill, problem solving skill, listening, critical thinking, collaboration and leadership. These are common skills that are required must in order to develop effective team. These skills can make an effective team that have high success rate in operations. Each skill can add some more positive points in team working and performance of team within operations.

Communication skills

Communication skills are most important in order to maintain effective communication with other team members. This is important for effective transfer of information to reduce the misleading conditions and errors.

Time management Skill

Time management skill is most required in order to complete the actions and various tasks with in dead line(Fleming, 2016). This can help the team to gain higher productivity in operations.

Problem Solving Skills

Problem solving skills is most important skill that can heal the individual person to deal with various issues and problems that are faced by individual within team.

Listening Skill

Listening is also one of important skill that can improve productivity of individual person by improving own skills and knowledge.

Critical Thinking Skill

Critical thinking skill is important to understand various conditions in effective manner and this skill can help individual person to think creative ideas in brain storming sessions.

Collaboration Skill

Collaboration can be explainers as capability of individual person to work with other people in a team. In this process people get associated with other people in order to achieve common goals. This skill is important to complete all tasks with zero error or minimum error.

Leadership Skill

For an effective team all members should have better leadership skill in order to lead the team while they have effective knowledge in particular task or operation(Mazzone, 2020). This is how leadership skill of individual person can help the team top get proper leadership in different tasks.

This is how various skills can help the teams to perform various tasks with high success rate along with minimum error.

Achievement of Goals and Targets in a Team

Main objective of forming a team is to complete certain tasks with high effective result. A team is consists of people who might have different specialization in different field. Collaboratively all these skills helps the team members to complete tasks in effective manner. In my opinion there is required to follow a specific process or plan to maintain high success rate in various operations. Effective planning can help the individual person to contribute in effective manner to complete task in effective manner. According to my experience this is important for me to implement proper task allocation and responsibility delegation to develop effective plan that can help individual person to complete tasks in effective manner(Niebuhr and Michalsky, 2019). Planning, resource development and risk assessment are main tasks that are required to be implemented in the operations in order to complete different tasks. I have learned that for maximum success rate in task completion organization can use various methods. These methods can help the team to complete all tasks with proper execution. Some of main steps that are need to be considered by the team to achieve the company targets and goals. These processes are- implementation of strategic planning to define specific plan for better execution. Segregation of goals and prioritization is also need to be perform to find sequences of different tasks. Performance management and communication of plan and execution is also important to improve the success rate of company.


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