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Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility: Key Events Driving Change

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Introduction: Sustainability Trends Driven by Environmental Crises

In recent decades, the concern for sustainable development has increased to a greater extent and now both society and businesses are working on it. Sustainability is a concept that helps society in working in such a way that it can meet the present needs without compromising future needs (Moore, et. al.2017). Along with this the concept of sustainability helps individuals in working in such a way that they can focus on reducing the negative impact on the environment and improving the quality of human life. Businesses are also working on this concept and for there they work on different corporate social responsibility activities(Agudelo,et. al.2019). In this report the researcher would be explaining the different key events and the issues that had contributed to growth and adoption of the concept of sustainability by businesses across the world.


There are different events that are affecting the businesses and motivating them to work in a sustainable manner. There are diverse events taking place across the world that have made it necessary for the business to pay attention to sustainable development and work in a sustainable manner. The table mentioned below explain some of the events in details such as:

Date and location Details of the incident Impact on the incident Outcomes of the incidents
20 , April 2010 at gulf of mexico The incident was popularly known as the Gulf of Mexico oil spill or the Deepwater Horizon. This incident had affected marine lives to a greater extent and marine environment as well. The seafloor oil gusher had started leaking and this had led to the explosion of the BP’s oil rig, deepwater horizon (Schwing, et. al. 2020).  As a result of this incident 11 mens have lost their lives. Around 53000 barrels had been flowing to the gulf of mexico that had affected the marine lives to a greater extent. It had been estimated that this oil spill had killed around 82,000 birds, 25,900 marine mammals and 6000 sea turtles and other species as well. In total it had been estimated that a total of 3.19 million barrels of oil had leaked into the gulf of mexico (Romero, et. al. 2017). Several immediate actions were taken by the BP and transovern for controlling the spread of the oil to the beaches and other coastal ecosystems. After this a huge investment has been made by the authorities and the government institutes for better research. The researchers were working effectively for developing new dispersants that can help them in reducing the impact of such spills on the environment. Along with this different precaution measures were also taken for reducing such incidents in future.
Amazon fire, 2019 in brazil Brazil’s amazon rainforest fires had increased to a greater extent in the year 2019. The fires in Brazil are more common but in 2019 it was really huge. Human activities and the increased temperature are the reason for these forest fires. The researcher had shown that the dry weather, wind and increased heat is the reason for these fires (Chakraborty, et. al. 2019). The area of around 906,000 hectares has been burned due to the forest fire. Along with this it had affected the forest lifes to a greater extent. The amazon forest is considered as one of the largest rainforests of the world. The brazil government is taking better actions for forest conservation and sustainable development.

Body Of The Report

In the present world the different incidents taking place in the world due to the negative impact of industrialisation have made it important for businesses to focus on sustainability. Due to increasing pollution and global warming the government at local, national and international level are more concerned for the safety of the environment. This has led to pressure on the businesses to work in a sustainable manner so that they can reduce their negative impact on the environment and can add value to the society. With the increasing issues related to rising temperature such as amazon forest fire and many more the businesses had started focusing on going green (Silveira, et. al. 2020).

The issue of amazon forest fire has been continuing for long years and this is having a major negative impact on the environment. Greening is one of the effective strategies that is being widely adopted by the businesses across the world for reducing their carbon footprints and operating in an sustainable manner. The businesses are focusing on sustainable procurement and managing their supply chains in a sustainable manner (Abbas, 2020). Along with this they are also working on reducing the waste and using renewable sources of energy. Moreover they are also working on conserving energy and making use of better technologies that can help them in making an efficient use of energy in a wise manner.

The businesses are working to make changes in their business practices that can help them in reducing their negative impact on the environment in an effective manner. For instance the Gulf of Mexico oil spill has made it clear to all the oil refineries that they have to make changes in their working pattern so that they can reduce such incidents in future. The government authorities are also playing a major role in sustainability. The different rules and regulations made by the government related to sustainability for the different industries are required to be followed by them. With the increasing environmental issues the government at national and international level is making better rules for the environment. These rules were helping the firms in operating in a sustainable manner.

With the increasing concern for the environment and society the businesses are looking forward to operating in an sustainable manner so that they can have a positive influence on the environment and society. Corporate social responsibility is a concept that helps the company in operating in a sustainable manner. The corporations across the world are developing and working effectively for their CSR activities(Freeman and Dmytriyev, 2017). The employers are investing huge amounts of capital in their CSR activities and working on different projects related to sustainability. The companies also make investments in charity and other social works that can help them in adding value to the society by working on the social issues such as education, poverty, child labour and many more.

Businesses are also concerned for their corporate sustainability and they are also working on it in an effective manner. Corporate sustainability helps the businesses in developing better business strategies that can help them in working on their long term goals that can have a positive influence on society, environment and culture. The business also needs to understand the role of ethics and corporate governance in sustainability. When the company operates in an ethical manner then it helps them in being more concerned for their stakeholders. The companies should have an effective corporate governance structure that can help them in distributing the roles and responsibilities in an effective manner. Along with this it also helps the firms in ensuring better trust and honesty among all the stakeholders. Trust among the stakeholders helps the businesses in working towards sustainability in an appropriate manner and helps them in solving issues related to it. It can be said that businesses need to work in a collaborative manner while working on sustainability.


The above mentioned report had discussed the concept of sustainability for the businesses. With the growing concern for the safety of the environment, businesses need to work effectively for making changes in their business practices that can help them in operating in a sustainable manner. The report had discussed that there are different incidents that had increased the concern for sustainability. Along with this the report had also discussed the theories and strategies that have been used by the firms for working towards sustainability and sustainable development.


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