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What is the overall message the writer wishes to convey about the company and how does the writer use (or not use) lexis, grammar, idiom, and metaphor to try to achieve this message?


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The writer (chairman of RBS Bank) wants to convey the overall message of a journey of growth, strategies, and challenges faced by the company in the year 2016. The writer wants to establish a positive environment in the company to focus on future goals and uses language to influence how people react to his message. Lexis defines the structure of the words used in the sentence (Richards & Pilcher, 2016), here, the writer has used technical lexis that is focused on the subject of challenges and growth faced by the bank in the adverse economic and political situation. So this is the function of a bank-related text (Halliday, 1978) and also plays the language game of a banking industry CEO statement (Wittgenstein, 1953)

 The writer has systematically used the past, present, and future tense (Chomsky N. 2014) to discuss the positive and negative impact of actions in the past and current situation and future actions of the team. The sentences used by the writer for the future are very optimistic as the writer wants to convey the message that the team is on the correct track and despite many challenges, the bank will become the most successful bank by simplifying the business process. The writer has used idioms in the text such as “a long road to travel before we reach the destination” which means the team needs to take many actions before they can achieve the goal. The writer has also used metaphors in the text to elaborate and express the thoughts in an optimistic manner such as "we welcomed the opportunity to participate" which means they accepted the opportunity and participated in various industrial strategies programs (Zhang, 2011).

The entire message of the writer holds an optimistic message that can be motivating for the team. The writer manages to achieve it by the proper use of the Semitic Thought Discourse Pattern. To establish a positive and supportive environment, the writer has stated the challenges as a positive step in the growth process and stated their long-term impact instead of the immediate impacts as discussing the negative impact can demoralize the team (Boleda, 2020). The use of different theories can also be reflected in the text such as Voloshinov’s linguistic theory which states that abstract objects can have different meanings to different groups such as the use of "legacy problems" can have different meanings to different objects, if not elaborate. The use of collective words such as “we”, “our” etc. shows a combined impact and sense of togetherness which is used by the writer to encourage the team (Hu, 1944, Brown & Levinson, 1987).

The writer has used active voice in the entire message which is useful in directing people towards a goal as active voice uses fewer words and the sentences are concise and efficient. The use of active voice has made the message more engaging and grammatical errors are also reduced. The tone of the writer is informal and conversational with the use of active voice which helps the speaker to connect with the audience easily. This has helped the writer portray the company in a positive light to the audience and achieves the purpose the writer had in mind.

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