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Philosophy Dissertation Topics
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  •   6 November 2023
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What is a Philosophy dissertation?

Philosophy is the most unique and interesting subject for students. This subject awakens their critical thinking through independent assignments like dissertations. A philosophy dissertation is a compilation of research and writing a thesis on research topics. The more innovative topic a student chooses, the more engaged they will be and the more marks they will secure.

The thing about dissertations is that they should be properly formulated within the requirements provided by universities.


Basic components of every Philosophy Dissertation Topics-


A Powerful topic:

The dissertation topic is the limelight around which your philosophy dissertation revolves. It should be impactful, unique and relatable. When choosing a philosophy dissertation topic, some factors like religious beliefs, ethical dilemmas and historical philosophy should be considered.


Table of Contents:

This table of contents is a sequential arrangement of headings, tables, images and graphs you will portray in your dissertation. This forms an outline of your thesis and gives a brief idea of your dissertation content.



The introduction is where the actual writing part begins. Here you need to define your topic in a detailed manner. It entails the summary of the complete dissertation and an overview of all the points that will be discussed further in the thesis.


Review Literature:

In this part of the dissertation, research and comments made by other authors are mentioned and discussed. This forms a base for your research. Don’t limit to one author or article. Research and include all the relatable publications to broaden your presentation.



To reach to correct conclusions, you need to use the most appropriate methodologies. You can take guidance from other research papers to conduct practicals. This includes a collection of data and analysis to justify your study and results. You can use graphs, and images to make it more attractive and realistic.



After you have mentioned your findings, you need to present your observations and personal insights. Your observation should align with the demands of the topic. Your observations should be specific unique, and add value to research.



The last writing part is the conclusion. Here you need to give ending notes. In a philosophy dissertation, you are expected to give your professional opinion at the end of the research. You will be assessed based on your skills and contributions to the research.



Here you need to add in all the references you took for completion of your dissertation. This is a professional way of safeguarding your dissertation from plagiarism.



This appendix includes all the additional things you used in your dissertation. This included images, graphs and tables. You also need to mention the content related to it.


Importance of Valuable Ideas for Philosophical Theses

Here are some reasons which make philosophical dissertation ideas the most crucial part of the dissertation-

  • Good Content: If you own a good dissertation topic, you will automatically get your hands on the best content. A topic is considered of the best quality only when it is popular, easy to research and has future scope. Hence if you have such good topics, your content will outshine you too.
  • Creates a great impact: The first thing that is noticed in your assignment is your topic. It portrays how much subject knowledge you have in philosophy. With your dissertation topic, your research and analytic skills come to light. Hence a topic plays an important role in welcoming grades for students.
  • Discover your interests: While studying doesn’t give much freedom to discover your interest, a philosophy dissertation simply can. It allows you to explore different topics and recognize which area interests you the most. Your choice of topic can help you decide your career path as well.
  • Future Benefits: A philosophy dissertation counts as a professional experience. Your topic creates an identity for you in the field of philosophy. It also counts as professional experience in creating a career. You can use your dissertation topic in further research work as well.


How to choose a Dissertation Topic in Philosophy?

Here are various pointers for choosing the right dissertation topic in philosophy -


Choose a direction for your topic:

Philosophy has many amazing topics to write a thesis. But what matters is what interests you. If you stick to your favorable philosophy topic, it will keep you engaged. Recollect all the topics that have inspired you and try to find research work done around it.


Read Philosophy articles:

Start looking for published articles on the web. Find loopholes or parts which require more study and research. You can use them as your dissertation topic. Such topics are considered best by professors and good grades are given to them.


Check Content Trendiness:

You should select a topic that has gained popularity in academics. A trending topic has good availability of content. When you research for content, you will have multiple sources published by renowned authors.


Seek Future Prospective:

The dissertation topic that you select must have a good scope in the future. Research topics that will answer many philosophical cliffhangers. If your topic has good futuristic potential you will get good recognition among academic scholars.


Consult your Advisors:

When you are confused between several topics, seek guidance from your advisors. They will help you to choose the most suitable topic for you. Consulting teachers at an early stage can also help you create a path for the rest of your philosophy dissertation.


List of Philosophy Dissertation Topics

  • Can machines be conscious? A critical examination of the cognitive science of consciousness.
  • Free will vs. determinism: Resolving the age-old debate in light of modern neuroscience.
  • Virtual reality and the nature of reality: Can the simulated become the real?
  • The ethics of genetic engineering: Enhancing human life or playing God?
  • The meaning of life in a secular age: Finding purpose without religion.
  • Justice in a globalized world: Balancing individual rights with collective needs.
  • The limits of knowledge: Can we ever know anything for certain?
  • Language and the construction of reality: How do words shape our world?
  • The nature of art: What makes something art, and what does it tell us about ourselves?
  • The future of death: Exploring the ethical and philosophical implications of cryonics and transhumanism.


political philosophy dissertation topics

  • Evaluate the pressing social and political issues of the 21st century
  • Discuss the relationship between political and legal philosophy
  • How social media is changing modern-day politics
  • The relationship between propaganda and campaigns
  • Discuss the various theories of political revolution
  • How do the theories of utopia shape today’s politics?
  • Criminal justice and authoritarianism
  • Feminist and liberal traditions in political philosophy
  • Evaluate the tenets of capitalism versus socialism
  • How modern-day developments are shrinking or expanding democracy
  • Does 21st-century politics need a conservative free-market economy?
  • Explain the impact of government intervention in social affairs
  • How the Ukraine-Russian war is a reflection of ancient political rivalry
  • Discuss how nationalism shapes political peace
  • How group rights play into political campaigns
  • The effects of colonialism on a country’s political structure
  • Discuss the problem of technology in modern-day politics


Epistemology dissertation topics in Philosophy

  • Exploring the epistemology knowledge theory and solipsism theory.
  • Comparing and contrasting the concepts of educational freedom.
  • Exploring humanity in the womb of history.
  • Analysing the ideas of Plato in the philosophy of the 21st century.


Ethics dissertation topics in philosophy

  • Should people live for the present or the future?
  • Do we have a choice and free will?
  • Is happiness the most important goal in life?
  • The problem of artificial intelligence and its philosophical, technical, and moral meaning.
  • The impact of advertising on the transformation of public consciousness.
  • The philosophical and scientific picture of the world.
  • The problem of social responsibility of a scientist.
  • Induction as a method of scientific research.
  • Philosophical foundations of cosmology.


Metaphysics Philosophy Dissertation Topics

  • Globalization: Metaphysical Perspective of the Western Industrialized World
  • The Concept of Metaphysics and Nature
  • Metaphysics as Branch of Philosophy
  • The Possibility of Metaphysics
  • Aristotle’s Ethics and Metaphysics
  • The Matrix as Metaphysics: Combination Hypotheses
  • Kant’s Prolegomena Concerning Any Future Metaphysics
  • Kant’s “Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals
  • Neo-Confucianism in the Song Dynasty: Metaphysics Focus
  • Outlining Aristotle’s Ethics and Metaphysics
  • Philosophy and Metaphysics: What Is It?
  • Philosophy Schools Metaphysical Dualism
  • Plato’s Metaphysical Ideas Validity
  • Yiddish Song to Get a Better Understanding of Metaphysical Essence of America’s Jewish Lyrics


philosophy of Religion dissertation topics

  • Religious faith and scientific knowledge.
  • Religious and scientific understanding of immortality.
  • The influence of stoicism on the formation of Christianity.
  • Philosophy, religion, science: their unity and difference.


Philosophy of mind dissertation ideas

  • Dualism vs. Materialism: Contemporary Perspectives
  • Consciousness and the Hard Problem
  • The Mind-Body Problem: Comparative Analysis
  • Neuroscience and Philosophy of Mind
  • Embodied Cognition and Extended Mind
  • Free Will and Determinism
  • Personal Identity in Philosophy of Mind
  • Artificial Intelligence and Consciousness
  • Intentionality in Mental States
  • Epistemology and the Nature of Belief


Undergraduate Topics for Philosophical Dissertations

  • Philosophy of Language: Examining the Relationship between Language and Thought.
  • Personal Identity and the Self: A Philosophical Exploration of Identity Theories.
  • Ethics of Animal Rights: A Moral Inquiry into the Treatment of Non-Human Animals.
  • Philosophy of Education: The Role of Critical Thinking in Modern Learning Environments.
  • Aesthetics and Beauty: Cultural Perspectives on the Concept of Beauty in Art and Nature.
  • Free Will vs. Determinism: A Philosophical Investigation into the Nature of Human Agency.
  • Philosophy of Technology: The Impact of Digital Culture on Human Existence.
  • Environmental Ethics: Exploring Humanity's Ethical Responsibilities towards the Planet.
  • Political Philosophy in a Globalized World: Examining the Notions of Justice and Equality.


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