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Unit 423:Teaching in a Specialist Area Assignment

Introduction - Unit 423:Teaching in a Specialist Area

Teaching is a profession that is consists of different activities and processes that are used to deliver knowledge to the students(Escartí, Llopis-Goig and Wright, 2018). The profession of the teacher also can be explained as ideas, principles, and concepts that are taught by authorised person in the educational sector organization.The aims and philosophies related to education and training in the specialist area will be analysed in report. Various philosophical issues in the education and training process of the specialist area also will be discussed in report. Aims and key structure of qualification for the specialist area will be analysed in study to get overview of the skills ad capabilities that are required in the teaching in specialist area. Various approaches to planning and preparation for delivery of learning program also will be analysed in the report. Inclusiveness of own approaches in the particular specialist area also will be analysed in report. All the issues that are identified in the curriculum development process will be explained in report and role of new emerging technology also will be evaluated in report.Ways to use resources I inclusive learning practices will be evaluated in the study. Relationship of individual specialists with other professionals also will be analysed for the inclusive practice. All the strengths and weaknesses will be considered in the self-assessment process for the performance development process in London assignment help


Aim of Education and Training in Specialist Area

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Role of specialist teacher is important in the institution. Major aim of education and training in the specialist area is important to provide better facilities to the students in the education system to develop better environment in the organization and develop inclusive learning practices in education system. If the teachers are provided with education and training as a specialist than it can help the students to get better opportunities in the learning process. Mai aim of education and training as specialist is to evaluate the current curriculum in the organization and provide various recommendations to improve the education system in organization (Jabbarova, 2020). Training and education in specialist area are used to improve the practices that are used in the educational organization to offer better opportunities to the students in the learning program. These specialist skills can help person to improve in the planning, of curriculum, individual lesson planning, improve the teaching methods at different grade levels. This is also aim of education and training in the specialist area is to develop better coordination and communication within the education process among the students.This process can improve the impact of various lesson plans and different practices that are implemented by the organization in the learning process. For example, teachers trained in specialist area can help students by providing them guidance and counselling to deal with challenges and issues that are faced by them in the learning process.

Philosophical issues in education and training in Specialist Areas

 There are different long term and short term philosophical issues are associated with education and training in specialist area. The issues that can be observed in the education and training process for specialist area are related to practices that are used in the education and training process. Major issue that is raised from this condition can be explained as nature of knowledge and issues that are result of practices in the education process are related to the learning practices that are used in the education and training process of the specialist area. Before the training process, this is important for person to know the specialist area(Richards, 2017). The philosophical challenges that are faced by individual teacher in the teaching process are related to the ethical and social factors that are needed to be considered in the education sector organization. Poor ethical and social values in the education process can reduce the moral values in a learner and it can create negative environment in organization.


Aim and Structure of Key Qualification in Specialist Area

This is most important for an individual to have bachelor degree to become a specialised teacher in Education Institution. This is also important for the teacher to have certificate in teaching for particular period. Work experience as teacher is must for individual to become a specialist teacher. After the degree of bachelor, it is also required to have degree of masters in particular subject. This is also important to have EDS program certificate for becoming a specialist teacher in education institute. To become specialist teacher it is also required to have proper licence and certifications. Apart from the certification and education qualification, this is important for the person to have skills like education leadership, school psychology, counselling, curriculum and instruction, adult education, technical college education, community college education and reading education. With all these qualifications, a person can develop career in field of specialist teacher. All the qualification that is discussed above is important in the specialist to perform all the tasks and assignments effectively. Proper education qualification is important for the person because as a specialist teacher,they have to make development and effective changes in the curriculum that are used in the education process in an institute(Okumura, 2017).This is also beneficial for the specialist teacher to have the experience to deal with different type of people in the educational institute.The qualification required to become specialist teacher proper qualification structure is required. By following and fulfilling the qualification structure, a person can work as specialist teacher in organization.

Aim and Structure of Learning Program in Specialist Area

A learning program could have more than one aim. It can access many aims and goals at a time. Mainly the aim of the learning program is designed to develop skills, knowledge, and attitude and complete various assignments. The learning programs are designed by the teacher as per the goal of the curriculum plan. As per the scope of each learning, program various activities and classes performed by the teacher to meet the learning objectives of individual student. The goals of the learning program are beyond the duration of the learning process. Major aim of the learning program is to provide proper knowledge of the subject through grounding. This is all about developing understanding in student regarding particular subject in the institution. In the specialist, learning area students are provided with proper guidance and consultation to improve their learning process. Specialist teacher can help the students apart from the subjects and help them to develop better and positive environment in organization(Blane, 2018). With the specialist, learning program capability of learners to learn new concepts can be improved. This is how main aim of the learning process to improve the skills, knowledge and learning of students.

 There is a particular structure that is used in the specialist-learning program to meet the aims of the learning program effectively. The structure that is followed in the learning process is also important to meet the goals of the learning process.A structure that is used in the learning process within the specialised area is consists of pragmatic skills and habitual practices that are effective for the learning processes.

Planning and Preparation for Delivering a Learning Program to Meet Goals

In the creation of the learning program rage of steps are used by the teacher to make the products for the learners. Major steps that are considered in the development of the learning process are- initially, the needs of the learning process are analysed to plan effective learning process for the learners. Peer reviews are considered in the learning process to get better result in the learning program. All the objectives of the learning process are developed to keep the learning process as per the requirement and needs of the students. As per the requirement and needs of the learners, specific learning program is designed. Proper practices that are included in the learning program to provide better information to the learners and improve their skills(Hanks, 2017). After the implementation of the learning program, evaluation process is performed to evaluate the effectiveness of the learning program. This is how proper structure is followed in the learning process to provide better opportunities to the learners to learn new things without any trouble. The process of creating learning program is consists of various complex stages that are difficult for the execution.For better implementation of the learning process, specific process is used to improve the implementation of range of practice that is part of learning process. This is how specific process is used by the specialist teacher to improve the learning process for the students.


Inclusiveness of Approach for Planning and Learning Program in Specialist Area

 In the planning and development of inclusive learning in the education sector organization, this is important for the specialist teacher to considered range of approaches. Utilization of these approaches can help the specialist teacher to improve overall impact of learning process on the learners.The most common approaches that can be used by the specialist teacher in the learning program are- know the student, include implement knowledge in institutional processes, consideration of inclusive practices in curriculum designing, develop flexibility in curriculum and make required changes accordingly, teaching academic writing to the students to make them learn easily, perform regular assessment and evaluation of the learning processBauer, (Thomas and Sim, 2017). Focus on retention and good work placement. All these approaches can be implemented in the inclusive learning practice to improve learning ability of students and challenges that are faced by them in learning process. Better student understanding is important for the specialist teacher to develop effective curriculum for the students.Information collected in the student assessment process can be used in the curriculum development process to meet learning goals quickly and develop better understanding in students regarding knowledge which provided to them in classrooms. Considerations that are used in the inclusive learning process must be considered in the teaching process and curriculum development for the students. In the inclusive learning process, proper changes must be made in the teaching practice to develop better understanding of students. By making students aware of academic writing practices, their capability to understand lessons can be improved. It can reduce the complexity of the learning process. This is also important for the specialist teacher to develop various assessment plans for learners to evaluate their growth and understanding regarding lessons that are provided to them in classrooms. These assessments are important for the specialist teacher to evaluate the progress of students in the learning program. These assessments can be performed on regular basis to maintain the productivity in learning process. The practices that are used in the teaching process must be good and productive for the students. Approaches that are used in teaching process must be interactive and attractive for learners. This is required to maintain involvement and engagement of students effective in teaching practices.

Curriculum Issues with the Development of Emerging Technologies

This is highly challenging for the specialist teacher to incorporate with various latest technology to make productive curriculum for students. Major challenges that are faced by specialist teacher in teaching process are related to the development of the technology in education institutes. Main challenge is related to training of specialist teacher based on latest development in the teaching process in organization. Specialist teachers do not have effective experience with technology(Hayford, 2020). Lack of training on latest technology can reduce the efficiency of specialist teacher in the organization and it can make teaching process more difficult with new technologies. For example, in current time most of the education sector organization are using online mode of education in the pandemic time. This is highly challenging for the specialist teacher to maintain effectiveness of curriculum in online mode of education.

Students and teacher, both normally resist the changes in the education system. This resistance can prevent implementation of effective technologies in the education process. It can reduce the productivity of learning and teaching sessions. In the online mode of education, this is challenging for the teachers to develop personalised learning plan for the students. It can affect the process of inclusive learning. With technological development, it is more challenging for teachers to design and deliver effective formative assessments.This is how range of approaches and practices can be implemented in the teaching process to improve effectiveness of the curriculum.


Ways to use Emerging Technology in Teaching Resources to Meet Learning Needs of Individual Students

 In the education system, different technologies are used in current time. These technologies are implemented as innovation and creative practice in organization. Technology is regularly changing various aspects of the education system. As compared to other industrial sectors, education sector is lagging to implement the latest technology in the system. By implementing different technology in the education system, positive improvements can be made in society. This is important for the education system to implement advance technology in education to make it more efficient to meet the learning goals of the students. Technologies that are commonly used in the education sector are- online education, digital education, artificial intelligence, information system, personalise learning, and Exam management system.

All these technologies are currently used in the education system improve the education system. All these technologies can be used by the education sector organization to meet the learning goals of students. Online learning is most beneficial process of accessing education form remote area. This technology is currently used by many education sector organization all-over the world.Many education sector organizations are offering range of courses to the learners. Apart from the learning programs, various assessment programs are also provided to the learners to assess their progress in education system(Caldis, 2017). These systems also can be used by the person to perform self-assessment process. There are some challenges in the online assessment process but still, it can be improved by integrating other technologies in the education system.To improve the assessment process management of the organization can implement artificial intelligence system in the assessment process to effectively analyse the capability and progress of person in education system. The Artificial Intelligence system also can be used to provide various suggestion to improve the learning capability of individual learner in system. To improve the effectiveness of the education system and assessment process, block chain technology can be used in the education system. By the following block,chain process effectiveness of the exam management system ca be improved. It is how range of technologies and processes are used in the education sector organization to meet the learning objectives virtually.

Inclusiveness of Learning and Teaching in Specialist Area

This is complex process to implement various approaches and methods in the special education area. In my opinion role of inclusive practices is most crucial ineducation system. In the teaching practices, I use various strategies to improvise the effectiveness of learning process of students. There are some international principles are used to develop inclusive practices. To improve the practices in the inclusive learning I use these principles to achieve goals of learning practices.I also use some instructions in the learning process for better implementation of inclusive learning practices. I use these instructions in the teaching process to reduce complexity in dealing with different students.

The initiation of the curriculum development process starts with learner assessment process. This process can be used to get information about learners and their strengths & weaknesses. This process is important to consider student element in the curriculum development program. By considering strengths and weaknesses in the curriculum, learner's goals can be met effectively. The other thing I use to focus on in the teaching process is related to the classroom environment. In the teaching process, I also focus on culture in the classrooms to develop positive environment in organization.By considering culture element in the teaching practices, learning process of students can be improved and learning objectives can be met(Du Plessis, 2018). The resources that are developed in the teaching practices are based on the Major considerations used in the assessment process are also based on inclusive learning practice. For the development of the resources range of practices and guidelines are considered. I used to follow all the considerations and guidelines that are provided in the international inclusive practices guidelines to develop effective resources for learners. This is how different process, methods, and sequence I use to follow in the learning practices to improve the learning capability of the students.


Relationship with Other to Develop own Skills in Specialist Area

In the education sector, organization different people are associated with the teaching and management operations. This is difficult task for the person or teacher to managing range of operations on his or her own. All the stakeholders in organization are connected to each-others. Relationship between these people is also crucial in the learning process.Relationship between the peers and another stakeholder in education sector organization in important. This relationship can allow teachers and trainers to share their experience and develop knowledge. By sharing information and experiences, more development can be implicated in the learning process. By understanding the experiences of other teacher's ad trainers, better development can be made in the curriculum planning to reduce issues in the inclusive practices. Better relationship with other stakeholders can help person to analyse possible issues in the teaching practices(Lambert, 2018). This can improvise the teaching practices of individual specialist in the organization. This relationship is mainly constructive for the organization and it also can help teachers to creative positive and effective learning environment in organization. This is how relationship with other professionals could be productive for the development and learning of students.

Impact of other teacher and Trainers on Own Practices in Specialist Area

I have analysed that many times impact of other stakeholder and professional could be both positive and negative for the business organization. The practices that are used by the person can affect actions and decision making process of other people.The actions performed by the person are correlated to other people in organization. In my opinion, this is important for a speciality to analyse the actions and strategies that are used by the person to deliver information to the students(Sentance and Waite, 2017). For example, failure faced by person in certain strategy can be considered as an experience and other teachers in organization can learn particular situation to make proper development in their teaching, curriculum development, and resource preparation process. This is how actions and strategies that are used by person in the educational organization are related to and influenced by other professionals in education organization.


Effectiveness of knowledge and Skills in Specialist Area

In the specialist area like consultation, this is most important for an individual to have different skills and abilities that can help to maintain effective delivery of knowledge to the learners. There are different advantage of various skills and knowledge in the specialist area. The major advantage of skills and knowledge are- Initially, skills and knowledge in special area can help individual to deliver information to the learners with higher success rate. Knowledge of special area provides advantage to the individual to avoid situation where it is difficult to handle the situation. Effective knowledge and skills can encourage the person to be innovative in developing strategy for the teaching process in specific area. Effective knowledge and skills also improve the problem-solving capability if individual specialist teacher organization. It can improve the productivity of the lessons delivered by the teacher(Reynolds, 2020). With skills and knowledge, person can take responsibility to perform range of activities in the teaching practices. Better knowledge and skills also can help the person to improve communication process in the teaching. Better experience, knowledge, and skills can provide capability to the teacher to develop resources effectively. Sources that are developed by the experienced and knowledgeable teacher can improvise overall education system. Skills and knowledge can help individual to get command over all the functions that are performed within the teaching and learning process.

Strengths and Areas of Improvement for Specialist Area

In the self-assessment process, I have identified various strengths that can be more focused on to make positive development in the teaching process. These strengths can be more focused to improvise the effectiveness of the processes that are used to deliver lessons to the learners. The major strengths that I have analysed in the self-assessment process are- ability to make positive and effective relationship with students. This is one of most important strength of teacher I the inclusive learning practice. This skill can help the specialist teacher to understand behaviour of individual student in classroom. Another strength is related to the strong knowledge of special area in teaching and this strength can be more improved to make positive impact on the learning process of the student. Along with the knowledge, it is also important for the person to have capability maintain student engagement in the teaching process to improve the productivity of the education system all these strengths can be considered for development in the personal development process. These strengths can be developed to get better result with the learning process.

This is also important for the speciality to consider their weaknesses to develop proper strategy to overcome the influence of these weaknesses on the profession. The weaknesses and area of development that I have analysed in the self-assessment process are- lack of technological knowledge and lack of perfectionism can reduce the effectiveness of the specialist teacher in the education system. In current time, different type of technologies isused in the education system. Poor knowledge of technology can reduce the productivity of an individual teacher in the teaching process. These weaknesses must be targeted to improvise the overall efficiency of the learning process.

Opportunities to improve and Update knowledge and Skills in Specialist Area

For the development of the strengths and targeting weaknesses, performance development plan can be considered as most effective process.The strengths that are focused on personal development can provide advantage to the teacher in the teaching process. Ability to develop better relationship with students can be improved by developing the communication skill. Better communication skill can help the person to deal with students. The core knowledge of the special field can be developed by continuous reading and practising. This process can help to improve knowledge of particular field. Effective communication skill and better technical knowledge are effective for high student engagement in the learning process.The weaknesses that are identified in the self-assessment process also can be targeted in the personal development program to get better response from the students in learning process. Perfectionism in the teaching process can be improved by experience and continuous improvement program. By learning and practising various technology, core knowledge of tools and technology can be improved effectively. Regular practice can be used to get command over the technical software and systems.


This report is concluding role of specialist teacher in the inclusive learning process in the education sector organization.Aim and philosophy of education and training in specialist area have been analysed in the report.The aim and structure of qualification also have been analysed in report to evaluate requirements to become teacher in specialist area. Various principles of inclusive learning also will be analysed in report. Differed issues in curriculum development and learning process also has been analysed in report.Use of inclusive resources also has been analysed in report. Role of other stakeholders also has been evaluated in report to analyse their impact on practices that are implemented by person in learning process. Different skills and area of development also have been conducted in report to develop personal development program.

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