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LAW6015-B Commercial Law Sample

Introduction - LAW6015-B Commercial Law Sample

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Teamwork is considered to be one of the most important forms of working where the persons joined hand together so that they are able to gain the common goal of working across the organisation. Here this is considered that the essay aims in considering the advantages that are relied to the working in group. This also includes the factors that are related to the team work where the individuals would be working to prepare and deliver the assisted presentation and the non-assessed group assignments. Here this has been made that the essay will help in reflecting the assessment of the roles that are required to be played by the each of the team member where this would include the skills and strengths each member would be able to possess so that they are able to ensure the users would be able to assign the different aspects that are related to the success of the organisation (Lacerenza, et. al., 2018).

While working on the team there are various advantages that are related to the same which includes the advantages that are relate dot the equal division of work, this includes the members and the sharing ideas, here this has been made that the working individually would lead to generate various obvious things that would lead to generation of various results that related to real life situation. Here this has been made that this would include confidence building in the organisation and the group where sharing the ideas would be considered to be one of the most significant factor. Here this has been made that the questions related to the preconceptions are identified where the work that is related to completion of the tasks are successfully taken into account.

This is also found that the understanding that is related to the law from the various theoretical perspective are applied where the practical situation is considered to be very challenging and are also identified to be satisfying. Here this has been made that the proper analysis includes the interpreting with the laws. Where the group would include the extensive research on the legislation where the different real time situation would be considered, here this has been made that the working includes discovering the problems that are related to the users. This is also learnt that the users need to interpret the la effect where the outcome of the problem would be understood (Schmutz, et.al., 2019).

 The one of the biggest challenge that was related to the working in the team was working in the situation of covid-19 where there were lockdown situation and we were not able to meet each other due to this. Here this has been made that the immediate attention has been brought to the team members where the response o variety of reasons were taken.

Therefore the conclusion can be brought that the working in the team would prove to be bringing a great learning experience where the members in the country would be willing to share the information and would be working in the manner that would lead to increase in the performance and would also create the different experience and the perspectives related to the same.













Knowledge &understanding


Performance & oral communication skills


Written communication skills


Overall contribution

Including Organisation and commitment



Lacerenza, C.N., Marlow, S.L., Tannenbaum, S.I. and Salas, E., 2018. Team development interventions: Evidence-based approaches for improving teamwork. American Psychologist73(4), p.517.

Schmutz, J.B., Meier, L.L. and Manser, T., 2019. How effective is teamwork really? The relationship between teamwork and performance in healthcare teams: a systematic review and meta-analysis. BMJ open9(9), p.e028280.

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