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Health Promotion

Introduction - Health Promotion

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Part 1

1.1 Health promotion model

To promote good health and ensure a quality life the health promotion models are developed. The aim of these models is to ensure a healthy lifestyle to all the people of the country. Therefore, there are many health promotion models among which there most important models are such as the “Health Belief Model”, “Trans-theoretical model”, and “Health promotion model”.

Health belief model

The model of health belief mainly focuses on the changes in the behaviour. In order to develop health promotion, it is mainly derived from the behavioural and psychological theory of the health care system (Hagen, et al., 2018). There are some components of health-related behaviour among which the most common is” the desire to avoid the illness and conversely, get well if already ill” and the second one is the “belief that a specific health action will prevent and cure illness”.

Tran’s theoretical model

This model refers to identifying the changes in the behaviour when they come to know about their disease or health condition. In this process, people can get control of their own attitude, increase confidence, and build capacity in order to improve total health care control. Therefore, developing a positive attitude and behaviour, providing knowledge to the staff, and increasing the power of decision making in an unfavourable condition is very important (Barnes, et al., 2020). In this case, the main component of this model is “pre-contemplation”, “contemplation”, preparation”, “action”, and “maintenance” through which one can promote good health practice.

Health promotion model

In this case, the model mainly focuses on the changes on the attitude and behaviour of people regarding their experience regarding health care and their health condition of one. Therefore, under this model one has to examine the psychological health and lifestyle. In addition, one needs to understand the environmental and social-cultural attitude regarding the health condition. In this case, the eating practice or the kind of food they eat, and the environment they live in, may also be examined and determined to get an actual idea about the situation has been observed (Green and Allegrante, 2020).

1.2 Difference between the Health promotion model and the Trans theoretical model

The Health promotion model is developed mainly based on the experience of people that may affect their health outcomes has been seen. In this case, the social-cultural practices, the “lifestyle”, the eating practice or the kind of food they eat, and the environment they live in, may also be examined and determined to get an actual idea about the situation has been seen (Petersen, et al., 2020).

In the case of the Trans theoretical model, it mainly helps understand the changes in the behaviour and identify the underlying factors that are responsible for a particular behaviour, which is considered to be the influence of a behavioural change when a health professional informs a patient about the health condition.

1.3 evaluation of the effectiveness of Health Promotion

The “health promotion models” mainly aim to define the several factors that can help and improve the health-promoting idea and can explain the current scenario of health care behaviours (Heard, et al., 2020). The main purpose of developing the health care promotion model is to follow the instruction of the people regarding the interpersonal and physical involvement or environment while working on the process of promoting health practice through developing one or more health promotion models. Therefore, the different model works on the different aspects of the health care department to improve the health practice by means of health promotion.

Part 2

2.1The aims and objectives of the Trans theoretical model


This model of health promotion mainly focuses on the changes in a patient’s behaviour when they are informed about their health condition or about the disease, they are diagnosed with.


In this case, the patient may not act immediately when they hear about the disease or their health condition but there are both the chances that the patient may believe it or not, or maybe they do not act although they believe it (Heard, et al., 2020). There are six main stages in this case, through which the patient may go through. In pre-contemplation stage, the patient does not act despite being aware of their mental condition. In contemplation stage, the patient acts intentionally. In the preparation stage, the patient gets prepared to show an action. In the action stage the patient takes an immediate action, in the stage of maintenance the patient try to maintain a daily routine to get a relapse, at last, it comes to the termination stage where the patient actively get healthy and do not want to repeat the old behaviour.

2.2Evaluation of the effectiveness of promoting good health

The evaluation of the effectiveness of the health promotion can be done by developing the promotion plans for all age regions. The health promotions involve the improvement of the health care planning based on other individuals that are included. The families and the communit6y that belong to the nation or in the particular area in the development plan of the health promotions (Anugwom, 2020). The common public of the nation and the nation is also included in the development of this health plan.

It has been seen that the development of health promotion planning also helps in the development of the quality of life and the quality of lifestyle. It has been seen that the paper's inclusion of the health-related plans has helped in the understanding of the lacking areas in the lifestyles. It has also been seen that, that the pepper diet plans and the proper health plans have also helped in making people understand the value of the health care plans and how it helps in curing the diseases.

It has also been seen that the improved health care plans help in the redirection of their death rates from the society. The proper implementation of their health care plans has helped in the reduction of the complexion city artist of the dise4as and this has put an impact on the reduction of the mortality rates in society (Ala'a and Tarhini, 2021). The proper treatment plans and the proper check-ups have also helped in the reduction of the spread of the severity off the diseases. This has helped in the reduction of the severity rates and the mortality of the diseases.

Part 3

3. Organization involved in health promotion and its contribution

The Royal Society for Public Health in the UK was established in 1856, which is an independent organization that mainly focuses on the improvement of the health of the people of the country and protects the health of the people during any crisis through campaigning and educational charity. Thus, they are mainly dedicated to health promotion and the health protection of the population and meet the requirement of the people properly. This organization works not only in the United Kingdom but also throughout the world to promote health awareness. The Royal Society for Public Health helps in informing and improving the health policy and health practice to meet the requirements of the patient and the healthy people also. Their main aim is to provide support to the communities and the individual of a society to live healthily and access all sources of quality health.

Contribution of the Royal Society for Public Health

Public health is important and therefore public health practice is very important in case of promoting the detection of the issues and the management of public health issues and mainly the prevention of several diseases of different types through the carrying research and working on innovation of new techniques and new methods. The professional who is engaged with the health care services mainly improves the quality of the help and provides the improved lifestyle management by developing new ideas and new guidelines in the healthcare sector which must be followed by the healthcare professionals (Ross and de Saxe Zerden, 2020). An organization like The Royal Society for Public Health mainly works by assuring the quality of health for each people in the community or in society. They always are focused on the management of the health realate3d behaviours of every individual. Thus by improving public health promotion the health degree of the community or a society is always maintained at a good standard. The improvement of the lifestyle is also possible by following the developed guideline or the health practice rules by the organization.

The organization works by holding campaigns and many programs that mainly spread awareness about good health and improving the health quality to live a quality life, which is the right of every people in a country. The organization thus promotes the public health welfare of an entire population. This ensures the security and protection of the public health in the difficulties regarding the health situation (Kang and Hong, 2018). The health crisis may occur due to the sudden spread of a viral disease and due to any pandemic and in that situation, this organization helps the population by ensuring the good access of the go health and the sources bof medicines, foods, and other important requirements.

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