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The Economic Environment Of Business

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Part A: The Economic Environment Of Business

Market Transactions can involve multiple ranges of things related to goods, services, currency, and combinations from one party to another one by gathering and interacting with the sellers and buyers effectively. Two parties have generally needed to create a trading culture for increased rates of ultimate ranges of profit margin rates. For this assignment, I have selected the topic related to "Whatsapp: The Best Meta Purchase Ever". In the year 2014, Face book has been purchased Whatsapp and Face book’s bid pricing structures have been astronomical around Silicon Valley, with the bid at$16 billion (Investopedia.com, 2022). The social networking site related to Whatsapp has not been used the wireless networks and growing up connectivity by developing the cultures of communication infrastructures rates and developed culture connectivity (Forouli et al. 2021).The largest acquisitions of Face book can be paid for around by cash in $4 billion and$12 billion have been writhed the sharing rates for Whatsapp. Besides that, the ultimate ranges of costing structures have also been dealt around $19 billion with the Whatsapp workers and founders by receiving the additional $3 billion in the restricted stock units of Face book. The market structures reach in the developments of the markers and are creating internet connectivity in the sparse, Face book wanted to be gained the traction of improvements the countries, especially in the UK.

The respective business modules can be created an accurate range of charged facilities per conserved going forward activities and be developed the culture of marketing capacity by developing the cultures around revenue infrastructures rates (Petrova et al. 2019). In this regard, the "Demand Equilibrium" has been considered the main reason for decreased the rate of pricing infrastructures as a result the rates of the supplied curve will also be reduced effectively. The constantly increasing rates of supply curved the chances of quantity demand rates can also be sustainably decreased in this context, the quantity of demand module can also be easily being developed. However, Velev (2021) has stated that the decreasing rates of the supply curve can also be treated as other causes that can be helped to increase the rates of pricing structures modules after reducing the rates of quantity demands rates. For instance, taking the help of the "Demand Theory" the chances of quantity and rate of product services can also be sustainably developed by making an impact based on the pricing structures for entering into the new market structures. It has been briefly focused on the different kinds of attributes related to Taste, Customer preferences, Income, and Choicesrespectively.

Taking the help of the "Law of Demand" the chances of equilibrium rates can also be easily increased that can be making interdependency in the lower ranges of values and pricing infrastructures rates by improving the purchasing rates effectively.In contradiction, the "Law of Supply" has been created as a combination of the two ranges of fundamental economic principles describing working progress by constantly changing the pricing resources, products or commodities that have affected its demand and supply curve. Thus, analysing the graph it can also be interpreted that Whatsapp can also be reached their respective targeted customers with around $19 billion by acquired with Face book in the year 2020

Part B

The consumer surplus of acquisitions of WhatsApp has been also focusing on the different kinds of attributes customer behaviours have been considered one of them. For instance, customers can also be getting attracted to the respective market sector due to developments of the equality of the marginal utility have been pricing structures and not to extend the constantly increased rates of excessive ranges of pricing structures. As opined by Zhu & Liu (2021), the total surplus has also created a positive framework by developing the cultures around total utility through a commodity as well as the total payment systems. In this context, the Meta platforms can be developed the cultures of the technological platforms that have been acquired by the 91 companies included with Whatsapp.The acquisitions closed have been steep around $16 billion around $40 per user of the platforms effectively.

In this regard, the "Theory of Elasticity" has considered the relationship between the forces applied to the resulting deformations and the objects respectively (Mazurek et al. 2019). Thus, the chances of elastic behaviours have diminished the rates of simple deformations and the measurements through the elastic constants effectively. The formula of the above-depicted theoretical perspectives is "(Q1 – Q2) / (Q1 + Q2)". It has been briefly focused on the four kinds of attributes related to "Price elasticity, Income elasticity, price and cross elasticity of the demand" structures respectively.

Demand and Supply Curve

Figure 1: Demand and Supply Curve

Therefore, analysing the graph it can also be stated that the supply and demand curve has been treated as another main attribute that has played a vital role in the development of equilibrium maintenance. In this regard, the chances of developing the cultures of the differentiation aspects of the targeted consumers can also be getting attracted to the respective market sectors. In this regard, the chances of developing activities of the respective market sectors can be increased the rates of productivity, analysing the graph it has been specified that the constant development rate of the production abilities (Cai et al. 2021). With the constant decrease of the rates of the demand curve, the chances of supply rates have been sustainably developed and shifted from one side to another side by increasing the rates of productivity effectively. As per the view of Kraus et al. (2022), using the subscription modeling strictures Whatsapp has been increasing the rates of production abilities and developing the cultures of the communication process. Therefore, charging the business through the slow replies the rate of responding cultures has been also easily developed and the rates of targeted marketer’s rates can be easily being accessed by increasing rates of team building abilities infrastructures. As a result, the constant development rates of the engagement rates and the chances of competitive threatened chances have been easily decreased thus; the market structures can also be easily expanded based on an international based.

Part C

As opined by Weichbroth & Baj-Rogowska (2019), the supply and demand curve has been considered an economic principle that has described the changing pricing rates, resources, products and commodities that have affected its demand and supply modules. With the constantly increased rate of supply and the rates of products, the chances of the demand module can also be sustainably reduced by constantly increased rates of demand rates. Therefore, the acquisition of WhatsApp can also be measured by the quantities and pricing rates by making the availability of the services in the targeted market sectors.

As stated by Cheng et al.(2022), following the theoretical perspectives the chances of relationship strictures as well as the rates of servicing product rates have been easily developed by being notified of the suppliers' behaviors effectively and developing the cultures of the pricing rates and quantity rates. In addition, following the theoretical perspectives of "The scarcity Principle," the chances of relationship module n between the dynamic demand and supply curve can also be being easily accessed and the ultimate rates of experienced cultures can be being accessed to the market sectors (Song et al. 2019). For instance, the "Ceteris Paribus"developed the cultures of the macro and micro economic conditions by assuming the variables, developed the cultures of equality, and improved the cultures of the quantity module. Therefore price elasticity has also been briefly divided into different kinds of categories related to "Perfectly Elastic demand", Perfectly Inelastic demand", "Unitary Elastic demand", "Relatively inelastic demand" and "Relatively elastic demand" effectively. Therefore, the rates of efficiency as well as the developments of the productivity infrastructures the rates of the supply curve have also been easily determined. In this context, there have also been created efficiency and rates of engagement opportunities have played a positive role.

For instance, Cross Elasticity has developed the cultures of the percentage rates and be making a wider range of changes in the development of increased the rate of productivities module. However, Hans (2018) has stated that adopting the cultures of the promotional activities infrastructures Whatsapp can also be becoming successful to increase the rates of brand loyalty by attracting a wider range of targeted customers to the respective market sectors in a sustainable manner. In this regard, the acquisition of Whatsapp can also be provided the best services by improving the rates of higher ranges of elasticity modules easily. The constant development rate of the succession has generated the experience modules and also improved the rates of experienced rates and created a wider range of changes in the innovation modules. It can be treated as a much more effective side by adopting the strategies related to Pricing. Thus, the rate of economic recessions as well as the brand awareness rates can also be easily being accessed by constantly increasing the rates of the market share opportunity (Sioshansi, 2020). In this context, organisations can also be getting successful to create a wider range of changes in economic stability and the chances of customer loyalty can be easily being developed.



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