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How to Avoid Plagiarism?
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  •   9 January 2024
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What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the practice of copying someone else’s content without giving credit to the original author. Now this can be done both purposefully and by mistake. Either way, students suffer bad consequences ruining their academic image. Plagiarism can attack you from many sides but there are some precautions you can take to avoid such situations.


Importance of Avoiding Plagiarism

Have you ever wondered why students fear plagiarism so much? The answer lies in the consequences it has on a student’s performance. Not only that it also disintegrates a student’s academic image in the long run. To be saved from such a disaster it is important to outrun plagiarism in the race of academic ventures. Plagiarism-free assignments are essential for academic success. Here are some more reasons-

  • To get better grades: A plagiarism-free assignment means a student has complete approval from their professors. Therefore in return, they will receive better grades for presenting original efforts and thoughts.
  • To create a professional identity: They demonstrate a student's academic integrity, and it can help to build their trustworthiness. Plagiarism-free assignments can also give a student a competitive edge over their peers.
  • For better learning: Plagiarism-free assignments enable students to understand better the material they are studying, as well as develop their ideas and skills. It also encourages critical thinking and independent learning.

Additionally, plagiarism-free assignments help build students' confidence and self-esteem.


What is Meant by Plagiarism?

It’s important to understand the root of the problem. Let’s understand plagiarism in detail before fabricating a permanent solution for escaping it.

Types of plagiarism

Plagiarism can attack your content from different directions. These are as follows-

  • Global Plagiarism: This type of plagiarism arises when the completed text is copied and presented as its own with little to no changes. It is considered to be the most dangerous way of plagiarising content.
  • Verbatim Plagiarism: This type of plagiarism is created when some parts of the content are used as their own by someone. If you still want to use the published content as a review of literature, all you need to do is quote the part and reference it properly.
  • Paraphrasing Plagiarism: Sometimes changing or reframing the sentences is still considered a wrong practice. This type of plagiarism is termed paraphrasing plagiarism.
  • Patchwork Plagiarism: This type of plagiarism arises when parts like phases, paragraphs and ideas from other sources and used in your content.
  • Selfwork Plagiarism- This type of plagiarism is associated with students copying their previous work. The reason behind this is the repetition of similar topics or writing styles.


Common Causes of Plagiarism

Being a victim of plagiarism is tough on students. It can happen to any student based on very common mistakes or recklessness during writing their assignments. Here are some examples of what happens-

  • Choosing a common topic- Many times students go for straightforward and recurring topics which leads them to repetitive points. Adding creativity to basic knowledge brings out commonity between your and other publications.
  • Carelessness- The first thing a student does to get knowledgeable about the theory of topics is get inspiration from accomplished research articles. Somehow they end up liking the content so much, that they write exactly what they saw which is very easily identified by professors.
  • Improper Citation- When you take references, you are supposed to give credit to the publisher in a proper manner. If students don't consider doing such an important thing it is evitable to submit an assignment which is plagiarised.
  • Lack of uniqueness- One more reason why students fall into the trap of plagiarism is their inability to give uniqueness to their content. This happens due to student’s unwillingness or lack of skills to generate innovative ideas.


Ways to Avoid Plagiarism?

Precautions are better than cure. Therefore there are some measures you can take to stay ahead of plagiarism. Proceed with your assignment carefully by using the following anit-plagiarism steps-

  • Keep track of your resources: While taking references you need to keep track of all the references so that it is easy to keep a record of all the different resources you looked for collecting information.
  • Generate Fresh Content: Writing an assignment comes with a responsibility to work on the idea and write about it. If you keep on collecting your ideas in your assignments, you will have unique content which is free from plagiarism.
  • Write in your own words: Doing the mere task of researching for information is not enough. Using that information you need to proceed with your writing style. To make your dissertation more original, use your words for each paragraph.
  • Give Credit to the author: When presenting a literature review for the assignment, you will need to mention every author’s name along with the points mentioned in your assignment. At the end make another section for citations and mention each reference altogether.


How to remove plagiarism from content?

Sometimes it can happen that even after being very careful, plagiarism is detected. When you are proofreading your assignment, take the following measures to ensure that it is completely free of plagiarism.

  • Use Plagiarism Checker -To stay ahead of the detection of plagiarism after submission, you can check it yourself to know where you stand. There are many tools on the internet you can use for this purpose.
  • Paraphrase sentences- The most common and easy thing you can do is reframe the sentences in such a way that is seem very different from the original sentence but impart the same meaning.
  • Plagiarism Preventive Services - Everyone wants complete assurance that their assignment is free of plagiarism. In such cases take guidance from experts who have excellent experience in producing unique assignments. There are several resources where you can get such assistance.
  • Request for Turnitin report - A Turnitin report gives the amount of plagiarism present in a document. If you seek someone’s help, ask them to generate one such for your assignment. It should show that no amount of plagiarism is present in it. Only then submit it.
  • Note-taking skills: In your academic life, you attend endless lectures and seminars. It means you get good exposure to knowledge, but to absorb and use it in writing assignments you need to learn note-making so that other's content will stay focused on your mind.
  • Time management during research: When you have good research skills, your hunt for good content is not cursed by plagiarism. Good research is fed by the best time management strategies. Hence create a dependable schedule that doesn't cause distress leading to plagiarism.
  • Workshops and tutorials: To become an independent researcher and writer you need to sharpen your mind. For that, there are many workshops and tutorials available on the internet. Take on courses which entirely focus on removing plagiarism.


Consequences of Plagiarism in Different Settings

Have a look at how plagiarism affects people differently in different settings-

  • Destroys student Reputation: A professional document is supposed to reflect a student’s capabilities and learning. Submitting plagiarised content means you are disrespecting the principles of assignments. Academic institutes like schools and colleges take the presence of plagiarism very seriously. It can even lead to suspension and sometimes expelling in the worst scenarios.
  • Destroys Professional Reputation: When you are attaining a professional career, you are responsible for presenting unique content. Taking the risk of plagiarising your content can affect your company’s reputation. This leads to losing your job which may leave a bad mark on your resume.
  • Legal consequences: Plagiarism is literary considered a legal crime and can lead one authority to file a lawsuit if someone “steals their content”.This is why professionals with a lot of writing involved are required to pay the utmost attention to producing fresh content.
  • Monetary Repercussions: Monetary repercussions are said to be the harshest consequence of plagiarism. People who are guilty of plagiarism have to pay penalties to the affected authorities.


The Role of Technology in Preventing Plagiarism

Some theories suggest that since the evolution of technology, academic dishonesty has increased due to increased access to resources. It has also become very easy to get a clone of your assignment requirements.

Hence students prefer comfort and easy work over using their minds to write assignments. However, this practice is not appreciated by professors as it has ended the sole purpose of assessment, which is testing a student’s independent writing skills.

But there’s no reason to worry because knives cut both ways, hence technology has improved plagiarism detection as well. There are certain software which can track digital footprints hence revealing even the sources from where the content has been plagiarised.

This helps professors to quickly identify plagiarism and take action if necessary. Technology has also helped to reduce plagiarism as students are now more aware of the consequences of plagiarism.


Tips for Proper Citations

It has already been established that using citations is the best way to avoid plagiarism. Let’s discuss how it can be attained-

  • Understanding different citation styles: We discussed different citation styles and it can be difficult to understand how to comprehend each of them. A mistake in referencing is also considered plagiarism. That is why start with clearing the basics of citations.
  • Using citation management tools- Several citation management tools ease your work. They are designed to manually adjust the references according to the given citation style in a proper format.


Teaching and Promoting Integrity

The moral value of avoiding plagiarism and sincerely following the citation rule comes with passing on knowledge and the importance of uniqueness in academic society.

Educational institutions' role: As experienced professionals, all the professors of any academic institute should adhere to teaching the importance of unique content. Some points include -

  • Teach professional writing styles
  • Give ample references so that students have something reliable to look up to.
  • Seminars and workshops should be held for a practical approach to writing without plagiarism.
  • Frequent assignments should be given to make students accustomed to submitting plagiarism-free work.
  • Fostering a supportive writing environment so that students don't fall into the trap of plagiarism.

In the end, it can said that plagiarism is the most threatening disease in the academic world. It also leaves with severe aftereffects. It attacks in different ways whether it’s for a small part or the whole content. We discussed different effective ways to avoid plagiarism. However the most effective is to accept and acknowledge the sources through proper citations.

The most important part is the self-realization of working in cohesion with guidelines followed in every professional writing, Your educational institutes also play a major role in helping students to develop a sense of writing independently with utmost honesty.


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