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As the world is moving towards modernisation and digitalisation, the businesses are going global and entering into the international markets by making effective use of e-commerce. With these ongoing changes in the present world,the UK industries are making better and effective use of the ecommerce platforms for doing business in an effective manner. The Fashion industry of the UK is also expanding itselfby entering into the business market through the means of ecommerce.If the individual is looking forward to startinga new e-commerce startup,then the retail clothing will be a better option. The reason behind selecting this sector is that it is fastly growing in the UK and is having the potential to provide a better return as well(Ribeiro, et. al. 2018).

The UK population follows the latest trends,and due to this, the clothing sector of the UK is one of the fast-growing industries which offers better business opportunities for growing and doing business. Also, with the digitalisation, online shopping had gained a lot of importance and investing in retail clothing sector by making use of ecommerce will be a better business opportunity. If the investors invest in this business domain that it can provide better investment in the capital and will help them in growing effectively.

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When the businesses are looking forward to entering into the ecommerce sector, then it is essential for the company to opt for the best business model in which they are trying to enter. As the present idea is of the clothing retailing so as a new player in the market, the company should focus on doing business to customers (B2C) ecommerce. For a new company, this is a better option as it will help them indirectly attracting the customers and will also help them in understanding the business in an effective manner. The B2C business model refers to the industry in which the products are being directly sold to be customers only when the company is doing B2B business than the ecommerce firms become more complex and required better management as well(Guercini, et. al. 2018).

While offering the products and services directly to the customers, it becomes more important for the businesses to focus on providing the best experience to the customers. Before entering into this industry, it is essential than the companies should focus on research in an effective manner which will help the companies in developing a useful ecommerce website for doing business nicely. Better research is also essential for understanding the customers so that the company can get better knowledge about how they have to manage their customers As the business is a new startup so the company needs to focus on niche targeting strategy which will help the company in entering into the new market easily.

Will be focusing on developing a high-performance website which will provide better accessibility to all the users through all the different browsers. Attractive graphic with different options available for shopping different outfits with subcategorisation of different colours and designs will also be directly available on the home page only so that customer should get better customer experience. Along with this, we will be offering a preview of different dresses with the better classification of their size so that the customers can get better knowledge regarding the products offered to them. While developing the website, better attention will be paid on all the important things as the website needs to be very attractive because it is one of the most important resources of ecommerce businesses.

Related to online shopping, the customers usually face major issues related to the payment options, so on our website will be focusing on offering the best payment options so the customers might not meetmanyproblems. We will be exploring all the different payment gateway services which are being offered by the web host and among them will be choosing the one which is highly used by the customers. As the majority of the ecommerce sites of UK offers payment options through Shopify, PayPal, stripe, sage pay, Payoneer and amazon pay will also be adding these payment options in our payment gateway. Along with this for offering better customer experience,the company should focus on offering multiple payment options such as payments through credit cards, debit cards, direct bank transfer, Ewallets, cash on delivery and mobile payments as well. These multiple payment options enhance the customer experience of the customers and help the company in attracting more customers by offering better services to them.

For offering better service and experiences the company will focus on having an appropriate and effective order management system which will help the businesses in streamlining the online process in a well-organised manner. To offer the best customer experience,the company will focus on providing optimisation of the order to the product lifecycle which will help them in proving best customer satisfaction as well related to the order and delivery of the product(Yakob, 2017).

The ecommerce sector completely relays on the data, and it is important for the ecommerce companies to handle the data in an effective manner and to look after the privacy of the customers(Datsko, 2019). All the important and personal data of the customer needs to be protected in an effective manner. Along with this safety is also essential for reducing the chances of financial frauds and issues related to it. In our website, we will be focusing on different security requirements such as authentication of the customers, the confidentiality of the data, the integrity of the data non-repudiation as well. Also with the increasing issues of the cyber-crime, the customers using online shopping are having security issues related to their online transactions, and for this, the company should have an effective ecommerce security which would offer better security to all the stakeholders involved in the buying and selling of the products through the ecommerce platforms or website(Chaffeyand Smith, 2017). While developing the ecommerce business model, the company will focus on all the different factors associated with the B2C


The online business environment is highly competitive and surviving in such a competitive environment is not easy as the companies need better marketing strategies. The companies doing online business need to make use of multiple platforms of digital marketing which can help them in promoting their products and services in an effective manner. As an online website will be using email marketing for attracting customers and doing marketing in an effective manner(Cao, 2018). For effective advertising, the company will make use of multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and many more. The youth is highly attracted to online advertising, so it will be a better option for the company to advertise the company and its services as well. Majority of the customer's checkout the social media platforms before making any purchase decision, so it can be said that it is important for the company to use it.

Also, the company will use search engine marketing, which is very effective for companies. It is considered to be the most important and effective marketing practice, which can help the company in creating a better marketing position in an increasingly competitive business environment. This is a type of search engine marketing in which we have to pay the amount for appearing on the search engine page. Along with this, the company should also focus on having a presence on all the social media platforms and will manage the pages and accounts on these platforms also(Kannan, 2017).

The cited company will focus on being active at all the different social media platforms and will try to handle them in an effective manner which will help them in attracting more customers(Kingsnorth, 2019). Along with these, the company will also focus on using other online marketing strategies such as pay per click, influencer marketing, reputation management and content marketing as well.


The above-mentioned report is a business proposal for entering into the ecommerce sector. The report had mentioned that in the present world of modernisation, the investors have better opportunity to invest in the ecommerce sector and for the UK the report mentioned that clothing retailing is one of the effective one. The UK population follows the latest trends and better economic condition of the country also allows the citizens to spend more on the fashion and clothing so the investor should focus on startup of ecommerce retail clothing. Along with this, the report had mentioned that the company will be doing B2C business and will use better strategies for offering the best customer service to the customers and providing them with better customer experience as well.

All the details related to the payment options and security measures are also mentioned in the report. Moreover, the report had mentioned regarding the marketing and advertising strategies which would be used by the cited company. The retail clothing will focus on using social media marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, pay per click and email marketing. It can be concluded that the proposal had mentioned all the things which are required to be considered while doing business effectively in the ecommerce sector. 



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