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Business Tourism Assignment


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Project Title:

To Evaluate the Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on the tourism sector in the United Kingdom: A case study on Tourism Industry.



Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on tourism sector in United Kingdom: A case study on Tourism Industry.


  • To understand the implication of the covid-19 pandemic in the Tourism Industry.
  • To Evaluate the Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the Tourism Sector.
  • To analyse the challenges faced by Tourism Industry due to pandemics.
  • To recommend regarding the maintenance and following the protocol against covid-19.


The pandemic is causing the tourism industry and it is very essential for the industry to provide the necessary steps to control the impact of covid-19 pandemic on workplaces. The pandemic is causing the jobs and lack of working for the industry and they are facing losses in huge amount. The industry is shut down due to the lockdown situation in the UK and the government made the guidelines that stop the tourism industry to a shit down. There are no customers and the industry is facing losses in jobs of employees, recession in the industry, people are stopping their business who are working in the industry of tourism. The tourism industry is the most affected industry in the covid-19 virus situation. It is essential for the industry to utilise the necessary working with restriction after the lockdown with working in low production and employees. The people are scared to go on tours and enjoy their life. It is essential for the research to provide the necessary working on the pandemic so that they can develop an understanding of the topic. The pandemic is affecting the tourism sector and the business needs to be developed by taking necessary precaution which are implemented by the government to protect and provide safety to everyone.

Research Question:

  • What is the implication of covid-19 pandemic in Tourism Industry?
  • What is the Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on Tourism Sector?
  • What are the ways to analyse the challenges face by Tourism Industry due to pandemic?
  • What are the strategies use by tourism industry t overcome this situation of Pandemic?


Theme: Understanding of the Implication of Covid-19

According to Yang, Zhang and Chen, (2020), the implication of the covid-19 on the tourism industry are critical as there are huge losses in the business of tourism industry. The business of tourism is at lowest and is not able to provide the necessary results in market. The tourism industry was one of the most fastest growing industry and now the tourism sector is shut down due to lockdown. People are scared and they are not looing for the tourism and making plans to visit different places. This is affecting the business and it is causing the mental health issues as well as the physical health issues to the people and the industry is suffering form lack of jobs and few of the companies are not able to pay their debts due to the shut downs.

Theme: Evaluate the impact of coronavirus on tourism industry

As per the view of Škare, Soriano and Porada-Rocho?, (2021), tourism sectors is one of the high degree of networking with environment and external factors and the pandemic is affecting the business as they are not able to provide the services to the people and the people are scared to services in the industry. No one in the world is able to travel due to the pandemic and the tourism sector is affected with the unemployment’s and recession because of the lockdowns in market. The industry gets affected and the partnership industry like hotel industry which work with the industry are also affected with the pandemic as the travellers are not their and they are facing shortage of guest in their hotels. Working in tourism people are getting mental health issues as they are not able to pay their debts as there are no services to offer so the brands are terminating the employee and the employee are facing the worst of the situation without employment.

Theme: Challenges face by the industry due to pandemic

Lim and To, (2021) Suggested, one of the major challenges which the industry is facing and will face in the future is to convince the people to get back to the industry as the covid-19 pandemic situation is affecting them mentally and the people audience are scared to go on the travels for a longer period of time and it can affect the business of tourism for a long period. Developing and working on this nee to be developed by making them provide the satisfaction of security and safety on which the industry needs to provide to audience. It is important for the industry to work on the necessary precaution to limit the factor of impact on the business. Challenges of facing the less customer and providing the limited services due to the infection is also affecting the office to increase faster profits in market. They need to provide the investments n the necessary precaution hazards to make them feel safe.

Theme: Recommendation to maintain protocols against Covid-19

According to Williams, (2021), industry need to work on the precautions and they need to provide the necessary awareness in the market to make the audience feel safe. They also need to evaluate the ways to provide the audience the information that they are safe to travel and use the necessary services and visit the places to increase the mental health and get a change from the lockdowns. It is very important for them to convince the audience so that they can offer the services and customers take them which can help the industry to get back to normal work. This is vital for them so that they can increase their full flow of working and can provide a better employment for the people and can hire the people they terminate.


Research methodology is the process of techniques and the procedure which the researcher used to evaluate the details and the information for the given topic:

Research type: it is a process of working on the research on the given topic. There are two types of research including the qualitative and quantitative research type. The researcher will provide the research in the qualitative way to provide the human beliefs on the given topics and theoretical representation of data.

Research approach: the approaches which are used to completed the research are research approach. There is different type of research approaches which the investigator can use and the researcher will do the research in Inductive approach of research. The inductive approach include the ways of providing the human beliefs and it provide the closely to support the generation of the new theory on the given topic. Inductive approach helps in working with flexibility and also provide a better development in research.

Research philosophies: Research philosophies are the philosophy used by the researcher in the given research topic. There are two type of research philosophies including the interpretivism and positivism philosophies (Mohajan, 2018). The research is done on the qualitative type and the approaches will be done on the inductive process, so the researcher will provide the philosophies in interpretivism research philosophy. It helps in providing the primary data sand gives a high level of validity data which is honest and trustworthy.

Data Collection: Data collection refer to the process of working on the collection of the research information. There are two type of data collection in the process of research methodology. One is primary and the second is secondary data collection. Primary is the first-hand data collection from the interviews and other sources. The secondary source of data is from the books and journals from older research. The researcher will do the primary research

Data Sampling: The data is sampled form the 30 respondents in the research from the researcher and will be done on the employees of the industry.

Data Analysis: Data analysis is the process of analysing the data which is collected from the research collection. There are different ways of data analysis and the researcher will use the thematic way of analysing the data as the research will be done in qualitative way and the thematic analysis is done on theoretical representation of data (Ørngreen and Levinsen, 2017).

Ethical consideration: Ethical consideration refer to the process of making the respondents fill the ethical for from the researcher side which they fill which will provide the information that they are not forced to give the answers and the results are reliable and valid.

Limitation: Researcher limitation refer to the process of increasing the working in the given timeline and developing the research knowledge to the max. it is a process of working in the given timeline and the given resources to the researcher and researcher will provide the best of knowledge for the topic.


The proposed analysis refers to the way the researcher is proposing the research for the give n topic. It is essential for the researcher to provide the entire data on th given topic. The researcher will provide the qualitative research on the topic of impact of covid-19 pandemic situation in the tourism industry. The research will be done in the qualitative type and provide the information in the human belief. The presentation of the research is provided by the researcher in the inductive approach and the respondents were asked about the details through questionnaire in the process to find the right information for the topic. It is essential for the researcher to use the research type and the philosophies to increase better research and provide the in-depth knowledge of the given topic. The impact of void-19 pandemic on the tourism industry is very critical and the industry is being working hard for the same. There are 30 respondents on which the research will be done and the research will provide the information related to the industry and the impact of the pandemic on the industry for which they are working to improve for a better future for business.

Working on the research by providing the theoretical data representation so that the research provides the sympathetic of the human believes. The qualitative research type will help in understanding the attitudes and is a content generator for the given topic to the researcher. Qualitative provide the information which are insight into an industry and can also help in development of working for the topic information. Providing the human experience help in developing the knowledge for the given topics and it can help in developing the information for future use to other investigator which can use this for their development of knowledge. The researcher will provide an interpretivism approach and do tha questionnaire for the given topic so that they can use the process of developing knowledge form the human and provide a better working in the given topic.


The module is about the topic and its relevancy in the current scenarios in the UK. The pandemic in the UK is developing fast and it is very critical for the hotel industry to maintain the necessary precautions in the workplace so that they can improve their working and take necessary decisions. The module taught me about the time management principles and the ways to do the research in the given topic. It helped in increasing the research skills within me and provide an in-depth knowledge for the given topic. I learned skills to manage the time and communication skills to develop a better presentation of the given topic to research on. I learned the communication skills and presentation skills to provide a better representation of the knowledge for the topic of Impact of covid-19 pandemic on the Tourism Industry. Learning is increased for the process of doing the research and working on the methodology provide me a better understanding of the research process.

I worked on the topic and provided the necessary ways to develop a better knowledge for topic. I learned new ways and the process of doing the secondary research by taking interviews and increasing the real information for the given topic. There were different challenges which I faced including the limitation of time and resources. It is essential to get the time management and utilisation of the resources for the research and I increased the learning to do the task in the given timeline. There could be different things including the pre-discussion of the topics with the faculty member to provide a better understanding on their topic. I tried the best to represent in the process of development for the research but it can be increased with the best after the consulting form the authority.



Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Introduction and background

Aim and objectives

Research questions

Literature review

Proposed methodology

Proposed analysis


The research timeline provides the information of the given task and the time which the task will take while completing the process of research on the given topic of Impact of Covid-19 on the industry of tourism business.


Books and Journals

Škare, M., Soriano, D.R. and Porada-Rocho?, M., 2021. Impact of COVID-19 on the travel and tourism industry. Technological Forecasting and Social Change, 163, p.120469.

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