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The Impact of Business Leadership on Corporate Social Responsibility

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Introduction : Multi-tier Supply Chain Management and the Role of Responsible Leadership

Formative Task 1

The topic chosen for this proposal is Business leadership and corporate social responsibility, however, as visible, this is a very broad topic, hence this research will narrow it down. This research proposal aims to understand the relationship between efficient business leadership and how it can affect the aspect of the corporate social responsibility of a business. As known, CSR is a social aspect of business, however, it has stringent influences on the social image of the business that ultimately affects the economic aspect of the business. CSR is directly linked to the type of leadership style followed in an organization.

Formative Task 2

Reference Currency Authority Accuracy Relevance Purpose
Responsible Leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility: Metrics for Sustainable Performance N/A European Management Journal Volume 23, Issue 6, December 2005, Pages 628-647 This journal measures the levels of intense effects responsible leadership can have over the aspect of corporate social responsibility. This journal gives clear guidance regarding the interrelation between efficient and responsible leadership and CSR. As per the topic chosen, this can be considered the primary arena of study. As this journal directly impacts the topic the research wishes to focus on. The primary source of information and evidence for the hypothesis.
Introduction: Leadership and corporate social responsibility £27.00 Emerald Insight This article provides a more generalized view of the two broad topics that the research aims to look at closely and identify the interrelation between them. This article identifies and attempts to understand the various meanings and the essence of the terms leadership and corporate social responsibility along with the range of contexts they are used in. This article will serve as the background article of the research. This article will lay the groundwork from which the deeper essence of the research will be drawn. This article will lay the background and context of the study.
Exploring the Role of Leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility: A Review N/A Journal of Marketing Development and Competitiveness Scholar Gateway This research paper will provide further in-depth knowledge regarding the topic chosen; it will help the research to analyze further aspects that are related to the topic providing it with a more wholesome approach This research paper concentrates partially on the topic chosen by this research. Hence it will provide in-depth knowledge, evidence, and information regarding the different aspects of the research. A partial relevance to the research allows the paper to incorporate more studies from different sources.
Public Relations Leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility N/A Springer Lake This journal provides information and evidence regarding an associated topic that is public relations and the effect it has on leadership as well as corporate social responsibility. This additional aspect in the research will provide inaugurate an external trajectory for the research paper enabling it to provide scope for future studies.  This journal allows the research to look beyond CSR and leadership and inaugurate the aspect of public relations and its effects on the two broad topics. The purpose of this journal is to inaugurate and illuminate an additional pathway of research to broaden the scope of the study.

Formative Task 3

The primary resource techniques chosen by this research paper are:

  • Surveys
  • Interviews
Surveys Interviews
A survey is collected for a broader mass of people. It aims to understand a generalized opinion regarding the subject. In the case of this research paper, a survey questionnaire that might be circulated through the internet in the form of Google forms or so will illuminate the basic idea the general masses have regarding leadership and CSR. Furthermore, it will also provide a wholesome approach to the additional aspect of public relations. This is especially important because the survey is reaching the public and public opinion on public relations and its effect on leadership and CSR of a firm will be a breakthrough for the research. Interviews are more personalized; they contain far lesser questions and are more concentrated on the particular subject of the research. The interview questionnaire can be passed on to a focus group consisting of professionals from the leadership or human resources arena since they mostly look over the aspect of CSR within a firm. An interview is a more in-depth approach to reaching the root of the subject since it comes from the core people who are associated with the practical implementation of the theoretical subjects that are the core of the research paper. As the survey lays the background of the research, the interview will provide concrete evidence for the hypothesis or the research questions formulated (Schilling 2013). 

Formative Task 4

All four research papers, articles, and journals that have been chosen for the research undertake quantitative study for the compliance of its motive. Although the motives of all four articles are somewhat interlinked with each other, each of them has its individual importance and relevance to the study that has been chosen. The use of quantitative research means that they have used preformulated research papers, journals, and articles to draft their sources. Furthermore, their studies have also used examples of real-life case studies to emphasize the purpose of the studies (Dzwigol 2020).

Exploring the Role of Leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility: A Review: this research paper especially takes a wholesome view towards the overall aspect of the role of leadership in drafting the CSR of the firm. Furthermore, this paper uses examples of real case studies to prove its point. The paper also lightly touches upon the way perspectives regarding these two broad topics have changed enormously over time. However, all of this takes a very theoretical approach to the study. 

The advantage that this research paper has is, that it is using a purely quantitative study to draft a qualitative one. Through the quantitative study, it will be easier to recognize the areas that have not been touched by the existing resources so that this research paper can specifically focus on filling up those gaps. This research aims to take knowledge from these quantitative sources to draft a proper questionnaire and survey analysis on the portions that have been left untouched by the previous studies. Furthermore, with the help of the aspect of public relations, this study will also focus on an additional theory that will be explored through the survey analysis planned for the acquisition of a wholesome background study.

Final portfolio tasks

Portfolio Task 1

The background of the study mainly includes that corporate social responsibility and authentic leadership extend beyond managing existing the company's day-to-day operations. Corporate governance, as a whole, is worried about how a corporation guarantees that every one of its practices and procedures is ethically correct. Combining solid management skills with any of these leadership traits assists businesses in maintaining a weather of moral principles and values by instituting a tacit international body code of kindness and justice for others (Saha, and et.al., 2020).

Furthermore, the debate is determined by the amount in the important developmental tasks, which aid in understanding the study's backstory. In my viewpoint, once an active commander champions this technique within the organisation that becomes viable. According to our research results, converting a firm into an ethical and environmentally sustainable organisation requires a commanding officer. This individual must be a great leader as well as a good coach. The way to do things starts with a thorough investigation of all the variables that impact the innovation activities of the business and its suppliers. It has been determined that now the outcomes of corporate sustainability for organizations are advancement, customer satisfaction, and lengthy achievement (Liu, and et.al., 2022). Leader and CSR are strongly intertwined, in my view, for lengthy sustained development, and the survey attempts to paint a clear understanding of the government. Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a corporate entity in which businesses produce a coordinated attempt to keep able to operate in ways that benefit society but instead of harm it. CSR makes an important contribution to both socioeconomic reassurance and the progress of a positive impression for businesses. Moreover, corporate leaders are steadfast in their commitment to instituting practises, that also enables each other should provide quality service.

In addition to this, I found that mental stimulation predicts a company's proclivity to interact in strategic CSR but not community-minded CSR. Intriguingly, neither tactically nor prosocial CSR was found to be a predictor of charisma. In this regard, transformative leaders appear to be more efficient than managers and transaction-processing rulers. There is also an important role played by the participative leaders in CSR which helps to develop future research. Other beneficial aspects to be considered have included the level(s) within the organization to study leadership and the techniques to use (Harjoto, Laksmana, and Lee, 2020). I analyzed that business leaders and CSR will be helpful for the growth of business in a positive manner and create different opportunities for the future.

Moreover, I thought this topic provide a huge information and knowledge to me as well for a better understanding of the study. It provides a good understanding of the scenario in the study and lean new tactics that will be helpful in the future. Further, the resource of leadership also includes the role of public relations in CSR ought to engage clients and staff in the effort, as well as to stimulate individuals to act but also start contributing or partake in the CSR program. Notifying societies about how an organization is operating to improve their lives. It helps improve information flow and introduces new methods of establishing 2 different dissemination of knowledge and comprehension (Tourigny, and et.al., 2019). The study helps to identify the actual scenario regarding the development of knowledge and skills for leadership and CSR. It is generally accepted that different consumers also favor spending their cash with morally or eco-friendly businesses, but they also use a group's CSR as a way to satisfy theirs possess obligation to do decent. Public relations is a strategy implementation feature. A comprehensive, study comprehension of their target audiences and also the connectivity climate of the organization will improve your good connection and interaction with them.

The study helps to identify the different perspective of leadership and CSR that gives a better understanding of an organization can enjoy the advantages of CSR - strong picture, consumer loyalty, and confidence - only by recognizing its liability for doing decent, the potential to change things, and gratifying this duty. In this method, the function of public relations is to make sure that customers and interested parties are conscious of the organization with regard and attempts (Nejati, Salamzadeh, and Loke, 2019). Thus, the study provides a better understanding of business leadership and CSR and enhances my knowledge about the topic.

Portfolio Task 2

Research Question

  • Explain the role of leadership in Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • The eventual aim of the study based is to analyse the level of participation through into the current leader and manage the information exchange between both professionalism, which does include condemnations. The purpose of this research is to figure out the optimal relationship between two companies and how it affects the company's CSR. Our goal with this research study is to collect accurate information and statistical data in order to gain a better understanding of the subject. A range of methods may be used to achieve a particular goal, such as expanding existing knowledge, attempting to fill a gap, and developing and testing a solution to a problem, among others. This research helps to identify the different purposes of business leadership and its impact on the CSR. Further, it enhances the understanding of business ethics and its direct relation with the employees, customers, and various stakeholders (Hemingway, and Starkey, 2018). It enhances knowledge regarding the culture of social responsibility and leadership that sets a huge aspect of productivity and helps the company to manage the concerns of real life with the employees and customers.
  • This research project includes a discussion about business leadership and Corporate Social Responsibility which is considered to be the most interesting aspect for businesses. It enhances the level of understanding among the businessmen to consider the changes in activities and provides relevant confirmations about CSR. The research project is important for the students as well as professionals to manage CSR within the workplace and encourage people to do so (Javed, and et.al., 2020). In addition to this, this topic gives a valuable aspect for the people to handle changes and modifications in the behavior of employees at the workplace. Thus, the research will be helpful in identifying the different sources of information and making changes in the behavior of people.

Portfolio Task 3

Business leadership and corporate social responsibility is a topic which is important for both academic and professional people. This particular research should receive a grant because it will help both the students and professional people in identifying their potential to become a good leader in future. In addition to this it will also help in understanding the various forms of leadership skills and based on that people can identify their own leadership traits. Also studying CSR is also considered to be an important because the pertinence and significance of corporate social obligation (CSR) are profoundly huge today in this entrepreneur financial system, to guarantee the maintainability of life and business later on. Students after completing their course will obviously try to get into their dream profession and these days to make a mark in any company understanding the basic of business leadership and corporate social responsibility is of utmost importance.

This particular research study is entirely based on collecting primary data and based on that the data collection process that also been selected. Primary data alludes to the direct information accumulated by the specialist himself. The primary data analysis that has been selected for this study are survey and interview (Ajayi, 2017). Also, as the study is entirely based on primary data as a result the research approach selected for this study is quantitative research approach. Quantitative exploration bargains in digits, rationale, and an objective position. Quantitative examination centres around numeric and constant information and definite joined thinking instead of dissimilar thinking which is similar to primary data collection method (Ahmad, 2019). In addition to this, particularly for this study and based on the research method selected that is quantitative research method the best selected research approach will be Survey Research. Survey research alludes to a specific kind of examination plan where the essential technique for information assortment is by study. In Survey research configuration, overviews are utilized as a device by scientists to acquire a more prominent figuring out about individual or gathering points of view comparative with a specific idea or subject of interest. The main reason behind selecting this method is because of the nature of study which is quantitative. In addition to this as the topic itself is very broad thus doing a survey-based study will help in getting actual. Also, by conducting a survey-based approach will help in getting different responses from various people who deal daily into business leadership and with corporate social responsibility topics. All with the help of this approach a proper percentage of people who actually feels these are important in day-to-day life can be identified and understood in detail.

However, while doing this research there are various kinds of issues which we encountered which are described in detail below:

  1. Research point is the establishment on which all the other things rests, so it's urgent to thoroughly pick. Thus, the first practical issue encountered while doing this research study is selecting the best topic. As there are many options available thus initially it was very difficult to identify which will be the best topic for further doing the research. The best way to deal with these issues is to do initial small research on the topic to identify for which topic more information is available and which is less time consuming to do the research.
  2. The second limitation encountered was related to selecting the best research methodology approach. Based on the topic at the starting point it is very difficult to identify what research methodology is best suited for the study. So, in order to deal with this issue, it will be important to frame the research question in such a manner that will help in identifying which form of methodology will be best suited for the study.
  3. The next problem which was encountered is related to identifying the actual participant for collecting the data. Its not an easy task find proper sample population for doing further research as result to deal with these issues it will be important to initially identify the target audience and have a conversation with them so that they can respond to the survey questions.
  4. Last but not the least, the most pivotal problem which was encountered is the time constraint. Usually, this kind of broad research needs a lot of time to so as to give the best study but in this case the time given was very short due to which few segments were left out. So, in the mere future in order to deal with this issue it will be important to segregate the work in such a manner so that in the limited time period also we can get the best result (Qasem, 2019).

Portfolio Task 4

Ahmad, S., 2019. Qualitative v/s Quantitative Research. Journal of Evidence Based Medicine and Healthcare, 6(43), pp. 2828-2832.

Ajayi, V. O., 2017. Primary Sources of Data and Secondary Sources of Data, Makurdi: Benue State University,

Dzwigol, H., 2020. Innovation in marketing research: quantitative and qualitative analysis.


Schilling, N., 2013. Surveys and interviews. Research methods in linguistics, pp.96-115.

Portfolio Task 5

The feedback which has been received in the formative task has helped a lot in doing the overall portfolio task. I have taken all the feedback in a positive manner and has tried to apply those while doing the portfolio task. For example, in the formative tutor provided feedback to narrow down the whole research while keeping the information intact and did the same things while doing the portfolio task and it has really helped in getting information more easily. Overall the feedback has helped in completing the task in way too easy manner and I am really thankful to my tutor for this guidance.


Harjoto, M.A., Laksmana, I. and Lee, W.E., 2020. Female leadership in corporate social responsibility reporting: Effects on writing, readability and future social performance. Advances in accounting, 49, p.100475.

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