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Introduction Of Case Formulation Report

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The introductory acknowledgement about scientific and technological advances has been modified at the beginning of 1969, which late to "giant leap for mankind" ( Ganci et al., 2019). It has included the publication of several applicable papers to understand the psychological principles related to health services. Over the recent decades, the American psychological association or APA has simultaneously established the task force that has explicitly retained the behavioural role and the psychological influences within health-related processes systems and the identification of several diseases. The result and findings regarding health psychology and behavioural medicines have been established with unique navigation of wheels related to the preferential study analysis 6. The contemporary understanding of the application of the influential terms related to health psychology and the behaviour of all medicines in an interchangeable manner.

Case Analysis

The well-versed knowledge about the issues regarding the case person has been referred to in this section. It has mentioned the service that has inferred the psychological counselling process for Ms Bridgit because of her mood problems. According to the findings of her mental health condition, several issues have been identified where certain behavioural change and depressive can mental state condition have been observed. In the first case, while attending the appointment, her dressing sense and grooming pattern have been observed to be decent and indecisive. During the sessions, she maintained adequate body posture and eye contact with the counsellor and managed to give a proper and effective response to the questions (Bower, 2019). However, it has been recognized that her speaking power is low but coherent and logical. The main effect has been analyzed with her mood and being asserted with loss in volition. The main issue has been observed with her anxiety level and the specific reduction in speech wait increase. Apart from incoherent behavioural response and anxiety level, there are suggestively fewer symptoms being observed in the case of Ms Bridgit. She appeared guarded in the first instance and was reluctant to be enlightened with her issues during the station.

The gathering of information from clinical assessment about Ms Bridgit has enhanced the knowledge about her repetitive feelings of depression and the height and level of anxiety over two years. The facilitation of data collection about the patient has been recorded from Chinese clinics, and scores 26 and 24 for both BDI and BAI tests, respectively (Kaewpila et al., 2020). The overall analysis of the case has presented the discussable elements about Ms Bridgit and deduced the knowledge about her mental state and behavioural characteristics. From the suggestive understanding, it can be assumed that the patient has suffered psychological trauma since her childhood due to family issues. Further, it has reflected over the social relation which typically affects her social interaction with other people. Thus, it can be predicted that Ms Bridgit has suffered mental trauma from the first day of the incidents in her family and certainly reflected a great deprivation in her life.

Logical Case Formulation

Predisposing Factor

The contribution to predisposing factors involves the long-lasting situations that affect the individual at an in-depth level. Certain genetic issues and family histories, and even the long-lasting environmental, sociological and psychological factors can also be considered predisposing factors (Palagini et al., 2018). In this present case, the main issue is related to genetic and family history where the individual has suffered from significant family issues that certainly affect her life decisions. Has been simply genetically predisposed or in most cases have endured biological disposition being hyper-aroused due to certain nightmares that have contributed to difficulties in sleeping, staying awake at night or waiting up early. Further, predisposing factors cannot be synonymized with biopsychosocial models.

Precipitating Factor

The integrative knowledge about precipitating factors explains the internal and external causes that reflect the behavioural pattern based on which the individual certainly presumes to have no control or little control over themselves. The indignation about the influence that can cause certain behavioural response from a person that leads finally to aggressive nature can be specified depending on various terms, thereby ensuring difficulties in proper control or breaking of self-restraint (Wright et al., 2019). Based on the present study, it can be predicted that the individual sometimes loses her temper due to high levels of anxiety and fear, which may lead to the corresponding cases involving difficult and challenging issues upset and also the aggressive attitude. The stress associated mainly in this case is with typical isolation from society and families, or the loss of loved one full stop for the specifics have been observed with her relationship pattern with the significant one which they are why lead to specific changes in her behaviour which she as humans to be a typical failure from her side (tandfonline.com, 2021).

Perpetuating Factor

Certain cases with acute stresses or predisposing stresses and the precipitating stressors can contribute to certain resolving attitudes that are prevalent to time with early detection of the indications and their significant maintenance. However, the issues with perpetuating factors are not an easy case (Popkirov et al., 2019). It involves the unnecessary accomplishment of certain activities that are unprecedented or and parallel to the cause of achieving the result with good intention. This properly explains the drinking habits and other abusive activities that have been observed for the individual in the later analysis. It is a resolving attitude of the individual who tends to eliminate their life issues with unbridled matter that can deliver reference to them from having a good life and thus dire to fatal consequences.

Psychological Theory

The collateral understanding of the behavioural model that has been optimized weight the acknowledgement for 3p model has contributed to broad implications that can be necessary only a date while explaining the behavioural pattern, the cognition and the emotional response with convenience to multitude presentation of issues (Vaudreuil et al., 2019). The applications related to the 3p model in significant development as well as maintenance pattern for diseases at any particular setting are abundant. The proper demonstration about potential applications related to disease variety can be simulated with the application of the 3p model that is inclusive to chronic pain, GI disorders or any other diseases and their typical postulation. The significant ideology of this model has also reflected the additional insight related to other diseases in a protective manner. The resultant understanding about the importance related to psychological factors application of the 3p model simultaneously promoted a conceptual framework that helps in understanding the factors that typically plays a role in identifying the underlying diseases and their proper maintenance. Although Ms Bridgit has not disclosed any health issues apart from her anxiety, stress and fear of isolation, it is certain that her abusive heaviness can simply be an indication of initiation of health issues full stop does this particular model can be induced within the study to acknowledge the necessary impact of this model in delivering the necessary e formulation for the case (springer.com, 2021).

Treatment Plan

The treatment facility for age wide depression can be sir mounted as the most well-known mental disorder that commemorates a large gap in treatment. The automation of low-intensity virtual reality interventions where there is no need for a therapist can be a scalable as well as promising solution (Lindner et al., 2019). Nowadays, virtual reality intervention has been considered to be the most accessible and mature consumer technology. There are promising solutions that can be achieved. Despite having a phobia, there are numerous atoms of translating the evidence-based therapeutic techniques that are representing the cognitive behaviour related to depression have been identified through VR modality. The real identification of this intervention has been recognized in various pre-existing literature reviews where the discussion about CBT techniques is exposed to real experience, which includes psychoeducation, behavioural activation, the restructuring of cognition as well as the social skills and their effective training approach. It is the unique method of significant experiences that considers the alternative embodiment as well as virtual interactions with paint or other art devices that has been recognized as a therapeutic measure.


The advancement of this study has predicted the suggestive behavioural issues and mood swings among the referred patient who had been psychologically analyzed with certain issues that lead to her present depressive condition. That typical understanding of health psychology, as well as behavioural medicines in the field of psychological practice, have grown at a fast concept with assertion to both with and depth of knowledge. The main applicable strategies that have been identified in this study have resurrected the proper understanding of the issues related to the case person and also signified the treatment process along with the behaviour theories at a prominent level. The suggestive application of certain theories as well as models have been put forth while describing significant and specific components regarding medicines and health, which includes the biopsychosocial models that emphasize the critical psychological role which social factors in addition to the biological processes based upon health and disease.

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