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Communication Skills In A Professional Setting

Introduction - Communication Skills In A Professional Setting

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Task 3

Q.1. Necessary communication skills to communicate with Mr. Singh and give him a feeling like home

Before starting the communication, the health worker should keep in mind that the person with whom the communication is going to start is an elderly person and he lost his wife a few days back. At the early moment in the starting of the communication, the health worker cannot highlight the topic of his wife’s death because it can harm his emotional point of view. The first thing the health worker should do is he can make him feel comfortable by making a happy environment around Mr. Singh with some light jokes or with some fun topics (Tanveer et al. 2018). After the death of his wife, he became alone and no other family was there around him to make him feel that he is not alone. That is why the health worker's first priority will be that he will provide him a homely feeling so he cannot remember the sad incident of his wife’s death. Ultimately, the main perspective of the research is to give Mr. Singh a homely feeling, so he will not face any kind of depression or mental health issues. 

Q.2. Concerns of Mr. Singh about his new home

 After the death of Mr. Singh’s wife became completely alone and there were no other family members, who could take his responsibility (Abarc et al. 2018). So the company that is providing him with the health worker should remember that the health professional will give him a comfortable environment so he will start feeling good and the loneliness will decrease day by day. For the first few days, Mr. Singh will feel uncomfortable as usual but when the health worker will provide him with a healthy and happy environment with his/her communication skills then he can be a little bit comfortable. One thing the health worker should follow is that he will force him to share all hi8s personal life stories from the first day. The company that is providing the health workers should follow some points like, he or she should fulfil all the needs of Mr. Singh to fill up the absence of his wife with a quality company. Mr. Singh is so old and he has some hearing problems so the health worker should behave politely with him (Guo et al. 2022). The caretaker has to behave like his own family m, the member so that he will feel free to share his emotion with him or her. The focus point of the project is to provide quality care to one of his family members.

Q.3. Communication methods to make Mr. Singh feel comfortable

 There are some key points one should keep in/mind before going to take care of an elderly person. Like:

 Speak less and listen more

One should follow the primary role because when someone is dealing with an elderly person he knows that elderly or very old aged people behave like newborn babies. That is the reason they love to talk more than listen. Therefore, who is taking care of Mr. Singh has to listen to him patiently.

Understanding with heart

Mr. Singh is a very old person. His age is about 80 years, which is why he has many experiences in his life but after the death of his wife he becomes alone, but when he will get one of the caretakers from the company (Rubin et al. 2018). He will again start to share his personal life experience so the health worker has to listen to him and feel his thought so he will feel better than before. 

Speaking ability

 The caretaker should keep focusing on his/her communication skills when he/she will deal with Mr. Singh. As there are so many rules and regulations in communication skills, but a professional is going to deal with an elderly person that is why he/she should speak in a louder voice with him because he has some hearing problem (Abarca et al. 2018). After that, the health care professional is requested to speak at a slower pace because the capturing ability of Mr. Singh is very low due to his age. Finally, the health worker has to follow the proper gesture and facial expressions when they will deal with Mr. Singh.

Q.4. His culture or background affect the health worker’s communication skills

Before going to take care of Mr. Singh, the company will provide the healthcare professional should know about the past details of their patient. Mr. Singh lost his life partner a few weeks back. After that, he becomes emotionally and mentally weaker which is the reason sometimes the health worker will face some emotional breakdown of Mr. Singh. During that particular time, the health worker should keep him engaging in other topics so that he will not face any kind of emotional breakdown (Fam et al. 2020). Paying attention to Mr. Singh’s emotional condition will be the first priority of the health professional. Reducing the noise and the disturbance of the environment will be the second most important priority for the health worker because a cool environment will give Mr. Singh a home-like feeling. Sometimes the worker has to show some diagrams and pictures if he or she feels that Mr. Singh is not able to connect with him or her. At the end of the whole research, one thing is mandatory to keep in mind that the health worker or the caretaker who is going to take care of Mr. Singh that he is dealing with some mental issues so they will never talk to him in a rude manner (Gopal et al. 2019). Otherwise appointing a health worker will give negative feedback to both. In the conclusion, the research is saying that one should keep all communication in mind when they will go to take care of an elderly person like Mr. Singh.

Task 5

  • In The field of public health and mental care, the working professionals need good communication skills with patience. From the above research, one can get the idea that there are some elderly people like Mr. Singh, who have some hearing problems but they do not accept them. To handle this type of condition one health worker needs more patience and the power of listening because elder people are nothing but experienced newborn babies who love to talk more with people than others (Tanveer et al. 2018) do.
  • Maintaining clarity in communication is one of the most important parts. Because some people have hearing issues for them, the professional should speak in a loud voice.
  • Some people create problems that have mental health to handle them one should deal with the particular condition with lots of patience.
  • In some cases, elderly people feel alone because they don’t have family members in their family, and after the demise of their life partner, they became completely alone so in that particular time the health worker becomes their one and only hope who generally give them mental support(Rubin et al. 2018).
  • Sometimes not only communication skills are needed to take of elder persons but sometimes those who are physically unfit or not able to do their work alone in that case the health worker should fulfil their needs with emotional support.
  • In the conclusion part of the research assignment, one can say that they will face a huge amount of problems when they will go to take care of elder persons. However, in the end with good communication skills, one professional health worker builds a familiar environment with the elder person or with their patient who is must necessary in this field


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