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Critical Evaluation Of Micro And Small-Medium Enterprises

Introduction: Critical Evaluation Of Micro And Small-Medium Enterprises

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This assignment makes a specialty of the literature review, in addition to the study's empirical and methodological framework. This assignment covers an outline of small and medium organizations and their principles from an international viewpoint. This phase discusses the boom of small and medium-sized organizations. The report's empirical and methodological structure, which encompasses information organizational strategies, stakeholders, and hobby theories, changed into highlighted in the evolution, which targeted at the problems associated with the and growth of small and medium firms. A wide spectrum of academics and policymakers from various fields are interested in the topic of creativity. Innovation and creativity in goods, operational methods, and engagements are crucial to the long-term survival and development of an organization. The ability to produce work, or creativity, is viewed as both the commencement and the basis of creation. Individual components such as IQ, temperament, intellect, and approaches for developing creative abilities have been the subject of prior reports on creativity development to get success in the business.


Small and medium businesses increase entrepreneurship, contest, thoughts and standards, paintings opportunities, efficiency, efficiency, monetary growth, and poverty discount in a colorful and transformational society. When in comparison to large firms, small and medium sized businesses increase entrepreneurship, aggressive pressure, standards and thoughts, employment opportunities, reliability, performance, monetary growth, and decreasing poverty (World Bank Report 2017). The growth of the small and medium organization area is a key indicator of a country's monetary boom and development. It is not possible to overstate the significance of the SME area in any nation's economic system across the world. Regardless of a country's monetary boom stage, the significance of the small and medium organization area is known globally. The government's cognizance on small and medium companies is a focal point at the monetary growth of a country. According to the (Handoyo, et al. 2021), SMEs are the number one mills of financial system in a country. Statistics from growing in addition to evolved nations round the sector display that the small enterprise region is a effective pressure for maintaining financial progress, entrepreneurship, and profession opportunities (Cavallo, et al. 2020.).

Literature review

According to (Gui, et al. 2020), the small and medium organization zone performs a widespread function in accomplishing plenty of socioeconomic goals, along with task creation, superior output and exports, fostering new entrepreneurship prospects, and growing an financial infrastructure for the country. Small and medium-sized agencies are known as a key engine of financial improvement in lots of nations. SMEs were related to nations' speedy financial increase in industrialized economies across the global. They make vital contributions to the upward push of dwelling standards, huge neighborhood capital accumulation, and excessive productivity. Small and medium companies have reportedly revolutionized economies in third-global nations and contributed appreciably to the workforce and GDP.

According to (Gamage, et al. 2020), small and medium companies (SMEs) account for ninety percentage of personal groups and account for extra than 60 percentage of employment and GDP in maximum rising countries. Small and medium groups, in accordance to Nerada Garage and Rajapakshe, P.S.K., 2020., pay attention their efforts on growing activity opportunities via competencies training, financial reform, productiveness enhancement, increase, conversion, and improvement of countrywide economies. Small and medium groups are visible as "increase engines" and "drivers for sociopolitical improvement of countrywide economies." Small and medium groups are a treasured device for attaining financial desires via the improvement of entrepreneurship and the purchase of technological know-how, and so assist to relieve poverty and growth financial independence.

Creative thinking is a wide and ambiguous notion that is defined in a number of different ways. Quality requirements, thought abilities and the context in which it occurs can all be used to describe creativity (Gathua, et al. 2019). Despite the reality that this suggests a cultural clash in the research, the literature suggests that creativity refers to something that is both unique and useful in some way. So, while creativity is a part of invention, it also encompasses entrepreneurship and the appropriate execution of novel notions. As a result, creative ideas give a foundation for creation to arise; nevertheless, for invention to be properly accomplished, a diverse variety of required funding must be in existence or obtained. As a result, even though they seem to be clearly distinguishable, creativity is related to development and is a primary antecedent of invention.

Furthermore, the bulk of groups in Company for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) nations are labeled as small and medium businesses, which account for round fifty five percentage of overall GDP and sixty five percentage of overall employment. According to (Negri, et al. 2021.), the East Asian states monetary extrude become in large part because of a thriving small and medium corporation area. The fast improvement of the East Asian business area becomes fueled via way of means of the small and medium corporation area in East Asian nations. China, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, S. Korea, N. korea, and Taipei, to call a few, have been able to accomplishing socioeconomic evolution via a full of life small and medium corporation operation, which contributed to the revolution of massive scale firms.

Critical Evaluation

Structured techniques to develop an entrepreneurial mindset: If one isn't always operating actively because the CEO of a success firm, it could appear hard to domesticate an entrepreneurial thinking (Abd Razzif, et al. 2019) However, irrespective of entrepreneur’s gift task title, entrepreneurs could hone the skillets important for a success business. Let's study some approaches entrepreneurs could domesticate entrepreneur’s entrepreneurial mind-set in a single day by day life:

Setting goals: Set the goals for an business, write that down, inform buddies and household who would possibly preserve one accountable—can subtly convince formidable marketers to attempt in opposition to it day after Take a while to suppose till one recognize precisely what they're going for if one do not experience like one truly expressed ones goals.

Practice being decisive: Entrepreneur, inventors, and new businesspersons need to learn how to examine a situation, acquire pertinent data, and make a knowledgeable choice. Hesitation can also additionally damage small corporations and start-ups, as a result why creating a assured choice is some of the maximum crucial entrepreneurial talents. Whether they shopping for meals at a eating place or making plans in advance for the day, entrepreneurs possibly can work out assertiveness the real global or in ones private affairs, When one faced with principal troubles of their business, working towards making modest proper selections can pay off.

Redefine failure: Failure has a bad perception; however the greatest marketers make it a nice experience. Failing approach entrepreneurs have tried something new, which can be a horrific experience (Ranjan, et al. 2021.). True failure is whilst one do not strive at all. Failure talks have to be practiced. Possible try this by myself or with a companion in ones notebook. For a week, have them query him approximately the failures. Answer truthfully. Soon, in place of feeling ashamed whilst entrepreneurs communicate approximately preceding failures, one would possibly sense happy with what they have got accomplished.

Face the fears: Many entrepreneurs are afraid of failure, discomfort, and oral presentations. Exposing oneself to that anxiety is really the only way to chip away at it. Rejection after rejection will anaesthetize entrepreneurs to disappointment. Take a strong speaking course—anything to help entrepreneurs feel more at ease in front of an audience (Ngwenya, et al. 2021). Take an acting or stand-up comedy class to boost the communication skills. Both will make users confront personal vulnerabilities and prepare one to converse with strangers. the entrepreneur also discover the value of good delivery style, which is just as important in sales and everyday life as it is in performing and entertainment. Are scared of failure, discomfort, and oral presentations, exposing one to that tension is genuinely the handiest manner to chip away at it, Rejection after rejection will anaesthetize entrepreneurs to disappointment.

Characteristics of An Entrepreneurial Mindset

Every entrepreneur is different, and no paths to fulfillment are alike, however all successful marketers have a fixed of abilities that permit them to remedy issues, triumph over hurdles, and achieve their areas. Among those talents are:

Accountability: Acknowledging private obligations for the business's achievements and sports is a part of having an entrepreneurial mindset. When big matters move wrong (which they will), they may be those to blame. Even eleven though an entrepreneur’s strength over the final results is limited, entrepreneurial questioning needs them to face up to locating excuses however rather simply take a few motion to treatment the situation.

Willingness to experiment: If one is a co-founding father of a burgeoning corporation or simply one of the many individuals who are in search of to carve out a brand new professional path, one will must make quite a few hard picks on their manner to long-time period success. When it comes up with new commodities, corporation concepts, or battle techniques, marketers have usually been inclined to attempt something new. They test with opportunity objects and prices, getting comments from a small organization of relied on consultants, so they may be now no longer afraid to ditch thoughts that do not work.

Self -leadership: Individuals can convert potential into realities through innovation, which is both a personal and a sociological movement. Creativity is defined as a person's ability to generate and produce fresh, original, and beneficial thoughts about a company's activities, operations, services, or technique (Gorvie, et al. 2019). It is innovation when the ideas developed by creativity are done successfully. Innovativeness, according to creative theorists, is a key precursor and requirement for invention. Independent invention has been linked to inspiration as a crucial and key precursor component. Individual members of a group who have a greater ability to develop fresh, creative, and beneficial ideas are more able to develop their own invention, which adds to group and organizational creativity.

Employee creativity: Creative thinking is a vast and ambiguous notion that is defined in many distinct manners. The characteristics of things, personalities, thought patterns, or the context of the situation characterize creative thinking. Despite the fact that this indicates an incompatibility in the investigation into the subject, the authors mention that innovation relates to something that is original and useful in some way (Hadjikosta, et al. 2019). So, while creativity is a driver of developing, this also comprises commercialization and the successful integration of novel ideas. As a result, original thinkers give a foundation for invention to arise; nevertheless, for invention to be properly accomplished, a diverse variety of resources needed must be in existence or obtained.

The Crucial Role of Research at the Intersection of Design Thinking and Creative Problem Solving (CPS)

As a long-time performer of each research and Creative Problem Solving (CPS), I've spent plenty of time searching for the precise stability among the two. My group and I used a mixture of the CPS technique and methods, in addition to research, to assist our clients clear up issues and difficulties, in addition to making drastic and incremental changes. Parts of this technique additionally covered assessment of prototypes created with the aid of using our clients. When I observed Design Thinking, a way that has grown in popularity, now no longer most effective in layout circles, however additionally in advertising and marketing as an issue of the entrepreneur's increasing competence and industrial employer in particular, sometime in the past with notable pleasure, Design Thinking isn't always most effective in its effect at the global level; it additionally symbolizes a high-quality mixture of acknowledgment on human beings with the aid of using diverse means,

Both Design Thinking and Creative Problem Solving (CPS) are employed in the creation or modification of things, solutions, interactions, technologies, procedures, and workflows in response to differences. Design Thinking is a step forward of the CPS method. Design Thinking varies from CPS; it combines traditional CPS approaches like observation, modeling, and evaluation.

Creative problem solving (CPS)

CPS was codified ,1950s thanks to ‘Alex Osborn’, he is the BBDO's founder, and psychologist Sidney Panes with whom Osborn shared their strategy. In addition to the Creative Institute of Education, they established the Int. Institute for Studies in Creativity at Buffalo State University (Naradda Gamage, et al. 2020.). CPS is a powerful and long-lasting approach of invention that is taught at both Buffalo State College's and International Center for Studies in Creativity and the Creative Education Foundation.

The first three processes used by CPS are: investigating the problem, generating ideas, and becoming ready to act. After determining the problem, divergent techniques are used to generate as many answers or ideas as possible. The best response or concept is then found using convergent techniques. In CPS, each of the first phases consists of the following:

Investigating the problem

General thinking

Prepare for the strategy

Knowing the ultimate goal is the first step.

Determining the key evidence is the first step in the evidence process.

Identifying the problem: Formulating a succinct research problem

Discovering Ideas: To use a variety of methods to generate several suggestions or thoughts as needed.

Utilizing divergent strategies to find the optimal way or concept

Getting relationship with stakeholders for the better outcome or concept is known as approval assessment.

Problem solving technique

For the small and medium business sector there are various issues in the competitive market. The following issues are customer engagement, customer retaining, fulfilling the customer expectations, to encourage the digital payments and supply chain management. Attracting consumers back to shop one of the most challenging duties will be. Customers' purchasing habits will change, and they may be less likely to evacuate their families and visit stores (Kpoku, et al. 2021). Among the most significant strategies that offline retailers may use is to follow all security procedures and convince their customers. Aside from that, appealing EMI discounts can help the company for the engagement of the customers.

Brand trust is another issue that will be a major concern for retailers. Consumers are reducing their leisure purchases, resulting in a shift in household spending (Mazurek-opaciska, et al. 2021). In this case, delivering client loyalty services will help firms’ complete sales quicker enough to get through those difficult times as companies try to retrieve out from pandemic's disruption. Enabling payment to be made with cash back but instead of money just at moment of usage can achieve this.

With changing consumer pReferences, it's more important than ever before for businesses to provide exactly what their customers need, and they'll need access to sophisticated data innovation to get it. And that's where the use of statistics can help. Advertisers could use statistics to figure out what their customers want and then cater to those demands. (OBAKPOLOR, et al. 2021). Cash usage should be limited, and digitized and cashless transactions should be promoted. It is critical for merchants to invest in technology that will enable them to process cashless transactions. Such as QR code, allowing shops to provide their consumers the option of scanning and paying using a QR code.

Supply chain management will be severely disrupted, and merchants will need to rethink their strategy in order to satisfy customer expectations. Before organizations restore to normality, inventories and transportation must be managed in a speedy way. Integrating the invoicing applications with the Features that describe is one option for accomplishing this. For this the startup companies need to take better technology and proper supply chain management to revive the business after the post time of pandemic.

Design thinking

Design Thinking is a type of enquiry that makes it possible to compare a problem or scenario and devising a logical, practical approach to address the problem or circumstance. Design Thinking is sometimes described as a seven-stage process: outline, investigate, generate ideas, model, select, execute, and educate. Problems are defined, appropriate questions are addressed, concepts and responses are formed, and outstanding solutions are picked inside those seven processes. The steps aren't generally sequential and may occur at the same time. They can also be repeated. The technique is also cyclical on a periodic basis to maintain a continuous method of development.

There are, however, some unique perspectives on Design Thinking. Many people incorporate additional "Human-Centered Design" aspects into the Process Of design in addition to the abovementioned phases outlined above.


For the small and medium enterprise, the entrepreneurs need a lot of knowledge about the market segment and the competitive scenario. Human resource management is also important for the company to choose the active employee who has the creative knowledge and the various techniques that help the company in the competitive marketplace. For getting the customer engagement social network and the advertisement are very essential to grow the business. For this self leadership and the employee creativity and the innovation technique also help the startup companies to compete in the competitive marketplace.

Rapid advancements in approaches and techniques are essential for increasing efficiency while lowering costs. To boost up the business investment and the stakeholder management also essential for SME enterprise, so the company needs better supply chain management and consciousness to produce innovation and creativity, according to self-leadership thinkers. With evolving consumer activity, it's more crucial for the merchants to give whatever the consumer's requirements, for this, they require tremendous resources. Advanced analytics, it is where the application of analytics may help. Marketers can employ statistics to figure out what its customers want and how to provide those demands,


Entrepreneurs of small and medium businesses require extensive understanding of the industry sector and competitive landscape. Human resource management is also critical for the company to select an active employee with creative knowledge and a variety of strategies that will assist the company compete in the marketplace. The use of social media and advertising to increase customer interaction is critical for business growth. Self-leadership, staff creativity, and innovative techniques all aid beginning businesses in competing in a competitive environment. For boosting efficiency while cutting costs, rapid developments in approaches and procedures are required. SME enterprises need to increase their business investment and stakeholder management. According to self-leadership thinkers, the organization needs improved supply chain management and mindfulness to develop innovation and creativity. With changing consumer behavior, retailers must provide whatever the customer requires, which necessitates a significant investment of resources.

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