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ES1 Corporate Governance Review

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1. Review of The telecom in IT industry structure

This is identified by the availability of the telecom infrastructure which is considered to be one of the most economic factors where the economic and social activity in the UK is one of the most important factors where it includes great importance. There is hardly considered to be a factor in which the UK is considered to be one of the most important aspects which helps in shaping the performance of connectivity between the telecoms. It is taken into account that the service sector enables the users to identify the support for the activities where telecom is considered to be the part of UK critical National infrastructure. The failure of our failure to invest in upgrading can also have the negative impact on people's ability to interact socially (Babar and Habi 2021).

The electronic communication network in the service industry in close of accident wireless communication where the broadband voice and data services are taken into consideration the fixed base telecom include the various factors in the structure where the wireless connection is usually referred to the mobile phone and the mobile broadband services. It also includes the wireless services base of satellite communication services. As per the technological coverage there is an increase in the overlap between the sector's broadcasting sectors and digital tech sector is one of the most important factors for the purpose of generating better results.

It is identified that the sector is considered to be highly regulated at the European Union level and that electronic communication Framework in the country is considered to be very much related to the same. It is taken into consideration that it seeks to strengthen competition in the sector which should stimulate investment and drive innovation so as to foster the freedom of choice to the consumers. Accounting for that and the European Union rules there are various National regulatory authorities that are required to analyse specified markets in order to identify market failure or dominance.it also included the markets are subject to scrutiny under the European union regulations this includes the business connectivity in the market and residential and business narrowband are considered to be related to the broadband access. These are considered to be fixed related to the telephone and mobile phone call termination with the market reviews are currently conducted in the every three years (Brychko and Semenog, 2018).

This is taken into consideration that the fifth generation of telecommunication systems is considered to be widely predicted where this would be a market step to change your digital communication within the country. It is one of the most important factors where this will provide faster connectivity and would also affect virtual ubiquitous broadband capacity. This would also provide support in a wide range of advanced technologies and services. There are various factors that are related to creation of the international standards that would support a wide range of advanced technologies and the services (Rahman, and Khatun, 2017).

As a consideration, there are 7 key themes that are there to determine the progress towards the achievement of the aims and to create the necessary factors to market and develop the change that is being done by the 5G technology rapidly. Taken into consideration that fundamental to the success of the strategy is a government program where the organisation is considered to be having trials announced in the different year. That would help boost the UK digital infrastructure as well as its structure within the organisation (Dinh and Calabro, 2019).

This is taken into consideration that the telecom sector is considered to be having the retail as well as the whole sale market with wholesale market is fixed telecom sector are usually considered to be dominated by only one or two forms that it is taken into account when this usually leads to regulation of wholesale access to these networks where this will help in opening up the competition at the retail level. This is taken into consideration that there are various factors related to the mobile usage to the consumers are considered to be changing and this also includes mobile operators which have seen increased competition from the networks. This helps in maximizing the performance and hence enhance the overall performance of the organisation as the market is being changed and the competition is being high (Kakanda and Salim, 2017).

This is a counted night UK corporate governance concepts and principles that are related to the board of directors which should apply in the manner so as to promote the purpose values and future success of the company. there are various courts that a site out in the expected manele which includes the standard of good practice that are related to the issues such as board leadership and company papers. There are various factors that are related to the same where it includes the companies where they are required to follow the UK corporate governance code there are various listing rules which are required to be performed by the business organisation where this would help the uses of the shareholders to consider the factors related to the financial reporting.

It is taken into consideration that the board should present a balanced and understandable assessment of the company's annual return and the preposition with this would help the director to state the annual and half yearly compliance. This is taken into account directors should state and their annual report about how the company is performing and how it is appropriate to adopt the on going concern basis of the accounting in preparing the financial factors. It is taken into consideration that this includes the material uncertainties which help in providing the ability to continue the various factors that are related to the same. There are various forms of financial statements which require the approval of the directors and must be approted by which provides the best performance. It is taken into account that the board is considered to be responsible for making the robust assessment of the principal and emerging risks facing the company where they have a specific responsibility for monitoring the company's risk management and internal system of control the cells in ensuring the sound factors which also maintain an appropriate relationship with the company's auditor.

It is identified that the audit committee in the sab committee of the board should have taken the action so as to identify the failures in the financial statements that they have done. The company is not able to provide the accurate information to the stakeholders due to which the false accounting records were identified. The company was doing and illegal accounting in the accounting statements and fraudulent please showing the results to defame the shareholders and investors of the company.


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