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Chapter 1

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1. Introduction: Impact Sponsored Ads Instagram: Jakarta Online Shopping

The twenty-first century has thrust into the information era, where people are witnessing the development of a digitalization that has altered company procedures and is continually enhancing how one must communicate, perceive life, conduct, and make judgments (Moctezuma and Rajagopal, 2016). Due to the impact of the digital revolution and marketing has gone through a major transformation that has a major impact to organizations and customers (Wind and Mahajan, 2002). Today, many companies are shifting to conduct the implementation of digital marketing (Salehi et al., 2012). Companies are determined to maintain a high level of consumer satisfaction, so they always look for methods to improve their market advantage through technical advancement and creative thinking that fosters growth (Nuseir and Aljumah, 2020). Not only companies that are affected, but consumers’ lives are also transformed significantly by digital technologies and devices like smartphones, smart products, the Internet of Things (IoT), and artificial intelligence (Kannan, 2017). Wind and Mahajan (2002) stated that digital technology is altering how customers interact with markets and products.

Digital marketing has led to an increase in online shopping. A cultural shift resulted from the quick growth of information technology. Customers began making purchases online rather than in actual stores(Lee and Lin, 2005). Social networks play an important role in shaping purchasing decisions in electronic transaction or shorten as e-commerce (Guo et al., 2011). Essentially, e-commerce can be defined as all forms of business conducted online, including advertising, transactions, payments, and services (Qin et al., 2014).As one of the newest social media platforms that has opened for advertisers, Instagram is one of the biggest e-commerce and e-marketplace providers (Mathisen and Stangeby, 2017).Instagram is a free picture and video sharing app. The app allows users to post photographs and videos that they may then share among their followers or a small group of friends. (Instagram Help, 2022).Instagram sponsored ads are Instagram's new feature that allows businesses to drive awareness and increase their customer base through visuals (Instagram Business, 2022). According to Statista (2022), revenue from Instagram Sponsored Ads has risen annually since 2018 and is expected to rise even further in 2023.Instagram generated 17.4 billion US dollars in ad income in the US in 2020. In terms of annual ad revenue, the Facebook-owned social media network is anticipated to reach over 40 billion dollars in 2023.

Customers utilize the e-commercefor example social media platform in a variety of ways, including to compare product features, costs, warranties, and delivery options in addition to making purchases (Singh and Sallo, 2013).According to Zhou et al. (2007), The views of demographics, cognitive/psychological traits, risks and benefits of online purchasing, shopping motivation, and shopping orientation are the foundations upon which customer behaviour is built.While shopping, a customer may act in many ways. It is impossibleto assume that each kind of customer would have the same personality, decision-making, and intellectual characteristics (Gull and Pervaiz, 2018).

1. Research Questions

  • What is the customer behaviour in Jakarta towards Instagram's digital advertising (sponsored ads)?
  • How does online shopping encourage impulsive buying among consumers?
  • How does e-commerce compare with traditional retail in terms of the customer satisfaction in Jakarta?

2. Research Objectives

  • To analyse the customer behaviour in Jakarta towards Instagram's digital advertising
  • To determine the method of encourage impulsive buying among consumers by online shopping
  • To compare with traditional retail in terms of the customer satisfaction in Jakarta by e-commerce

 Chapter 2: Literature Review

1. Marketing

The idea of marketing has been expanded, deepened, lengthened, reinterpreted, and repositioned. As a result, there are several meanings of the marketing concept (Morgan, 1996). Kotler (2015) stated that customers are the focus of marketing better than any other business function. The core of contemporary marketing theory and practice is creating consumer value and satisfaction. Marketing focuses more on creating demand for a product and meeting customer wants than it does on persuading customers to spend for it (Kotler et al., 2000). Marketing, in its most basic form, is the management of profitable customer relationships (Kotler et al., 2015). Webster (1992) sees relationship marketing as a core reshaping of the industry.Strategic buyer-seller connections can serve as a foundation for competitive advantage in today's competitive environment. Moller and Halinen (2000) assert that maintaining a long-term relationship with a consumer is crucial yet sometimes overlooked. The actual purpose for maintaining the relationship is to attract and retain loyal customer (Gaurav, 2008). Additionally, it is more difficult to serve an existing customer than it is to draw in new ones. More attention must be given to creating and delivering higher perceived customer value if a company is to thrive (Harmon and Laird, 1997).

The development of a marketing strategy is an essential component of company planning and depends on research into technology, products, distribution channels, consumer behaviour, and other factors. The prospect of earning compensation from customers for participating in product development is a major concern for suppliers when they consider increasing their engagement in customer relationships (Anderson et al., 1991).There are a few common strategies that many businesses utilize for marketing such as marketing mix or the 7Ps of marketing. Product, Price, Promotion, and Place are often referred to as the "four Ps of Marketing Mix." (Kotler, 2000). Scientific research and certain authors have added these other components: people, process, and physical proof, to the primary marketing mix components that are effective when used alone. This complex addition is referred to as the "7P marketing complex" in scholarly literature. All components of the marketing mix can use the planning of marketing activity (Goi, 1970).

Businesses might not always be able to completely please all their customers, despite their best efforts and strategic plans. Meeting every customer's precise requirement may prove challenging (Camilleri, 2018). Mass marketing is a common strategy used by marketers in underdeveloped nations. This approach disregards the more complex traits of the customer, their wide range of tastes, or their drive to stand out or be exceptional (Andaleeb, 2016). Target marketing, which varies from mass marketing, is a more advantageous method of approaching customers. The most lucrative market segments must be found to use target marketing effectively. Because of this, companies could elect to concentrate on just one or a few segments (Camilleri, 2018).

1.1. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is the evolution of traditional marketing, which happened purely because of globalization (Kingsnorth, 2022). The digital age has completely upended the marketing industry.The need of developing a "digital relationship" with customers is now emphasized by businesses (Phillips 2015).Additionally, businesses who want to grow their market share face a new challenge in digital marketing (Sawicki, 2016). A digital marketing or internet marketing strategy can assist identify digital marketing goals and design tactics to make sure that resources are allocated to both utilize the Internet's marketing opportunities and minimize its risks. Digital marketing is concerned with the methods a business and its brands employ to communicate with their target markets (Bala and Verma, 2018). In fact, there are 5D’s of managing digital marketing interaction that are used for businesses must obtain customer adoption as well as assist and manage their own marketing objectives; Digital devices, Digital platform, Digital media, Digital data, and Digital technology (Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick, 2019).

Digital Marketing Industry

Figure 1. Digital Marketing Industry

The Digital marketing industry is expected to have a very high significant growth in a country with rapid economic growth.Advertising and marketing are being impacted substantially by the growth of digital marketing trends (Suginraj, 2017). Small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) are recognized at the European level and beyond as being a critical component of innovation, growth, employment, social inclusion, and, ultimately, sustainability for society (Dumitriu et al., 2019).

1.2.Online shopping

The Internet is now a common method of shopping for many consumers, making online shoppers more experienced than a decade ago (Dai, 2007). Previous studies have shown that a comprehensive understanding of what drives consumers to shop online can and should guide strategy, technology, and marketing decisions (Wolfinbargerand Gilly, 2001). Additionally, Song (2011) stated that for businesses to succeed, online advertising is a significant marketing tool for creating brands and boosting revenue.Although some individuals are unable to or choose not to use the internet, it is nearly universally acknowledged that the technology presents an opportunity for business transactions that cannot be overlooked (Kraut et al., 2002).Online shopping can be a useful, interactive communication channel that makes flexible searching, price comparison purchasing, and service and product evaluation possible (Cai and Cude, 2016). Other than that, many customers are very interested in the convenience of shopping online without ever leaving their homes or offices and having their orders delivered right to their front doors (Chen and Chang, 2003). However, Internet buyers have been extremely concerned about their privacy and security (Grabner-Kraeuter, 2002). Miyazaki and Fernandez (2001), discovered that most Internet users, including both those who have and those who have not made online purchases, are concerned about information privacy, especially matters linked to the collection and use of consumer data.

1.3 Instagram Sponsored Ads – marketing segmentation before advertising on Instagram

Social media platforms like Facebook have openedcompanies to engage with millions of individuals about their goods and services, creating new marketing opportunities. (Mangold, 2009).Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are just a few of the marketing methods used by businesses to increase their profits (Soedarsono et al., 2020). The increasing use of social media creates new opportunities for digital marketers to attract customers through digital channels. (Bala and Verma, 2018). Instagram is one of the rising social media platforms that uses the development of technology to conduct various promotional activities to attract customers (De Veirman et al., 2017). Instagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing social media sites, and more businesses are now utilizing it(Duggan et al., 2015).There are 70.7 percent of brands on Instagram, which contributes $5 billion in advertising revenue.As of 2018, brands could spend $1 billion on Instagram advertising alone, and between $5 and $10 billion by 2022 (Kusumasondjaja and Tjiptono, 2019). Effective brand-sponsored content on Instagram has generated good consumer reactions, such as increased brand recognition, favourable brand attitudes, or increased purchase intention (Colliander and Marder, 2018).

According to Instagram Business (2022), businesses can reach customers through targeted advertising and useful insights, they help you find your next consumers.Give your posts a boost by tapping and decide who matters most to your company, then use flexible targeting options to connect with them.You determine the cost of advertising. Choose a budget that aligns with your company's objectives, alter it whenever necessary, and, finally, track the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns with insights.

2. Customer Behaviour

Consumer behaviour, according to Kuester, Sabine (2012), is the study of how people find, choose, and arrange activities, products, services, experiences, or ideas to please consumers and society. Applebaum (1951), also describes that a customer's purchasing behaviour is determined by their needs and preferences for the products they purchase. It strikes a balance between elements from management, sociology, psychology, and economics. It tries to understand how customers make decisions, both individually and collectively. To comprehend what customers desire, it places attention on specific consumers and their attributes, including demographic and behavioural factors (Singh and Sailo, 2013).

According to Chen et al. (2005), recency, frequency, and monetary (RFM) are useful consumer behavioural characteristics that can be utilized to distinguish between distinct customers contributions to a business. It is important to remember that customer buying habits or behaviour patterns are not permanent, and they are not sacred, even though some habits tenaciously resist change (Applebaum, 1951). The extent to which consumers now use the Internet as a medium for buying highlights the need to better comprehend and anticipate consumers' online shopping behaviours(Forsythe and others, 2006). Numerous empirical research has confirmed the intention persistence of online shopping, which has been shown to have a substantial impact on consumer attitude loyalty and economic contribution for E-commerce businesses (Xiaozhou, 2019). According to Hidayat (2017) the behaviour of using the internet in Indonesia are currently at 82.2%, and most internet users are shopping online through the internet. There are numerous opportunities to run a business online, and a variety of retailers often arise, including clothes, fashion accessories, toys, electronics (gadgets), cosmetics (beauty), culinary, and more.

3. Customer Satisfaction

Brands have become more and more crucial because a successful brand can establish a unique bond with consumers by providing a variety of benefits and justifications, which increases consumer loyalty and trust (Dumitriu et al., 2019).The fundamental difficulty with online shopping is ensuring and maintaining client satisfaction. A strategy that focuses on services is crucial for surviving in a highly competitive online world. To encourage repeat business and customer loyalty, a business must provide its clients with exceptional customer service experiences (Gounaris et al., 2010).According to study by Cronin et al. (2000), the following characteristic have a significant impact on behavioural intentions such as customer satisfaction. The importance of consumer satisfaction and the quality of online services is growing as e-commerce expands quickly. The research agenda is shifting to include how to boost customer satisfaction and service quality (Wang et al., 2014). According to Jarvenpaa, Tractinsky, and Vitale (2000), customer belief in online retailers is positively correlated with those retailers' alleged standing and reach. Higher consumer belief consequently reduces perceived risks associated with online purchasing and results in more positive views toward shopping at a particular store, which in turn increases readiness to purchase from store.

Chapter 3: Methodology

3.1 Introduction

This chapter contains all the methods and procedures applied in the research paper to analyse the impact of sponsored advertisements on Instagram on customers' shopping behaviour. There is also mentioned the process of completing the research paper in a determined time. The limitations and strategies for the study are also elaborated in the section with reliable evidence. The adopted ethics for the research is also mentioned in this chapter of the study in an effective and organised method.

3.2 Research Onion

Research Onion

Figure 2: Research Onion

3.3 Research Philosophy

The adopted philosophy for the study is the pragmatism research philosophy. Adopting this particular philosophy will apply to enhancing the accuracy and significance of the research by focusing on all the important factors related to it. The adoption of a pragmatism research philosophy also might be applicable for ensuring strong and effective findings by conducting all the analyses mentioned in the study (Cohen et al. 2022). The other available research philosophies might not be capable of conducting this study with the determining methods and procedures. For this reason, the study is completed by the use of pragmatism research philosophy rather than the other available ones.

3.4 Research Approach

A deductive research approach is implemented in the research paper to analyse all the gathered data and information from several sources. The adoption of the deductive research approach has the potential to provide strong and structured findings by analysing limited data and information gathered for conducting the study (Krause et al. 2019). Along with that, the significance of the research approach is also applied to maintaining the accuracy of the research findings by reducing the eros and bias from it. The use of an inductive research approach is only applicable for analysing vast information which does not fulfil the criteria of this research paper.

3.5 Research Design

The gathered data and information for the study are directly associated with some mathematical digits and realistic facts. A quantitative research design can analyse this information and provide the determined results by conducting the research paper. For that reason, the quantitative research design is considered the most effective and accurate design for conducting the study (Castillo-Abdul et al. 2022). At the same time using qualitative research design might not cover all the important areas for analysing the impact of Instagram use on the purchasing designs of the customers. This fact is applicable for not considering qualitative research design for conducting the entire research paper rather than the method of secondary data collection.

3.6 Data Collection Method

The primary data collection method adopted for conducting this study is strong and effective. It also has the potential to maintain the accuracy of the gathered information along with increasing the significance of the study (Askero?lu, 2017). Almost 150 participants in the survey expressed their thoughts and concerns about the research subject. The survey was conducted with a close-ended questionnaire containing 12 individual questions related to their preference for online shopping and advertisement. The responses of every participant are gathered and stored for analysing to provide determined findings based on the context of the entire study.

3.7 Data Analysis Technique

Used method of SPSS tool

Figure 3: Used method of SPSS tool

The adopted method of analysing the gathered data and information is SPSS. This tool has the potential to focus on every little area of the participant’s perspective to conduct the analysis. The significance of the research may also be enhanced by suitably using the SPSS tool (De Perthuis and Findlay, 2019). At the same time, the method of analysing the data also might be applied to reduce the errors and bias in the achieved findings after completing the study. The significance of the SPSS tool is directly associated with the growth and success of the research paper by focusing on all the important factors.

3.8 Research Strategy

Adopted methods for the research

Figure 4: Adopted methods for the research

All the methods applied for the research can increase the significance and betterment of the paper. The impact of Instagram advertisements on the online shopping perception of the users also can be analysed and evaluated by the adopted methods. Similarly, the involvement of 150 participants in the study is applied for ensuring the success of the research paper by evaluating their responses to the survey (Shin, 2019). These methods also increase the future scope of the research by a huge margin. Not only for Jakarta, but the methods can also maintain the significance of the study for a large geographical area in any context.

3.9 Research Limitation

The applied methods in the research paper are directly applicable to increasing the accuracy and significance of the research paper. Apart from that choosing, an inappropriate method can reduce the value of the research findings. There are also some huge issues and risk factors in front of the research paper. Simple negligence of the researcher also increases the number of challenges in front of the study by not focusing on the important factors and information is a suitable procedure. All the mentioned scenarios can be considered as the limitation of the study for the future of the study.

3.10 Research Ethics

  • The research is conducted by using all the accurate data and information gathered from several sources.
  • There are no unethical ways or methods for conducting this study.
  • All the adopted methods are based on the belief and concerns of the research-related people.
  • A concern form has been filled up by all the participants engaged in the study.
  • All the regulations and guidelines are maintained and fulfilled during the time of conducting this study.
  • The entire paper is completed by maintaining privacy and honesty by both the researcher and other related people.
  • There was not any influence of a person or organization to put any unethical data and methods in the study.
  • Not any human beings were harmed or insulted during the time of conducting this study.
  • They also used all the eco-friendly methods for completing this study.
  • Not any living beings were disturbed and harmed by the research work.

3.11 Research Timeline

Table 1: Research Timetable

Gantt Chart

Figure 5: Gantt Chart

3.12 Chapter Summary

All the methods mentioned in the section are applied to the success of the research by providing the determined results and findings. The mentioned ethics and timeline in this section also have the potential to increase the significance of the study by a huge margin. The limitation of the research study is also mentioned in a specific manner. Without mentioning these methods in this section the research might not be completed in a determined way.

Chapter 4: Results and Findings

4.1 Introduction

By delivering the predetermined results and conclusions, all of the procedures specified in the section are used for the research's success. The ethics and timing that are discussed in this part have the potential to greatly raise the significance of the study. Additionally, the research study's restriction is specifically mentioned. The research might not be carried out as planned if these approaches are not included in this section.

4.2 Results

Table 2: T-test

The results of the T-test analysis have critically described the connection between the likability, interest and satisfaction of the customers due to the Instagram market on different brands. The number of participants is 150. Among them, most of the participants have a huge rate of satisfaction by seeing the products on Instagram ads. Similarly, they become more interested in purchasing these things through customised ads on Instagram (Tzavaraet al. 2019). This fact is also applied to enhancing the sales and profitability of the products and business by conducting marketing on Instagram. It also has the potential to involve more people in the business by increasing their interest and level of satisfaction with a suitable method and procedure.

Oneway ANOVA
Table 3: Oneway ANOVA

The ANOVA is performed by adopting two different variables of parched quantity and gender of the participants. After conducting the analysis it is very clear that people from different gender are habituated to this customised advertisement held on Instagram. They are also willing to be involved in the purchasing. They also get the motivation for online shopping through the innovative methods and ideas used by the management for conducting the advertisement (Vinerean, 2019). The results of the ANOVA test have elaborated on the impact of Instagram advertisements on the purchasing decision and concepts of the participants. It is also related to the future of business and industry by putting all the efforts and contributions of the management.

The adopted variables for the Correlation test are the given rating by the customers along with their likability and satisfaction rate. It is also seen that most of them are directly involved in online shopping by seeing product advertisements on Instagram. The online platform has played a very crucial role in ensuring the betterment of the business by increasing sales and profitability by a huge margin (Tzavaraet al. 2019). The less standard bias in the findings has increased the accuracy and significance of the results by a huge margin. Along with that, the findings are directly associated with the purchasing mentality and behaviour of the participants related to the research.

The rate of interest, satisfaction and rating given by the participants is analysed in the Chi-square test. The test is performed for focusing on public involvement in Instagram as well as the concept of online shopping. The betterment of the business and organizations also can be increased by the huge involvement of the people in Instagram along with all the innovative methods of advertising (Ajiet al. 2020). The customised advertisement on Instagram also made a huge impact on the purchasing decision-making of the users by using some very innovative and effective ideas. In simple words, it also can be said that the entire fact is directly applicable for focusing on the rate of satisfaction of the users by the customised advertisement of Instagram.

The descriptive statistics are directly connected to the likability and satisfaction of the users by the Instagram advertisement. It also can be seen that the valid percentage of satisfaction is more than 70% which indicates the accuracy and integrity of the research paper (Amelia and Hidayatullah, 2020). The frequency of satisfaction is 115 which is applicable for enhancing the significance of the findings in a determined method. It is also applicable to the upcoming business and industry. All the adopted methods of analysis critically proved that customised advertisements held on Instagram have a huge impact on the purchasing decision and mentality of the users.

4.3 Findings

The impact of customised advertisements on Instagram on the purchasing mentality and behaviour of different customers (In percentage)

People from various backgrounds

Factors of customised advertising on purchasing behaviour






























Table 7: The impact of customised advertisement on Instagram on the purchasing mentality and behaviour of different customers

The above table critically showed the impact of Instagram marketing on the shopping decision and mentality of the customers. It is also shown that people from different background is similarly attracted to customised advertisements. It may increase their interest towards these products as well (Carroll, 2020). The impact of the advertisement is similarly effective from the economical, cultural and social perspectives. At the same time, the personal and psychological impact of Instagram influence is also huge among all the users.

The graphical representation is based on the above-mentioned table to elaborate the influence beyond all the purchasing factors. All the mentioned plots have the potential to create a strong and effective explanation of the data and information collected from the sources (Copeland and Zhao, 2020). Most of the affected factors are the personal and cultural aspects of the users who use online shopping. The increasing number of online shoppers may enhance the business and the entire organization with all the efforts and contributions made by the management.

The transformation of online shopping mentality by Instagram advertisement in recent years (In percentage)



Factors of online shopping

Transformation in purchasing behaviour

Increasing satisfaction

More involvement in less time and effort













Table 8: The transformation of online shopping mentality by Instagram advertisement in the recent years

This table is based on information on increasing Instagram's influence through the years. It is also seen that the satisfaction level of the users also may be enhanced by the customised advertisement shown on Instagram. At the same time, the transformation of purchasing behaviour also can be possible with the help of the method and procedure in the study (Dantas and Abreu, 2020). It might address the flexibility and attributes of the conventional marketing strategy of different organizations with accuracy.

The data mentioned in the above table is shown in the graphical representation in a suitable and innovative method. The representation is also seen that the enhancement of purchasing behaviour and mentality is critically increased among people through the years (Dubois, 2020). These facts also played a very crucial role in increasing the level of satisfaction and involvement in less time and effort. The increasing number of users of the social media platform is also considered treason for the entire fact.

4.4 Chapter Summary

All the information mentioned in the chapter is directly based on the responses provided by the participants in the study. The conducted analysis has the potential to focus on the important factors related to the study. Along with that there are also used some very reliable sources for creating the graphical representation by which the significance of the study is enhanced by a huge margin. In simple words, without conducting the analysis the research cannot be completed in a determined and significant method by the research.

Chapter 5: Discussion

5.1 Introduction

All the achieved results and findings are critically described in the chapter with some very effective evidence and logical statements. The discussion is conducted to fulfil the aim of the research by elaborating on the objectives of the study. Answering all the questions mentioned in the study is also possible through the information and discussion conducted in the chapter. It has the potential to provide determined growth and success to the entire research paper.

5.2 Discussion

Sharing of information has been enabled by several social sites. Instagram, for example, is a platform that showcases the most well-liked and innovative aspects of video production and photography. Equipped with a feature that allows users to establish online communities and exchange information (Von Wachenfeldt, 2021). Customers may produce material and offer suggestions for others by utilising social media. By monitoring their social media platforms, people may now disclose intelligence instantly and internationally. A new age of content creation has evolved as a result of the quick growth of social networks, where users may now readily share knowledge and expertise with others (Hardiyantoet al. 2020). The neighbourhood and businesses have the potential to develop a strong administration system for customer interactions thanks to online marketing. Social media has the power to drive fresh growth. Therefore, businesses must comprehend social media's rapid evolution, participate in content creation, and learn about customer behaviour towards online marketing.

Social media may be used by business owners and influencers to sell their products to consumers with large purchasing potential. A recent development in business is the use of influencers to promote goods on social media (Natiqaet al. 2022). The market has continued to expand and evolve in the modern period. The media of today has covered this subject extensively, but scientists have not covered it as much. Recognition of influencers, the significance of internet marketing and its effect on businesses, and the strategy development they employ when connecting with customers are all covered in the existing literature (Kim and Phua, 2020). The study makes an effort to carry out a study using an Instagram celebrity. This study concentrated on the interpersonal role of trust, which may affect a person's decision to utilise social media to make a transaction. Recognizing this issue may make it easier to pinpoint the elements that encourage confidence and buying desire on Instagram. Additionally, this study had four goals.

This study first looked at how the social media community influences e-commerce trust. Social media platforms like Instagram are being used by people who are either buyers or merchants. For merchants and buyers, developing long-lasting connections will be simple. Social networks are created via social media and often comprise people who commonly have the same favourable opinions on a given product or business (Oliveira and Fernandes, 2022). These concerned citizens could divulge details to other users, which might undermine consumer confidence in a product. Instagram communities in Indonesia are diverse and interconnected, including one of the largest in the world, Instameet Jakarta. Furthermore, this study examined the link between customer trust and the likelihood of purchasing a product (Sokolova and Kefi, 2020). Because social media, particularly Instagram, allows for open conversations that are visible to other users, users can exchange knowledge that can have an impact on user confidence and buying intentions.

5.3 Chapter Summary

After discussing all the data and information it is very clear that the customised advertisement shown on Instagram has the potential to attract more customers. They became habituated to the use and purchasing of these products through online shopping methods. This fact is also associated with the transformation of purchasing decisions and the mentality of the users. Without discussing the results it is not possible to complete the entire study by focusing on the important factors.

Chapter 6: Recommendation and Conclusion

6.1 Introduction

This is the last and very important chapter of the entire research paper. This paper contains all the conclusive evidence related to the study along with a summary of the entire paper. The mentioned recommendation and future scope in the chapter are applied to achieve the determined success by conducting this study.

6.2 Linking with objectives

The first objective of the research is directly associated with the customer behaviour of the people of Jakarta during the time of online shopping. The objective is elaborated in the literature review and analysis part by all the gathered data and information. Along with that, the significance of the objective is directly associated with the primary aim of the research paper by producing strong and effective evidence (Jansom and Pongsakornrungsilp, 2021). The impact of sponsored advertisement is also elaborated by adopting this objective. It is also capable of evaluating the future marketing and advertising method by different social media platforms used by the organizations.

 The second objective has elaborated on the factors of Instagram marketing by which the people of Jakarta are mostly affected. The adoption of various innovative and creative ideas has the potential to increase the interest of the customers involved in buying the products shown on Instagram. This objective is critically analysed in the findings section of the paper with the help of some reliable real-life examples (Marques et al. 2021). The direct involvement of different celebrities and other social media stars along with their brand endorsement is responsible for increasing the liability and trust among the users to purchase or use these commodities.

The third objective is related to the level of satisfaction of the customers with the online shopping method after seeing them on the Instagram advertisement. The adoption of the objective has the potential to elaborate the questions of the research through all the efforts and contributions made by the researcher (Michaelidouet al. 2021). Along with that the mentality and shopping perception of the researcher is also critically analysed in the section with some effective evidence and logical statements. Fulfilling the aim of the research also can be possible with the help of adopting and analysing this particular objective in the entire research paper.

6.3 Recommendation

  • More focus on the efficiency of Instagram: Focusing on the increasing efficiency of Instagram might be applied to maintain the betterment of the online marketing method. This fact is also applied to using more innovative ideas and processes in the marketing method (Molina-Pradoset al. 2021). At the same time, it might b responsible for influencing the mentality of the users to be more involved in online shopping by transferring their purchasing mentality and behaviour. Achieving the determining success of the business also can be possible by this fact.
  • Evaluating the content and features of this platform: Creating strong and interesting cont for the sponsored advertisement is also applied to involve more people in online shopping. It also refers to the effort and contributions made by the management and business initiatives to the organization. Similarly, the improvement of content and other features of the social media platforms is applied to increase the interest of the people to browse the social media platform more (Nurnafia, 2021). The effort and integrity of the business critically depend on this fact. It also increases the significance of the online advertisement held by Instagram for different products along with an innovative method.
  • Analyze the involvement of celebrities and content creators: It is the most interesting and effective method to transform the shopping behaviour of customers. The level of satisfaction of the users also can be maintained by adopting this fact. The direct involvement of celebrities may enhance the liability and trust of the users by which they may be involved in online shopping (Sharma et al. 2021). The betterment of the business and organizations also can be ensured by this fact along with increasing the number of sales and profitability. Adopting this method also has the potential to reduce all the issues and risk factors related to sponsored advertisement help on the social media platform.

6.4 Future scope

Conducting this research has the potential to create a huge effort for improving future business and marketing criteria. The huge involvement of people in the business through the efforts of different social media platforms also can be possible with the help of this entire research. At the same time, the findings of the research are also responsible for creating a suitable outline for the improvement of e-commerce and other online business by reducing all the issues and risk factors (Shrivastava et al. 2021). The information can be applied not only in Jakarta but in a huger geographical location with better effort and efficiency.


The entire research contains information on the impact of sponsored advertisements shown on Instagram on the purchasing decision and the perception of the users. All the gathered data and information played a very crucial role in assuring the significance and success of the study. Elaborating strong and effective evidence also played a very crucial role in increasing the acceptance and value of the entire research paper. The adopted methods of the research are not only applicable for Jakarta, but also the other countries and regions at the same time. In conclusion, it can be said that the research study is directly applicable to enhancing the betterment of the present society and lifestyle of the people of Jakarta, by improving their experience of online shopping via different social media platforms.



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