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Importance of Electric Vehicles in UK

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Introduction: Importance of Electric Vehicles in UK

The research is done to understand the importance of electric vehicles and their usage in the daily lives of people of the UK. As per the given report that the stock of conventional energy resources like petroleum and diesel is reducing to deal with this problem, it is very important to increase the usage of EVs (electric vehicles). Though EVs were introduced in the UK in the 1830s and mid-20s, the usage of them increased. There are two types of EVs: battery-operated electrical vehicles and Plug-in Hybrid electric Vehicles. In the UK the first type is more popular than the second type and the first type has no option like an ICE (internal combustion Engine) for this they are less polluted than the previous type. In this research topic, other points included here to understand the topic completely are the advantages and disadvantages of EVs, the growth and decline of EVs in the UK and future of EVs in the UK. Basically in the UK there was a shortage in the battery for the vehicles and the UK needs to enlarge the battery supply chains to improve the EV industry.

Main Topic

Two types of EV models are available in the market: battery-operated electric vehicles and Hybrid electrical Vehicle models. BEVs run completely on the battery resource and they don’t have the option like an internal combustion engine. They can run 150 - 300 mileage on a single charge. For all these facilities they are the preferred choice among customers of the UK for buying a car from the model of Evs. They share the 11.6% market share of Evs.


Kolb’s Theory

Basically, Kolb’s theory is a cycle or a model of implementing learning. It is the abstraction of the applied concepts; there are many stages in the model. First of all the concept of every experimental conceptual experience is needed. The reflection of the learner on the experience should be reflective. The concept about reflection should be abstract in the term of modification. The main thing is that, the newly created concepts must have impactful experiment. So, it’s all about the cycle in the term of modification or implementation of the concept. In the field of effective learning, formation of abstract model is the reflection of the learning about. In the theories, the critique of theoretical programs are done explicitly. This model has wide range of reflective scenario of any individual style of learning, here the reflection or three observation of the generalization the information. This theory presents the structural view that indicates the reflecting, and the thinking of reorganization on the theory. This kind of theory indeed concrete knowledge is now widely applied in the higher studies of any conceptual theory.

Challenges and problems faced

Accurate data for surveying is not available in the market, for this research had to collect several data from the resources through a manual process and for this; the researchers extended their research deadline timing. As there was the unavailability of previous datasets the researchers had to face difficulties in the compression of the process of previous. The no of research on this topic is fewer than for this the reference that is used here was difficult to do. During the research, the available resource was difficult to verify. For this, the verification process timing was longer than usual and for this; the research process took longer than usual. As the no of resources is limited no for this three were not an option for verifying the several data collected from the EV market.

As the number of previous research is limited, no this expert's help was not enough to continue this research and for this, the research faced additional difficulties during the research process. It is essential to try to falsify the research results concerning the previous data and for this, the number of references is very few for this authentication of this research becomes very difficult for the scrutineers. The researchers had to maintain the plagiarism feature and as the previous no of research is limited to the researcher had to face fewer amounts of difficulties in representing their research paper before the final authority. Finding the correct dataset and verifying them with the result datasets was very difficult for this the research things took extra time than usual.

Actually, the electric vehicle has a huge electric load and it takes a long time which was 3 to 5 KW for a slow charge and 7 to 22 KW for fast charging, and the slow charge requires a long period which leads the UK in the crisis of the power resources. Acquiring this kind of real life data was challenging and I faced issues to collect more real life data like this. In the theory of Kolb’s there are many stages are introduced to implement the learning theory. So, the newly created concept has a modification to reflect the experiment. The learner must apply the thought in the view of the goal of the experiment. In the bases of current experiment, the active experience is reflected in the view of the research paper to do the modification and the implementation of the learning about.

The Enjoyment of this research

As Evs are a new technology and it's a new trend for this research and researchers found it very interesting to do the research for this, they had to gather knowledge about the latest technologies available from the market. The problems that researchers faced during the research process gave them a new challenge and difficulty level and for this, the researchers got a new opportunity to develop their skills and ability. To complete such innovative and different research topics they got a fresh new experience on their hands. Close work under the faculty of such an experienced team gave them an area of interest for their work. As the research is a requirement from government officials they got several appraisals for their work from the different levels of government officials (Goel et al. 2021). In this particular research, the learner must have concrete experience to gathering the knowledge to do the research or the experiment. The experience should be modified in the respect of the new modified implementation. In the view of Kolb’s model in this particular research, gathering new fresh knowledge is really enjoyable. To research about any new technologies, the conceptual structurization have to be modified to implement the research work.

Lesson Learned

The facts that are obtained from the research are that BEVs (battery-operated electrical vehicles) have only 11.6% of all new cars available in the market. And BEV produces 150-300 miles on a single charge. Tesla Model 3 is the best car-selling of Evs available in the market for the year 2020. And for the plug-in hybrid model, the mileage for a single charge is only 50 miles. The EVs offer several benefits over traditional car models: they emit carbon in lesser amounts and they have less impact on carbon footprints while operating them. They produce a little amount of noise due to the usage of I (0 internal combustion engines) and for that; they are good for the environment.

Another benefit is their design is very simple and for this their maintenance cost is lower than the traditional car models available in the market. Like the advantage, it also has several disadvantages; they are the battery performance. The average mileage that a single charge offers is only limited to 60-100 miles and there is no option for improvement. The average battery life is only 3 years. Another disadvantage is for a single charge it takes around 3 to 4 hours for charging but in the case of refuelling a traditional car, it takes only 10 minutes (Panchal et al. 2018). So, in the research work, it had been seen that the abstraction of the knowledge of that particular field is required to implement the knowledge. It is all about the reflection of the particular concept. The modification of the concept should be abstract to generate the idea. To implement the learning or the research concept in aw structural manner, it is important that the concept must be abstract and reflective towards the goal of the study.

Area of improvement

The things that can be used for improving the user experience and performance of EVs are providing quality battery management technology to improve battery usage time for the customers, installing enough charging points at regular distance points on the roads and use of universal charging systems for different models manufactured by different companies (Wang et al. 2020). In the UK the EV industry has to reduce the charging time and offer a tax charge for some irregular charging. The strategies to improve the charging time are not covered in the report. Thus, inclusion of these strategies can make this report more resourceful. So, in the study of the particular research about the implementation of the concept it is important that, the observation of the modified experience should have the reflected scenario towards the goal of the project. The existing knowledge should be modified and reflected to the modification. The reflection of the knowledge has an impactful importance about the experience or the usability of the particular topics implementation. In this particular field of study, there are several improvement can be possible in the project in the point of modification of the given scenario.


This research about Evs is focused on the following point to describe the different models and technologies available for the market and their design and performance ratio. This research also tried to describe the impact of Evs on the environment and tried to describe why they are more beneficial than previous types of car engines. This research also described the method to improve the performance of Evs for their advancement in the market (Lutsey et al. 2019). The research is also focused on reducing its price to make it available for the customer using modern technologies and approaches.


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