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Business Culture And Change In Context

Introduction - Business Culture And Change In Context

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The culture of the business is considered a huge component of business and it has a huge impact on the strategies as well as its director of the business. The report is based on the verdant Leisure Ltd which is a medium-sized hospitality company that offers self-catering holidays and provides various services to the customers. It covers discussion about various external factors affecting the business activities along with the goals of the business and its importance for achieving the objectives.


Examine the key external influences that impact the business environment

Companies are not working in a vacuum instead having influenced by some of the external factors in the world of business. The PESTLE analysis, which stands for Political, Economic, Sociological, Technological, Legal, and Environmental, is one of these methods. It describes PESTLE analysis as a proactive, wide realization operation of exterior variables that may affect company decisions by aiding in the reduction of risks and subsequent maximization of firms with greater (Amankwah-Amoah, Khan, and Wood, 2021). The preceding is an examination of the elements affecting Verdant Leisure Ltd.

Political Factors: Environmental rules, tax policies, protectionist measures, stability, and tariffs are all political variables that impact the sector. This was seen during the Covid19 outbreak era when many nations enacted traveling prohibitions that harmed the business. Similarly, the hotel sector fears federal elections because elected leaders may bring fresh concepts and laws that have an influence on Verdant Leisure Ltd and interfere.

Economic Factor: Economic growth or decrease, inflation, interest rates, pay rates, currency rate, minimum wage, working hours, cost of living, credit availability, and unemployment are all variables that impact the sector (Shams, and et.al., 2021).

Social Factors: Includes cultural standards, nutrition knowledge, career attitudes, age birthrate, health, and safety are all factors to consider at Verdant Leisure Ltd. For example, during the Covid19 pandemic era, customers became more health vigilant, prompting business profits in facility sanitization methods.

Technological Factor: The changes in technology like the adoption of robotics and Verdant Leisure Ltd also adopted some robotics in the facilities which is quite efficient to work on. The company also invests in social media activities and gets a good response on its website.

Legal Factor: It covers the changes in the legislation like taxation which can have an impact on the business.

Environmental Factor: It covers fair trade, global climate change, pandemics, as well as other disasters. The company must recognize seasonal or climate fluctuations to price its accommodations effectively.

Discuss organizational goals and why organizations need to plan.

Planning is a procedure that plots a route for achieving certain Verdant Leisure objectives. The procedure comprises completing an audit of the organization's operations and determining what needs to be improved in the coming year. As a result, planning includes anticipating the objectives that an organization wants to accomplish and specifying the steps to be taken to reach the specified goals. The outcomes might be measured in monetary terms or other ways, such as consumer pleasure (Hamilton, and Webster, 2018). 

There are different functions of the human resource management in the Verdant Leisure Ltd so that the company meaning ensure the appropriate place to make sure that employees are responsible for the achievement of the goals and objectives of the business. The planning of the HR department regarding the training and development helps to invest in the writing activities along with the skills of employees as it has a direct impact on the progress of the business. So the HR department is highly responsible for the training programs which have the quality of work and they can create the development manuals as well as facilitate instruction to the Employees regarding the activities on daily basis (Ghadge, and et.al., 2020).

Discuss the products and services delivered by the organization

The business-like Verdant Leisure Ltd have different components and products that provide basic advantages to the people and they can feel that gesture. The other kind of product is assisting items, which are those that are offered to a visitor for them to use the main product, such as meals in the case of eateries. As a result, physical items relate to actual products of Verdant Leisure like television and air conditioning in a conventional accommodation. There are supplementary items that are offered to raise the value of the fundamental product and make it distinctive. Last but not least, enhanced products are those that are necessary for improving the standard of work without incurring extra.

Intangible actions that bring want fulfillment are referred to as offerings. It is also described as any action provided by one entity to the other that does not result in ownership. Services may also be defined as higher value-added items in which humans serve both the supplier and the recipient. They are ephemeral, have bodily character, are detachable, have significant fixed expenses, and thus are interconnected, among other characteristics (Rehman, Mohamed, and Ayoup, 2019).

Verdant Leisure customers are divided into two groups: trekkers and lone travelers who like seeing places and staying in hotels and hence choose inexpensive pricing above services and facilities. Couples looking for tranquil surroundings and high-quality bedding fall into the second type. People with more particular demands, such as on-site play spaces, savings for children’s rooms, theater, and other facilities such as booster seats, comprise the second category. The last category is frequent fliers, who demand quick internet connection, and devices like computers, and are typically willing to pay a greater premium for it (Duchek, 2020).

Range of technology available within the people’s profession

As the globe and the business grow more digitized, Hr professionals must also adjust to changes in the software that has improved their work. Technology is used to manage data on the cloud, interact with people on social networking sites, and work on the move via tablets and mobile devices. Certain technologies are helpful for the people’s professional activities which are as follows:

  • Social media: This platform includes various platforms such as Facebook and Instagram which are used by the company to post about the different vacancies in the business. It helps to communicate with the people and can make proper decisions in the workplace (Thompson, 2018).
  • Cloud Technology: This technique is used by the management of Verdant Leisure for business centralization and to understand the activities of HR regarding payroll. It provides transparency and enhances the consistency of business.
  • Human resource information software: It helps to stream all of the procedures of HR and reduces the errors and it helps to automate the functions of HR in an easy way
  • Gamification techniques: The technique is used by the management for enhancing the level of talent acquisition. Further, it helps to enhance the level of learning as well as development with the help of sharing knowledge in real aspects.


2.1 Define workplace culture in organizational settings and its importance

Organizational workplace culture may be defined as a group of theoretical underpinnings, concepts, and values that serve as the foundation of a company's current system. It also includes the managerial comportments and activities used to reinforce the fundamental values (Li, and et.al., 2021). The attitudes that determine how personnel and managers engage and execute commercial transactions are referred to as the business culture. It is highlighted that, while not explicitly defined, corporate culture is inferred and naturally evolves overtime when an organization recruits individuals who reflect it. Business hours, hiring decisions, dress code, consumer behavior, organizational setup, client happiness, employee perks, and attrition all show the work environment.

The workplace culture of Verdant Leisure mainly offers employees to understand business and develop their network in terms of achieving the mission of the company. It is an important part of understanding the standards regarding customer services and how it can affect the retention of employees as well. However, the culture of the workplace mainly impacts the normal performance of the business and it is required to cultivate a positive environment for the business. There are certain traits as well as a value that are highly associated with the culture of work including accountability expression as well as communication among the employees. However the culture of the workplace needs to be healthy and it can be better with the choices of hiring employees, repetition of business along with the happiness of employees.

2.2 Explain how organizations are a whole system and the impact of people’s professional

Organizations are compared to technical specifications since they are made up of various divisions that perform diverse duties but are linked by a shared organizational objective and purpose. The organizational systems merely relate to a company's overall structure. In this regard, organizations as a whole system establish the structure of Verdant Leisure Ltd of each division, as well as the hierarchy structure that dictates who reports to whom and what is required for every unit (Men, and Yue, 2019). The company mainly requires a proper system that helps to manage to process so that the employees can adhere and helps to avoid the level of confusion. There is a lack of tangible as well as a management system that affects the workplace and needs to ensure the correct work for the employees and it helps to contribute towards the development of eh business.

Human resource development in the present scenario of business plays an essential role to build a strong system of organization. The HRM managers of the business are considered the most significant part of the success of the Business and it can be considered productive including the thriving workforce for all of the divisions of the business. They also provide good practices by bringing new and fresh talents to the business who are highly responsible for their activities and help to achieve the objectives. When human resource specialists can create a real organizing principle, they avoid issues such as task repetition, human dissatisfaction, and friction across divisions or roles (Pathiranage, 2019).

2.3 Discuss how people learn and develop in different ways and their connection with skills

In the business, the phrases education and growth are sometimes used similarly. Training is an effort, identity method of increasing adaptive capability, whereas development is a larger, long-term part of understanding content and skills at Verdant Leisure. The primary purpose of learning and development is to improve the behavior of groups of people so that they should carry out their assignments increasingly effectively. There are different methods by which an individual, as well as a group of people at the workplace, can develop their formal and informal techniques. The employees also need to learn about the digital aspect that provides a way to develop some resources (Mansaray, 2019). However, the different methods of learning also cover the job rotation and project work along with the on-the-job training that encourages employees to put their efforts in the right direction. The approaches of organizational learning derive different perspectives for the future. It is essential to manage the relationship with development and it is based on the feedback and review of work.

Consider when deciding on a learning and development method, an organization like Verdant Leisure should evaluate its employees' skills and capabilities, which can be accomplished through the administration of tests, external factors for instance: from workgroups, ego exercises, client satisfaction, and motivating people in a business.

3.1 Significance of planning and managing change within the workplace

In today's technology world, corporate settings are always evolving. For that purpose, numerous firms around the world have used organizational change. Change management entails the many methods through which businesses prepare for and implements simple or complicated changes. Organizational change can be gradual, which is progressive and pushed within, or abrupt, which is radical and pushed outside (Eichbaum, Q., 2018). Change management at Verdant Leisure is critical in organizations since each change influences all personnel. Furthermore, good change control motivates the staff, and team spirit is favorable for individuals. It also fosters a favorable climate for continuous growth, facilitating general corporate transformation and allowing the organization to readily embrace new methods and technology.

It plays an important to make planning for the activities of the business and considering all of the departments in an equal manner. It will allow the employees to consider a new set of rules and regulations that is compulsory for the activities of the business. However, the management of Verdant keeps their employees updated regarding the activities present in the business and it is based on the changes in market trends. It helps to reduce the level of stress and tension within the activities of change however it minimizes the level of resistance and motivates employees to enhance the corporation as well as collaboration within the business activities.

3.2 Importance and role that people professionals play within change

People professional plays an important role to manage the process of change at Verdant Leisure. The company mainly considers the different stages of the people during the services of change and the people play their roles efficiently. However, the people professionals consider the Agents of change in the business regarding their proximity so that it is easy for them to understand the process of leadership and they provide an appropriate framework that helps to support the changes (Dzwigol, and et.al., 2019). Further, there is a major role played by the Human Resource Department during the changes in the management activities which helps to facilitate the application of the new procedure. In terms of this, HR of the company plays a significant role to make sure the process of changes is considered with integrity as well as coherence.

People experts also play the function of information in organizational change by clarifying ideas of change and ensuring people know the mechanism and the many channels involved in delivering critical messages. To that end, HR uses its expertise and abilities to dispel rumors through channels including mails, formalized briefings, webinars, and newsletters.

3.3 Discuss how change can affect people in a different manner

There are different people in the organization and their different real reactions to the changes. The variations in the reactions of people regarding the change are based on individual reasons and their way to recognize the impact of the change in the workplace. It shows it people thrive on changes and some people are not easily accept the changes to their comfort zone of working. Thus, change can impact negatively Verdant Leisure so it is important to motivate them to work efficiently (Akbar, and et.al., 2019). In addition to this, Change may also cause ambiguity, which can emerge as nervousness and changes in individual behaviors such as unrest, impatience, and trouble focusing. Other physical signs of anxiety are agitation, weariness, and difficulty sleeping, all of which are averse to worker efficiency and quality. Change may also have a monetary effect on a company since team reorganization for example, may outcome in less overtime and hence less income. It is essential to consider the change management in a way that it cannot affect the employees and work done in an effective manner.

The Change management system can be positive as well as negative on the trust of employees and it also affects the loyalty of the different employers as they are not satisfied with their job as well as organizational attitude. It can provide outcomes such as a lack of confidence among the employees as they can share it with the Human Resource Department and plant to exit the business activities (Galli, 2018). It can affect their mental state and they are searching for different opportunities which highly affects the productivity of the company. However, there are various impacts of changes on the Employees at Verdant Leisure and there is an increase in the level of their stress regarding the fear of changes that leading to an increase in the turnover.


From the above study, it can be concluded that there are many external factors are the business practices of Verdant Leisure and their procedure. The culture of the organization needs to be managed in a way that they are trying to motivate employees for giving their best effort. There is a huge impact of change management on the performance of employees and their activities are quite impactful for the business.

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