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Construction Project Planning

Introduction-Construction Project Planning

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Infrastructure is the backbone of any country. There are different kinds of infrastructure projects like highway construction, railway infrastructure development, bridge construction, air ports projects etc. A detailed construction methodology of building projects has been established cin this report. Construction steps have been determined briefly here.

A detailed project team diagram

Construction organizations are driven by the following technical Engineer professionals like Project managers, planning & execution professionals, structure engineers, sub contractors, labor contractors (Taghipour et al. 2020). Graphical representation of the technical diagram has been attached here. Clients & consultants are one of the most important parts of any construction industry.

Referring to the above figure, it could be analyzed that there will be a considerable increase in the project feasibility through the consideration of sub-departments for the contractors and lead consultants.

Linear responsibility of matrix

‘Responsibility Assignment Matrix’ has been known as the responsibility chart of linear. It is one of the management processes of the construction industry (Shamami et al. 2020). There are different processes of construction management methodology like professional team management. Different kinds of technical processes are generally maintained with primavera software tools. Project management is one of the important kinds of skills. It is mainly a visual representation of responsibilities of different technical as well as non technical persons. Primavera is one of the most globally used project management software. Team management is the key to the success of any construction infrastructure projects. Responsibilities are divided into several professionals in dynamic ways (Lotfi et al. 2020). Construction managers try to decrease the period of time of any construction projects. Construction managers try to execute the project at any cost. After analyzing proper talents, the human resource department tries to hire several professionals in systematic ways. AutoCAD, revit architecture, revit structure, tabs are used rapidly in the construction industry.

Referring to the above aspect, there will be a considerable reduction in both cost and time through the allocation of the suitable software tools for increasing project feasibility. The implementation for the planning software will be applicable for the decrease in the cost for the planning and procurement of the construction sites. Moreover, there will be a considerable reduction in the amount of the wastes. The costs for the labor will be reduced and also helping in the considerable decrease in the operational cost massively.

Identification of risk & management system

Construction industry runs with a huge amount of manpower. The management as well as directors are highly concerned with several kinds of risk factors. One should have to identify, analyze, prioritize, treat & monitor the various kinds of obstacles in the construction industry. There are nine different kinds of risk like financial risk, business risk, and non business risk. Logistic risks, physical & logistic risks. High rise buildings & skyscrapers are the new kinds of building construction projects. The management depends upon the infrastructure development department. SWOT & PESTLE analysis is the two different kinds of risk assessment analysis. Human resource departments as well as technical project managers generally try to implement different kinds of technical ideas in different manners. Communication is one kind of key success in the construction industry. There are several kinds of software trying to identify & modify risk assessment of any industrial project. Globally use risk assessment software’s are resolver, n Task, quays, Audits.io, SAS, fasted etc. The main purpose of using these kinds of software is to maintain proper confidential documents from outsiders.

Programmes & scheduling

Detail scheduling & programmed is one of the initial steps of any construction project. A project is executed by implementing several kinds of pre planning programmers. The main steps of any pre construction projects is Property Acquisition, Building assessment, building planning, Site Improvements, Hazardous disposal of risks, Demolition of building, Removal of materials, Engagement of project management, engagement of consultant, Engagement of engineers, supervisors, health & safety managers, Concept Design, tendering, procurement, Quantity estimation & budgeting, Bidding, revision of contract(Akinradewo et al. 2019). After completing the estimation of projects, the execution team starts the work. The main steps of execution of projects are Quality controls of every construction materials, Site Preparation, Earthwork, surveying, designing, geotechnical monitoring, Underpinning & shoring, Construct foundation, backfilling of earthwork materials, Scheduling of concrete, drainage of under floor, Testing & sampling of brick works. Mainly the delay will be observed in the detail, scheme and concept designs. Therefore, there must be implementation BIM models for the reduction of the time duration for these stages by at least 15 days. This will help in the considerable rise in the construction savings rate by at least $256 million.

Unit masonry of concrete, Wood framing, Structural Panels. These are the main construction methodology of any kind of construction process. In this digitized era the construction industry has been updated with software based. Digital platforms are one of the most important parts of any construction industry

The main project management system completely details with the overall functions of every workers. Contractor’s programmers & scheduling has been done properly to reduce timing of the project. Cost & scheduling is one of the essential parts of any construction industry. Proper estimation, scheduling & management of all engineers are the most important parts of any construction projects. The main purpose of maintaining proper schedule is to reduce the timing of execution project.

Site layouts

Before starting execution jobs, planning is completed with maintaining proper guidelines of construction codes. Layout is the beginning drawing of any construction project. Submission drawings have to be submitted within the proper guidelines. There are three kinds of organizations like client, consultant, contractor organization. After passing the submission drawings, Consultancy usually provides the submission drawing to the contractor organization. After getting the submission drawing, the contractor organization executes the work in a proper technical manner. Detailed dimensions of all equipment are usually mentioned in the submission drawing. Project managers & contractors try to execute the project according to drawing & design. The dimensions of all components have been mentioned in a significant manner. There are different kinds of layouts like layouts of plan, cross section of different kinds of parts of any construction projects, layouts of product, component layout, combination of layout, Cellular Layout (Scherer et al. 2017). Site layout is the main drawing of any construction industry (Akinradewo et al. 2019). Site Engineers have to execute the jobs according to site layout drawing. Engineers generally maintain the level of any projects by using Auto level & Total Station. Total station is generally used by the surveyors. After fixing the proper level, the main work of the execution team is to give a layout at site. This is the initial & most important aspect of any construction projects. Construction industry is the backbone of infrastructure development in any country. MEP (Mechanical electrical Plumbing) is one of the important tools of maintaining proper layout of electrical items.

Feasibility of propose changes

Construction methodology has been done with a proper significant ways. The managers of every construction team play a significant. Man power, cost & time three are the main important factors of any construction industry. There are different kinds of steps of construction methodology. Different kinds of softwares have been used in this industry to maintain deadline of the projects. The management of all construction organization is trying to maintain the expances of different kinds of materials of construction projects. Manpower management is one of the most important aspects of any com\nstruction projects. A huge number of workers have been engaged in this sector. . The managers as well as workers are well maintained in this project methodology. Construction projects are one of the most important parts of any undergraduate construction profession (Ismail et al. 2017). Primavera & MS projects are the main software tools that are used to maintain different kinds of projects in the systematic process. Using proper construction software maintains technical clarity properly. Industrialist tries to reduce the transportation cost, material cost with in a proper systematic manner.


Power, road, bridges, dams are the major infrastructure projects. Construction industry is one of the major backbone of any country. Several methodologies have been followed by the construction industry. The main steps of any pre construction projects is Property Acquisition, Building assessment, building planning, Site Improvements, Hazardous disposal of risks, Demolition of building, roads, dams etc. Nowadays in this era of globalizations software industry .has become more digitalized. Construction industries are driven by the software industries. Several tools are used in the construction industry. The main purpose of this job is to reduce the timing of the project schedule in a systematic manner. Project management system is going to be organize in a systematic manner. Several kinds of project planning has to done in a systematic manner. Project manager plays a vital role in this project management system.

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