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Strategic Project Management Assignment

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Introduction - Strategic Project Management

The study sheds light on the development of Elephant Park by the Governance for the country that helps in the touring and economy growth. The PMO provides helpline and guidance to the community for development and execution of the Elephant Park.

Project Management for Elephant Park

Effective governance transfers the power from top to local bodies, which empower the local community. Different companies such as stakeholders, Government bodies, and privately owned agencies benefit from it (Ullah and Kim, 2020). The technical advisory team needs to be providing to complete the technical project. The project of Elephant Park needs to be preceding with the contractors and led by the senior manager. "Project Management Organization (PMO)" provides the project manager, staff to carry out the project along with the project planners and the accountants to the company. PMO supports the skilled labor and resources required for completing the project.

According to the statistics many significant challenges to the government to establish and develop the project management for Elephant Park. PMO works between the Project System (PS) and Project Management System (PMS) including other ten factors in their working framework. Ten factors include the scope of the project, the risk taken, time allocated, cost estimation, communication between the management and PMO, quality assurance, procurement, HR department, integration of the project and the stakeholders participating (Pirotti, 2021). PMO assures the audits and quality of the project by collecting as well as analyzing the available information. Data analyzing and proper training is required for providing better services by the PMO. Managing the risk for major projects are the crucial services of the "Project Management Organization (PMO).”

Many organizations such as Elephant Park have shown interest in taking help from the PMO as it helps in achieving the target by providing proper management and control. PMO help in project development, establishing projects, assisting project strategies and focusing on innovative and knowledgeable ideas, improving past solutions (Sergeeva and Ali, 2020). PMO drives the project, diffuses knowledge, and integrates the innovations by adopting a flexible managing system (Sergeeva and Ali, 2020). PMO helps in completing the work by providing them support at different levels. PMO merges many small organizing units such as in Elephant Park into one to complete the task collectively.

One organization may deal with one or even more than one PMO. Depending upon the requirements the company increases the number of participants in the PMO. In any construction company, there may be one, two, or more PMO's (apm.org.uk, 2021). The presence of multiple PMO's may cause problems with the information as it mismatches the data (Waszkiewicz and Gumienny, 2021). Information collected from different organizations may differ with the data, which causes challenges for data analyzers. Minor projects of Elephant Park need not be required for appointing multiple Project Management Organizations. Multiple PMO’s may be required in the major projects as it has more number of supporting organizations.

Even though the PMO shows high improvements in their field, the result of the task is still not satisfactory (Barthol, 2020). Social relation between individuals and the PMO is disturbed because of controlling power. There is always a controversy between internal and external traits regarding controlling the project. Problems occur while monitoring and controlling the project as it raises controversy between the thoughts. Multiple projects are one of the major drawbacks of PMO, as it gives rise to conflicts. It becomes challenging to maintain the proper communication between the multiple project owners due to improper managing systems. Systems associated with operational processes of Elephant Park need to be stable enough to face the disturbances as well as the challenges. Maintain the same quality structure and function of the organization, feedback, as well as the identity, need not change while doing modifications (Turner, 2020). Sufficient awareness is required before giving any containment; it needs to be having record on previous data and results. In any organization, there are two important aspects: the first one is exploitation and the other one is exploration (Turner, 2020). The mentioned company needs to avoid disruptions in the organization and adjust the changes. Governance is the function that works with the framework and has the process to form a guideline for managing programmer activities. It helps in meeting the organizational strategies and goals by delivering the different business values.

Three levels of governance in the PMO that are Strategic, Operational, and Monitoring (Echcharqy, 2020). A committee of Elephant Park that deals with meeting the organization goals and major challenges are at the top management and called the Executive committee. Committee oriented with human capital provides constructive measures to management. The risk management committee deals with internal as well as external risks.


This committee of Elephant Park directly deals with the achievement of the organization and the performance of a function. Decision-making processes while considering the entire decision of the authority along with tracking customers satisfaction records need to keep with the operational committee. This committee works on regional trading, finding and improvements need to done for achieving the goal. Identifying and providing the proper solution in the support for regional trading.


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