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E-Commerce Assignment Sample


E-commerce has become the most important way for most of the new companies and old companies to start their business on the online platform through internet on E- commerce way which gives their business a boost and fast success and growth as through this channel they are able to reach to a vast level of consumer. But while studying consumer it is important to know that how much they trust the online platform for their purchase, either they like offline or online purchase. It is important to know about different types of consumer decision making to best meet with business (Tamilarasi&Elamathi,2017).

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E- Commerce technology and environment features:

  • Global Reach- With the help of the E-Commerce the business are able to access and reach a big level of global market where they can get a large amount of customer for their product and services which can be easily accessible without any physical presence of the store to various areas.

  • Richness- While doing e-commerce the richness of business is high as compare to the offline store as in this they can easily target a large mass market and easily promotion of their business through online channel as people easily get aware about the company and their product.

  • Universal standards- The E-commerce is the universal standards as it is used by all the countries in the same way to run their business on the online platform through internet.
  • Interactive- This provides an interactive way of communication between the consumer and the business which help them to easily solve the query of their consumer and creating a good awareness and benefits about their products which they serve to the consumer (Ren, et al., 2020).
  • Ubiquity- Through the help of e-commerce the business are easily able to reach more consumer and easy adoption of their product by the consumers as it is done on the online platform and done like old way of doing business like through offline store where many formalities to done.
  • Provide personalization in product facility to consumer- In the e-commerce business it allows the business to customize the product according to the needs and wants of their consumer so that they can more satisfy their consumer and do a good business in it.
  • Information Density-Through the E-Commerce way the business are able to easily solve the queries of their consumer through their online platform fast and all the information related to customer and business flows very fast as compare to the old way of offline business. They are able to get fast feedback related to the product and have a touch with their customer for their better satisfaction of the product and services.
  • Social Technology-In the E-commerce business the buyer don't have to wait for the shop open to made purchase, instead of that they can easily made purchase from any place at any time they want as the business post details of their product on websites or social media from where they can sell easily. Through the links available online they easily access and get information of products (Laudon & Traver, 2020).

Types of Two Consumer decision making and their comparison:

The cognitive and habitual consumer decision making are there:

Cognitive- In this type of the decision making the consumer do the pre- purchase research to find out those product or services which can help them to solve their problems. This decision making is the done in the controlled manner to evaluate different and then they search the best product till they get the best satisfaction from those products and can solve their problem easily on time. They final made the purchase decision after matching the product features with the needs

In this the consumer make the decision related to the purchase after proper analyses of different available products deeply and then deciding the best one which can meet the requirement fully. This occurs in the certain situation which the consumer faces in their life and try to find out the solution of it. Before making any decision they make proper concepts, learning and reasoning abilities and attitudes towards the product and problem to best meet their needs and wants (Smith, et al., 2020).

Habitual- The Habitual decision making of the consumer is that in which the consumer make the buying due to their habit of purchasing a particular product on their regular bases. It is an unconscious, behavioral and automatic. It is also known as regular routine consumer decision making in which they make decisions related to the products which they frequently use to fulfill their needs. This type of purchase needs less complexity in the decision. As in this the consumers do not gather a lot of information while purchasing such products as this come in their daily fulfillment of the products requirement (Kang, et al., 2016).

In this Habitual decision making the consumer do not do a deep research about the product or services which they need to buy to meet their requirement, as they have already set products or services which they purchase in lesser time as such products are purchased on their daily bases, so such deeply information about the products is not required by them. It is the more routine type behavior response by the consumer in buying the product or services. In this very less or minimal research is done by the buyer while making the buying decision of the product which suits them the most. They also evaluate very few products before purchasing decision they made while searching it (Solomon, et al., 2017).

Influence of E-Commerce on different Consumer decision making:

With the help of the new E-Commerce platform the cognitive consumer are able to easily find the various business who provide the facility of easy customization in the products which can meet their needs and wants and can purchase those products only which can satisfy them the most.

The Habitual consumer will go less for the online purchase because they want the product on their daily bases so they will prefer the buying those products from the offline stores from where they can made their purchase fast as in the online purchase they have to wait for few days (Setya, et al., 2016). So this E-commerce platform for such consumer will not be suitable who wants to buy their daily needs products on their daily bases as they will not be able to get their product on time then they will not buy the product. As delay in the delivery means the company will lose their customer.

Some of the people don't have the full trust on the products which the online companies are providing due to their physical contact with the seller, they think of the fraud they can get through the online business. This also influence their buying decision making process but some wants to purchase the products if they have the trust on the online business platform. Then they will buy the products through online on the frequently bases.The cognitive consumer who do the deep study before buying any kind of the product then they have ask their quires easily through the online platform of the business and then make their best decision about the purchase of those products or services if that meets them the most. The E-commerce is best for the company as it allows the consumer to make their purchase any time and from any place so whenever the buyer will think of buying the product they can easily go on the company website and make the decision of the purchase quickly this will help the companies also to grape the consumer before they move towards different product or change the buying decision (Kang, et al., 2016).

This E-Commerce provides a fast two- way communication between the buyer and sellers which increase the chances of the sale of the product and have a good decision while purchasing a product. This also increases the trust of the consumer on the online platform purchase and on the companies both which have a good impact on the minds of the consumer towards the purchase of the goods online.The secure online payment option also builds up a good trust and bond in the minds of the consumer related to the company and make up their mind for the re-purchase of the various products online. With the fast and quick feedback feature of the E-Commerce platform which businesses provide help them to keep a good contact and have a good touch with their consumer in building good relationship with them and providing them with the solution of their problems they face (Bhaskar, et al., 2016).


From the above study it can conclude that now days for every business the E-Commerce platform is very important to get reach to the vast population for their products and services and to have a good success in their new start-ups. With the help of E-Commerce they are able to spread their business fast and able to aware about their products to the consumers easily and able to make good profit and capture good market share. But this E-Commerce have different influence on different consumers on their buying decision making which help and affect both to the companies (Smith, et al., 2020).


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