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Vivian Frimpong's Employability and Career Development Plan Assignment Sample

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1. Assessment of your employability measured against employers’ expectations

Based on the information provided, my employability appears to align well with the expectations of employers in customer service and related fields. Here are some key points to consider for my future development:

  • Client service aptitudes: I have a good talent for assisting consumers and resolving their problems, as evidenced by my experience as a manager of customer service at ASDA. Those who can successfully engage with clients, recognise their needs, and offer solutions to issues are sought after by companies within customer service professions. The results of my experience show that I can live up to them.
  • Communication and interpersonal aptitudes: I stated that I have outstanding interpersonal and communication abilities, which are essential in professions involving contact with the public. Companies look for applicants who can communicate well with clients, co-workers, and superiors. Here is where my ability to maintain written and verbal communication with individuals comes in handy.
  • Flexibility and adaptability: I mentioned that I am always flexible with time and can work with all kinds of teams. This is an important quality that employers value in candidates. Being able to adapt to different situations, work with different people, and meet deadlines are all important factors in many industries.

  • Education and qualifications: Also, in my CV, it is mentioned that I am studying for a BA at OLC University, which suggests that I am already committed to my professional development. Many employers look for candidates who have relevant qualifications and are willing to continue learning and improving their skills.

Overall, my experience and skills appear to align well with the expectations of employers in customer service and related fields. My strong customer service skills, communication and interpersonal skills, flexibility, and commitment to professional development made me a strong candidate for a wide range of roles in this area.

2. Assessment of your current skill levels

Based on the skills mentioned, it can be identified that I possess some of the strong skills that would be highly valued by employers in a range of industries. Here's an assessment of my current skill levels based on the skills she's mentioned in my CV:

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills: I indicated that I have some excellent communication and interpersonal skills, which would be highly valued by employers. Strong communication skills are essential in most roles, and interpersonal skills are critical in customer-facing roles.

  • Strong problem-solving skills: I also mentioned that I possess strong problem-solving skills, which is another highly valued skill in many industries. Being able to identify and solve problems quickly and effectively can be a significant asset to an organisation.

  • Assertive, client-centric, and flexible: My description of being assertive, client-centric, and flexible suggests that I am highly adaptable to different situations and focused on meeting the needs of clients or customers. This is another valuable skill in a range of industries, particularly those that require a high level of customer service.

  • Effective teamwork skills: My ability to work effectively in a team and meet deadlines is another highly valued skill. Employers look for candidates who can work collaboratively with others and meet goals and targets.

  • Human and interpersonal management skills: My skills to understand clients and work with people effectively are another highly valued skill. Being able to manage interpersonal relationships is a valuable skill in any organisation.

  • Persuasive speaking skills: My competency to speak persuasively while maintaining a positive attitude is another asset. Being able to communicate in a way that is positive and motivational can be highly beneficial in a range of roles.

  • Empathy towards others: My understanding towards others is another highly valued skill. Being able to understand the perspectives of others and respond appropriately can be a significant asset in any organisation.

  • Positive language and behaviour: Last but not east,  my positive language and behaviour towards customers and employees is another valuable skill. Positive language and behaviour can help to create a positive work environment and improve customer satisfaction.

3. Relevant targeted research into specific careers or roles

As I already mentioned, I am working as a customer service manager at ASDA, which gives me a wide range of career opportunities in the future. Below are some examples of relevant targeted research for specific careers or roles for myself:

  • Client service executive: As I am already employed by ASDA as a customer service manager, it could be advantageous for me to learn more about the education and training needed to advance in this line of work. For instance, I would want to think about earning a degree or certification in a relevant field, such as business management or customer service. To succeed in this position, I may also want to concentrate on honing my leadership, communication, problem-solving, and conflict-resolution abilities.

  • HR Executive: Given my great interpersonal and communication abilities and my extensive experience in customer service, I would want to think about a job in human resources. I may want to look into the educational requirements, such as a degree in human resources or a related discipline, as well as pertinent certifications or professional development opportunities, if I decide to pursue this career route. Also, I would like to concentrate on honing my abilities in employee interactions, performance management, recruiting and retention, and legal compliance.

  • Sales Executive: Given my persuasive speaking skills and client-centric attitude, I may also want to consider a career in sales. To pursue this career path, I might want to research the qualifications required, such as a degree in marketing or a related field, as well as relevant certifications or professional development opportunities. Additionally, I might want to focus on developing skills in relationship building, negotiation, market analysis, and strategic planning to help me excel in this role.

4. Up-to-date CV

Name: Vivian Frimpong

Mobile: 07805928274

Email: vivianfrimpong39@yahoo.com

Address: 104 St. Marys Road, London, N9 8NJ

Personal Profile Statement

Motivated and adaptable management professional with extensive experience in customer service and team management. I am seeking a challenging managerial role in a customer-focused organisation where I can utilise my excellent communication, problem-solving, and interpersonal skills to drive customer satisfaction and team performance. With a positive attitude and a client-centric approach to work, I am committed to delivering exceptional customer service and driving business growth.


2023 BA (Hons) OLC University

2020 Level 5 Apex College

Employment History

2017: Present Customer Service Manager, ASDA

  • Manage a team of customer service representatives, ensuring excellent customer service standards are met

  • Develop and implement strategies to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Respond to customer inquiries, feedback, and complaints, ensuring prompt resolution and maintaining a positive attitude

  • Provide guidance and support to team members, ensuring they have the necessary training, resources, and tools to perform their duties effectively

  • Regularly review team performance and identify areas for improvement

  • Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations and company policies and procedures


  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills to liaise with people

  • Strong problem-solving skills help to confront the issues raised

  • Assertive, client-centric and flexible to deal with people and maintain health and safety

  • Effective teamwork skills to work with teams and strict deadlines

  • Human and interpersonal management skills to understand the clients in a better way

  • Persuasive speaking skill help you speak with people by maintaining positivity

  • Empathy towards others helps to understand things from others' point of view

  • Positive language and behaviour with customers and employees

Professional Development

  • Completed various training programmes on customer service, team management, and leadership

  • Participated in industry conferences and events to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in customer service and management

Hobbies and Interests

I enjoy reading books on business and personal development, travelling, and participating in community service activities.

5. detailed development plan to include SMART targets to support gaining meaningful employment (Evidence of progress and targets being reviewed)

Goal SMART Targets Evidence of Progress Target Review
Improvement of Communicating Skills At the end of the month, register in a public speaking class, and twice a week, practise speaking in front of an audience. Recorded speeches for self-evaluation; Public speaking course completion certificate Review progresses every two weeks
Get Qualification in my Field Within six months, acquire a customer service accreditation. Certification document; current resume Review each month's progress
Increased Network Attending two networking events each month and make connections with at least two new customer service professionals at each one. Records of attendees from networking events; a list of recent contacts; Maintaining contact with connections Every month, evaluate development
Gain Leadership Capabilities Taking a leadership seminar and incorporate the techniques you learn into your daily job activities. Attendance certificate; report detailing tactics used Every three months, evaluate development
Gain work experience Getting experience working Spend a minimum of ten hours a week as a customer service volunteer at a non-profit organisation. Volunteer time sheets; a letter of support from the organisation Every month, evaluate development

Altogether, the above-mentioned growth plan offers me a clear road map for achieving my professional objectives and finding a fulfilling job. I also may stay on track and advance my knowledge and expertise in the customer service sector by creating realistic, SMART goals and periodically monitoring my progress. The targets include precise instructions on what must be done, how it will be evaluated, and by when. It's also vital to remember that the plan include evidence of progress and target reviews. This is critical for tracking development and figuring out whether or not the goals have been reached and need to be modified. I can monitor my development and make any necessary adjustments to my career goal with the help of regular reviews.

6. Interview questions and answers

Interviewer: Vivian, can you tell us about a time when you demonstrated excellent communication and interpersonal skills in a professional setting?

Answer by Vivian: Evidently, I have had plenty of chances to show off my interpersonal and communication abilities while working as a customer service manager at ASDA. I can remember one case in particular where I helped a disgruntled customer locate a missing item. In order to fix the problem, I patiently listened to their worries, understood their predicament, and used effective communication. In the end, the client left content and glad with the assistance they received.

Interviewer: How do you handle difficult situations in the workplace, and can you provide an example, Vivian?

Answer by Vivian: When a challenging circumstance arises, my first goal is to maintain my composure and professionalism. I then evaluate the scenario and determine what caused the issue in the first place. From there, I collaborate with my team to find a solution that satisfies the requirements of the customer and the business's regulations. For instance, when a consumer expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of a product, I listened to their complaints, looked into the situation, and then suggested a refund or replacement by the business's policies.

Interviewer: Can you tell us about a time when you demonstrated effective teamwork skills in a professional setting?

Answer by Vivian: Yes, teamwork is crucial in any business, and I am constantly dedicated to cooperating with my co-workers to reach shared objectives. I once guided a group of customer service workers to hit a sales goal as an illustration of how well teams can work together. I made sure everyone understood the goal and inspired them to work towards something. We collaborated and helped one another out as needed to reach our goal.

InterviewerHow do you stay organised and manage your time effectively to meet deadlines?

Answer by Vivian: My tasks are always ranked in order of priority and urgency. I keep a to-do list and plan my tasks to make sure I finish them by the due date. I also use technology, such as calendar apps and reminders, to keep me organised. I also periodically assess my progress and make changes as necessary to make sure I'm on track to fulfil my deadlines.

Interviewer: Can you tell us about a time when you demonstrated problem-solving skills in a professional setting?

Answer by Vivian: Indeed, as a manager of customer service, I have regularly had to apply my problem-solving abilities to address client concerns. When a consumer complains that a product is out of stock, that is one instance that comes to mind. To discover a solution, I looked into the problem, spoke with the client and the concerned department. In the end, I was capable of offering the client a workable substitute that met their requirements.

7. Evidence of knowledge, skills and experience for an event you have planned

My effective management of a charitable event for a nearby group served as a showcase for my event planning expertise, experience, and knowledge. To make sure the event ran properly, I contacted suppliers, sponsors, and volunteers using my effective communication and interpersonal skills. I was able to successfully negotiate with vendors and sponsors to obtain donations and concessions for the event thanks to my assertiveness and client-centred attitude. As some of the vendors had last-minute cancellations, my problem-solving abilities were put to the test. I found alternate alternatives immediately to make sure the event continued to be successful. I was able to organise the volunteers and assign jobs so that everyone was aware of their responsibilities, thanks to my strong cooperation abilities. I was able to successfully manage the event by utilising my psychological and human resource management skills by creating a welcoming and inclusive environment that promoted a sense of community among the volunteers and participants. Volunteers joined forces to make the event a success because of my ability to influence an audience through speaking. I demonstrated my consideration for others by listening carefully to the guests' thoughts and incorporating their recommendations into upcoming activities. Everyone who participated in the event enjoyed it and remembered it since I interacted with all parties pleasantly.

8. Reflection and self-assessment of knowledge, skills and experience aligned with a future career path

I have a greater understanding of my abilities, experience, and intended professional path as a result of the earlier discussion and analysis. Customer service, communication, real concern, and management are areas where Vivian excels. These abilities are necessary for any position requiring interaction with clients and co-workers. I might be a valuable asset in any consumer position because of my engaging personality and capacity for empathy. I also understand the practical knowledge and abilities necessary to manage client queries, oversee workers, and offer efficient solutions to customer problems thanks to my experience working as a customer care manager at ASDA. I am going to be more productive and effective in my current position as a result of her ability to handle many responsibilities and work in a team.

Also, based on the previous analysis, I can now say that my future job path may influence decision-making, customer support, and even event organising, depending on my qualifications and experience, all of which would allow her to make the most of my skills. I can additionally investigate positions like operations manager, customer experience manager, or service delivery manager with her management degree. I can also investigate positions in the hospitality, healthcare, or technology industries that deal with customer service. I also need to keep improving my knowledge and expertise through ongoing learning and development to meet my career ambitions. I can enrol in management, customer service, or event planning courses to increase my knowledge and abilities in the field. I additionally can think about enrolling in leadership training to improve her managerial abilities.

I have summarised my expertise and strong points in management, communication, problem-solving, and customer support. My work as a customer service manager at ASDA has given me the real-world knowledge and abilities, she needs to manage consumer queries, manage personnel, and resolve customer problems. I may pursue a job in management, customer service, or event planning in the future, all of which would allow me to make the most of her skills. I also need to keep improving my knowledge and expertise through ongoing training and development if I am to meet my career ambitions.

9. Closing Statement

As I complete this journey, I am optimistic and eager about the possibilities for my future professional life. My knowledge of my skills and shortcomings has improved, and I now have a clear plan for accomplishing my career objectives. I have been able to develop my communication and interpersonal skills, which are crucial for success in any field, with the help and support of this programme. The problem-solving abilities I've acquired will also enable me to handle any difficulties I may have in my future professional jobs. In addition, I've gotten useful experience in event management and planning, giving me a sense of what it takes to succeed in a career in this sector. The opportunity to work on a successful event has given me the confidence to take on larger projects and responsibilities in the future. I am grateful for the support and guidance provided by this programme, and I look forward to utilising the skills and knowledge I have gained to achieve my career goals. With my newfound confidence and experience, I am ready to take on any challenges and pursue my passion for management with dedication and hard work. I am excited about the opportunities that lie ahead and am eager to continue learning and growing both personally and professionally. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to the next steps in my career journey.

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