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Comprehensive Job Application Package for Senior Software Engineer Role

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Nemis Golmes' Comprehensive CV for Senior Software Engineer

1. Curriculum Vitae

A CV which is also known as biodata is a short-composed synopsis of an individual's vocation, capabilities, as well as training. Below is the CV of Nemis Golmes in which his academic, personal as well as professional details has been provided based on which the job advertisement will be created for future References. The CV will also help in understanding the overall academic in addition to professional scenario of Nemis Golmes. From the CV it can be identified that selected industry for professional exposure is related to Information Technology Filed as well as the entire CV has been prepared keeping in mind the selected field.

Personal Details

Nemis Golmes

Software Engineer


(929) 555-7733

linkedin.com/in/ nemisgolmes

Summary of Qualifications

A tenacious computer programmer with 3+ experience in business application as well as in programming improvement. Anxious to join The Sage Group plc. to construct creative in addition to state-of-the-art business answers for the amazing set-up of clients inside its worldwide reach. In past jobs, cut free time by 25% as well as guaranteed 98% on-time project finish. Likewise recognized as well as managed a huge interaction bottleneck that supported coding effectiveness by 35% when settled.

Work Experience

Software Engineer
May 2017–May 2020
HSBC, London, UK

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities

  1. Designed current applications with Java, JavaScript, SQL Server, and No SQL.
  2. Fabricated inventive microservices in addition to Web Administrations (incl. SOA/Cleanser/REST/XML).
  3. Used Cloud Foundry for productive structure on top of Kubernetes.
  4. Productively conveyed as well as coordinated programming designed by group in addition refreshed mix/sending contents to further develop consistent mix rehearses.
  5. Liaised with Item Administrators to distinguish least suitable item necessities as well as obviously characterized highlight sets into well-checked client stories for individual colleagues.

Key Achievements

  1. Kept up with the most extreme continuous progression of business-basic operations.
  2. Reduce free time by 25% in addition to expenses of guarantee by up to 45%.

Software Development Intern
April 2015–May 2016
Barclays, UK

Key Qualifications & Responsibilities:

  1. Assisted HSBC's testing and designing cycles.
  2. Affirmed that finished programming met client prerequisites.
  3. Finished support on existing projects.
  4. Worked intimately with the item group on the extent of future ventures and advancements.
  5. Done ceaseless ID, estimation, and improvement of cycles

Key Achievements:

Recognized along with managed a critical interaction bottleneck that supported coding effectiveness by 35% when settled.


Bachelor of Computer Science

London Business School, London, UK

Graduation: 2018

  1. Weighty spotlight on full stack designing with modules on both front and back-end processes.
  2. Fabricated a fake instalment framework for an Android Internet business application for a senior-year project.

Key Skills

  1. Programming advancement
  2. Versatility
  3. Cooperation
  4. Deft structures
  5. Relational abilities
  6. Java, HTML, CSS, SQL Server, No SQL
  7. Status following structures (Jira and Rally)
  8. Real world information on SQL and data set ideas
  9. Strong idea on network safety standards


  1. Cloudera Certified Software Developer for Apache Hadoop (CCDH)
  2. Oracle Java Certifications Associate Professional
  3. Puppet Labs Puppet Developer Certification


  1. British English and Romanian: Professional Working Proficiency

2. A Personal Statement or Covering Letter


Mr. Kelly George

Sub: Applying for Sr. Software Engineer Position

Dear Sir/ Madam

I am drafting this application to you in reference to the job post that has been made from your companies end for the position of Sr. Software Engineer at your organization. I can assure you that I will be an outstanding fit for the posted job role as I my self is a software engineer and has overall got 3 years of experience in the same field and also got broad assortment of experience in the same area. Also, I flourish in creating inventive data frameworks, excellent programming engineering, and driving my group in creating programming applications that further develop client experience.

I tend to look myself as a Renaissance person as I usually do not centre on any provided technology. My skills and abilities range from:

  1. Programming advancement
  2. Versatility
  3. Cooperation
  4. Deft structures
  5. Relational abilities
  6. Java, HTML, CSS, SQL Server, No SQL
  7. Status following structures (Jira and Rally)
  8. Real world information on SQL and data set ideas
  9. Strong idea on network safety standards

I have been exposed to a broad assortment of technologies in my professional and academic career as well as accept myself to be a very a very adjustable and adaptable candidate. I have acquired practical exposure to programming, teaming up on programming projects, man-made consciousness, and working with an extensive variety of web devices over the last.

Apart from the above-mentioned skills I am a vert good team worker and my communications skills are also good which I think needed in every candidate so that clients can be handled easily. Apart from the professional experience I have done internship from UK’s one of top company d as Barclays in the same field as a trainee software engineer and gains a lot of experience there too.

I realize that The Sage Group plc is centred around growing excellent programming applications as well as giving top-notch programming arrangements. With my aptitude in programming advancement along with building mechanized bug global positioning frameworks, I can assist the organization accomplish and keep up with these objectives. I have joined my resume, enumerating my schooling and expert experience, alongside the entirety of my accomplishments.

Last but not the least, due to my breadth of work experience I think I will make an outstanding addition within the team.

It would be a delight to hear from you, look into The Sage Group plc 's requirements, and work mutually to carry the organization's objectives to completion. Much obliged to you for considering my application for the senior programmer job. I desire to hear from you soon.

Yours Sincerely

Nemis Golmes

3.Industry Awareness (Presentation slides)

In this segment of the study a brief discussion related to the sector which has been selected in this study will be discussed in detail. The sector that has been selected in this study

1st slide: The Company for which the job application has been drafted is into IT sector

2nd slide: Key drivers in the IT industry

  1. The minimal expense of activity as well as duty benefits
  2. Steady government strategies
  3. Accessibility of tech-savvy candidates across the world
  4. Fast presentation of IT advancements in significant areas like telecom, BFSI in addition to that's only the tip of the iceberg
  5. Solid development in need of exporting

3rd slide: Some of the biggest players of the IT industry are:

  1. Microsoft
  2. HP
  3. IBM
  4. Accenture
  5. Oracle
  6. SAP
  7. TCS
  8. Capgemini

4th Slide: IT industry in next 5 years

As the World Monetary Gathering reports, by 2025, machines will dislodge 80 million positions and around 100 million positions will be made in the IT business with these new arrangements of abilities. Consequently, people require to develop these abilities to keep a sync with the business prerequisites and assumptions

4. Personal Development Essay

Personal development plan is a sort of study that helps in identifying the key skills which we learnt as well as the ways through which we can develop the available skills in a better manner. Particularly considering this study I have develop a lot of skills that will help me in my future prospect. Initially the skills which I used to have been related to communication skills. I always think my communication skills is very good as I can easily interact with people which I think is my strong point. Also having a good communication does not only mean that to interact properly with other people it is much more than that. Effectual interaction comprises of passing on your message properly, compactly, in addition to precisely. Wavering sits around idly as well as weakens your message - toning it down would be best! On the off chance that you are inclined to be wordy, get some margin to ponder what you will say ahead of time instead of attempting to stagger through a discussion. Some of the traits of good communication skills usually include:

  1. Drafting and verbal interaction
  2. Presentation skills
  3. Active listener
  4. Using feedback as a positive sign
  5. Respecting the idea of other people
  6. Keeping clairtyy in both communication and listening

Now this was my initial learning at the time of doing this study, the final learning which I think I need to consider as a serious point and in which I think I need to work upon is my presentation skills. While doing this study it was asked to do a small presentation after doing which I realized that I need to learn many more things about proper presentation skills as I think I lack many things in this part.

Initial Skills Action Future Implication Future Skills Action Future Implication
Communications Skills · Listen well and refrain from interfering · Working on rewording · Be Aware of minor subtleties in the substance · Note the nature of your voice, tone, and pitch · Continuously utilize exact words to communicate set · Exercise fulfillment and clearness in message conveyance. · Attending team meeting in a proper manner · Improving the body language · Taking feedback in a positive set of minds Presentation Skill · Need to show important facts with confidence · Learning from the experience person · Practicing more · Providing ample amount of time to prepare for the presentation · Making use of visual help · Will help in improving the communication skills · Will help in increasing self confidence · Will help in addressing and facing huge crowd

So, from the overall discussion it can be said that personal development is a never-ending process and it is important for people to grow and develop in every aspect of life. From my own personal development, I have understood that in order to achieve what I have thought I not only need to work upon the weak side but also to work on my strong points so that with both skills I can achieve my future goals. From the discussion it can also be identified that my initial strong skill was communication and the final skill which I need to work on is presentation skills.

5. One minute video

At the time of recruiting a candidate for the position of Sr. Software Engineer HR usually looks for a candidate who has influential strong C++ skills and has proper experience in the same while handling a team. As per my previous work experience and my professional, I think I will be the best fit for the role. Also, I have got certification course certificate which adds more value to my skills. Apart from that I am a very hard-working person and am competent enough to handle a team of 10 people. In addition to this, I have very good communication skills and very confident and target-driven person who will add value to your company. Also, concerning my previous company I have created a very good image due to which within 1 year I received my first bonus too. My team members from my previous company liked my working approach too and we both used to take feedback as a positive sign which helped in grow as a better person too. Last but not least I promise I will deliver the same hardship in your company thus I request you to select me for the position of Senior Software Engineer that will help in both personal and professional development.

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