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Exploring The Effects Of Childhood Trauma And The Detrimental Impact It Can Have

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In this essay, I will be exploring the ways in which childhood trauma can affect a person later in their adulthood. I am comparing ‘A Thousand splendid Suns’ with ‘the hate you give’. I chose this comparison as I feel like they both capture the childhood stages of the characters' lives similarly, as both characters come from diverse backgrounds and suffer a lot from childhood all the way to adulthood, as some of the things they have seen as a child negatively impact them later on in life.This creates a disadvantage for them, as in ATSS, the book captures discrimination towards women in the Afghan society and the way men use religion and culture as a way to control women. On the other hand, in ‘the hate you give’ we also see a similarity within the theme of discrimination to do with race and the superiority complex built within society over other races and its challenges. Both authors also explore oppression within minorities.

First Argument for ATSS

To explore the ways in which society pressures minorities to behave and be perceived in a specific way. In ATSS we’re focusing on Afghan society and Specifically on the Afghan women. By being Afghan, they already come from a diverse background but by being an Afghan woman makes them even more of a minority. From a young age they have been told by men to act in a certain way and to not draw attention to themselves as it’s seen as improper. Things such as education wish should be a human right is denied to Afghan women, as the men have a specific mindset that education isn’t for women and that they have more important duties to take care of such as cooking, cleaning and looking after their children.Like a compass facing north, a man’s accusing finger always finds a woman. This quote by Nana is very powerful as it portrays the power men have over the women and how no matter what, a man will always blame a woman and be in control because he is a man and is above women.

How does this compare to your chosen text?

This point compares to ‘the hate you give’,because the book is based on racism towards black people and the discrimination,they face because of it. Therefore, it links in with the theme of societal pressures minorities face. In this book the main character Starr is a black girl who lives in an area with her own black community but goes to school in a predominantly white area. The story captures how difficult this is for Starr as she feels like she doesn’t fit in and has in a way been ‘whitewashed’. However, in her school even though she has a few mates this doesn’t stop her from feeling like she is the odd one out. This results in her creating a fake persona to keep up with a sort of image in order to not fit under racialstereotypes. She also witnesses the murder of her best friend Khalil;however, she does not stand up to this cop against the injustice of her best friend’s murder as she knows because of the colour of her skin it could end badly. ‘I do what he tells me, but my hands are shaking too much to be still’. This quote shows the panic a black person can feel when approached by a cop as they know that because of their race, they can be discriminated against, and this could result in a bad outcome than it would to someone of a different race.

Second Argument

How does this lead to your second argument?

As per the social culture of The Muslim society, it is been found that Muslim women feel proud for wearing hijab, due to the tradition of covering their head. Based on the study of the book "a thousand splendid suns" in the underlying areas of "Afghanistan and the Taliban", the women who belong to that region are the major part of disempowerment (Hosseini, 2009). However, there is a huge interest in modernity, which is majorly based on the women who want the equal right same as men, the women who also want to be a part of empowerment as well as also wants to embrace modernity. Several women have very less access to do per their own choice there is a lack of women's own choices possess that include several matters such as childbearing, marriage, general independence and abuse.

In my first opinion, I will be presenting several aspects of the women who are not allowed to get out of their homes, and their husbands prefer happily that their wives stay at the home, by not being a part of empowerment. There are several rituals in the Muslim culture that does not allow Muslim women to get out and get an education or to be empowered. The major reason behind such a ritual is that according to the Quran it is unlawful for Muslim women to get out and expose their skins. The basic reason behind wearing hijab and not getting out of the house involves that women are objectified as a victim which leads to providing them protection by not letting them get out of the house (Kazemiyan, 2012).“This covering serves to empower a woman by permitting more mobility by protecting her from sexual harassment in public spaces”. The presentation of both the study report of "A Thousand Splendid Suns" and "The New York Times" majorly highlights the events and themes that are fictional works depicted that are not a part of considerable facts.

As per the book "a thousand splendid suns" There are several women who take birth by knowing the fact that they were not supposed to be born, or were not supposed to be a woman. Every woman on this planet dreams to attend school and wants to be educated. Though the facts are always been clear to the girl from their very childhood that they were not supposed to be born, or been supposed to get out of the house. As well as, it is also been said to them that they are not supposed to take their own decisions as well as they are not even supposed to take decisions about their important matters.

How does this compare to your chosen text?

We notice that black society retains encountered this kind of discrimination all over their lives. It has been discussed the consequences of ethical bigotry and the struggle of "black people". It's including the types and impacts of ethical unfairness, the effort of black people, or the function of the black community. After sharing the transition of the psychological sensation, Starr initiates accomplishing actions generally. Then, it stands provided promptly by all individuals near to be fearless. Attempts to receive everything or plan to accomplish something are worthwhile to support "her" and "Khalil". The pressure and cruelty showed to the slaying of "black people". It stands not sufficiently harm black persons so that it can hit multiple periods or kill them. Hence, the black community can get destroyed straight out in the place where the authority hit them. In the book, the central nature witnesses their mates "killed by white people". She and someone near her effort to obtain rectitude and combat discrimination (Kreisman and Straus, 2021). The impact of this analysis stands that current ethical issues and the reality of "anti-black attitudes and discrimination" indeed live and cannot stand disavowed. Yet, a smallish action provided by "black people" to resist discrimination can influence the differences in the community. Their intention stands for an activity, which combines a "black and white" person who wants to fight discrimination.

In the book "The Hate You Give", there is still the presence of racism that initiates difficulties and injustice for black people across the world. There are several numbers of black people in all over the globe who are been killed (Thomas, 2017). There is still a wide range of complex that is regarding the identity of black people on the death surface. The major people who have an active involvement in the movement for the civil rights of black people are the "Civil rights activists" and Panthers. As per the book "The Hate You Give", there is a wide range of struggles of the people, and there is a high requirement for black people to get justice. Black people are been highly differentiated from whiter people, they have faced a huge part of discrimination and racism. The "Black Lives Matter movement", is based on the addressed issues based on police violence with unflinching honesty, heart and intelligence as well as racism. The book covers a part that involves a story of a girl who is just sixteen years old, she was a back girl who belonged to a poor neighbourhood. She used to stay in a poor neighbourhood because of her skin colour, however, compared to her brother who went to a private school that mostly covered white students that were white coloured in a maximum number. She had to be a part of two different cultures or surroundings and had to try to adapt in a radio manner herself in that situation. Several other incidents took place and the actual conclusion of the entire incident is that the girl had to struggle as well as the people around her; she believed that someday a day would come when these things will be changed (Dreyer, B.P., 2020). The actual reason behind the struggles and the movements tends to make a change in the stereotypes that are based on racism. The anti-black attitude of the white people along with the discrimination required to be changed to bring some changes in the stereotyped system.


Third Argument

Why does it end on this final argument?

The final agreement is based on the two books d earlier where the black-shaded people mainly women face different types of problems not only in their locality but also in other places they went. Women depended on men financially, mentally and physically for years. The men also control them through their choices and lead the women in several ways like not giving proper freedom, not allowing them to join jobs and treating women like biological organs only used for reproduction. The argument is fully related to Afghan women and their lives. They are responsible for taking care of and feeling the needs of men, who also handle Afghan women's life. These types of behavior of men towards women affect highly in their whole life and if it continues women will go into the lowest level of the region.

"AThousand Splendid suns" can articulate that the Afghan women are treated badly which big supports are their men is very shocking. The book authors realised people of all generations to give respect and increase women's empowerment. In the religion ofAfghan culture, women are treated as a doll packed at home for cooking, washing and taking care of their children. They are not allowed even out of the house and this time has to criticise this matter and stop as quickly as possible. The girl character in the story of the book pretends against the worse culture and tried to add the opposite behavior of society."Mariam" the girl was suffering from society's misbehavior and feel judged being an illegitimate girl, whereas a fair child did not get the same experience, never. For this reason, her mom doesn’t allow her to school as she is nervous about people's behavior. This brings a big cause in her mother's suicide and in her story people show attention to their behavior (Hosseini, 2022). This artistic toxicity pushes individuals to fall into unhappiness and depression that create mental health issues in children and adults as the brown-coloured women know that it wasn’t their even fault that people every time remind them what they are actually. The Afghan women also destroy their self-education not by themselves, because of society's people.Articles such as schooling which include human rights are restricted to "Afghan women", as the males have a clear perspective that learning isn’t for females and that women have additional essential duties to take maintenance and care of household work. Such as a compass meeting north, males are blaming and charging finger invariably uncovers a woman. This section is extremely effective as it displays the power of control and command males have over women.The novels or books' main essences are even pushed to have "sex with Rushed" and are penalised when women have not produced or delivered healthy, fit sons (Shapiro, 2022). Female value in "Afghan culture", again, is defined by the power of females to produce men. Also, the women are not allowed to reveal their looks and are not enabled beyond the house without getting permission from their husbands. Husbands lead their life as they wish. From their childhood, they faced these issues and for this reason, the arrived childhood trauma destroys children's carrier and falls into a direct effect on their mental conditions.

Final comparison

Afghan women face the issues of colour, Muslim racism and pressurizing on sex before marriage. The unique character is belittled by people including her own parents which are ironic as they were the ones who created the mistake even though they understood the effects of it.On the other hand another book "the hate you give" has the same thing that relates to the first story. The main relation between the two books is, children suffer from several rude and unhealthy behaviors that affect them badly. It is the main reason for getting traumatized and reaching an in-depth level of depression. The second book involved colour diversion basically can tell that the black communities' children suffer and continuously challenging every day for managing peoples neglecting behavior against them. This theory explores the discrimination which exists in the book and which method to trade with it, including the types, effects and consequences of racial inequity, the struggle and effort of "black people", and the position of black people in the particular society. Racism is a sensation that gives bad, tangible sociable matters related to its function in an artistic way. Itimpacts people's lives in actual periods and in distinct places and here it is based in the UK. Racism is a role of a thinking system that appears from artistic and colonial dynamics. Here the main character "Starr" runs through many traumatic incidents throughout her early growing and young age as she loses her two closest friends who both get hit by the authority in front of the girl (AyuIrawati, 2022). This matter shocked her strongly and then she become depressed and damaged her mental health condition totally for the broad injustice of the glove. The struggle and battle of black people mainly women till now running through prejudice and racism based on "stereotypes people".

The two articles indicate the same topic of children who are continuously tolerating such worse behavior and are worried about their conditions in a particular region. Till now, in this period they are also going through respect less, misbehaving manners which is really unfair. Black people have been judged anytime anywhere and also taken public threats regularly. This time the matter is handed in proper ways and women's respect will increase gradually. If this behavior is not controlling then the individual can suffer badly and cannot normalize the situation easily. In their culture, this shameful behavior and treating this kind of more harmful manner is not allowed anymore. People of all different surroundings should respect children who are growing in a free mindset and women for encouraging them toward their life. The women who fall into black colour society will get their place by developing themselves. People of those societies also inspire and give a peaceful and safe environment for the children and women of that region.



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