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ICP Nurseries: Providing High-Quality Childcare and Early Education in the UK

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1.0 Main body

ICP Nurseries reflect upon the children's communication skills and development. Compared to other nurseries, ICP helps the children to grow their interaction skills and literacy skills to improve the child self-esteem. This United Kingdom-based Nursery merged with Oakley Capital in the last financial year and reopened under the name of ICP Education. The strategic goals of the company are to build a group of leading and premium nursery groups all over Europe. This educational company supports the development and care of the children to potentially teach and develop their self-esteem skills. The company is always looking for new complementation settings to value the organization's ethos. These unique environmental settings help to bring individuality by maintaining the socio-communal culture and nurture the staff's support to bring the outstanding performance of the children. 

Company background

ICP Nursery is very careful and detailed about maintaining the childcare business. The nursery keeps all detailed reports about a child's mediation, trauma and illness record. Furthermore, they also keep all the detailed enrolment records and parental information in their data. A nursery requires a friendly, safe, and warm environment so that the child can be conducive and bendable to learn the necessary things. Findings have suggested that 85% of childcare associates assess potential behaviour effects and independent mixed associations identify active child behaviour. In the UK childcare is tax-free and the government spends £6 billion per week to provide required help and support to the parents. 94% of parents in the UK can afford the rates of childcare and can keep an eye on the child to check the daily-required followed daily routines. 

1.1 Strategic issues

The cost structure of the organization is a bit higher as compared to its competitors; however, the organization focuses on the keen elements of the organization to deliver the best services. Each sector is focused on the maturation of the youth. The organization charges 250 dollars for the enrollment of the student, 7500 dollars is the administrative fee, a dollar 400 for grants, staff payments are 3200 dollars and the total expenses cost 40, 000 dollars. The cost structure is constantly increasing from the year 2019 to the year 2021. In 2020 the cost structure was for the environment fee lower dollar 200 and in the year 2019 it was dollar 150, however, the administrative fee is dollar 3500 in the year 2021, in the year 2020 it was 2600, and the grants are dollar 200 in the year 2029 and dollar 350 in the year 2020. The staff payroll is improving rapidly each year in the year 2019 the staff payroll was dollar 1020, in the year 2020 it was 2200 and in the year 2021 it was dollar 3200 and the expenses were decided in the year 2021 as compared to the year 2019 as in the year 2019 the expanses was dollar 51000, in the year 2021 the expanses of the organization was dollar 40000.

The business was potentially able to manage the market, and the adequate strategies of the business help the organization to grow rapidly and influence the higher sales in the business. Collaboration and coordination are the key strengths of the business to achieve higher rates of success in the business. As per the viewpoint of Rehman et al. (2019), the employee recitation and the effective approach of the nursing organization deliver adequate freedom for the development of both the students as well as the employees to assure the development of the entire organization. The ICP nursing school expands in the development of business. The cost of the organization for admission is a bit high as it provides the most healthy infrastructure, and food facilities, and ensures the satisfaction of the employees. A total of 51350 is the expenditure of the organization in the year 2021.

1.2 Challenges

The United Kingdom sways several kinds of nursery facilities such as preschool nurseries, after-school nurseries, private nannies, crèches, and so on. Near about 570 hours of early education are free in the nurseries of the United Kingdom for three to four years children a year. According to McDonnell and Doyleb (2019), 8% of parents respectively liked to subdue high-quality childcare respectively. The findings of the United Kingdom further show 25% of parents are responsible and careful about their chosen child's nursery to institutionally support both full-time employment and the child's development consideration. In the UK, nurseries are largely expensive and often dictated under not affordable prices still the number of early care is growing. Furthermore, studies have proved that maternal employment typically demands childcare too and so childcare is particularly affluent and associated to address proper employment time and nursery time. 

ICP Nursery is very careful and detailed about maintaining the childcare business. The nursery keeps all detailed reports about a child's mediation, trauma and illness record. Furthermore, they also keep all the detailed enrolment records and parental information in their data. A nursery requires a friendly, safe, and warm environment so that the child can be conducive and bendable to learn the necessary things. According to Costa et al. (2019), findings have suggested that 85% of childcare associates assess potential behaviour effects and independent mixed associations identify active child behaviour. In the UK childcare is tax-free and the government spends £6 billion per week to provide required help and support to the parents. 94% of parents in the UK can afford the rates of childcare and can keep an eye on the child to check the daily-required followed daily routines. 

Childcare in the UK includes preschooling and crèches of children by offering a considerable and affordable homely environment. Around 0.6% of GDP in the UK comes from childcare and nursery associates. Many parents have stated that except for governmental subsidies the rates of childcare in the UK are becoming unaffordable. As per the findings of 2020, 72,044 childcare providers voluntarily offer on-site crèche facility and supplementary facility to offset some cost. Moreover, the COVID-19 outcome has also pertained parents to think about child safety and therefore retained them tucked at home. This behavioural practice has implemented the grandparent's love and attention in the children more and the proportion of this child population is 5.6%. According to Zamberlanet al. (2021), COVID-19 has leveraged the UK's financial outcomes thoroughly and therefore caused the closures of different organizations and loss in business. The nurseries during the time of COVID were closed fully and an estimated 30% deduction in the paid working hours subsequently affects the nurseries. However, the economy of the UK has contributed huge welfare support to the nursery service providers and facilitates the life and work balance once again. 

Private nurseries in England are current values at £5.5 billion and earn a profit of £3 billion by incorporated companies measuring all potential risks. According to Cheng et al. (2021), working parents manage different life domains at the same time and that can affect the child's mental health severely. Social isolation and physical distance have affected the mental health of normal people severely and it can affect the psychology of a child so poorly that can be carried in the next ages too. During the lockdown, the nurseries were closed fully and it left a poor impact on the business. The amalgamation of several lockdowns and isolation makes the child not to adjust to the outdoor environment easily that led to consequence mental health deterioration. The ICP Nursery takes care proper health diagnosis of the child seriously and not left any child alone so that they feel any mental pressure or loneliness. 

ICP nurseries are considered one of the largest operators of nurseries holding 44 nurseries serving 6000 children across the entire place. Nurseries are operated in the areas of Landon; the business is expanding its market by assuring the safety of the kids and managing an adequate structure to benefit the development of students. The organization is constantly approaching to compete with its potential competitors as a result the business is gaining a strong market reputation. The top competitors of ICP are "Academia Elze", "English Village Early Learning Center", "Beaumont Creative Learning Center", "Pixie Paradise Early Learning Center", "Beaumont Creative Learning Center".

1.3 Solutions


The organization is well focused to deliver benefits to the staff payment; the organization delivers the most adequate facilities to the employees. Employee satisfaction is a concern for the organization to assure the best services to the kids. As compared to its competitors the organization holds employee retention. The Benefits of the employee are the top priority of the organization ICP, as the company focuses on insurance benefits, health security and wellness, maternity leaves, paternity leaves and the facilities of vacations, and more. As per the observation of White et al. (2019), The competitors of the nursery are far away to facilitate their employee's many organizations are unable to expand their business due to a lack of employee satisfaction and the advantages of services to the customers of the organization.

Opportunities for career development

The higher rates of student involvement in business increase brand valuation and brand reputation in the market. Effective training is delivered to the employees to motivate the employees. As per the viewpoint of Budie et al. (2019), Effective expenditure is spent on the training of the employees to assure the safety of the student and deliver the best care for the children. ICP nurseries employees hold the values and cultural ethics in business, and career development opportunities are high in this organization for the employees as the expansion of business assures the branding of the organization and delivers the most suitable opportunities in the development of ranks. As per the viewpoint of Schirmer et al. (2019), Potential selection ensures the most adequate services in the business; however, potential candidates look for future opportunities to maintain a healthy life future. Adequate opportunities for employees encourage more potential employees in the org nation, and as a result, it assures the best services to the youth.


The safety structure of the organization is remarkable in that the organization delivers and facilitates bonuses, increases payment according to time, and has an adequate list of salary structures provided to the organization. The business holds a rating of 4.4 for benefitting the employees of the organization. As per the viewpoint of Lu et al. (2019),the structure of the salary influences the brand reputation of the business in the market. Completers of the business avoid the compensation of the employee, as competitors want to make more profit by reducing the salary of employees, however, the competitors reduces the selection of potential candidates in the nursery and as a result, it lacks the development of young minds in the organization. As per the observation of Deolmi and Pisani (2020), Business development is an essential aspect and by hiring the most suitable employees to facilitate the most significant way of learning to encourage the youth. The competitors are unable to beat the organization as they are not well focused on employee satisfaction in the business.

Work atmosphere

Collaboration and effective management of the business is a key aspect for the better development of children as well as a positive work atmosphere depends on a variety of elements, and coworkers recreate one of the most significant roles.


The management of the organization is well efficient and the organization is very particular about the work life of the employees. The work is over in the organization as the employees hold a healthy personal life. Paramount managers will involve many means to improve the rate of service. The practical nursing director's role affects the rate of services for the education of the children, the security, and the prolongation of communities. As per the viewpoint of Rahdari et al. (2020), the powers of competent leaders require adequate knowledge to lead in the market and unite actions so that each aspect of the organization grows with time as well as the entire aspect of development in business.

The competitors of the organization are unable to manage the business as ICP; as a result, the business can lead in the market for transforming the entire education system in the market. Adequate management is strong and the strategies of the leader in the organization hold the potential to improve the performance of the employees by managing a healthy and positive atmosphere in the workplace. Students of the nursery ate happily and very effective process helps the students to grow in a healthy atmosphere. As per the viewpoint of Rehman et al. (2019),the organization understands the psychological aspect of the children is a key aspect and the organization has profoundly established a healthy relationship with their students as a result the student grows happily in the nursery. As per the observation of Rosati and Faria (2019), Competitors lack effective management as compared to the ICP nurseries. The psychological aspect of children is required to be focused on the growth and maturation of the healthy mind. The organization developed skill treating for the employees for a better understanding of the mindset and the way of learning for the students. The competitors of the organization lack this concern, and as a result, the business of ICP gains the competitive advantage to assure the suitability in the business of developing child education.

1.4 Implementation

Health and Safety

The health and safety measures in the school premises are the most essential aspect for the growth and development of innocent minds as children are unaware of all aspects of life. A healthy atmosphere is essential for balancing a healthy education on the school premises. Parents of the youth are searching for the best services that assure the safety of the child and ensure the healthy development of education. As per the observation of Rudolph et al. (2021), early education structures the entire development of the mind in youth. Parents of the children and teachers are eager to strive to protect their kids and pupils ' comfort by maintaining them secure and safe from all hazards. The nursery of ICP is well understood in this aspect as a result the entire interior is developed to secure the life of children from hazards. The potential knowledge is effectively important for the teachers to serve the best education in an earthy and positive atmosphere. The schools maintain a healthy collaboration with the students to manage the healthy growth and maturation of young minds. It is exceptionally important for teachers to deliver the safest and most beneficial environment for all schoolchildren. Kids evolve extremely rapidly in the initial learning stage.

Understanding patterns concern

An adequate understanding of student welfare is the key aspect of ICP nurseries, the organization focuses on the expansion of business by damaging the key aspects of the welfare of children's safety as well as employees. As per the viewpoint of Kurdi et al. (2020), the positive and healthy atmosphere of the organization contributes to the expansion of business in the market. Parents of the students are more concerned and the organization deserves the best assurances to the parents and takes responsibility for the students. Students of the organization are regarded as the biggest asset of the organization. The competitors are lacking in assuring the safety of the children. As per the observation of Suprapti et al. (2020), children need a safe state to grow adequately; therefore the development of the infrastructure by hiring the best experts for analyzing the aspect of child development is essential to influence a higher number of students in the business. Development of each infrastructure focuses on each element such as the garden, soft mats, adequate positioning of the child, the size of the table, cleanliness, and delivery of clear water and healthy foods to the kids approves the development of the child.

Requirement of nutrition

The organization focuses on providing the best services and food to the kind each element of nutrition is essential for the development of kids, therefore the ICP nursing school delivers the healthiest breakfast for the youth kid after consulting the pediatrician. As per the viewpoint of Badawy and Radovic (2020), each nutrition is delivered as a result the competitors are just providing the food per the liking of the kid to fulfill their hunger. As per the viewpoint of Lu et al. (2019), the competitors lack the understanding of adequate development of nutrition in food and they deliver routine food for each child, the adequate understanding of delivering the best services to the youth makes the business one of the leading businesses in the entire area

Diverse forms of delivering education

The nursing school does not focus on delivering education to the knowledge in traditional forms of learning. The nursing school delivers the best services according to the understanding of children, the organization understands that each student is diverse and they require diverse forms of learning abilities to fulfill the requirement of a child's development. However, the competitors of the business deliver the same approach of leading styles to each child that results in many students being unable to recognize the matter and lacking the absorption of the skills in the mind. As per viewpoint et al. (2019), Pedagogy skills are practiced in nursing school and it is providing advantages as compared to its competitors. In the skills the management and innovation structure is essential to ensure the understanding of the students, each student is diverse in all aspects and the ICP nursing focuses on delivering the best opportunities to each student. The approach of providing the best services to the students in nursing

School improves the customer relationship in the organization. The adoption of technology and evaluating the demand of the market to provide the best services to the students is the best approach for the organization to influence the brand reputation. As per the observation of Alessandroni (2022), Effective Rabelais of each aspect for the welfare and development of the child's psychical aspect, health aspect t, development of mindset, and delivering the best services to encourage growth is remarkable by the organization. The competitors of the business lack to influence the masseur as the organization has analyzed the key aspects of business in the market.


In the United Kingdom, the cost of childcare in a nursery is around £140 per week is ranked in the top position according to childcare cost. However, ICP Nursery ensures to follow the principles of BITC and embeds a committed working practice to charter the demonstration of the inclusive development and responsible care of the employees. According to Cantillonet al. (2021), due to COVID-19, people around the world become more prohibited from avoiding childcare due to the risk to health. The highlighted suspension of avoiding nurseries also contributed to grandparents' provision. In the UK, during the pandemic, grandparents play a key role to take care of the child, as the parents were busy with their work. Due to the pandemic, the nursery business was not superficially going during the years 2020 and 2021. Generally, parents pay near about £7,000 every year to continue with their work and business. The essential and the most careful thing for paying this huge amount are to maintain the health of the child. Nursery costs in the UK are much higher than the average child nursery. ICP Nursery is well aware of to demonstrate business commitment and following authentic business practices. 

Year Income Enrollment Fees Administrative Fees Grants Staff Payroll Expenses
2019 £1014,000 £150 £3500 £200 £1020 £51,000
2020 £ 2600 £200 £2600 £350 £2200 £35,000
2021 £ 16,500 £250 £7500 £400 £3200 £40,000
Total  £5 Million £600 £16,500 £950 £6420 £12,6000

Table 1: Analysis of ICP Nursery’s financial data


After the devastating COVID-19 pandemic, ICP Nursery has reopened its gate once again to take potential care of the child by securing the environment and protected. ICP Nursery further researched the new marketing demand that sets the value ethics, and retains the individuality to deliver an exceptional experience for the children. According to Norman (2020), childcare and nurseries are important to resume employability after post-birth for the occupational class so that both parents can do their work positively while their child will be taken care of safe. Furthermore, nurseries do just not take care of the child it also makes sure that the child's behaviour and learning skill is developing simultaneously. In the UK, most working people are interested to put their children in a nursery so that the parent can endorse their egalitarian role as well as parenthood with it. The nurseries understand the requirement of a job in the current world and therefore they extend their help to resume parents' involvement in the work. Childcare nurseries in the United Kingdom are very important and necessary for many families. IPC Nursery offers a formal childcare service in an affordable price range so that everyone can afford the cost easily. However, the government of the United Kingdom funds 30 hours per week to those parents who work under pressure and cannot afford the hourly cost. IPC Nursery provides pre-schooling too for developing the natural education skill in the child. 

2.0 Conclusion

This report concludes the ICP Nurseries' advantages and strategies to compete with its market competitors. Parents of the child are searching for the most suitable services that ensure the protection of the child and guarantee the healthy growth of education. The nursery of ICP  has well comprehended this element as a result the fundamental interior is designed to secure the vitality of children from hazards. and nursing academy delivers the most nutritious breakfast for the kid after conferring with the pediatrician.ICP nurseries employees hold the values and cultural ethics in business, and career development opportunities are high in this organization. Leadership is strong and the methods of the director in the community hold the potential to improve the implementation of the employees by managing a beneficial and positive atmosphere. All types of advantages are delivered to the employees to assure their employee's protection and satisfaction. The competitors of the business lack to analyze the key concern of the development of kids sick as an adaptation of diversity in delivering education, Pedagogy skills are rehearsed in the nursing school as each kid is learning from different aspects of learning. This report also concludes the information regarding the costs and availability and adequate recommendation to ensure the sustainable development of the business. It elaborates the benefits of reduction of cost structure, extracurricular activities, and impact of community building for constructing a healthy nation.

3.0 Recommendation

Recommendation 1: To reduce the admission fee

It is recommended for the organization reduces the fee of admission to the ICP. Reduction of admission free will influence higher rates of admissions as a result the business will expand in the market. As per the viewpoint of Shaturaev (2021), higher rates of the students in the organization will contribute to the expansion of business and encourage a better market for nursing. Due to higher rates of admission fees, many students are unable to get admission. Reducing the admission fee and increasing the seats in the school will influence a higher number of students in the organization as a result the organization will gain better market holdings and a better reputation in the market.

Recommendation 2: Extracurricular activities

It is recommended for the organization encourages extracurricular activities in the school, extracurricular activities help the students to understand and abuse their hobbies and potential in a particular field. Scholl should be involved in varied co-curricular exercises that conform to a key element in sustaining learners ' interest in the academy. It should maintain appropriate sports structures and routes for cultural circumstances that assist in making the energy skills and character of the learners. As per the viewpoint of Ledwith (2020), this will help in reducing stress and help in balancing the most significant atmosphere. Extra-curricular activities help the students to analyze the value of collaboration and coordination and influence the better development of extractives of their choices apart from education. Extracurricular activities influence the best opportunities for developing the understanding of new skills. It will help in improving career opportunities for the kid in the future.

Recommendation 3:  Community building

In terms of developing a student, peer learning is considered a vital aspect at every stage of learning. To enhance the rate of education is essential for the kids to understand the values and cultures of the community. As per the viewpoint of Buckley and Lee (2021), building a school society with the involvement of stakeholders and many other elements of the society can come jointly to intercommunication their suppositions, challenges as well as the potential discussion regarding delivering solutions as it will help the students to learn cross-functional learning. Therefore it will improve the adequate connectivity and influence the productivity of the academy. As per the viewpoint of Cui et al. (2021), improving the grade of teaching in the academy will construct an enabling domain that will implant the idea of lifelong education. The learners will stay enrolled in the academy and remember and evolve enablers and genera as a result they will develop as an asset of the nation contributing to the construction of nation-building.

4.0 References

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