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Introduction: CW Samsung- Managing Innovation In Business

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The purpose of the report is to carry out an innovation review of Samsung to examine the company’s innovation record and its current stage of innovation action and capability. The report will also declare the key nature and drivers of the industry inside which Samsung operate. The report will furthermore highlight porter's 5 forces model and SWOT analysis to assess the weakness and strengths for the external environment of the organization. The report will also discuss external factors that can affect the business in the long run.  The key features of the report will emphasize on future of the industry in 2023 and beyond (Zhang, et. al. 2019). The report initially categorizes building future innovation capabilities for Samsung. 


Key findings

The accomplishment of Samsung has been extensively recognized in the last few decades with its innovative products launched in the global market (Tidd and Bessant, 2020). The case company is the world’s major television manufacturer and second major mobile phone producer and is also the major firm of flash memory producers. 

SWOT analysis will help the company analyze its strength and weakness and helps the company to use its resources efficiently. 


The company has conquered the Smartphone marketplace for many years. According to 2022 data, Samsung has maintained its global presence with a 20% market share in the Smartphone trade. The establishment of the company has for all times been innovative development and research. Outgoings in this department resulted in the business having a wide range of product portfolios among its competitor. The company’s position as an initiative for innovation is back with integrity (Mousavi, et. al. 2018). 


The company has been familiarity a decline in Smartphone sales since 2016. A comparable trend has been seen in China because of the price kindliness of the market. Any invention that threatens the living of customers lower confidence and trust in the company. 


The case company is getting ready to start on its latest air conditioning manufactured goods called the triple protection proposition which incorporates cutting-edge expertise and flawless building. The company can make inspiring transformational activities if it invests in its human resource management (Kudriavtceva, 2019). Not only it will benefit the company in increasing its sales but also give it competitive influence over its rival. 


The brand has been concerned with controversy that has endangered its business With the globe becoming more digitally oriented and global, law-making authorities have begun issues in strategy which are growing regulatory and legal threats to firms around the world (Oladele-Emmanuel, et. al. 2018).

According to Michael Porter, a company’s value chain is characteristically the element of a more widespread value system, as well as company suppliers or distributors. There is 4 key notion involved in the value chain model which includes competitive advantage, activities, and set of choices. 

Inbound logistics:  the case company has a very strapping logistics arm and is managed by its incorporated logistics subsidiary (Ishimoto, et. al. 2020).

Operations: the firm started its business in 1938 as a trading firm and has found its growth through constant diversification.  They have kept ingoing new areas of production all through its history to find expansion.

Outbound logistics: It has recognized 7 developed centers in a variety of corners of the world where it constructs the goods it sells. Since the company is an international brand, the goods affected in its developed and congregation locations

Marketing and sales: it is a fundamental and most important driver of demand in the Smartphone and customer electronics industry (Alfaro, et. al. 2019).

Future of the industry 2023 and beyond 

Porter’s 5 forces analysis of the company covers the competitive scenery and the factor upsetting its sector. The study focus on measuring the firm’s position based on forces like the threat of new entrant, the threat of substitute, bargain power of the buyer, the bargain power of the supplier, and competitive competition.

Threat of new entrants: the case company is the world’s most important consumer electronics firm. The technology businesses are extremely cut-throat and require steady innovations for a firm to maintain itself in this industry (Bruijl and Gerard, 2018). These innovations necessitate a high capital investment which is not likely to assemble by a small business. If well-known players enter this area, they may thrash about as they do not have the technical knowledge of how to sustain in this trade. 

Threat of substitutes: it is not possible to restore the level of ability abounding by a mobile phone in a single parcel. Individual substitution is likely; as the company has many patent that confine other firms from built-up a substitute product.

Bargaining power of customer: For low-down switch-cost strategies like mobile phones, the power of customer bargaining is high. This is because the company is a business-to-consumer business; no particular consumer has an important consequence on the company’s revenues. As a consequence, customers' bargaining power is inadequate.

Bargaining power of suppliers: the company has a huge number of vendors to choose from. The brand works with a diversity of suppliers from transversely the globe. The company's switching expenses for it’s supplier are low, it is mainly resistant to some supplier cease to propose the raw material or if its price is too high. 

Competitive rivalry: Many technological competitors can contend in a straight line with the case company’s software and hardware (Hafezi, et. al. 2020). The firms such as Apple and Google turn out high-end hardware, while One Plus offers equivalent capability at a condensed cost in the mobile phone marketplace. 

Samsung a global leader in technology gadgets that has announced more than 40 of its new products and service innovation have established consumer electronic shows with 2023 innovation award honors, counting 3 best of modernization Honoree from the customer technology association (CTA). The annual agenda honors exceptional engineering and design across a massive amount of customer expertise product categories. 

The company honored the crossways manifold category, strengthening the organization's obligation to provide a flawlessly connected, customizable understanding for consumers while contributing to an eco-conscious globe. With sustainability as a focus, courageous innovative ideas are brought to existence, including investment in sustainable resources, enlarged energy competence in goods and accountable recycling, and renovate and repairable strategy, while lessening the firm’s carbon footprint by using 100% renewable power in all facilities (Momaya, 2019). Samsung goods were well-known as innovation awards honourees in mobile devices, digital image, and accessories, digital health, gaming, wearable technologies, video display, home component and accessories, and software and mobile apps categories. The case company is focusing on bringing innovation into its business in the future to expand a competitive advantage in the global market.

Samsung Wins 46 CES 2023 Innovation Awards from the Consumer Technology Association

Figure 1: Samsung Wins 46 CES 2023 Innovation Awards from the Consumer Technology Association

Samsung Innovation Requirements 2023 and Beyond

Samsung is not satisfied with functioning in some markets around the globe but instead, wants to cover up as many areas as possible. Therefore, the company by focusing on the external environmental drivers of strategy can gain a competitive advantage in the long term (Silvestre and ?îrc?, 2019). Pestle analysis will help the case company to analyze the external factors that can affect the business and by implementing a suitable strategy the company can overcome the threats in relation with these factors. 

Political: Political constancy plays the main role in the accomplishment of an association. A brand thrives if the main political factor is favorable to its operations. The brand has faced political heaviness in Latin America and Africa. Good quality trade relation among 2 countries is another key feature that has a put straight impact on business. 

Economic: This factors force a brand like Samsung to enlarge profitable venture in a rising nation. High instability in the stock market and steady fluctuation in exchange rates can have a huge allusion on the monetary wellbeing of the company. 

Social: This dynamic comprises traditions, customs, and practices that fluctuate from one group to any more. The dissimilarity in social position affects the requirement of the goods and enthusiasm of the people to work (Kim, et. al. 2019). 

Technology: the company is being a technological brand that has been capable to drive modernization to gain a competitive advantage. The prophet corporation has continually launched innovative goods in the market (Grewal, et, al. 2020). The brand also makes use of a multiplicity of digital expertise for advertising and establishes inimitable customer relations. 

Legal: the company has faced intense penalties for the copyright infringement case for launching similar products like Apple iPhones and iPads. It proceeds to depreciate the brand’s insight and picture in the mind of the customers. 

Moreover, the company was ranked by the fast business magazine to be the 33rd most innovative corporation in customer electronics. The company’s top management and shared vision obligation are significant factors leading to creating an innovative atmosphere. In creating a such brand if leaders are not dedicated to their performance, innovation could not be organized in a company. Moreover having the most excellent employees for the development of innovative capabilities, the brand has tools to recognize the key players, such as developing leaders, promoters, thought champions, and gatekeepers, in the association. Experimental education programs that are pleasurable, effective, and innovative have performed this recognition task (Haizar, et. al. 2020). Samsung products are assessed with innovation awards in the category of mobile devices, digital imaging, betting, accessories, digital fitness, wearable and display machinery, smart home, accessory in general, and many other applications. Quite a few of these awards are integrated with eco-friendly features, including the Galaxy Z Fold4, and Z Flip4, and both are made with nets and include 100% recycled products for core packaging. 

Building the future innovation capabilities for Samsung

Samsung shared its vision for future at 2022 consumer electronic Shows (CES). 

Organisation has capability to follow the integrated innovation process 

The brand planning to introduce new products at its virtual meeting, perform how it is progressing to innovate by producing solution that are wisely connected, and flexible, and use artificial intelligence to appreciate circumstances to make everyday life seamless. Samsung should advance its research and development centre of the firm that directs the growth of future technologies for Samsung electronics and gadgets addressing the company’s efforts to enhance technical knowledge. 

Change management

The company is planning to design more private and spontaneous experience that conveys its customer’s personalities. The company should be hard at work by bringing next-generation modernization, with artificial intelligence as the core for a better tomorrow. Samsung should continue its investments in innovation that adapt to developing lifestyles to facilitate the brand to stay rapid with quick changes. The company has at the front position of artificial intelligence and robotic innovation, the company is speeding up its 7 global artificial intelligence research centres to advance in technology (?irjevskis, 2019). 

Expertise in new product development 

By bringing artificial intelligence to its products, the brand can create new home experiences including washing machines to optimize water convention, detergents, and clean cycles, to televisions with an artificial intelligence processor that can upmarket HD contented into untouched 8K declaration. Samsung closed its customer electronic show 2021 conference by contributing more to the form’s vision for how technology can facilitate development and construct an improved tomorrow for all. 

Change management

The company believes that there is no single all-inclusive solution and sustainable future necessitates savings across a broad range. That is why the company is purposeful in 3 key areas that are balanced to help mainly from technological innovation which includes education, sustainability, and accessibility. The company cannot construct large-scale innovation manufacturing works that perform constantly without a massive level of effort and investment. 

Expertise in new product development 

They position the MVIS approach as an in-between option between innovation and building a detailed business system. Making a real innovation mechanism must be done equivalent to the victorious implementation of a project that has a business-related impact (Nagendra, 2019). 

Extensive Communication of Samsung: 

The communication strategies plays important role for marketing of the company in figure 2 the communication channels of the company is explained in relation with the stakeholders.

Communication channel of Samsung

Figure 2 Communication channel of Samsung

Shared Vision and leadership and will to innovate

The company by only focusing on process and systems without delivering intermediate-term result, they are just doing the successor a favor. Booming innovations characteristically follow an invisible growth path and need acts of weighty measure of providence. Despite that given the period of the characteristic idea-to-launch cycle, the company must grow and sponsor penetrate innovation proposals early in its term to build trustworthiness and create momentum. 

Creative Climate and External Focus 

The company can launch smart dust products in its business which involves small wireless devices that are very tiny and prepared with sensor cameras that transfer information to an innermost hub for processing. This concept of smart dust is also recognized as a microelectromechanical system (MEMS) that uses a sensor and independent power supply to assemble data about the increase of rate, humidity, stress, heaviness, and sound, and includes many other features. The information can then be stored on a cloud platform and has many applications like running corrosion in metal substances, monitoring crops, shriveling people for safety purposes, etc. though, there is also a lawful safety concern for this dust as it might violate privacy.  Samsung can introduce a brain-computer interface (BCI) which is a computer-based system that attains intelligence signal, analyze them, and translate them into instructions that are communicated to a production machine to bring out the required action. 

It does not use the intelligence usual output pathway of tangential nerves and muscles. Brain-computer interfaces do not interpret the mind in the intelligence of extract data from unwary or reluctant users but facilitate user to act on the globe by using brain signal somewhat than muscle. These gadgets can help the company maintain innovations in the market and increase its scale in the global market. 

Effective Teamwork, Key Individuals, Stretching Training and Development, High Involvement and Appropriate Structure

The focus of artificial intelligence activity in 2023 will be on the growth of employees. Although artificial intelligence will unavoidably direct the evaporation of some types of personal jobs, innovation will come out to replace them. Accountable, advanced employers will more and more think about finding the way to this change by enabling workforces to fully influence the new tool that is obtainable to them. An additional thrilling field to watch is artificial content. This involves tying together the creative control of AI to create entirely sounds, new images, or data that has never existed before. 

Organizing for Innovation beyond the Boundaries The Future Internet (Metaverse)

In 2023, global brands are involved; the whole lot starts to come jointly to create unified services and products. These will be planned for conventional expenditure rather than merely to excite technophiles and early adopters.

Samsung is planning to launch these new devices by 2023 which include: 

S3B512C security chip: security element and secure processor into a particular chip, biometric card solution incorporate a fingerprint sensor, and the brand has enhanced security character with a proprietary fingerprint verification algorithm, in addition to anti-counterfeiting expertise. It is the cyber security industry that first full safety chip that reads biometric data through tamperproof stores, and fingerprint feeler, authenticates information, and steadily process information.

Galaxy Z flip4:  it comes with innovative camera improvement, better battery life and even additional customize opportunity than its precursor. The figure of the Z Flip4 allows for the exclusive camera which includes FlexCam, allowing its user to take hands-free pictures and videos in a straight line into their favorite social media applications. It allows customers to take a picture without opening a phone using a quick shot.

Galaxy z fold4: prized in the mobile, accessories, digital imaging, and gaming categories, the Galaxy Z Fold4 presentation, efficient camera, and ground-breaking plan make it the major productivity powerhouse for the next generation of foldable smartphones. It also provides a great experience for games and enlarged output from its 7.6-inch major display and android 12L features.

Galaxy watch5 and Watch5 Pro – Both gadgets are recognized in the digital health and wearable category for their superior health track, enhanced strength, and charging ability, creating its brand’s most significant feature watch yet. The device is intended for escapade and a hardcore way of life with an efficient GPS-based feature, long battery life, and expansive wonderful AMOLED display confined by an improved azure crystal. With the ground-breaking bioactive sensor, the series gives users the most absolute image of their health-related perceptions.

SamsungWallet – it is an in-one app that includes everything in one single device, Samsung Wallet is standard in the software and mobile app grouping. It combines pass, pays, and more to offer galaxy users a simple and innovative way to retain their necessary digital resources in at single place including digital keys and bank card travel pass, driver's license, and student wallet. The program provides a refined and safe boundary and touches admittance to its user's significant digital substance and data.

Bespoke AI laundry – the case company’s bespoke AI laundry products can be recognized for their inventive plan and fitted artificial intelligence technology. The bespoke artificial intelligence washer with AI was documented in the smart home groups. The device automatically identifies fabric type and soil level, and optimizes its presentation according to the concentration of this factor, while the cycle itself can be forbidden with Samsung's SmartThings app.

SmartThings energy: it is a software and mobile app category, Samsung's app offers a trouble-free solution for customers to decrease power utilization at home. In adding up to tracking power procedure, it also provides actionable recommendations based on strategy associated with the raised area and procedure pattern.

The brand has inward acknowledgment as the important with best of innovation honouree. The case company is focusing on launching new innovative products in the worldwide market to attract a large number of customers and to gain a competitive advantage. The company has productively included its approach of worldwide acting and thinking locally. Yet after increasing crossways in a huge number of countries, the brand has had to modify its product according to the requirements of the local customer.


The report has discussed on how Samsung is overseeing its innovation in business. The report has specified key findings on Samsung’s value chain analysis and SWOT analysis which has helped the company to innovate its product and expand its business in the global market. The report has concluded with the future of the industry in 2023 and beyond and also discussed porter's 5 forces model to gain competitive advantage. The report has also focused on building future innovation capabilities for Samsung.


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