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High Rate Of Resignation Of Saudi Technician In Taldeen Company

Introduction - High Rate Of Resignation Of Saudi Technicians in Taldeen Company

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The present report is going to evaluate the financial challenges faced by Taldeen Company and visualize the high turnover problems within its financial activities. The selling volume of the organization has been reduced due to the reduction in the total workforce power of the company. As opined Birinci & Amburgey (2022), a high employee turnover rate within the various departments of an organization visualizes the low employee morale of that sector. In the Taldeen Company, the human resource management team of the organization cannot be able to give the proper training sessions to its Saudi techniques which are one of the main reasons behind the high rate of resignation in its financial activities.

The management team of Taldeen company gave enormous pressure on the employees of its organization and based on this the operational volume of the business has been reduced. One of the major human component factors in the organization is that the cost of recruitment has been increased as it makes a major impact on the profitability of the business. As narrated by Saijo et al. (2018), the factors that are related to the resignation of the employees are change in the career; the employee is looking for better opportunities, for the purpose of organizational restructuring, and many more.

For figuring out the reasons for the high rate of resignations in Taldeen Company, primary data analysis has been evaluated. The primary data analysis has been implemented with the help of making interview analysis of 27 technicians within the organization. As idealized by Wirth, Maier & Laumer (2018), the main purpose of making primary analysis is to accumulate feedback from the employees and concentrate on evaluating the operational activities of the business. In the interview, 25 out of 27 participants said that they want to leave their current job and look for better job opportunities. Only four participants have said that they are satisfied with the present incentive program. Almost all of the participants have said that the reward system and incentive scheme of the organization was not sufficient to meet the basic requirements of their families.


? A strong pool of applicants

? Effective strategic alignment with the business goals


? Ineffective skills measurement process

? High cost of recruitment


? Virtual interview system

? Recruiting employees through public relations agencies


? Low morale among the existing employees

? Inappropriate reward and incentive scheme.

Table 1: SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis has been evaluated in this report for the purpose of making a situation analysis of the rate of employee turnover of Taldeen Company. The feedback of the employees about the management works of the company accumulated in which 95% of the participants have said that the company does not work on improving the present incentive system (Taldeen.com, 2022). The threats of the business are low morale of the employees and an effective reward system as 24 out of 27 participants have explained that the incentive system is not sustainable in comparison with the work pressure in Taldeen Company.

Possible Solution

Based on the primary data analysis about the feedback of the Saudi technicians in the Taldeen Company, it has been observed that the employees are not satisfied with the present incentive and reward system of the organization. As believed by Huang, Juan & Shu (2020), making improvisation of the reward system can be able attract a wide range of employees within the organization. Almost 97% of the participants have complained about the existing incentive system of the organization as the morale of the employees has been reduced as well. At the same time, the application of the sustainable increment system in the organizations’ payroll policies makes a major impact in appreciating the performances of the employees. The basic reason behind the high rate of resignation in the Taldeen Company is that the organization has not been able to give proper training to the employees of the business which reduces the workforce power of the business.

For the purpose of modifying the present incentive system of Taldeen Company, immediate rewards and feedback systems, need to be implemented within the operational activities of the organization. Giving proper feedback to the technicians of the company has helped in making them more motivated to complete the daily workloads within the stipulated period of time. As mentioned by Aureli, Marinucci & Riva (2020), rewards facilities in increasing the performances of the employees, and punishment makes them regret their operational activities. Thus, the management team of Taldeen company needs to implement the new incentive and reward system in such a manner that the employees who are lacking behind in meeting daily workloads should be given weekly training sessions (Taldeen.com, 2022). Due to the engagement of the training programs within the business, the employees can be able to improve the efficiency level within the organization as well as it helped in making sustainable development in terms of profitability in the business.

Upgrading the present incentive scheme within the business has played the role of mobilize in the overall efficiency level of the employees. Concentrating on receiving positive feedback from the management team and accumulating daily rewards, the employees will focus on increasing their efficiency level. As stated by Reyes, Aquino & Bueno (2019), the implementation of the brand new incentive scheme within the organization will be able to figure out the attraction of the wide range of job seekers within the UK. There are simultaneous positive aspects of the unique reward system as the brand value of the company will be improved through the help of the reward system (Taldeen.com, 2022).

The incentive schemes are being segregated into three parts such as economic, moral, and social incentives. As opined by Neff (2022), implementing a moral incentive scheme within an organization can be able to improve the overall efficiency level of the employees. Increasing the level of efficiency can help in increasing the operational productivity within the business. Further, an increase in operational productivity has been able to increase the profitability of the business. Thus, it has been visualized that implementing the incentive scheme is said to be one of the best solutions for Taldeen Company.

Evidence-based discussion

The evidence-based discussion in this report is accumulated with the impact of the high rate of resignation on the employee morality and production rates of the business (Taldeen.com, 2022). In this regard, the high rate of resignation in the Taldeen company is said to be one of the main factors that reduce the overall profitability of the business. PESTLE analysis has been implemented for the purpose of making evidence-based discussion within the sustainable marketing activities of the business. As narrated by Youness (2022), the purpose of the pestle analysis is that it helped in making sequential analysis about the various important activities of the organization. The pestle analysis has been used in the present analysis just because it helped in evaluating the government policies, economic factors, social, technological, environmental, and legal impacts within the operational activities of a business.


The industry regulation act of the UK needs to be considered by Taldeen Company for the purpose of recruiting employees in its business organization. As opined by ContentEngine (2020), the main purpose of making a political analysis is to evaluate the political analysis and make a projection of the business activities within the organization. Global trade union rules and universal recruitment policies need to be considered for the purpose of developing managerial activities in the organization (Taldeen.com, 2022). The impact of the rules and policies has been considered that helped in setting the rules within the business. Changing the financial activities and promotional strategies can be effective in implementing the operational activities of the business.


The economic growth factors need to be followed for the purpose of recruiting the employees within the organization. As narrated by Nippani & Parnes (2017), in the cases in which the financial growth of the organization has been observed, the marketing strategies of the business need to be evaluated. In those situations, where the financial growth of the business is not sustainable enough, in those cases, the financial activities of the business need to be reduced. The Taldeen Company needs to measure the labour costs for the purpose of evaluating the total number of labour required for the organization (Taldeen.com, 2022). It does not mean that the labour costs should need to be high enough as a sustainable wage rate system and incentive schemes need to be applied among the employees of the organization.


The work-life balances, spending habits, and the expectations of the consumers need to be analyzed for the purpose of predicting the wage rate of the employees. As believed by Jesus, Júnior & Brandao (2018), improvisation of the operational activities and making sustainable growth analysis of the business have helped in measuring the expected total remunerations of the employees of the organization. The main reason for selecting the financial analysis is that it helped in evaluating the expectations of the employees in a much more effective manner. Improvisation of the financial policies and specification of the marketing activities need to be elaborated to improve financial activities within the business (Taldeen.com, 2022). Thus, it seems that implementing the remuneration based on the expectation of the employees can help in improving the working conditions of an organization.


The application of innovative techniques within the operational activities of a business makes a major impact on the financial development of the organization (Taldeen.com, 2022). Visualization of the disruptive technologies and social networking channels need to be used that helped in attracting a wide range of employees to get selection within the business. As mentioned by Domaszewski et al. (2020), an increase in the financial activities and making necessary development within the business can be possible with the help of technological implementation in the business. On many occasions, the Saudi technicians have failed to improve their efficiency level as they have to resign from Taldeen Company. 


The environmental restrictions that are imposed by the country make a major impact on the recruitment process of Taldeen Company. Due to the communication barrier and implementation of certain laws, the financial policies and marketing strategies of the business need to be implemented. As idealized by Selmi & Farid (2021), visualization of the financial policies and concentration on modifying the whole recruitment process can be effective enough in identifying certain important factors within the organization. Concentration on paying corporate social responsibilities within the business and making necessary implementation within the managerial activities has made its impact on the incentive scheme of the business as well (Hbr.org, 2022). Thus, it has been observed that Taldeen company cannot be able to modify its present incentive scheme due to the participation of meeting CSR responsibilities in the organization.


The employment law of the UK has to be considered for the purpose of setting the rules and regulations for the employees of the employees. The management team of Taldeen Company has to consider that every policy within the business needs to be considered based on the requirements of the business. As demonstrated by Nurfitriani & Arwin (2022), implementation of the laws and policies within the business organization has facilities in making productive economic conditions within the company. Certain changes in the policies of the organization are being maintained due to the alteration of the employment laws of the UK (Taldeen.com, 2022).


Communication required to be established

A deliberate strategy is required to be evaluated by the organization to engage the stakeholder within the organization. Interim communication needs to be established among the stakeholders as it helps in evaluating the performances of the company in a much more productive manner. Integration of the overall operational activities of the business needs to be measured to evaluate the financial activities and marketing strategies of the project within the organization (Taldeen.com, 2022). The main reason for increasing the level of stakeholder engagement is that it helped in increasing the communication channels within the business. Making sustainable communication among the different groups has helped in identifying the stakeholder engagement program within the operational activities of the business.

Identification of the profile of the stakeholders

Improving the communal activities and managing the financial policies of the business has helped in developing the operational activities of the business. Increasing the financial awareness techniques and evaluating the managerial expectations has helped in improving the participation of the stakeholders within the organization. Focusing on developing the communication activities and improving the sustainable techniques within the business can help in improving the performances of the overall management system of the Taldeen Company (Taldeen.com, 2022).

Conclusion and Reflective Learning

Based on the present report, it has been concluded that high rates of resignation make a major impact on the operational growth analysis of the organization. The operational performances of the company have been reduced at the same time the profitability of the company tends to decline in the last few years in its business. The relevant issues based on the high turnover converse are said to be one of the major problems that have been identified through the analysis of the report. The morality of the existing employees of the organization has been reduced due to the improper training facilities provided within the organization.

The workloads to the technicians of the organization are being too much as it is directly impacted the operational activities of the organization. Improvisation of the financial activities and making specific development within the business has helped in making sustainable growth within the business activities. Through the help of primary data analysis of the technician's feedback, it has been observed that the financial operational activities of the organization are too hectic. Therefore, it has been observed through the help of primary data analysis that the incentive scheme of the organization was not justified. It is not concentrated on giving regards to the employees of the company to praise themselves for their good work.

The total workload within the organization has been increasing day by day and in return, they did not want to provide a sustainable reward to their employees. On many occasions, the employees of the organization have said that the reward and incentive system is not sustainable within the organization due to the change in the financial policies of the company. However, implementing the present incentive scheme is said to be the best solution that helped in improving the employee's morale in the organization.

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