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MN3040QA: Orientation for Success in Higher Education Assignment Sample

Introduction - MN3040QA: Orientation for Success in Higher Education

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Every individual aim to have a better career and employability opportunities in his future. But in the present world, the competition had increased to a greater extent, and unemployment had also gained in all the developing and developed nations due to which it had become to find better employment. The students studying in higher education needs to focus on their career development so that they can get better jobs and should not experience the adverse impact on increased unemployment[1]. Better career development is important for the students as it can help them in developing better skills and gaining knowledge which is important for them as an employee and working effectively in the workplace. Students receiving higher education should start focusing on getting better knowledge regarding how to achieve their desired job after completion of the education. The present essay illustrates the knowledge gained by the student regarding career development and employability. Along with this, the report also includes the reflection on the results of the assessment and how they can help the individuals in working effectively in the workplace and how this knowledge can be applied to the workplace.

Career Development and employability

Better career development and employability are very important for the individuals, and it is important for them to focus on all the things which are having an impact on their employability. Three important factors affecting career development and employability are explained below, such as:


Networking is referred to as the different professional, personal and academic contacts of the individuals which can help them getting a better job and achieving the career goal.Better networking is important for the individuals as it can make them aware regarding different opportunities which can help them in getting a better job with better pay. For employability and career development, networking is very important because if the candidate is not having networks than the candidate might face issues in finding a job. It can be said that as the unemployment is more, it is important for the individuals to have better contacts so that they can get a job easily[2]. The individual who is over to complete their graduation or even working as an employee needs to focus on connecting more with the peoples and developing a better professional relationship with them so that they can expand their contacts and develop better networking as well. Also, the candidates can meet peoples through other peoples, and this can also help them in developing better contacts which is important for the employability.

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum vitae is an important document which is being represented by the job applicants to the employer, and it includes all the important information of the candidate applying for the job. The curriculum vitae includes information such as educational qualifications, skills set, work experience and specific strengths of the applicant. Curriculum vitae needs to be very effective as this document creates a first impression on the employer and the job applicants should create an attractive curriculum vitae including all the important information which can help them in getting a better job. Different tools can be used by the applicant for creating an attractive curriculum vitae, and the applicant should try to use different curriculum vitae for different job profiles which can help them in getting a job easily. If the job applicant is having better and attractive CV as compared to other applicants than it would help them get an advantage over other applicants who would increase their chances of employability and will help them in having bright future[3].

Personal Branding

Personal branding is being referred to as the marketing of the individuals and their careers as a brand which can help them in getting better employability. For personal branding, it is important that the individual should reflect his skills and knowledge effectively through his personality, behaviour and speaking as well. For jobseekers or the students, it is important to focus on personal branding, which can help them in selling themselves to the company. Effective personal branding helps individuals in getting the job[4]. Students should focus on the development of better personal branding as it can help them in being different from other candidates, and this increases the chances of getting the job as compared to the competitor. If the job applicant is good at personal branding that it will help them in getting a job in diverse sectors on the basis of their skills and is having a positive impact on their career so the job applicant should have better personal branding skill. For having better personal branding, the individual should focus on knowing their skills and should focus on reflecting those skills while talking or representing themselves in front of others.


I have done an assessment, and my topic is motivation at work. From this assessment, I have learned a lot of new concepts related to the motivation and had understood how important it is for the employees while working in the company. In this assessment, I have tested my own skills which are having an impact on employee motivation. Through this assessment, I have learned that for being an effective employee in the workplace, I have to focus on personal development which would help me in developing my skills and knowledge and being an effective employee.

I have learned that as an employee, I need to focus on analysing that my purpose is meant or not and how effectively I am working for the organisation. I have to focus on my role in the company and have to ensure that I am doing the assigned tasks effectively and adding value to the company. I have also got to know that if I got the opportunity to control the task, then I can manage the things effectively. Recognition and getting rewards for better performance are also important motivational things which play a major role in motivating the employees. As an individual, I also feel that if my work is recognised and I am getting rewards for better performance than I will focus on making improvements on myself and will deliver better performance in future as well so I think rewards are effective in motivating the employees. In this assessment, I have also got to know that the failures can have a greater negative impact on me and now I think I have to work on developing the ability to face the failures as the failures are part of learning. I have to focus on being motivated even when facing failure so that next time I can get success. I know if I receive better recognition and achievements for the work which I have done that it will be motivating me a lot to work harder.

I have learned that I am not much good at interacting with other which can create issues for me in future and from this, I have learned that I should focus on boosting the confidence level and developing better communication skills which can help me in interacting effectively with others. Along with this, I have to develop teamwork skills also, which can help me in working effectively with others also. It can be said that this assessment is very useful for me as it had helped me a lot in learning new things and knowing my strengths and weaknesses as well.


For all the individuals, it is important to have better knowledge and skills which can help them in being effective in finding better employment in the future. The report had mentioned the important concepts related to career development and employability. Due to the increased unemployment in the world, it is important for all the individuals to have better contracts and resources which can help them in getting a better job and having a bright future as well. All the individuals should focus on developing better networking and attractive curriculum vitae which can help them in getting their desired job effectively. Along with this, it is important for individuals to have a better ability to reflect their skills and do effective personal branding, which is also having a greater impact on the employability of the individuals.

The report also includes a reflection of the assessment, which had enhanced the knowledge of the student how motivation is important for the employees while working in an organisation. The student had learned regarding the different concept of motivation, and it can be said that this assessment would help the student in being an effective and motivated employee while working in a firm. It can be said that this assessment was very helpful for the students and will help them in having better career development and employability.

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