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Innovation and Change Management: A Case Study of Social Media

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Introduction: Analyzing Innovation Strategies and Change Adaptation in Social Media

Innovation and change are very significant in each business on the globe. Innovation and change adaptation gives the company a high boost in their profit and market reach in the world. Innovation directly helps the company to grow in its competitive market along with exploring its business and departments in different areas of the world. The timely change adoption in the company retains the employees and customers in the business as well as attracts new customers to the company's services. To effectively understand the terms of innovation and change management the report considers a case company which is TikTok. The case company has a greater reach to customers in the world of entertainment. 

The report includes the current innovation process of the chosen company with its various examples of current innovation and change processes. The report discusses the background of the case company. This overview of the company is discussed to acknowledge its services and operations in the market. The current process of innovation with reference to relevant theories and concepts of innovation is discussed in the report to show the recent changes in the company. Examples are also included in the study to deeply understand the chosen company's recent position. The report is critically evaluated the current process of change in relation to relevant theories and concepts of change management in an organization.  The study briefly outlines the current and potential macro and micro environmental changes faced by the company in 35 years in the future. 


Background to the company and the nature of its organization

TikTok was established on September 2016. The company provides a hosting service in a short form video which is owned by ByteDance Company which is a Chinese company. Tiktok operates its business on different operating systems such as iPad, Android, and iOS. In China, Tiktok is famous as a name of Douyin(TikTok, 2022). The company is available in forty different languages across the world. The company has two different websites to connect with its customers in several countries on the globe. The company lies in a video-sharing type of business. TikTok hosts numerous user-submitted videos, from different contents such as dance, tricks, pranks, jokes, and stunts along with a duration of 10 to 15 minutes of video. 

TikTok logo

Figure 1: TikTok logo

Critical evaluation of the current process for change present within the organization

As the case company mainly adopts the technique of algorithm change and artificial innovation, it faces many challenges as well as experiences and various merits in the company. Talking about the change management theory that the chosen company adopted is to get better results are deeply discussed in the view of the algorithm change(Ziyi, 2020). The algorithm change helped the company to continue spreading its business everywhere in the world. Through adopting these changes in the company, it gets various upsides of algorithm that are accompanied by different challenges which boost the company's bravery to face and fight all these encounters. 

The good thing about adopting the various changes within the organization that is discussed in the above heading is that the company is now able to catch data-driven models to solve different problems which occur in the company unexpectedly. But on the other hand, these changes do not reflect a benefit for the company regarding its customer's reaction as the company was expecting. However, in the internal part of the company, it becomes beneficial change for the case company. The changes that are accepted by the company timely help the company to govern its operations along with the innovation of artificial intelligence (AI) which is now become an important part of every business across the world.

The changes that occur in the company create a smarter view of the business in the competitive market, but more efficient algorithm changes displace numerous human work activities in the company's services. Through this the company gets more profits, however, the chosen company removes the human efforts in the business which creates unemployment. After adjusting change management in an organization, it is more connected to the different customers in the world. The customers get new technologic information along with the best algorithm literacy. But through this change adoption, people's exposure to the wider range of reliable ideas of innovation which is eliminated providence. 

It is extracted that these change management techniques exist as a bias in an organized system of the company. These changes have disadvantages within the company by putting up biases in datasets or programmers of the company. As the company is slightly dependent on the adoption of new technology, it ensures that it has the transparency in its services. However, these change management applied in the company give more excess to the company in different parts of the world. These changes ensure that the company is on a profitable pathway along with the effective enhancement of technologies and human management in the company. 

The current process of innovation with reference to relevant theories and concepts of innovation

The case company uses different theories of innovation to enhance its performance in the competitive market. The main concepts and theories of innovation are discussed below:

Artificial intelligence (AI) watches videos and decides the fate- Many social media sites try to hook the graphic and copyrighted content along with the automated screen(Loureiro, et. al. 2021). Persons have imagined that the case company’s filter might do further than hook copyrighted content and it could decide that videos drive viral. As theory drives, artificial intelligence has scholarly over time which individuals like “familiar” or “attractive” stuff, thus it increases videos with the “familiar” and “attractive” however holds back videos that could be disagreeable. The chosen company has been visible for enquiring about its mediators to distinguish in the past that could have operated these inclinations in the machine idea.

Shares, comments, and replays are king- Each viral video initiates life with trial groups of company users. If a recent batch of users is involved with the person's video sufficiently, it will get exposed to the larger group next time, and so on(Feldkamp, 2021). Remarkably, 8 of the 10 most standard videos did not use the TikTok echoes or paid nominal attention to those hash tags. And yes, the trending sounds provide audiences with a sense of instant gratitude.

Consistent content attracts followers- A chosen company’s page shows that the person can create amazing coverage ofcurated content. However successful TikTokers stick to the one main theme, setup, and theme they do not circulate lots of diverse types of content(Tafesse, and Wood, 2021). It is certainly hard to find the prevalent account anyplace in the company which has not focused in somewhat.

Pumps new views to attract a person back-To test this theory; the company tried ghosting an app once more in January to no purpose. TikTok did not see any association between video appointments or screen timing (Russell, et. al. 2021). The chosen company will perhaps attract back after andtwofold.  However, once a person gets big adequate, achievement all depends on that person’s content. Small-time inventors frequently note this is trendy whereas popular designerscurse that reliable posting is the best part only.

The algorithm suppresses unverified brands and businesses- Here are 3 types of businesses that do well on the company-recognized brands that reprocess content from the other stages such as Calvin Klein, NBA, and recognized brands which put the struggle in the native content like Chipotle, Washington Post, or smaller trademarks which showcase the fun optical and physical products (Kim, 2019). But, the company knew that the Kapwing is a flawless creation for medium-tier company inventors. TikTok just had to post the good content on which the person makes videos that more people watch that content and like them, and other than this company attribute wins which proves that some persons started using the company's website more.

Examples to evidence of current innovation processes

The limited use case places significant responsibility on the operator to learn or make the content individually. The company took various routes by equipping operators with interior video formation tools. With the chosen company, customers can add filters, overlay audio, film, cut and paste clips, influence sophisticated AR, or many more due to TikTok’s great research outlay in computer vision or virtual reality (Ma, and Hu, 2021). App’s accessible edge means that almost every user can create a wide-ranging variety of videos instantaneously.

The common criticism against the social media stages is that consumers cannot be their most reliable selves. As mentioned above, a chosen company or musically were formed to share videos of dancing, singing, and many more that differ significantly from the micro-blog setup of Twitter or the photo-focused influence of Instagram(Cheng, 2021). Differentiation is essential. The New York Times journalist Kevin Roose volunteered to name TikTok as the only agreeable social network in existence since users can lease their guards down or turn it silly. Furthermore, a frame of mind of the case company consents companies to rapidly engage with its followers through short, light-hearted content. 


Figure 2: Innovation

The current process of change in relation to relevant theories and concepts of change

Nobody in this world stands at a stage of endless still. The whole lot is varying. Similarly, businesses also varying all time. Change neither dissipates nor disappears. It is a process that is unavoidable. Change is a key driving strength for the corporation to be an experiment and innovative along with the new managing tools or styles(Cameron, and Green, 2019). Here are numerous administration philosophers at diverse times that have planned many dissimilar concepts or approaches concerning the nature of change managing or how to achieve the variations successfully for the betterment of businesses. 

One of most prevalent or first concepts of change management was specified by Kurt Lewin. Lewin’s approach is slightly modest though further change management models is depends on this theory(Endrejat, and Burnes, 2022). Lewin’s theory of change is separated in 3 steps unfreeze, change and last one is freeze that refers to the three steps of change. On the other hand, According to the Kotter, effective execution of a change based on 8 stages as projected. Avoiding any one of the eight stages may make an apprehension of fast-moving a procedure however does not expand the efficiency of a change. Here are the 8 models under Kotter's change management theory that are a sense of the urgency, developing a authoritative group to direct the change, creating a vision, communicating that vision, empower staff, ensuring the short term wins, consolidate gains, and institutionalizing the amend in organizational culture(Laig, and Abocejo, 2021). 

The chosen company of this report change its current operations to effectively place its position in the competitive market. The chosen company posts go viral rapidly as of the stage's influential algorithm. Currently, TikTok algorithm change is impending, and many are hopeful that it will discourse an app’s inadequacies. Facebook came close to obtaining an app that would develop TikTok, or before long, the case company became a huge threat to Mark Zuckerberg’s social media territory. Google, Facebook, and other competitors of the case company have come up with their versions of Tiktok to encounter quickly growing Chinese competition that now has more than one billion customers. The two changes significantly impact the case company positively and negatively are as follows:

The company school-shooting threat- The quickly spreading TikTok post cautioned about the potential shootings or bombings at U.S. schools. When administrators learned about risk, they replaced rapidly, stopping classes or ultimately closing down schools. But, it curved out the threat was not real. Though the case company has become good at assuming what its consumers want or can endorse the content that fits their awareness, this can also excess the company’s users with possibly difficult videos.

TikTok algorithm change- The chosen company has decided to pinch its content-recommended systems with the hope that it will prime to better involvement for its consumers. An algorithm alteration could also aid reduce criticisms about the app. Coming to the company’s algorithm change is also proposed to give its customers more govern over its content references(Karizat,et. al. 2021). For instance, consumers will have the option to ban certain hashtags orwords from appearing in their feedback zone.

 Change Management

Figure 3: Change Management

Personal Critical Reflection

Reflection on learning’s while completing the report

I learned about innovation and change management from the report. To be competitive, a business must stay up to speed with market technology. TikTok also faces some challenges while adapting any change management strategies in the operations of the company. I learned about entertainment industry innovation which will further guide me in taking some creative decisions. I now know how to engage with customers, watch videos, and handle drive-or-account situations. I come to know that the case company takes into account all videos that the consumer liked or shared previously, accounts that person is following, the kind of content that the individual makes, comments that a person posts, and so on, showing the consumer videos. This part of learning gives me the knowledge of the company’s consumer interaction (Kivimäki,et.al 2018). The video information part of the company further minor particulars like particular sounds, hashtags, songs, and captions, are also deliberated before presenting the consumer with a video. This part of understanding helps me to enhance my knowledge that how entertainment companies increase their market reaches. 

Personal Development Planning (PDP)

My writing abilities have increased, and I have gained knowledge on how to create an academic report as a result of creating this research report. Making this report has taught me how to conduct research, which is a crucial element of writing. A report is divided into three main sections: the introduction, which introduces the report's topic, and the body, which provides the issue's primary analysis. A critical examination of TikTok's innovation and change management may be found in the report's main body. I have also learnt about various approaches and resources used to analyse innovation inside a business. The conclusion, which summarises the work done in the report's main body, is the last part.The talents I already possess are known through personal development planning, which is also used to identify and improve the skills required for self-development. I was able to improve my research techniques and learn more about innovation through developing the knowledge about innovation and practices in the case company. The reports are a crucial component of my growth strategy, and the knowledge I get from this one will aid both my academic and professional advancement.

Conclusions and recommendations

Chosen's company has the potential to improve its work and gain more opportunities in different countries. Additionally, TikTok can use new printing or social media marketing to improve its visibility or brand recognition on the marketplace. Alongside the opportunities, the company will also have to confront numerous challenges and threats in its current market or the future. The company in question, as with other apps must face the threat of battling experts in social media like Facebook and Instagram. In the meanwhile, App also has a fair amount of competition in the field, such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc (Stahl and Literat 2022). Based on this intense competition, there's an ongoing threat to the company to not reduce its market share or see declining profits in the near future .Looking at the advancement of technology one could expect that technological advances in the near future could eliminate current technology from the market. In order to remain relevant, TikTok has to invent within the next few years. Even though the company is utilized by over billion people each day across 154 countries, it still faces the threat of becoming of being banned, which could harm the application of the company. Changes in the policy of government could result in the ban of TikTok and result in the loss of millions of users.

Only through innovation or effective change policy will drag the company out of the challenges or threats. It is recommended to the company that it can use hashtag SEO. As the company is becoming GenZ’s place of choice google search has initiated applying the indexation of a short-form video from the company, Instagram, or YouTube, thus the person would not run away from the hash tags yet(Wiratmoko, and Sampurno, 2021). Hashtags the company chooses to contain in its video caption will initiate the target audience in their videos over keyword finding. It is also suggested to the company that it can adopt new technology like as learnonTikTok. 

As the company already started this program on its app, the thing is, a company can improve its educational video content. The case company can also adopt content such as mental health tutorials, psychology enhancement and social channels, etc.If the company did not get any new content then it is recommended that it should focus on its existing content and recreate them according to the generation change and location wise. In the future company get more excess when it initiates some different types of changes within the organization. It is suggested to the company that it has to give some freeness to its customers to bring more content to business and attract more customers by applying its new techniques in the app. 

From the above-mentioned report, it is concluded that the case company has a greater market reach and has potential customers who use regularly its services and apps. The company enhances its market reach through different acceptance of the innovation and changes but also through this it is banned from countries such as India, and China. However, the company gets more excess in other countries like the UK, the US, etc. TikTok effectively uses its algorithm change management theory within the organization, and adopted new technological innovations like AI in the business. Through these changes, the company becomes a more popular and most usable app in the world of social media platforms.


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