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Leading Through Digital Disruption Assignment

Introduction Of Leading Through Digital Disruption Assignment

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Leading through the digital process refers to improving the overall performance of a firm by expanding digital transformation in order to obtain better market results. It is critical for the company to work on digital transformation in order to improve performance and give better results in the overall performance. Sainsbury’s are working in the retail industry and are providing the product and services in market with quality and aiming of increasing the standard of retail industry (Kerr and Kelly, 2017). The report will explain the necessary information about the leadership and the change in workplace. This also provides the information about the digital transformation of the company over the year.

TASK-1: The Case for Change

Sainsbury's is focusing on workplace development and change by implementing digital transformation. Digital transformation encompasses all digital technologies used in business domains in order to improve future performance and generate better results. It is critical for the organisation to give digital technology to assist in the development of greater business performance.The corporation is advancing its digital transformation by strengthening new technology in stores in order to improve the speed with which operations and billing are completed at counters. This aids them in cutting down on customer wait times. Because the societal trend element is towards digitalisation and the audience is more interested online working, Sainsbury's working on change and digital transformation can benefit them.

There are the threats of digital transformation which the Sainsbury’s need to work on:

Product development skill set: Sainsbury's must establish the necessary method oftraining and development for functioning in the digital market since they must grasp the conditions and respond appropriately.In order for the company to profit from greater performance, the skill must be developed.

Attempting to tackle the transformation alone: To participate in the digital revolution, the company must concentrate on data and analysis.To improve workplace performance, the organisation must employ employees who are skilled in the transformation process.

Lack of leadership: Sainsbury's needs employees and managers who understand the transition and know how to work on digital transformation in order to measure better business success.


  • Sainsbury’s is looking to get increase in market ration by 2% in next 3 years.
  • The company is looking to boost the customers’ satisfaction by 10% to increase market loyalty (Sainsbury’s, 2021).
  • Working on develop of profit margin by 21% and develop more online working by the end of 2025 (Jin and et.al., 2021).

TASK-2: Capture Insights

There are different methods of approaches which can be used in the workplace and is looking for developing an understanding of the macroeconomic, partner and competitors of the Sainsbury’s in market.

Performance: The performance of the business can be considered as an evaluation of the understanding of the ways to produce the analysis of the change in the workplace. This is critical for the organisation to generate performance results that can be evaluated in the market based on competition, trends, and operating in the external environment.Competitors need to be analysed by Sainsbury’s as this can help the company in working with better detailed planning and use the performance knowledge to make their necessary change for the digital disruption in workplace. Sainsbury's needs to build a method in which they work on knowing market competitors and developing performance calculations so that they may gain a better grasp of firm performance in the market.

Feedbacks: Feedbacks are strategies that assist a firm in determining what its consumers think about the performance and quality of Sainsbury's services. Feedbacks can assist the organisation in better understanding the competition and its partners in the workplace, allowing it to update its strategy and establish new ways of working for better results (Matzler and et.al., 2018). The feedbacks also provide the understanding of the macroeconomic factors which the company need to work on in the digital disruption of company working. Change takes time, and the organisation must work on it in order to get better results. Sainsbury's needs to build a procedure for responding to criticism and adjusting their strategy if they are not seeing the desired results and are experiencing workplace concerns.

Market Surveys: Competitor’s aid in gaining a better grasp of the market, and a company can build a method in which they can assist in gaining a better understanding of the market survey and developing knowledge of competitors and partners. This is something the organisation must focus on in order to gain a better grasp of macroeconomic trends and workplace culture, both of which can have a negative impact on the business. Market survey help the digital disruption with getting the knowledge about the competition, partners and macro-economic factors which need to be understood for results in Sainsbury’s. There are methods that can assist the company in learning more about its long-term competitors, and a market survey can assist in making changes and understanding the changes in order to produce a better process (Bughin, 2017). The organisation is focusing on performance management to find better approaches to increase the market's vital workings and grow market share.

TASK-3: Make Fast Decision

Kotter’s Change Model

It's a method of boosting employees' knowledge of change in the workplace, which could lead to Sainsbury's management assisting employees in adjusting to the changes. This technique aids in raising employee awareness of workplace changes.

Creating Urgency: Sainsbury's management must focus on change management strategies such as instilling a sense of urgency and developing knowledge in the workplace.This enables the corporation to create an emergency for employees to accept workplace changes (Ebert and Duarte, 2018).This can lead for better understanding in the digital transformation as the need and urgency make the employee accept the changes.

Forming Powerful Guiding Coalition: Gaining the support of people and leaders in order to help employees comprehend the need for change and work accordingly in the process of enhancing workplace acceptance of change. Employees need help in understanding the transition process so they may perform better and achieve better results. This helps in transformation of Sainsbury’s digital disruption and helps them in making a change in workplace.

Developing a vision and strategy:It is vital for leaders and managers to generate a change vision in the workplace, allowing employees to understand and function in compliance with the changes. The digital transformation needs to have a good vision in the company towards the change strategy to impact the change in better performance.

Communication vision: It is necessary for employees to be informed about changes at work in order for their performance to be unaffected. It is vital for the manager to inform the employee about the change so that greater performance can be achieved.

Removing Obstacles: Change aids in the removal of a company's stumbling block and assists employees in putting the change into action, which can lead to improved performance. Management must understand that they must work to break down the barriers to change. This is important for digital disruption in workplace for Sainsbury’s.

Short-Term wins: enjoying the short-term goals is essential as the change can never provide big results in less time and it required a time to accept big results.

Consolidating Gains: Working on the gains in order to evaluate a better process and drive employees to improve their performance, resulting in an increase in future change processes.

Anchor Change: The adjustment necessitated management anchors, and it led to workplace development, allowing employees to become more motivated in their work. Helping the Sainsbury’s with the anchoring in change for better performance.

TASK-4: Acquire and Engage Talents

  • Motivation

It is critical for Sainsbury's to have a method for working on change and initiating a motivational process. Motivation can improve job performance, and employees can contribute to better inputs in the workplace, which leads to improved results.This can lead to improvements in talent performance at work, as well as greater overall corporate results. This is why it is critical for Sainsbury's to ensure that they work on employee motivation by boosting compensation, promotions, training, and fostering improved workplace relationships.

  • Training and development:

Training and development are critical for the business because it has led to advancements by expanding talent's skills and assisting Sainsbury's in improving its performance in the retail industry. The shift is assisting in the development of a new working procedure, which leads to an overall improvement in the company's performance.Essential training and development are required to improve workplace performance through motivation and training to improve skills for better performance(Vives, 2019). Training and development are one of the most effective methods for achieving improved achievements in the job.

  • Performance management:

Performance management is critical, and Sainsbury's should work on improving performance management tools to achieve greater results. They must build a performance analysis approach based on tools which can help in understanding the performance of the employee in order to achieve results.Working on new ways of doing things and doing performance studies are both advantageous to the company. Performance management can help the company figure out how employees react to Sainsbury's based on their performance.

  • Maintained employee relationship:

Managing the employee relationship is crucial since it can lead to increased employee engagement and performance. When a company's relationship with its employees and management improves, overall Sainsbury's performance can improve. This help in understanding better for the digital transformation in workplace and it also increasing the development for faster transformation into digital and making a better communication to increase the employee relation.

TASK-5 Create a Digital-Ready Culture

Formal and Informal leadership

Formal leaders are those who work as one of the group's leaders in an official capacity. The CEO of a firm or a teacher at a school is two examples of formal leaders. It focuses on team members' motives in order to evaluate better workplace results.

Informal leaders are individuals who do not operate in a formal capacity in order to achieve results. Working with informal leaders is crucial for the organisation to improve some of its performance; this aids in the development of a deeper understanding of the working process.(Verhoef and et.al.,2021).

Both the informal and formal leadership is essential for the workplaces and they need to work according to the situation. Sainsbury’s is working on the necessary development for the leadership to increase their performance. The culture is essential for the company works on the training and development by the leaders to increase the ethical working. Sainsbury's is working on a very important component with its executives to create improved workplace working (Vial, 2019). This is creating an increase in performance of the company to work on the culture factors to develop better performance.

The formal leaders have more rights than the informal leaders, have more authority over the group than the informal leaders, and have the right to command in the workplace. They can also give awards to employees improve their performance in the workplace.There is critical collaboration that formal leaders can bring to Sainsbury's, as this has resulted in improved performance and evaluation. This is critical for the organisation to develop its leaders into formal leaders in order to evaluate better cultural transformation and business operations.The informal leaders lead through the example in workplace which can help in motivating people to increases performance.

TASK-6 Steer Collaboration

Sainsbury's is focusing on communication tools to improve their workplace performance, which will also aid in the development of improved performance. This is critical for the organisation to ensure that they are developing communication tools that give the individual the ability to express themselves and assist the company in making decisions. There are several communication tools on the market, but Sainsbury's is collaborating with Chanty tools to improve their communication performance in the workplace, resulting in increased work performance and better decision-making.These software’s are understood and produced by leaders in order to see the individual's feedback and review in order to generate new performance in the workplace. This aids leaders in comprehending the knowledge-gathering process from communication, as well as discussing the necessary process of individual behaviour and working on the development of what employees are feeling at work.The tool will help the digital transformation in the workplace for Sainsbury’s and allowing them in increase of change and development in workplace. There is necessary digital transformation with the tools to increase more about the communication. Working on workplace change necessitates leaders' understanding of the individual point of view of employees in order to make better workplace decisions. Leaders at Sainsbury's are aiming to establish a culture of communication in the workplace so that they can assist employees.The tools aid in improved performance by allowing for increased communication, which can aid the leader in establishing change in the workplace by allowing them to gain a better knowledge of the essential change process. Working digitally with tools aids in decision-making and a better knowledge of workplace concerns.

TASK-7 Select your Leader

The key attributes for the leaders are as follow:

Communication: One of the major factors for the company to have in a leader are the communication attribute. It is because the leaders help in increasing the communication within the management and the employee to increase performance and remove the conflict of workplace. Communication can help in better understanding of the change in digital transformation of workplace.

Vision: the leaders should work on the vision and leader should always focused towards the vision of the workplace (Humphrey and et.al., 2019). Vision can help the company work on the digital transformation to lead better performance. The leader needs to work on this to enhance working.

Inspiration: the leaders should work on the inspiration to the people and work on developing the loyalty and motivation towards the company. This is essential for the company to develop as they need to motivate the employees in increasing performance and develop working.

Culture: The leadership is a factor which helps the company in getting better culture at workplaces. This can help in performance improved and also create a new way of doing the necessary working. Culture can enhance working as it can lead for motivation to increase the digital transformation in the workplace.

Accountability: leaders are accountable for different situation and their work in the company. It is vital in getting the necessary process of development and they also provide in the change of performance for Sainsbury’s. The leaders are accountable for better results and to make the work complete on time (Tang and Liao, 2021). Digital transformation need accountability in workplace which can be happened by the way leader supports everything in workplace and provides a better working.


The survey stated that, in addition to the overall shift in the workplace, digital transformation is critical for the organisation because it assists them in building future working processes and adapting to changing market trends. It also gives information since leadership is crucial for change, and the organisation must build a procedure that allows them to have an effect in a competitive market.

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