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Mapping Project Dialogues Using IBIS

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1. Issue Map

Issue Mapping is a graphical network in which the process of crafting an issue map, an issue map that is integrated with many points, problems, and solutions to show the issue in the deep structure, Issue map can be drawn on paper but for the significant issue maps are typically created using of software tools, the tool is called Compendium. The issue map structure is issued-based rather than conventional which is often used by people nowadays in an organization, in which there are sloppy arguments, lack of evidence, thinking, over-simplification, and skip steps (Silva, Jaber, & Sato, 2018). Issue Mapping combines all the viewpoints of the people facing issues and understanding the proper way to solve the problems, the maps contain the issue matters and the actions in a large perspective, the issue map provides and promotes every wisdom and helps the people to avoid easy solution and jumping to a conclusion. The issue map supports the thinking of “Laurance J. Peter” who once said that more complex problem also needs high intelligence and well being informed about all of them.

Problems caused by addressing the issue map

Through the issue map always look for the problems and reduce the cost in the large group and systems, in the persistence in organizational problems in which negotiate the “delicate environment policy”.

Work of Issue Maps 

The issue maps have an understanding language IBIS(“Issue-Based Information System”) the information was developed for the design and process to know about the economy of the organization, Horst Rittel is the creator of the IBIS system which is used by the organization over 40 years, as it’s slow to catch on The Invention of IBIS is the most important invention in the 20th century (Yaskorska-Shah, Rocci,  & Reed, 2022), It is a simple system which uses three basic elements of the people thinking “arguments, questions, and ideas” this three are the perfect solution and powerful enough to overcome any complex issue which is facing by the peoples in the organization which is likely terrorism, generating modern organisms, and global warming. Inside there is an amazing power that can question in a systematic way for collapsed meaning and social complexity. Issue Mapping is used in everyday business and personal preference, issue mapping can skillful the questions in the issue maps which have the unlimited capacity to solve any issue in the organization. The issue mapping is applied to the “Wicked problem” if the political solution allows rigor and clarity.

2. The Crash Course OF IBIS

IBIS consists of three Elements as follows:-

Issues: The issue is the debate which is typically all questions in a line like “What should we do about the problem that came up?” In an issue problem is the interest in the group for the simple where the problem is created in that particular group in terms where the problems can create more problems by repeating the same mistake which leads to the system being replaced with identification.

Ideas: The ideas that are to solve the issue and respond to the questions where an IT group persons might change the system to new systems as the persons in the groups provide ideas to resolve the issue that has been created by the other groups to resolve it.

 Arguments:  Different arguments can be made based on the different pros and cons which are related to the issue. The particular set based on the arguments can respond to many new processes and ideas which is relatable to different viewpoints regarding the topic itself. 

Rated options:

There is a particular comparison where there are different determinations of weighting. It includes different criteria and it concludes with a matrix form. Both the row and column is divided into number A to H where it is divided into various numbers. Criteria 1 are valued from A to H while following the same process it conducts the other value of 2 to 8.  For the criteria, it denotes in a parallel way its values with the same form. From criteria 1 to criteria and it has a 0 value, then from criteria A to criteria B, C, D, E, F, G, and H it all has the same value in a parallel way. Somewhere criteria 2 has 0 values regarding criteria A, besides criteria C to H it includes the same value. Besides this, criteria 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 have almost the same value as criteria A, which includes mostly 0 or 1. For criteria 2 to 8, with the criteria B to C, it includes 0.5 to value. Besides that, the rest values are the same. The number from 1 to 8 has approximately 28 numbers, and the overall percentage remains the same at 100%.

 paired comparison analysis to determine criteria weighting

Figure 1:  paired comparison analysis to determine criteria weighting

For the second pair-wise comparison for the option evaluation scoring, the below figure shows the estimations. Regarding the scores which are fully null in many places showing the rating in many places zeroes like in the A, B, and C or in D parts the estimations are provided. For criteria 2 in Option A and C, it is 1, for criteria 3 in C option it is 4. 5 in Option B for criteria 4 and in 6 it is 1 in D and in 7 it is 3 and 2 in respective to A and C and in last one it is 1 in option A. These numerals fully satisfy the estimated scores.

option evaluation - scoring summary

Figure 2: option evaluation - scoring summary

Brainstorm all related issues 

 Figure 3: Brainstorm all related issues

Map the relationship of issues in a hierarchical form 

Figure 4: Map the relationship of issues in a hierarchical form

3. Option analysis

Options analysis is a statistical method that is based on the idea that changes over time would affect the cost and return of a possible IT investment. If the IT department cannot change the decision, it must abide by the earlier judgment. However, by setting up a choice for a decision in the future, the IT organization might choose to pursue IT investments that are later determined to be profitable. Decision-makers can assess whether any viable solutions address the need for a capital solution and are worthwhile for further development and evaluation based on the information provided by the options analysis. This is done by developing an alternatives development process, using it to generate a long list of potential solutions, and then distilling that list down to a shortlist. The potential outcomes for the Strategic Plan are then identified by high-level criteria analysis of the shortlist.

4. Issue 

Issue 1: The current supply glut and falling global demand for gold

Based on the topic, the price based on the affected areas is a demand where various supplies can be negotiated. There are multiple demands on the customer regarding the present demand for the gold estimation process. Based on the modern market there is different diversity which is related to gold from the 1970s where there is different market research flourished around the globe. Apart from it, there are different cultural and influential reasons for different economic derives. In the particular section of jewelry, there are different gold markets with economic cycles present with different where self-balancing qualities are balanced as a global issue, where it can be significantly eastwards based on the demand for the gold section (Lee, 2020). There are different cultural affinity is growing based on the economy and related to every aspect. Different gold sections can be affected by the particular theory based on the demand. Though almost every possible thing is dependent on the customer different goods are based on demand jewelry with the help of electronics also includes the cost variable when it rises.

Issue 2: If costs increase by 20%, and gold were to fall a further 20%, we may become insolvent within two years

There are different perspectives behind the increase of the gold price which can be a little different based on the particular cost with the incensement depending on the fall which is rated as more than 20% with the positive rated solution in the crisis with environment different entities. There are different commercial infrastructures based on the considerations taken where the different party has ceased with the paying system as an ordinary course based on any business strategy with different doubts due to the insolvent procedures. There is a different process that can act as insolvency based on various aspects. It includes -

  • Properties based on different provided notices towards the creditors.
  • Properties that can be sold by the process of Decree.
  • Different fraud by the commits.
  • Process-based on transparency
  • Imprisoned and many more.

This is an important step that is mainly noticed in these facts.

Issue 3: Negative impact of less gold production in the market

There are many popular gold mining companies in the world. When the central bank purchases gold, it will affect the demand and supply of the currency of the nation. All over the world, sinkholes, losses of biodiversity, uses of water, ponds of water, dammed rivers, and issues of wastewater disposal, surface, and groundwater will lead to issues in the local area. For this reason, the production of gold will decrease (Zemplén, 2020). This will hurt the local or global market. The gold production company is not able to fulfill the demand of the market. Market share is decreasing day by day in the market for the low supply. The price of gold jewelry has been increasing for this reason.

Issue 4: No renewable energy is available right now

Different issues can be taken based on the statement where day-to-day resources are used and generated based on natural gas, coal, and with major molecules where different resources cannot replace it ever which can cause people to become dependent on it, by which the system became lazy, where more positive innovation is needed.

Issue 5: Upfront capital is an issue

This is mainly a type of optional issue whose effect is very low.

Issue 6: The employee's complaints of change fatigue

This type of issue is mainly created on the suggestion of the employee to give them less salary than they work.

Issue 7: Not having proper technology for the mining company

Proper technology is an important part of every mining industry. Old and outdated technology of the mining company will reduce the workflow of the company. Miners must use special equipment and skills to be able to analyze the critical methods of the mining technology. Besides it, there are different reasons why the mining companies are dealing with technological issues, which have different facts like -

  • Lack of proper knowledge and practice with time.
  • Disruptive process of the technology.
  • Ignorance towards the local workers and communities.
  • No proper solution and various social issues are also included in it.

5. Referencing of Value of Gold going up and down in the Global Economy

In today's world, the value of producing gold in mines is decreasing day by day for that reason many workers have to switch their jobs and store money in the economy which is facing a crisis of gold, and for that reason, the price of gold is increasing day by day for one reason the every mine companies are converting their resources to the reusable resource and transform into modern technology. 

6. Recommendations

The recommendations for these issues are as follows:

Day by day the rate of gold is failing as the cost is increasing due to the negative production of gold. So to overcome this problem one thing can be done and that is, since the cost cannot be reduced effective mining procedures in many geographical locations need to be carried out. Moreover, one thing is important which is that there must be a systematic approach for the production division of gold. Mining should be executed in much higher amounts thus there should Many innovations are required to sustain the renewable energy in the system, for management. Renewable energy is highly needed thus to make it work and access for the resource purpose, there should be a balance of effective management. As upfront capital is not such a big deal, but that does not mean it should be given detailed attention. Even the slightest thing can break the whole scenario of the management just the basis of the employee’s complaints. Employees’ complaints can break the very strength of the management. Due to the hard work and low salary structure employees can raise their voice against these should the company increase their increment on the salary division. The last and most important thing for the mining factor is there should be an effective system of machinery that can be used for the mining. Mining can be done by the effective strength of the miners or the workers but the most important thing is there must be a properly assembled structure of machinery that will be needed to do the mining because many times workers can face accidents while doing the mining so to prevent that there should be machineries.



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