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Starbucks Cafe with Library: Construction Project Overview

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Introduction - Starbucks Cafe Project Planning: Materials, Construction Steps, and Legal Requirements

1. Project Time Management

Network Diagram and Critical Path Analysis

The different activities that are needed to be performed for operating the Starbucks cafe are Legalities and Documentation, suppliers of construction materials, finishing, organizing lists of books, Café, designing library database, IT, build, contractors, and subcontractors. In order to perform Legalities & Documentation activities, subtasks that are needed to be done are Insurance, discussion of the development of the library, planning permission (1.1.2) application is connected with insurance (1.1.3) and it is also connected with the architect section (1.1.4). Library design finalization (1.1.6), the insurance and architect section is connected with Architect approval (1.1.5). In addition to this architect, approval (1.1.5) is connected with design discussion and the design discussion is linked with library design finalization (1.1.7). As stated by Parsons and Lawreniuk (2018), legalities and Documentation are the first stages; therefore, it mostly consists of approval for developing the Cafe structure. On the other hand, design discussion (1.1.6) is linked with subcontractors and the subcontractors (1.2.2) are parallel linked with budget allocation (1.2.5). In addition to this Shortlist, reliable suppliers (1.3.2) and the subparts of suppliers of construction materials are parallely connected with receiving an order or sign-off (1.3.9). The budget allocation (1.2.5) is linked with discussing the project (1.2.7) scope and selecting one experienced contractor. In addition to this, the budget allocation and selection of one experienced contractor are linked with the signed agreement. The lay foundation (1.4.2) is parallel linked with Orona lifts design, maintenance, and fitting (1.4.9). The PCs, and laptops suppliers shortlisted (1.6.2) as collateral are also connected with system security ware software (1.6.8). The search wholesale suppliers (1.7.2) are interconnected with Record books' titles in main PC for bookkeeping ( In addition to this Outsource database, web designing to India (1.8.2) is aligned with test run and Shortlist coffee making businesses is aligned with Recruit staff ( All the above-mentioned subtasks of Legalities and Documentation are needed to be followed one after the other such that it becomes easier to complete the tasks without facing any issues related to the objection to developing cafes in the UK. In this particular phase, even sub-activities are to be performed and include cross-referencing the contractors who are shortlisted, selecting a single experience contractor, signing agreements, and searching for certified subcontractors and contractors. The other sub-activities of this section are requesting quotations, budget allocation and approval from the finance department.

Activity List and resource allocation

One of the most important things that are needed for a construction project is construction material. There the suppliers of the construction materials are considered to be an important asset of the project. In order to select the best suppliers, the suppliers that are reliable for the project are to be shortlisted by the project team itself, along with selecting the best suppliers by requesting tenders (Zhang, 2018). 1.0 is connected with 1.1, 1.2.1, 1.3.1, 1.4.1, 1.5.1. 1.6.1, 1.7.1, 1.8.1, 1.9.1. After the final supplier is selected, the discussion is made on delivery dates and comes, and the budgets are approved in order to place the order. Additionally, 1.1 is connected with 1.1.7 and 1.2.1 is connected with 1.2.8. On the other hand, 1.5.1 is connected with 1.5.9 and 1.9.1 is joined with The completeness of the order will be monitored by the project team, and the tasks will be completed by reaching the sign-off of the client. The most tasks is building the structure of the Cafe; the first task that is to be done is laying the foundation, checking the safety, building walls, roofing, and building doors and windows.

The other things that are performed are checking the fire safety, weather safety, the plumbing works, installation of electrics, and HVAC systems (Heat Ventilation and Air-conditioning). Finally, the remaining important tasks that are to be done in the particular building activity are testing whether the building is safe for customers, construction safety surveillance, design of lifts, fitting and maintenance. As soon as the external structure of the Cafe is developed, the next thing to be done is interior designing the infrastructure such that it becomes appropriate to open the Cafe (Khan et al. 2020). The respective activity is known as finishing, where the finalization of the interior design is done; the total budget is not only calculated rather approved as well. The orders related to furniture and furnishings are placed, orders are received, the completion of stock-taking, checking of safety features, decoration, painting, arrangement of bookshelves, setting furniture and setting of all other things are done.

The next activity is setting the technologies that are to be used in the Cafe, which has the special feature of containing a library. Similar to the suppliers of the construction material, there are suppliers of laptops and personal computers as well. The respective suppliers are shortlisted, the tenders are discussed, serving is done, and the signed agreement is done, which will have a lease long term (Zandstra et al. 2020). The terms, as well as conditions for servicing, are agreed upon along with installing the onsite; IT specialists are needed to be booked for setting laptops whose cost is £ 100,084 and PCs onsite whose cost is 47,600. In addition to this, the other activities that are to be processed are certifying places, running safety tests, setting up system security, antivirus software and malware. The books that are to be selected for the library of the Starbucks cafe are searching the suppliers of the wholesale, requesting tender, short listing top publishing houses in the UK, selecting suppliers of the books, allocating budgets and placing orders.

The discussion relayed to terms, volume, conditions, as well as terms are done altogether with approving budgets done by the finance department; long term agreements are signed for current supply from editors and recycling services of old books. The records of the books that are to be collected for the library are to be kept such that the status of the book can be easily viewable by the managers of the library (Bannar?Martin et al., 2018). The outsourcing for designing the database is to be done in India, approval of the budget is needed to be performed, and allocation of budgets is done as well. As a consequence of this, the company responsible for designing the web-based database is to be selected from the shortlisted list, discussion related to database requirement and design are cooked, and contracts with web designers are signed. After the web-based database for the library of Starbucks cafe is done, it will be received by the hierarchy of Starbucks for testing the software.

The final stage that is to be done for completing the entire complex project, which could be completed within two years, is the manufacturing cafe. The equipment that is needed for Starbucks, such as ovens, toasters, coffee grinders, sandwich presses, cooling devices, storage devices, food containers and many other things, are shortlisted. Similar to the other activities, the tender is sure to be requested as well; the finance department is responsible for not only approving rather allocating the budget (Hernandez et al. 2021). In the respective business of Starbucks, a coffee company would be selected discussion on important topics such as agreement terms, the scope of business, and partnership. The equipment that is shortlisted easier is to be taken as a lease and set up accordingly. Different types of safety checks, such as fire safety, are done altogether with recruiting suitable staff for Starbucks to provide proper service to their target customers.

2. Critical evaluation of the role of project manager and project roles

The different activities that are perfumed by the project managers to manage the project of developing the Cafe of Starbucks are organizing, directing and planning the project. As mentioned by Lu?a? et al. (2020), the project manager is responsible for making sure of the fact that the respective projects are delivered within the given deadline, within scope, and on budget as well. Mr. A. Osamudiamen is the project manager and he has contributed to solving difficult problems and reliability. The concerned project of making Starbucks cafe is counted to be a complicated project; therefore, till the project is completed from the inception stage. On the other hand, they have the efficiency in providing proper shape to the trajectory of the organization (Irfan et al., 2021). The advantage that is gained from the respective efficiency of project managers is increasing the capacity of an organization, maximizing revenue as well as reducing the cost of the project. The personality type of Mr. M. Paluszkiewicz is monitor evaluator, specialist, and tram worker, and the role is a risk manager. Mr. D. G. Augustine is the Contractor Manager and the personality type is an investigator and team worker and the respective person's contribution is in averts fiction, enthusiasm, and Build.

The duties that are needed to be performed by an organization are dependent on important aspects such as project types, organization, as well as the industry of the organization, which is the food and beverage industry in this case. As stated by Benítez-Ávila et al. (2018), in the entire project lifecycle, there is the presence of more than one project manager whose responsibilities are shared by them equally in all five phases. The respective activities are performed by the project manager in the identification stage of Starbucks Cafe. The role of Mrs. J. Martonova is Sub-contractor Manager and the personality type is a shaper, team worker, and invigilator.

The project manager along with the project team member does the plan that is developed for the project. According to Cooper and Sommer (2018), in addition to this, the other job role of a project manager is managing the performance of the entire project team in making Cafe of Starbucks. The acceptance of the projects is secured by the manner of the project as they are counted to be the head of the project along with providing approval of the project deliverables. Ms. K. Ghale is the human resource manager and the contribution is in a good listener, practical, disciplined, and imaginative. The respective approval is obtained from stakeholders as well as project sponsors. On the contrary, other responsibilities of the project managers are making proper communication with all the stakeholders, such as team members, investors, and business analysts. Apart from this, the other roles of the project were risk management, status reporting, and escalation of issues which is not possible for the team members to resolve by themselves.

The team members are asked to provide daily reports of the progress of the project to the team member, which are further delivered to the upper hierarchy to have knowledge of the status of an ongoing project. As per the view of Mauro et al. (2018), in the project report, the important fields that are present are project health and tracking the financial status of the project. The other in charge of the team manager is managing the entire management aspect concerned with vendor relationships. After the construction project of Starbucks is developed, the project manager is responsible for closing the tasks after checking all the criteria that are mentioned by the client. Therefore the entire project through the project session is under the control of the manager as the sigh-off of the client is gained by them.

The customer sign-off is necessary as it provides proof that the project is completed as the customer is satisfied with the project and is a formal closure document from the customer side. According to the view of Gemünden et al. (2018), the projects are not only completed rather executed by the project manager as well as in case of the team individuals are not able to resolve any kind of issues, yet it is also resolved by the team managers only. All the projects that are developed by an organization consist of a team manager, and therefore being in charge of a particular project at a single time, they are completely responsible for both the success as well as the failure of the project. On the other side, in order to become an appropriate team manager, the leader needs to have proper leadership skills, motivation skills, and coordination abilities. The project manager oversees all the sections of the project execution. Therefore, they face issues as well, such as difficulties in resolving project issues that arose during the implementation phase of the project. The role of Mr. C. O. Chiagozie is the supply manager and the personality type is invigilator, plant, and team worker.

In case of any kind of uneven situation arises in the workplace, the team managers are noticed to be having the efficiency in handling it smartly and effectively along with motivating the individuals of the team. As argued by Derakhshan et al. (2019), the project of Starbucks Cafe that is to b developed recently in the UK not only consists of the cafeteria for consuming coffee of Starbucks but rather there is a specialty as well. The respective Cafe of Starbucks consists of a library as well, which will allow the readers to enjoy their coffee time by reading books of their own choice as the books are selected based on target customers. The important part of the project that is needed to be developed is roofing the floors, ceiling, plastering, plumbing, painting and electrical activities. The activities that are to be developed for opening and organizing a cafe are business plan, market research, regulations, premises, financing, licensing and many others. The supply of pieces of equipment, taking payments, Insurance, marketing, recruitment, waste disposal and decor are equally important activities as well. The different types of items that are necessary for performing the tasks that are mentioned above are market survey, sponsorship from Bedfordshire University, plan, premises, equipment, and regulations for making food. 

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3. The best approach to the team management and team building in this project

In order to develop a team that has high-performance capability apart from assembling individuals who are highly talented, there is another perspective as well. As per the study of Lacerenza et al.(2018), the primary thing that is needed to be done, most importantly that does not matter whether all are highly skilled or not, is a proper unity among team members as it makes the team highly effective. The unity among them is needed to be present in sharing the same vision for the project as well as get unmotivated to such a level that they are able to relate it to the vision of their life. As a consequence of this, the other important aspects are shearing measurable as well as clear goals, such that they can communicate with easy other effectively without facing any kind of cultural barrier. The commitment within all the team personalities toward the project is equally important as the commitment of team leaders.

The activities that are performed to make the team more effective, cohesive, and strong are defining the purpose of the project, assembling a team and many others. According to Bell et al. (2018), a team is developing for a project based on the skills and educational background of individuals, which is counted to be the purpose of developing a team. The concerned purpose is needed to be made clear such that the task that is needed to be performed by individuals in the project is well known to them. The purpose defines tasks in team building the important areas such as the expected outcome from the team, creation of the project, and change or improvement in projects as well. In case the team is already consisting of individuals who have a high capability of performing at their best level, they are also found to be embracing their vision passionately.

The workmates have self-confidence within themselves; therefore, they are well aware of their meaningful contribution to the project. As a result, they are able to motivate themselves, which allows them to perform in the best manner and make their contribution fruitful and innovative. As stated by Misra and Srivastava (2018), one of the most important types in developing an appropriate team for the construction project is the determination of the goals that are needed to be fulfilled. As soon as the establishment of a team and the unity among them are done, the next foremost activity is splitting the vision into small and manageable tasks and goals. The tasks that are needed to be performed and a part of the project are needed to be outlined in a schedule along with deadlines, responsibilities, and milestones that are agreed upon by all.

Each and every member present in the team has a different role. The decision regarding their roles is needed to be decided such that they can perform their tasks without any further interruptions, such as reputations of job activity. As argued by Putri (2020), in addition to this, it is necessary to set a level of expectation for the team member such that they can meet or through their performance both as an individual and as a part of the team. The influence and role of team managers are important as they are responsible for making the workplace more creative and ensuring the fact that there is a presence of alignment among all workmates. Similar to the role of team manager, team management is equally important as it helps in various aspects such as creating innovative projects.

There is the presence of different approaches counted to be one of the reasons beyond making managing the team effectively. According to the view of Ngonini (2021), the success of a team is only possible due to the proper quality of a team manager as they keep the team motivated, informed of the organization's goals and track team activities. In the project of developing a cafe Starbucks consisting of a library, one of the most important approaches is communicating transparently and directly. Miscommunication is dreaded by employees as a result of stress and confusion in Starbucks cafe project development. In a recent survey, it has been found that the stress is experienced by employees due to poor communication in the organizations.

The skills of effective communication make sure of the aspect that clarity of team-wide on not only goals rather on deadlines as well as on tasks. As per the view of Walliser et al. (2019), transparency is created due to effective communication; therefore, permission is obtained by the team to maintain collaboration and productivity. Effective communication in the respective project assists both the managers as well as the other members of the team to communicate in a better manner making the workplace work-friendly. For example, a project communication plan can be used for the Starbucks cafe construction project for different purposes such as review of progress, tasks and meetings. The respective platforms have the ability to allow the managers to assign the respective jobs to the team members and thereafter motor their tasks in all stages.

Another approach is managing the team of the construction project appropriately is providing a clear vision as a manager is in the job role of keeping the team on the proper track for achieving the goals. According to Marasi (2019), one of the high probability aspects that occurred to managers is getting side-tracked from the real goal, which is solving issues both big and small. In settings, a particular goal allows to not only highlight the goals that are both long term as well as short term. It helps in helping the managers and the employees to stay focused on their individual job roles. Tea management software can be used by managers as well for making the team by performing different actions such as tracking goals and making lists.

4. Critical discussion and reflection

a. Review of lessons learned from the project

The project is based on the construction of a Starbuck cafe in the UK that has a library. The study helps to know about various construction processes that can be used in this construction project. Additionally, the study helps me to learn about different essential activities of construction procedures. I have learned about various legal processes and procedures of documentation that are needed prior to construction projects. As per the views of Matinheikki et al. (2019), legalities, as well as documentation, are vital steps that are needed to fulfill prior to starting construction projects. I have also learned that second activity is to communicate and contact contractors as well as subcontractors. I came to know that good quality construction materials are required to build a quality cafe in the UK. On the other hand, I have come across certain terms such as WBS, and HVAC systems that are important for construction work.

B. Consider what you have learned about working in a group

The construction project is a group project as I have to work with other members of a group. Group activities helped me to know about certain good ethics such as agreeing with others prior to proceeding with a particular decision. On the other hand, I came to know about certain group activities such as cooperation, coordination, and others. As stated by Forsell et al. (2020), cooperative skills are good communication skills required in the case of working with groups. Groups’ works help to know about principles of cooperation and collaboration with other individuals. Additionally, with the group work activities, I have learned various new things about construction work that are effective to work efficiently in this group. On the other hand, group activities provide a platform for sharing authentic and valid information about various topics. These are helpful to proceed with construction work. I have learned various tricks that helped me to work effectively in this team. Group activities are helpful in case of viewing problems and issues from different perspectives. I have come across different viewpoints of my coworkers that helped me in case of analysing things from a different perspective.

C. Reflect on individual learning

The group work has enabled me to see things from different perspectives and analyse various issues that occurred during teamwork. I have learned about several things that are related to the construction of library and cafe. I come across various legal activities such as documentation and permission from local governments to get the construction work started. On the other hand, I have learned about importance of WBS in construction work. As per the views of Elsye (2018), WBS includes different types that are important in this construction project. On the other hand, sharing knowledge from various sources helped me a lot in proceeding with this project. I have learned that two different types of materials are required for this project, such as construction materials and books for library section. 


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