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Managing a Successful Business Project Assignment Sample


The concept of LPG (Liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation) has brought many opportunities for the people and organisations. This has provided that platform of moving across the boundaries because of employment and related opportunities. This brings positive as well as a negative impact on people at workplaces. Equality and diversity are the common factors which are very common to be understood to be faced by people at the workplace. The equality at the workplace is understood to be as the fair treatment done with the employees or the workers despite their sex, gender, race, religion, disability and nationality. This is one of an important and effective approach that is been understood to be practised at the workplace to obtained variant ideas and thoughts which helps in performing effectively (Sarvaiya and Eweje, 2016). Diversity is understood to be people working in an organisation are having diverse nature in terms of gender, race, religion, and ethnicity and so on. Thus this will bring lots of opportunity in the organisation, but at the same time, it has also been understood that the organisation many a time comes up with many challenges to deal with the situations. The company in the context to which the diversity and equality will be discussed is Tesco Company. The company is a well-renowned organisation in the UK dealing with relation operations and activities. Thus the challenges faced for equality and diversity and effective measures for its solutions will be studied here in this report.

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P1 Devise project aims and objectives for a chosen scenario


The organisations nowadays are having a wide scope of growth and success not only within the nation's boundaries but also it can obtain benefits across the boundaries as well. The global organisation is able to obtain a diverse working culture as they have workforce not only from one region of a country but from different nations the people are working at the global level. This will bring diversity and a varied working culture in the companies. Similarly, when diversity is obtained, it is at the same time needed to avail opportunities equally for every employee (Klarsfeld, et. al., 2016). This will bring a culture of both diversity and equality in the company, with the opportunities and benefits there are lots of challenges and issues that are faced by the organisation and the employees. Thus the study will have a deep focus on the challenges and issues which are impacting the company, and the measures to overcome the challenges are also important to identify.


To understand the challenges and problems faced by the company and to determine the effective measures to resolve it.


  • To understand about the equality and diversity at workplace
  • To determine the impact of equality and diversity
  • To obtain reliable measures to solve the challenges and problems faced by the company and employees

Research questions

  • What issues and challenges may arise out of equality and diversity in the workplace and what measures could be taken to resolve them?

Significance of the study

The subjective topic chosen for the study is very important in the present time as there are opportunities for growth and development with adapting such a concept at the workplace. But due to lack of information and knowledge organisation are facing challenges (Klarsfeld, et. al., 2016). Thus carrying out research on such subjective matter will help in enhancing the knowledge of the researchers and readers. Along with the information obtained from this study could be used effectively by the companies so that they can update their concepts and can develop effective strategies and plans to deal with the problems and issues of the equality and diversity. 

P2 Produce a project management plan that covers aspects of cost, scope, time, quality, communication, risk and resources


The cost is understood to be as important factors which need to be focused while carrying out an investigation. This study here is focusing on an intense subjective, therefore proper research is required. Thus the cost planning has to be efficient and effective to be getting done in the desired manner. £ 6500 is planned to invest in this project so that effectively the entire research study could be carried out in an effective manner (Kerzner, 2017).


The information obtained from this particular study is highly focusing on the performance improvement by overcoming the challenges and problems of the company due to equality and diversity. As the understanding of the overcoming of the challenges will help in enhancing knowledge and understanding. Thus the project performed here will have a wide scope as its information could be used in different areas.


Time is another very important factor for the project because the set time standard will help in meeting the research objectives and questions in the desired manner. The deadline wills health the researchers to be more dedicated and serious towards the investigation process. Thus the set time period of the project completion will be 10 weeks.


The quality standards for the projects are very high because the study will not only focus on gathering the information but also make sure that the obtained data are reliable and feasible for the study. The information is highly based on a subjective matter. All the concerned and ethical factors are majorly is focused so that the quality working could be able to get obtained in the desired manner.


The communication as known to all is one of an essential element that researchers must take into consideration. This is because the project is not an easy task to perform; there is a high need for making plans, choices, decisions and strategies to attain success (Young, 2013). Thus the communication with respective people of the project is highly significant for researchers to perform. Proper and effective communication will be done in this study using both direct as well s the indirect mode.


The risk factor in any project seems to be high as the uncertain situation could occur anytime. Thus the presence of risk is high in the study as there are members of the team who are very new to the research process. Thus dealing such situation will bring great impacting challenges.


The resources are very important and have to be planned in the required way. The use of research like, human resources, financial resources, venue, and time all these are very important. Therefore the investigators for this study is highly emphasising on the effective use of the resources. 

P3 Produce a work breakdown structure and a Gantt chart to provide timeframes and stages for completion.

The project when it is started is very important to make structure in an effective manner. This wall helps in carrying out the operations and activities of the project in a well-defined manner. Along with this, the work functions will go smoothly without much problems and issues. For effective planning, the work breakdown structure and the timeline are very important to be prepared. They are as below-

Work breakdown structure

The work breakdown structure of WBS is understood to be as the plan of work which is sub-divided into different parts so that the projection and practice of the work could be able to get managed and handled in an effective and appropriate manner. There are many activities that are to be performed thus segregating the actions in sub-sections will help in easily carrying out the operations and activities (Ashtiani, et. al., 2017). Also, the complexity could be managed in the appropriate way. Below is the project WBS which will be followed to accomplish the project objectives.

Action plan

Task /Time

Start date

End date


Searching and drawing suitable research topic


7.1. 2020

1 week

The formation of aim and objective of the research 

8.1. 2020

14.1. 2020

1 week

Conducting a secondary form of study

15.1. 2020

28.1. 2020

2 weeks

Performing primary research through the survey (questionnaire)

29.1. 2020

4.2. 2020

1 week

Drawing effective results through analysis

5.2. 2020

25.2. 2020

3 weeks

Obtaining the final conclusion with the recommendation

26.2. 2020

3.3. 2020

1 week


4.3. 2020

10.3. 2020

1 week


Gantt chart

The Gantt chart is the graphical form of the activities that will be performed in the chosen research study (Sharon and Dori, 2017). This will help in understanding brief information about the activities and the time schedule required to complete the project.

M1 Produce a comprehensive project management plan, milestone schedule and project schedule for monitoring and completing the aims and objectives of the project.

The milestones are the stages where the project completes its phases of the activities. This will help the management of the project team to know and understand the level of performance and stage which has been completed. Along with this the presentation of the milestone will help in knowing the pace of the study and area of improvement if required and accordingly the activities will be planned further (Sagar and Saha, 2017). The planning and structuring of the project will help in obtaining the research aim, besides that the proper controlling and monitoring over the operations and activities of the project will also be obtained in the desired manner. 


P4 Carry out small-scale research by applying qualitative and quantitative research methods appropriate for meeting project aims and objectives.

The information about the research topic is to be obtained in an appropriate manner so that the reliable and feasible results could be obtained as desired. Along with this, the researchers have to adopt the most effective research method so that the standards and objective of the study will meet appropriately (Phillips and Phillips, 2016). The qualitative, as well as the quantitative methods, are the common research techniques to gather information and data which will help in reaching the standardised objectives. Thus, to obtain reliable data, the mixed method is the used technique here. The Literature review as a form of secondary data collection and questionnaire for the primary study will be performed in this study.

Literature review

According to Ashe and Nazroo (2017), the equality and diversity at the workplace are understood to be as the concept where the employees in the organisation are getting the value and importance as an equal way. This helps in availing the rights and value to the workforce without making any kind of discrimination and biases between the employees. The equal opportunities and growing platforms are availed to the workers regardless of their age, colour, gender, religion, ethnicity etc. In an organisation, the equality and diversity policies are specially made so that the employee's rights and privilege for their roles and responsibilities are protected against any illegal aspects. Thus it can be stated that diversity and equality in the present time are effectively practised so as to bring diverse work culture in the organisation.

As asserted by Alhejji, et. al. (2018), the impact of equality and diversity is both in favour and against. The positive impact that could be obtained through this concept is that the company will be able to develop a culture where different people are working with their personal facts, believes, understanding and values. This will help in obtaining variant viewpoints and will ultimately help in coming to effective and unique decisions.  At the same time contrary to it Sharma (2016), states that the negative impact is more as compared to positive influence. The author says that it becomes very difficult for the organisation to handle the situations because the people are not only having problems in understanding the work culture but also faces issues in adjusting with different cultured people. This ultimately leads to conflicts, arguments and result in poor performances.

In accordance with Sharma (2016), the organisation need to enhance the communication method among the employees as this will help in building a healthy relationship between the manpower. Besides this, the organisation must provide training and development program for the employees who are facing problems and struggling to get a team up with the other employees. The company must formulate a proper code of conduct for equality and diversity practices and must be followed effectively. This will help in controlling and limiting the challenges and issues faced due to equality and diversity.





Do you think Tesco company is adapting equality and diversity policies?

?       Yes

?       No

Do you think the Tesco company is treating employees fairly?

?       Yes

?       No

What are the problems that being an employee faces in Tesco regarding equality and diversity?

?       De-motivation

?       Conflict and disputes

?       Dissatisfaction

What according to you the problems that Tesco faces?

?       Poor productivity

?       Low profit

?       Mismanagement

?       Increased turnover rates

What are the measures taken by the company to resolve the problems?

?       Training

?       Interactive sessions

?       Strictly adhere to code of conduct

Any suggestions you would like to give for improvement and development

M2 Evaluate the accuracy and reliability of different research methods applied.

The applied research methods are primary and secondary data collection techniques, the Interpretivism philosophy is the concerned approach here. Besides that, the qualitative data analysis has been used for interpretation and the mixed research method has also been taken into consideration. All these methods used are highly reliable and the information and outcomes obtained from this method have provided accurate results as well. This is because the nature of the study has been taken into prime consideration and on the basis of that these methods and techniques have been used. Adapting the primary and secondary sources will help in obtaining more of the reliable and dependable information related to the study with justification (Neuman, 2013). The primary data has been performed with the support of the secondary data. This had a great and positive impact on the research study performed. The different methods adapted have a positive and favourable impact on the project because these methods have assisted in obtaining that information which could have been impossible to obtain if such methods would have not been used. The mixed-method has the trait to obtain dependable information to meet the research standards. The Interpretivism method has the trait to rely upon the concepts and perceptions of the people. Thus that has helped in knowing what the thinking of the people is for equality and diversity aspects at the workplace (Tesco). 

D1 Critically evaluate the project management process and appropriate research methodologies applied.

According to Martinelli and Milosevic (2016), the project management process is determined as the stages and phases that are followed to carry out the project activities in a well and systematic structure. These are essential stages and steps that need to be followed by the company or the project team to obtain reliable and valuable information so that project objectives could be obtained in an effective manner. As asserted by Mertens (2014), the research has different methods and techniques which need to be followed to reach the ultimate set objectives. As to obtain accurate and viable information, with the help of mixed-method, the primary, as well as the secondary research, has been conducted. The research to obtain understandable information qualitative data analysis approach was utilised. This will help in obtaining accurate, credible, dependable and reliable information related to the subjective topic.


P5 Analyse research and data using appropriate tools and techniques.

The data analysis is important to be performed so that the researcher can be able to present the data into meaningful information to the company. The qualitative method will be used to analyse the information, and the sample size is 50 people (employees and some higher authority) randomly selected for the Tesco Company to fill the questionnaire.

 Theme1: Equality and diversity practices are perfumed in Tesco company







From the above-mentioned graph, it can be understood that the Tesco Company is effectively adapting the equality and diversity practices so that the diverse working culture could be obtained. To this question, 45 respondents from 50 have stated yes and agreed that the company is into a cultural practice where equality and diversity are focused.


 Theme2: The fair treatment is performed in Tesco






When asked to the respondents for the fair practices of equality and diversity, 40 people of them agreed to this and expressed that employees are effectively availed with their rights. Also, it has been understood from the graph presented above that Tesco Company is fair towards the people working from different regions, culture, ethnicity, race and genders. There is fair treatment with employees and biases are far to reach in the company


When asked to the respondents for the fair practices of equality and diversity, 40 people of them agreed to this and expressed that employees are effectively availed with their rights. Also, it has been understood from the graph presented above that Tesco Company is fair towards the people working from different regions, culture, ethnicity, race and genders. There is fair treatment with employees and biases are far to reach in the company


Theme3: Employees faces many problems due to equality and diversity factors




Conflict and disputes





From the obtained information, it has been understood that many employees being from different background and culture, they face issues in adjusting in the working culture of the company. As a result, the respondents stated that some of them get dissatisfied, many get into disputes and conflicting situations which lead to de-motivation and low morale. Thus there is a negative impact on employees due to equality and diversity.


 Theme4: Negative impact on the company


Poor productivity


Low profit




Increased turnover rates



The impact of equality and diversity not only falls negatively on employees but also the company comes up with problems and challenges. Different issues have been faced by the organ inaction, such as poor productivity by employees resulting in low returns. Employee turnover rates get increased and management of the situation becomes difficult.  All these problems are very common to the company when dealing with employees with the concept of equality and diversity.

 Theme5: Measures need to be emphasized strictly




Interactive sessions


Strictly adhere to code of conduct



From the graph, it could be analysed that company is adapting and focusing on many measures to maintain a healthy relationship with employees and build happening work culture.  20 respondents stated code of conduct is strictly followed; training is also important and has been practised as stated by 15 people. Interaction session for team collaboration and building bonds are also practised.

P6 Communicate appropriate recommendations as a result of research and data analysis to draw valid and meaningful conclusions.

The research that has been conducted here has effectively focused on many aspects in context with the research topic as well as in relation to the research methods. The study has provided details and information about the topic chosen for equality and diversity. This has helped in enhancing the learning and understanding of the project. From the results and outcomes, it has been understood that there are certain areas where improvement is required. Thus the recommendation on the basis of overall research study is as below-

  • The company must develop a concept of equality and diversity which has to be introduced to the candidates at the time induction session
  • A healthy communication and feedback session has to be performed monthly with the employees.
  • The employees must be availed with opportunities to present their views and thoughts so they can come up from the negative feelings that they have to build within.
  • Besides this the improvement in the research practice could also be done, the research method has to be more focused thus, the descriptive method could be used.
  • The sample size is less thus more number of people could be targeted.
  • The quantitative analysis can also be used which will help in obtaining more reliable information.

M3 Evaluate the selection of appropriate tools and techniques for accuracy and authenticity to support and justify recommendations

The selection of the tools and utilised techniques are very supportive because the method is suitable for the assistance of the chosen research topic and theme. The primary and secondary data methods for the collation of the data were very important to be adapted so that the information could be able to help in reaching the ultimate result of the stated research questions. The need to use both methods was high because its primary data has provided recent information and secondary has availed the supportive thoughts and views of scholars who have knowledge about the subjective matter.  The analysis of the data or raw facts obtained from the primary as well as the secondary sources needs to be done in an effective way. Thus the qualitative data analysis method has been utilised which really helped in the effective attainment of the information which has helped in reaching the final outcomes meeting the stated research aims and objectives (Kerzner, 2018). The suggestion that is understood to be focused is that the researcher in the further study has to opt alternative methods as well. The observation or interview method could also be adapted for the primary method. Besides that, the quantitative method for analysing the data is also an effective option that could be performed.  The sample size has to be increased so that more reliable and worthy information could be gathered.


P7 Reflect on the value of undertaking the research to meet stated objectives and own learning and performance.

The research study that has been performed here was a piece of investigation that was aiming to obtain information about equality and diversity at the workplace. In this study, I was able to learn a lot of things in regard to the subjective matter; along with this my kerning was also in context with the method of carrying out an investigation process. I have realised that the efforts and hardship involved in the research practice is the prime aspect which has helped me to reach the ultimate standard of the research. The input for the research study was really difficult to manage, but as it is clear and true to say that research study is not an easy task to perform. It talks a lot of efforts, struggles and in-depth research (Csikszentmihalyi and Larson, 2014). As per my understanding, the valued part of the research study which helped in meeting the stated standards and objectives are the participation made in the investigation process.

From the beginning of the study till the final finding part was very well organised and the effectiveness of the working from planning to structure the WBS, Gantt chart, timeline, gathering of data and information collating it effectively and analysing with suitable tools. All these efforts are the key and most valuable steps involved in the study to reach the set standards. Besides this, I have realised that the zeal of doing the research on my part was also one of the key elements to obtaining success. It is because in the initial stage I was very much afraid for the process as I personally felt that I was not good at convincing and communicating with the people. This made me conserved for some while, but motivation by my seniors and professors helped me to perform the activities effectively (Kerzner and Kerzner, 2017).  Thus collaborative efforts made the study to reach its final aim. The study has really availed with lots of beneficial and effective information which has helped me and the readers to obtain and gain understanding about the chosen subjective studies. 

M4 Evaluate the value of the project management process and use of quality research to meet stated objectives and support own learning and performance.

The project management process is the steps and activities that are involved in the managing activities of the project that is to be performed. Thus in this study, the investigation process is the main concerned project upon the equality and diversity aspects. Thus all the stages of the project management from initiation till monitoring and closing have played an essential and vital part in the overall growth and development. The following of the stages accurately and effectively has helped in performing the study in a systematic and well-structured manner. The plan has also provided assistance carrying out each work in an effective and appropriate manner. The research's standard and quality parameters were also the prime concerns in the study which has assisted in the meeting up of the project's ultimate aims and standards (Collins, 2017). This has provided a pace and flow in the work to perform in a well-organised manner. This ultimately helps in attaining reliable and worthy information which has assisted in meeting the aims and standards of the research.

D2 Critically evaluates and reflects on the project outcomes, the decision-making process and changes or developments of the initial project management plan to support justification of recommendations and learning during the project.

The project that has been carried out here has a favourable and reliable outcome because, with this study, it has been understood that developing effective strategies to overcome the facing challenge of equality and diversity is very important. Along with this, I have understood that the need for proper monitoring on the code of conduct of the company is as important as concerning to attain the organisational goals. The project outcomes also state that the challenges are high as it becomes very difficult for the organisation to manage and handle the situations of quality and diversity. Though these concepts in the business have very effective and positive results but have a negative impact also if proper care and planning are not done in the desired manner (Borich, 2016). The decision making was static and was not get changed, because the planning and project structuring made was effective and changes were not actually required to be done. Following the lead of the project plan, I was able to obtain reliable and dependable information which has helped in meeting the set objectives. This is because of the proper planning and following them in an effective and appropriate way. The learning from the project was very effective as I was able to learn the methods and processes required to perform the study in a needed way. I also learned and understood about my own skills and traits that I was not aware of early to this investigation process. I personally felt that I need to develop and enhance my knowledge about the research process more so that I could improve the way of researching things. Also, I think the methods are not enough more techniques could have been used and must be utilised in further studies. 


From the aforementioned discussion, it has been understood that the organisation is able to obtain opportunities but at the same time there is a high level of challenges and issues that will have a negative impact on the business because of the equality and diversity concepts. The research done here has helped in knowing information about the process and methods used to carry out effective research for any chosen topic. The study focused on the plans required to perform the research study. Along with this the different methods such as quantitative, qualitative, primary as well as the secondary method for research has been considered here. The primary and the secondary form of information have also been considered in this study so that effectively the researchers can be able to meet the research objectives and aims. The analysis with the help of qualitative (thematic) methods has been done which helped in obtaining reliable and dependable information. At last with the understanding and learning obtained, reflective writing has also been presented which helps in knowing about the experiences and the way the project helped in enhancing the knowledge and understanding about the subjective matter.


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