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Performance Appraisal Strategies: Enhancing Organizational Performance

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Introduction - Performance Appraisal Strategies for Enhancing Employee and Organizational Effectiveness

Background of the Research

The research proposal will focus on the implementing effective strategies for enhancing the performance in the changing trends of the market situation. Performance of the employees contributes in enhancing the requirement of the firm and focus on grabbing the best possible opportunities way forward. Thus, the entire proposal will focus on the improving performance with effective strategies in the competitive environment. As better performance can contribute in complementing the services provided by the business organization and at the same time it will provide effective appraisal to the employees engaged with the firm.

Research Aim and Objective


The major aims of this research paper are to understand the need and implementation of performance appraisal strategies within an organisation. In order to better understand the most realistic impacts, the research paper will also aim to critically analyse the case study of JD sports and its performance appraisal techniques.


  1. To understand the impacts of performance appraisal strategies in JD sports
  2. To determine the challenges during the implementation process of performance appraisal.
  3. To recommend JD sports potential solutions to mitigate these challenges

Research Question

  1. What are the effective ways in which JD Sports can enhance its performance?
  2. What are the counted hindrances which impacts the performance of JD Sports to flourish?
  3. Which strategies are the highly suitable for JD Sports to adapt?

Research Rationale

The prime reason behind conducting the research was to analyse the performance which is contributing the business to stay ahead in the competitive market (Borroni et al., 2022). Moreover, the associated employees coming up with powerful strategies in order to meet the requirement of the business. On the same side, it will also be able to analyse the positioning of the firm as performance evaluated with the competitors enhances stability based on financial comparison. The consumers getting additional benefit from the services which are provided by the business organisation will also be covered.

Literature Review

Performance appraisal strategies and their importance

Enhancement of performance along with improvement which are detected in the business is highly essential. As appraisal of strategies in the competitive market is extremely significant in order to match the competitive standards in the market situation. Employees contributing to enhance the performance starting from the initial stages till reaching the peak point makes the business withstand the difficulties arising.

Challenges during the performance appraisal strategy implementation

Demotivating the associated employees in the firm can be the prime reason for which the business will be able to gather effective advantage in the market situation. It is importance to figure out the weaknesses of the employees and encourage them to focus more in order to promote welfare in the business organisation (Woolston, 2019). Performance which is delivered by the employees in the business contributes in managing the firm more than the expectations in the competitive market. Thus, it can be said that the businesses focusing on appraising the strategies will be significant to overcome the challenges.

Mitigation strategies to resolve the challenges during performance appraisal strategy implementation

There are various ways in which issues which are impacting the business organistion can be mitigated properly with implementation of strategies in the competitive market. Maintaining transparency in the business operations improvises performance as per the requirement of the business (kenjo, 2022). Simultaneously, properly training the employees including the management will contribute in evaluating the strategies which will be helpful for the business firm.


Research Onion

(Assadpour, Ghalehnoee, and Bahramian, 2022)

The research onion method will be applied for meeting the requirements of collecting appropriate data for conducting the research. On the same side, it will contribute in maintaining the base of authentic information for carrying forward this research along with appropriate methods (Assadpour, Ghalehnoee, and Bahramian, 2022).

Research Philosophy

The method of research philosophy will also be applied in order to meet the requirement of the research which will focus on selecting a particular method. Thus, it will implement realism philosophy method for conducting the research (Mason et al., 2022). As, it will highlight the practical proportion for evaluating the research.

Research Approach

Research approach is applied for finding out the issues which is acting as hindrance. Thereby, the method of deductive approach will be selected for conducting the research in the future. It will focus on collecting the data based on the highly demanded process for conducting the research.

Research Strategies

Research strategy is the most crucial and essential part which is considered for conducting a research proposal. It contributes in choosing the way of presenting the research, and hence, mixed method (secondary and primary) will be applied for conducting the research more effectively (Wójcik, 2022). Both the method of conducting the research applied will enhance the way of conducting the research which will be more beneficial for the researcher as well as the associated participants.

Research Design

Research design signifies the method of managing the business with a particular method of technique implied. Therefore, further descriptive research design will be chosen for proceeding with the research. The reason behind choosing the mentioned design, as it provides accuracy for conducting the research.

Data collection technique

It is important to collect data as per the research base of the proposal which enforces correct direction of the research. Thereby, both the methods of quantitative and qualitative method will be conducted for making the research proposal (Aguas, 2022).


Sampling method signifies the process of choosing a method for conducting the research along with accurate data. Thus, method of random- online sampling survey will be conducted for gathering a minimum number of responses for the research.

Time Horizon

The time horizon suggested focuses on not crossing the submission time line and giving more priority for conducting the research. It will focus on maintaining the guidance for conducting the research.

Ethical consideration

The research and the participants will not conduct any piracy for doing the research proposal and stick to the authentically collected information for conducting the research. It will contribute in maintaining the research’s ethnicity (BBC, 2022).


The limitations which might be analysed later in the research is secondary process of conducting the research. On the flip side, collected information from different portals can also impact the research further.


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