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Advanced Financial Reporting Coursework Sample


The main aim of report is to analyze the corporate social responsibility report of organization and to determine that whether the company is meeting the reporting standards or not. The organization chosen for this is AEW UK REIT Plc. AEW UK REIT plc is a real estate investment trust (REIT). The Company's venture objective is to convey an alluring absolute re-visitation of investors from putting overwhelmingly in an arrangement of more modest business properties in the United Kingdom. The Company puts resources into freehold and leasehold properties across the entire range of the business property area, for example, office properties, retail distribution centers, high road retail and mechanical/stockroom properties, to accomplish a reasonable portfolio with a differentiated occupant base.


CSR is characterized abundant ways yet for the mainly part alludes toward how an organization addresses as well as deals through its natural, social, corporate administration along with financial effects in addition to how such effects may power the organization's partners. CSR gives organizations an occasion in the direction of fortify their business (during cost reserve funds, hazard moderation as well as worth improvement) whilst adding to society. CSR should zero in on the noteworthy regions of connection between the organization as well as its key partners furthermore address esteem creation activities as a section of the organization's procedure. AEW is glad to be known as pioneers in corporate social responsibility. They work perseveringly to connect with partners in their obligation to making a positive, dependable effect (AEW UK REIT Plc, 2018). The association has zeroed in on preservation across resources. By following energy, water, and waste information over time they can recognize openings that are a solid fit and represent the vision of judicious property stewardship that upgrades manageability. AEW Capital Management is focused on lessening the measure of energy, outflows, water and waste across its assets by 15% throughout the following ten years. All around the world, this work is arranged to likewise advance the 17 Sustainable Development Goals set up by the United Nations. Environmental change may appear to be far away into the distance for a few; however they trust it to be quick drawing nearer (Appelbaum, et. al., 2018, 3). AEW is focused on the Future of Real Estate, and that future incorporates being a dependable steward for customers, representatives, occupants, and network individuals.

AEW is focused on a dream of reasonable property stewardship with the objective to create or upgrade the supportability proportions of its business property ventures. AEW has initiated a precise way to deal with improve the working measurements of its speculations by joining ESG components - economic, social and governance - into its resource examinations, comprehensive of endorsing, due industriousness and resource the executives. This responsibility is exemplified in both our short-and long haul ESG goals (Christensen, et. al., 2018). They recognize and present maintainability issues and objectives to Investment Committee as a feature of every venture's endorsing, and remember ESG objectives for every resource's yearly marketable strategy. For the environmental, AEW Capital Management is focused on lessening the measure of energy, emanations, water and waste by 15% throughout the following ten years (or 1.5% yearly decrease) and improve the situation of resources in their business sectors, diminish outdated nature and advance flexibility. For social, screen and improve representative commitment through the arrangement of normal worker studies just as Support and urge provider duties relating to reasonable prescribed procedures. Furthermore, for governance, Lead yearly portfolio-level evaluation of natural in addition to energy issues and present in the direction of AEW's Risk Management Committee.

Performance Verification

GRESB (some time ago known as "Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark") is a worldwide evaluation used to quantify the manageability execution of direct land portfolios across the globe. GRESB tries to cultivate straightforwardness in the supportability execution of property organizations and assets (Crane, et. al., 2019). The data announced in the yearly evaluation is a divulgence of material ecological, social, and administration (ESG) execution at the portfolio level, for example, energy and water utilization, green structure and energy affirmations, and supportability hazard appraisals, just as pointers identified with administration and partner commitment. GRESB is industry-driven and is upheld by in excess of 70 institutional speculators. AEW has answered to GRESB since 2013.

(AEW UK REIT Plc, 2018)


AEW is focused on a dream of reasonable property stewardship with the objective to create or upgrade the manageability proportions of our business property speculations. They endeavor to remain at the forefront of ecological parts of supportability in all areas across the globe in which AEW works. Checking on properties for occasions to diminish energy utilization is basic to accomplishing our overall manageability objectives (Ferrell, et. al., 2019, 491-501). Notwithstanding following energy use over the long haul, we survey energy productivity openings, audit territorial motivations, and execute ventures and projects that will have the best impact.AEW actualizes an exhaustive way to deal with squander the executives and finds a way to lessen squander on the front end and limit its effect on the climate whenever it has arrived at its usable life. They are expanding the quantity of properties that have a favored buying strategy, which organizes materials and sellers that consolidate reused materials and reuse among other waste decrease techniques.

Stakeholder Engagement

Employee Engagement:

AEW looks to cultivate a climate of aware commitment and variety that empowers the expert improvement of workers. In this soul, we have set up a Tuition Reimbursement Program to give monetary help to proceeding with schooling identified with the worker's situation with AEW (AEW UK REIT Plc, 2018). All normal full-time and customary low maintenance representatives are qualified to get educational cost repayment. AEW will repay the expense of educational cost, books and appropriate research center charges for qualified courses up to $5,000 per representative per schedule year. AEW additionally offers monetary help for the quest for the CFA and CPA assignments.

Community Engagement:

Community is a center component of AEW approaches and practices. Representatives in the North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific workplaces devote time to bettering the networks in which they live and work. Networks are locked in through building and occupant exceed just as volunteerism among directors, inhabitants and venture experts. AEW has Charitable Contributions Committees in the U.S., Asia and Europe, which meet routinely and have a consolidated yearly spending plan of $90,000 to use for altruistic and network commitment work (Freeman & Dmytriyev, 2017, 7-15).


At AEW, they grasp corporate duty, responsibility, reasonableness, and straightforwardness not just in the manner in which they deal with their own undertakings yet in addition by the way they deal with their associations with customers and the speculations they make for their benefit. Despite some other contemplation, ventures should be made and overseen as per customer rules and necessities, and AEW's obligation to its customers should outweigh some other considerations (Gond, et. al., 2017, 225-246). AEW's Investment and Risk Management Committees are devoted to settling on sound speculation choices that think about ESG-related issues that could affect their portfolios and eventually, their speculators and inhabitants the same. AEW's cycle for checking and controlling danger is vigorous and restrained. The Risk Management Committee endorses all new speculation procedures and furthermore gives direction on operational and venture danger in our assets.

AEW has an extensive consistence program which is supervised by AEW's Chief Compliance Officer. AEW keeps a Code of Ethics which verbalizes the norm of direct and strategic policies expected of every representative. The Code of Ethics builds up rules for proficient direct, especially concerning expected irreconcilable situations and individual exchanging limitations, including pre-freedom and announcing commitments (AEW UK REIT Plc, 2018). The Code of Ethics likewise forbids representatives from taking part in, or helping other people participate in, insider exchanging. Workers of AEW get preparing consistently in different arrangements with respect to the Code of Ethics. Such preparing may incorporate email updates, online instructional exercises or in person instructional courses (Haddaway & Macura, 2018, 444-447). On a yearly premise, a compulsory proper preparing in either on the web or in person design is directed on the Code of Ethics and consistence arrangements for the most part. Furthermore, AEW keeps an Employee Handbook which traces AEW's expert assumptions for its faculty. Hence, it can be said that it is a good mechanism to hold organization accountable for the ethical issues.


Hence, from the overall report it can be said that the AEW UK REIT Plc corporate social responsibility report has met all the reporting standards. With this the ethics as well as code of conduct has also been followed by the firm. As an Investor Member and Real Estate Manager Member of GRESB Real Estate, AEW approaches the vital information and scientific instruments to assess the maintainability execution of our speculation portfolios and to draw in with venture managers. NAREIM gives the authoritative stage, projects, data and devices to help land speculation administrators build up significant associations with individual industry pioneers, benchmark their organizations comparative with their companions, expand comprehension of industry information and upgrade the abilities and information on their tasks groups.


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