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Introduction Of Social Media Marketing Creative Idea (Spotify)

Spotify is an audio streaming media service providing organization which is based in Sweden which was founded in the year 2006 and founded by Daniel Ek. Spotify has grown up across the globe and the increase in smooth access to the internet has provided the organization to enhance its reach among several countries. Currently, the organization is having offices in 17 countries across the globe and is incorporated as Spotify Technology (www.statista.com, 2018). The increase in the availability of the media channels has been one of the prominent reasons for Spotify being able to increase its reach among the customers. The following report will provide the idea about the currently employed social media strategies as well as the creative ways through which the organization can attract more people towards the offerings of the company.

Social media marketing strategies currently employed

Social media is the place where the highest amount of engagement is observed and in the new era of digital influence, Spotify is using the social media channels as a way to communicate with potential customers and create awareness about the availability of music offerings they have (Saravanakumar and SuganthaLakshmi, 2012). The current accounts in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram help the organization post-marketing advertisements for increasing the reach among the people and attract them towards the services of the company through the Spotify application (Tuten, 2020). Spotify has a very different social media marketing approach which is employed currently which is theoretically termed as integrated marketing where every social media channel is used for promoting different features of the company. For example, through Twitter, they promote their streaming varieties and with the help of Facebook and Instagram they promote the sharing services which is termed as "

Share with peer" based on an individual's taste of music (www.awario.com, 2019). This is done because Twitter is considered to be an official platform whereas Instagram and Facebook is a platform where people engage with their peers and relatives the most (Macarthy, 2021). These are the current social media channels and strategies which are employed by the organization.

Profile of the integrated target audience

The targeted audience for Spotify and its marketing campaigns are the millennials as it is observed that almost 80% of the millennials use the media streaming services for listening to music. In a recent survey, it was also observed that 29% of the users of Spotify belong to the age group of 25-34 years and 26% of its users belong to 18-24 years of age. The people belonging to the previously mentioned age groups are observed to be more engaged in the usage of social media and this is the reason people belonging to the age group 18-35 years are the integrated target audience for the organization (www.statista.com, 2018). Spotify believes that targeting audiences based on the financial backgrounds is not much effective and this is the reason they provide both free and paid subscriptions based on the likes of the people. These are the integrated targeted audience for Spotify across the world (www.awario.com, 2019).

Outlining the content idea

Spotify offers its customers online access to music and sharing the playlists with friends and family through the social media channels like Facebook and Instagram. After collaborating with social media sites Spotify has seen drastic changes in its visitors and subscribers. It is always very essential for an organization to use new and fresh social media marketing techniques as it attracts customers a lot (Nuseir, 2020). This has always been the power of Spotify that they have always used new and innovative techniques and strategies for attracting customers through social media channels. It is observed that in 2020, digital videos are driving almost 82% of the web traffic that means if video content is not shared then the organization is leaving the reach and engagement (www.statista.com, 2018).

The content idea which can be used by the organization in the future for attracting more consumers towards the offerings of the organization is to provide the existing customers with their year-ending reviews of music listening. Which will tell about their music habits. This will include the artists which the person heard the most, the genres, the songs and this will be prepared in a form of a story video which can be easily posted in the Instagram story (Belanche et al. 2019). The existing customers will be able to see and download their videos through the links provided to them on Instagram which are developed of high-tech graphics and slides. This will help the current users of the brand to share their musical interest, identity, and taste through Instagram and this will help Spotify to reach those people who are not the current users of Spotify. Users will directly share their musical journey of the year with their peers and family members which will attract them towards the services of Spotify and this will boost the brand awareness and the performance of the organization in the future (www.awario.com, 2019). It is also believed that Spotify will also maintain consumer data privacy and trust and will never breach the code of conduct for the consumer's data privacy.

Spotify will share the data in the form of a small video which is packed with all the details related to the customer’s musical journey across the year and the customer will be able to access his or her data through a “Spotylink” which will be available in the application as well as on the daily Instagram story update of Spotify (www.statista.com, 2018). The users will be able to share their videos on their Instagram account and will also have the authority to tag Spotify in those videos expressing their viewpoints and share them with their friends and family.

Justification for the idea

This idea is considered an up-gradation to the existing story updating of the process used by Spotify. Spotify is a very active user of Instagram and has been using the story and IGTV features for a very long period and the addition of the is year-end idea will be a new process and Spotify has always been an organization that loves to bring something very new on the table (K?rcova et al. 2018). This idea is considered to be better than the previous ones because it will help engage the existing users as well and the huge user base of the streaming application will help the organization at a global level to attract new customers towards the offerings of the organization.

This is a new technique, and it is a type of strategy which not been used by any of the other companies for attracting their potential customers and this is the reason it will catch the eyes of other people. The users will upload the video on their Instagram story and tag Spotify which will indicate a direct link for reaching up to the application directly for the new users and this will increase the traffic on Spotify’s official website. The users on social media and the users of this application have one similarity and the similarity is that the largest amount of people who are engaged in social media belong to the same age group which is 18-35 years (www.statista.com, 2018). The people belonging to this age group are very much indulged in story updating activities and this is the reason it will engage a huge number of traffic for the organization and will help the organization to attract new people who will be peers and friends of the existing users (Kusumasondjaja, 2018).

Another impact that it can have on potential customers is that it will have a very fascinating impact on them as they will their peers and family ones sharing their musical journey through Instagram stories and this will make the emotions flow in them due to which they will also choose to be with Spotify for having new and amazing experiences which will increase the customer base for Spotify (www.awario.com, 2019).

Recommendations and critical success factor

Several points are recommended to be done by Spotify for better engagement among the potential customers. Some of them are listed below:

  • It is recommended that Spotify should include special song sharing for their peers or loved ones and this feature should be enabled from Instagram only for one time this will engage the existing listeners and their peers with the same application through this social media platform and form a bigger customer base (awario.com, 2019).
  • It is also recommended that Spotify should develop new Instagram story updating challenges which will help them to make more engaging content for the existing and potential users and will have large-scale support from the existing users in the social media marketing approach.

The critical success factor which can help Spotify gain market success in this creative idea is the availability of the songs and suggestions for the customers which are based on their behavioral approach which is an effective way to keep the people engaged towards the services of Spotify. 


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