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Digital Transformation: Ladder's Journey to Online Home Services

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Introduction - Ladder's Digital Transformation for Online Home Services

Digital transformation may help to improve operational performances of any organization and here we planned to start up a new business through digital media services. Ladder is our company brand and it primarily offers online services to the customers for home appliances. Recently, Covid pandemic has thrust the companies to transform digital mode of business due to unavailability of the manual markets. So, we decided to provide services to our customers through online booking and registration. Ladder actually offers home services and personal services to the customers including home decoration, Ac services, appliances services, repairing and painting, spa, saloon for men and women, health care, etc. 

Being the CEO of the foundation, my task is to handle total operations concerning online servicing, marketing, supply management, people management, and etc business activities properly so that it would help to enhance company profitability and functionality. 

This report is segmented in different sections to highlight the operations, threats, opportunities, company functions, mission of the organization, and all with detailed description.

Mission vision of the company

We are aiming to connect thousands of professionals to supply home services in a new and innovative way using digital platforms as a media. During the pandemic, companies were becoming more and more vulnerable to digital platforms as retailers and dealers throughout the nation were faced with troubles to make trade and provide services to their customers. We are emerging with technology-driven services as our attitude towards the business is like the sky's the limit and we are giving services to our customers dedicatedly reducing mishaps and issues. 

Managerial problems and plan for development

Pandemic situation and its aftermath would be the main reason for our digital transformation as market demands such in recent days. People demand home services during this critical situation and therefore, we started a new mode of trade for the ease of businesses (Vial, 2019). Lack of mentorship or expertise is one of our major issues along with the lack of any regulations. In such cases, managing employees or organizational functions would become very difficult and therefore we are aiming to collaborate with skilled and professional workers to enhance customer satisfaction (Ebert and Duarte, 2018). Proper analysis is also needed for management of the business activities like big data analysis, adoption of automated robotics and AI technology for the improvement of the business operations. 

Competitive advantages

One of our major problems in this case would be associated with the global giants and different competitive market mammoths like Task rabbit, Steady, Thumbtack, handy, jobble, etc who are also providing such services through online mode of business. Therefore, our strategy should be concise and market-driven for diluting competitiveness in the crowded market. Digital transformation is thereby an opportunity to make business with ease. 

Purposes of the company

The purpose of the company is to give emergency services to the customers at home through online booking and registration. Our whole services are monitored online so that it is an application based trading for the customers who want emergency home and personal services. We are aiming to emerge with thousands of professionals in order to service new technology driven services to the customers in an innovative way. 

Identification of the gaps

Major gaps inside the organizational operations are related to lack of mentorship, operational difficulty and customer satisfaction, presence of competitor giants, absence of any rules and regulations, and equilibrium. Such issues must be reduced in order to improve operations and activities throughout the organization. 

Implementation of digital platform 

Implementation of the digital platform may fulfill the market demand and also it would help to cope with the critical condition of the market situation. Implementation of the digital platform may help to enhance the company’s mission related to provision of the home services and personal services at their home. Being the CEO of the firm my aim would be to monitor the organizational functions and activities in order to improve the company functions and activities. Adoption of machine learning technology with innovative AI tools and IoT services for providing services to our customers is the main reason for the digital transformation. 

Marketing strategies

Marketing strategies of the company would be to connect millions of skilled employees and professionals to provide services to the customers in order to meet their demands associated with the home decoration, appliance services, personal services, etc. The main objective of sales and marketing would be to provide sophisticated and emergency services to the customers in their needs (Reis et al. 2018). Hence we are doing business through an online platform in order to meet the customer needs and demands to enhance customer satisfaction. This also makes us unique and would help to reduce the competitiveness inside the marketplaces. 


  • Automated technology, AI devices, and advanced management operations implementing software technology through mobile applications may help to meet customer demands and needs in an emergency situation. 
  • Easy accessibility with people is also an important consideration in this case and mobile application would help to meet this criteria. 
  • Providing multiple services within a platform also accounted for the company’s strength. It also provides an employment opportunity in the gig economy. 


  • Lack of expertise and mentorship is a major weakness of the company and therefore we fail to meet customer satisfaction properly. 
  • Difficulties in managing human resources and others is also a company weakness. 


  • Customers are now trending towards online buying behavior and therefore Ladder has an opportunity to capture the market in demands. Rapid increase in the electronic market and digitization may help to improve customer needs and demands easily (Vukši? et al. 2018). 
  • Covid in our perspective has become an opportunity to start remotely for trading and business purposes. We hire skilled and professional employees to enhance company activities and operations. 


  • Presence of competitive giants is one of the major threats for the businesses and this might be diluted through market analysis. 
  • Lack of regulations and rules is the biggest problem here and thus management of the employees and facilitating collaborative approach would be hindered then.

Incorporation of digital technologies and implementation strategies

Ladder is a digital platform which mainly provides home and personal services to the customers in an emergency situation thrust by Covid pandemic. Implementation of digital technology to meet market demands like servicing home utilities and personal care during an emergency situation would help to strengthen a company's standing in the market. Adoption of the robotics technology, AI tools, IoT services, and advanced automation technology would help to meet the customer’s demands properly so that it would help to improve organizational functions and activities (Schwertner, 2017). I’m the CEO of the organization and it would be my duty to maintain customer needs and demands properly advancing technological aspects in an attempt to successfully drive the digital transformation inside the organizational operations.


Ladder is an online platform that mainly provides home and personal services including painting, home decoration, AC repairing, electrical appliances repairing, health care services, salon services for men and women, spa, etc through online mode of business based on mobile application so that we can engage millions of skilled professionals as well as customers. Covid pandemic has facilitated our businesses as online market demands increase to a great extent and therefore we are focusing on such digital transformation for the ease of business. Implementation of the digital platform would meet the customer demands and thereby enable the business to secure adequate business growth. 



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