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Film Review: Queen of South Assignment

1. Introduction

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The drug business topic was reflected in Netflix's "Queen of the South" web series. The cultural bias of narcotics has been properly reflected in this particular series. It has been shown this particular web series on the cultural aspects of the drug business (Queen of the south, 2016-2019). The cultural aspects of narcotics are also specifically implied here. This narrative reflected the tale of a Teresa Mendoza drug dealer.

2. Main body

The article is set mainly on Teresa Mendoza's notorious plot of drug smuggling. The key parts of the story revealed the crime phenomenon through a product of Teresa Mendoza, the main protagonist, which is reflected by the characters of the web series. The critical features of narcotics were revealed in that specific event. Thus the physiological theory of crime is reflected in this specific event. The concept of the protagonist became part of the criminological theory. Criminology's physiological theory has focused on the basic features of the actor. Also, the basic features of the protagonist's mind have been revealed in this particular series (Queen of the south, 2016-2019). It has seen in this particular series that, the psychological impression is clearly expressed the main character Alice Braga played the role of Teresa Mendoza. On the other hand, in this particular series, the Strain theory of the sociological aspect has expressed. In this particular story, the protagonist is engaging herself in a drug-dealing matter. From the story, it has been revealed that the protagonist is involved in the smuggling business because of the revenge on the murderer of her boyfriend. That is that case, the cultural artefact is similar to the traits of the Strain theory.

The sociological theory of crime, Strain refers that, the protagonist of the plot engages themselves in a crime woo for revenge someone who has wronged with him or her. Thus, in this particular story, the same thing is happening. On the other hand, there are several kinds of media theories which are significantly aligned with the cultural artefacts of a film or web-series. A film or web-series somehow try to reflect the notion of some cultural bias. Thus, this particular web-series in Netflix has explored the narcotics cultural bias to the audience. The overall series based on the crime and thriller. Thus, the indication towards the audience has evaluated that, the direction has followed the Magic bullet theory. The concept of cultural artefacts is in line with the theory of magical bullet theory of media, in which the cultural aspects of narcotics are specifically expressed in the minds of the people. The concept of this theory is throwing the specific and clear idea in the mind of the audience of the film or web-series (Queen of the south,2016-2019). Thus, in this web-series, the specific and virtual reality of the narcotics is reflected in the mind of the audience.

3. Conclusion

This is a picture of the "Queen of the South" Netflix series. The notions and cultural artefacts of this series are based on many theories, criticized in this particular overview. Through natural physiological theory, strain theory and magical bullet theory, the overall cultural artefact was evaluated, attempting to analyze the characteristics of the web series.


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