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unit 46: social media practice Assignment


INTRODUCTION - social media practice

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The above report will explain the importance of the social media platform in the current market and the ways in which organizations are using the social platform. This report will provide the necessary importance in the organization for the development of market awareness.


1. Key Concept

The key concept of the social media platform is that the user need provide a necessary profile on the platform to work. It is an individual identity in the social platform which providesthe identity with their unique individuality name and profile. The social profiles are the unique characteristics and the identity which represent the performance with their details and information to the people who are looking for them on social media platform.The User generated content refer to the videos and the images and any content which is created by the people and not from the brands are User generated content. The user create profile and develop money by making their identity and work on the social platform to increase business. This helps them in getting a unique identity which they further use to develop business.The term "social networking" refers to the practise of establishing commercial relationships and raising brand and product recognition. There are different business and organizations which work online to growtheir process of increasing the brand awareness through the networking in business and developing a better process of increasing business. This networking and social media allow them to connect to different number of people and audience to increase the business and provide results.

The key concept of social media marketing including the profile and developing business on social market which works on the process of making the best use at the workplace. For example, Tesco use the social media marketing on different social media platform to increase the awareness of product and services they are offering in market (Tesco Plc, U.K.,). This helps them developing the business and increasing awareness. It is vital for the companies in today’s market to develop business by increasing the use of social media in market.

2. Influence of business on development of social media

Impact of business on social media development

Business Decisions Based on Data: Data driven business decision refer to the process of increasing the use of artificial intelligence in the workplace and making the increase in knowledge management, benchmarking, and increasing the marketing of business working. The impact is that the utilisation of the technologies and development in the workplaceso that they can increase in the process of creating a better application to help the customers in developing the use of social media marketing.

Emergence of e-commerce: The rise of e-commerce, in which everything is connected to a digital platform and which is helping businesses grow.Entrepreneurs, for example, are adopting new ways of working and advertising their companies on social media to raise brand awareness.It is helping them in development of better business and increasing the overall factor of development in their market Range.

Culture Factors on social media development

Digital interaction: the digital interaction and the use of social media platform for the understanding and development of knowledgefor people to work on online platform to get interacted through the social media marketing. The application of various tools and approaches to work on the process of raising market awareness.The usage of social media in culture is assisting in the creation of interactions during pandemic times and assisting in the job of social distancing.

E-gaming: new means of playing games, as well as an increase in the number of individuals and children working and playing online on e-gaming. This is making people addictive and impacting on their mental health as well as the physical health. The use of social media is increasing and all the platforms are connected to one another’s. by the change of revolution among the people.

3. Use of social media in relationship between the consumer and Business

The advantages and the disadvantages of the social media in the relationship between the consumer and the business are:


Low Cost:Working on the social platform helps in reaching wider range of audience in limited investment and cost low in business for the entrepreneur. It further help them in getting better profit margin (Kwayu, Abubakre and Lal, 2021). This can help and it does not cost much in the process of using the social media marketing and they just need to promote their services and product to offer to the customers in market.

Big Audience:Working on the social network helps users grow their audience because there are thousands of people doing business and improving their performance on the site. It is critical for a company to establish the necessary use of to develop an audience in order to increase earnings.

Fast:working on the social media is a fast way of doing the business for a long range and it can help in connecting the people from different places. It is essential for the business as this can lead to increase in performance for business and increase a bigger market for the company.

Interaction: Working on a mobile app necessitates people's trust, and customers expect loyalty from the organization's employees. It is essential for the business to make sure that they are developing a process of increasing the interaction through their mobile apps and make a necessary interaction with customers.


Risk of negative publicity:Because there are thousands of people on social media, it can provide a significant amount of negative publicity from fake accounts which can affect the brand values and it can cost in decrease of business.

Loss of control:The user has lost control while working on social platforms since people's perceptions differ and it is necessary for them to maintain control.

4. Use of social media platforms

There are different kindof social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. It can be used for the promotion of the business and develop market awareness in the business market. All these applications can help in increasing the market awareness and provide the brand reputation with the genuine customers on their platforms. All these are done thorugh the promotion and marketing on platform.Tesco, for example, offers the essential promotions on them so that the company may get a better response from various platforms and audiences(Zimba, Radchenko and Strilchuk, 2020). It helps in promoting the information at one place which can divert to the thousands of people who are the user of those platforms.

The consumer engagement increased as the brands are promoting on different platforms and providing the necessary changes of marketing to increase market awareness. The brands like M&S are using the planforms to develop business and increasing strategy for providing the new job opportunity and also selling of the product and services all on social platforms. Facebook is one of the most used platforms by the people around the globe. There are business organization which are working on this and developing their market for example the lens kartdevelop their sales by online marketing on social platform.

5. Impact of Different forms of social media

Working on the different forms of the social media platforms which are Facebook, Instagram and the LinkedIn are as:

Facebook: Facebook help in promoting the information about the brands and their working through their link to buy the product and services and also from the advertisement posted on the social platforms. It is essential for the business to use the platforms to make brand awareness and increase the chances of developing the market for the same(Jian and Liu, 2018). It is essential and vitalor the business brands to work on Facebooks and different brands like Tesco, M&S etc are working their promotion. Facebook provide the B2B and B2C ways of business where they are developing the necessary change and making the use of online strategy of dealing in business. They are working on the Business to customer and removing the middle man and direct dealer to dealer to increase the working and develop business goals.

Twitter:By connecting and collaborating digitally on Twitter to retweet the post and offer the essential information from people all around the world, Twitters are utilised to provide the necessary news and information. There are celebrities and the presidents who are working on the social platforms and twitter are one of their most used platforms to provide the information to the people in a fast way and increase the informationby developing marketing.

Instagram:Instagram was created as a platform to raise business exposure through advertisements and promotions, which is assisting many brands in growing their businesses in the market and expanding their market by enhancing the process of providing information to followers and individuals who are interested.

6. Social media platforms to platforms and their influence

The influence of the platforms in the market and their way of working in the market to provide the awareness in the business.

Facebook: Facebook promote the product and services on their pages and the brands can make their pages on the factbookwhich can be connected by enterprises, and consumers who use the application can connect and buy services, as well as use their information that they provide.It is vital for them to develop of understanding in market to increase performance of business. Facebook works on the posts and provide the links the company share so that the customers can go to the links and can buy the services the company offering.

Twitter:Twitter is used to disseminate information and to provide required information on a large platform, and people who follow businesses receive the information and can use it to market their products(Skelton, Evans and LaChenaye, 2020).

Instagram:Instagram are used to develop the promotions and the users also provide their contents to increase the process of providing the entertainment. There are brands which use this as promotion and for their business. People can buy the product and services from the Instagram and the normal people can also make their accounts and provide the buying andsellingprocessin the platform.

7. Critical analysis of socialmedia platforming Business Organization

When a company wants to get the most out of the market and reach the largest possible audience, they can use social media platforms. So that they can connect to hundreds of people at single place and develop business awareness’ in marke.t for example Amazon increase their market awareness through promoting they product and services with the new schemes in the market on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram. They also provide the necessary information to make the customers aware about business.

Brands are using the social platform to provide the information and for example M&S is working on the promotion of their product and services on the Instagram to connect to the Instagram audience an develop a better working for the development of business. It helps entrepreneur in getting the best of audience which is helping customers to an increase of performance (Djonov and Van Leeuwen, 2018).


Covered in PPT


From the above report it can be concluded that the use of social media is vital in today’s market and the organizations are increasing the process of working in the social platform. This is helping them in increasing the best of performance and developing the necessary change in result through their process of market awareness.


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