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Workplace Transformation and Sales Turnover: A Case Study of ALDI

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Introduction-Workforce Transformation Strategies for Navigating Economic and Pandemic Challenges

Transformation in the workforce is bly connected to such increases in economic output required both in the private and community sectors. The hurdles that are managed brought about by worksite transformation due to the Covid pandemic, furthermore affect the working population in terms of their shape of working, as well as what tools people have been using to communicate with their private employers. Medium to lengthy terms, firms must reconsider how their workforce functions and reconstruct workflows to capitalize on work behaviors capabilities and attract new people to join the profession. This report would help to highlight the workforce transformation inside the ALDI retail chain management organization in an attempt to enhance sales turnover.

This research proposal would assist to perform the main research which further analyzes the factors related to the workforce transformation affecting the sales turnover to what extent. Background history would help to understand the company’s early conditions and how it engages lakhs of employees before the pandemic and how this transformation may help to sustain the company’s sales and marketing in such an emerging market crisis. Aim and objective chapter would help to evaluate the definite aim and objectives of this research proposal with a distinctive hypothesis. The literature review section would help to highlight the company’s well-planned approaches in taking over workplace transformation in pandemic situations to restrain the company’s marketing prospects quite nicely. The research methodology chapter would help to determine the analysis format so that it would help in investigating the concerned business feature highlighting ALDI’s strategy. The dataset of the survey questionnaire section would be collected then for performing analysis to develop the conclusion of this research analysis. The time scale including the Gantt chart is also highlighted here so that the time duration of the analysis can also be defined properly.

Background history

The very first contemporary ALDI shop debuted in Ludwigshafen, Germany, in 1946. Karl and Theo Albrecht established this retail grocery market chain in the suburb of Essen and 1962 it split into two groups; Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud after that, it started to expand globally. They started expanding shops outside of Germany after the 1990s, but in a couple of years, they had locations throughout Europe. They currently have approximately 10000 outlets and thus are present in 20 different nations, engaging over 120000 employees worldwide (Ahmed, 2021). Their objective would be to provide clients with high-quality fresh grocery items, and home items at unbeatable costs. It is present in almost 11235 different locations worldwide. Aldi Nord possesses 2500 outlets in 35 regional outlets whereas Aldi sud existed in 1900 outlet stores with 31 collaborative companies.

The very first ALDI UK shop was officially unveiled in 2013, and they already operate almost 874 outlets throughout the United Kingdom and aimed to open 1250 outlets within 2025, employing almost 33000 employees and focused to increase up to 35000 in the coming year (Sarisa, 2021). They find delight in offering their clients the most significant standard goods at even the most competitive pricing, so they collaborate directly alongside their vendors to achieve such a goal. They are also committed to buying domestically whenever feasible, and around “two-thirds” of their items come from British sources.

In the pandemic situation, the company had faced numerous difficulties in the beginning but a strategic and well-planned approach toward workplace transformation would help to sustain the company’s sales turnover too. This research analysis is all about finding those factors or influences which may help to sustain sales and marketing in transforming workplaces.

Aim and objectives

The main aim of this research analysis is to explore workplace transformation and its effect on sales turnover.

The objectives are

  • To review the literature on workplace transformation and sales turnover
  • To carry out a primary analysis on workplace transformation and sales turnover highlighting ALDI group’s retail chain market.
  • To recommend how ALDI can utilize workplace transformation to improve sales turnover.

Research hypothesis

H1: Workplace transformation affects sales.

H0: Workplace transformation does not affect sales.

The intention of the research analysis

The main intention of this research analysis would be to analyze how workplace transformation affects sales turnover highlighting a company's background in such a pandemic situation. This research would help to understand clearly the effect of workplace transformation in improving a company’s sales and marketing as well as developing towards sustainability.

Literature review

The literature review chapter would describe how workplace transformation can be applied in an organizational operation and would be utilized for sustainable development and improvement. This chapter would be divided into several segments like dependent independent variables, empirical study, theories and models, and literature gap and each section would carry its unique demonstration to its core so that it would help in the investigation. In this case, the workplace transformation and sales turnover have been analyzed considering Aldi Company, a leading grocery retail chain global organization.

Workplace transformation is a distinctive method of evolving business operations that can support enhanced sales and marketing as well as business growth towards sustainability. It can also support remote working format if it is in demand; recently experienced during the pandemic condition (Friebel et al. 2018). Due to the pandemic outbreak, the business operation of the organization faced several difficulties operating remotely and hence the firm's online supply chain has been increased to a great extent compared to manual transactions. It has numerous retail outlets worldwide and therefore it has to maintain a huge supply chain globally in these circumstances, remote working could lead to a big challenge for the company to grow indigenously. But, skillful leadership techniques and collaborative approaches made it happen and the company's sales experienced a slight downwards in the beginning but recovered quickly and led to enhanced sales turnover. For example, digital transformation would help the organization cope with the situation properly.

Research Methodology

Research methods

The research methodology will help to analyze the different aspects which are related to the company Aldi plc. The research analysis is total on the primary research method, which is engaged in the collection of relevant data and information, evaluation, and further recommendation that will provide extra benefits to the company to achieve the near future goals. Primary research analysis would help to enable the audience to understand the step-by-step processes of research investigation and also assist to develop evaluation in a better and provable way.

Research approach

The deductive approach would follow in this chapter to evaluate the hypothesis related to the theory. The deductive approaches can be utilized for those instances where hypotheses are tested and analyzed to develop a theory. In this case, workplace transformation is the affecting factor that can affect sales turnover and this hypothesis would have been tested for developing the reality (Safari et al. 2019). ALDI retail grocery Chain Company has been chosen for the investigation of how the company copes with the critical situation by adopting workplace transformation as organizational operations for supporting critical business situations.

Research strategy

This research concerning how workplace transformation of Aldi would assist its sales and marketing leading to enhanced sales turnover would have been carried out in a questionnaire survey method where 13 questions will be asked randomly to the 40 participants of the company irrespective of sex, community, and races to maintain the standard of the investigation not biasing the responses. The responses would then be collected to evaluate the responses in statistics so that it would help to analyze the effect of workplace transformation on sales turnover.

Research Philosophy

Research philosophy would help to maintain the motive of the investigation and how it can benefit human societies or others to determine the effect of workforce transformation on sales turnover. Positivism would be the philosophy of this research analysis as this would help to define the hypotheses and also be adopted in developing a proposition too. This section of the research method would help to describe how the investigation can benefit future researchers, marketers, or global leaders to adopt such techniques in crises where workplace transformation is not a choice rather is a necessity as well.

Ethical consideration

Ethical consideration is closely linked with the ethical issues and regulations that must be maintained for any type of investigation or business operations where people engage. The investigation method would not harm any person, or anyone’s personal views, and has progressed in maintaining the standard and sophisticated technique of not distorting responses or replies.

Data analysis and findings

The data analysis and findings chapter would help to evaluate the effect of workplace transformation on sales turnover describing and analyzing statistics of the responses and developing desired outcomes for the research analysis in an attempt to test the hypothesis. The responses would be recorded and analyzed using SPSS software programming with consequent statistical analysis.


Business development is a phase when the business of this company hit the point to search for additional advantages and try to expand the business field. To expand business it is necessary to grow a business as a customer base which helps to achieve success. Some methods are included to continue growing a business.

Firstly, concentrating on the quality of customer services can help to direct the route for growth. A company also needs “CRM” systems that help to handle the relationship regarding business with potential and existing customers.

Secondly, this company should be sure about the financial condition for growth. Before taking major steps, a company needs to have a steady revenue for a few years and a balanced flow of present customers.

Thirdly, understanding the thinking of the customers that is very vital for a company.

Finally, this company needs to recognize some advantages of the latest services and products. This company should do research on the market to see anything new that it can offer its customers to purchase. Also, this company should find various ways to contribute to existing products.


 The chapter conclusion would help to analyze the whole areas of Aldi plc, which is important for the study to analyze the transformation and sales turnover in the company. The research analysis concerning the evaluation of workplace transformation on sales turnover would have been carried out in a quantitative primary questionnaire survey method that will be progressed in deductively maintaining positivism philosophy.



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