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Being Healthy In A Modern World

Introduction - Being Healthy In A Modern World

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Definition of Health

The concept of health is completely based on physical, mental, and social well-being. The highest attainable standard of health represents the concept of the fundamental rights of every people. The basic importance of health is completely based on the health of the child. There are mentally two types of health considered one is physical health and another one is mental health. Proper knowledge about the medical, psychological, and other activity, which is associated with the medical team, helps in the development of proper health in both the rural and the urban areas. The extension of this knowledge will ultimately help to make a huge awareness among the people about the importance of health and the health care system. Generally, the health term does not indicate a person who is free from all diseases rather that it focuses on the development of the promotion of the health of the people. According to W.H.O, the definition of health is “a state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of the disease nor infirmity (Who.int, 2022).” The concept of health is not based on the physical condition of a person; it is based on the intellectual, emotional, social, and spiritual condition of a person. The concept of health also deals with the mental and physical ability of a person who is completely fine and ready to do any kind of work in their respective field. Infirmity and disease can coexist in a body that is the reason the definition of health is not dependent on the disease (Eddy, 2021).

Explanation of the importance of health in the society

The importance of health is very important because it is associated with the birth and the mortality rate of the population. There are different importance’s of the health is present in the society, which is very much important in this, and the importance is as follows:

Improvement of the longevity

A healthy lifestyle provides a good lifespan for an individual, which is completely based on the routine, and the daily lifestyle f a person. Improper diet and nutrition help Preston to become more fit and healthy which will ultimately help them to improve their longevity.

Improvement of the mental health

The low-quality lifestyle produces a bad mental health condit6ion in an individual; as a result, the person faces different kinds of menstrual disorders. For example, depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia are mental issues, which are increasing in society with the progression of time. This is showing the fact more than 85% of the population all over the world is not properly living a good lifestyle and as a results mental health is increasing day by day (Gondek et al. 2018).


 More than 20% of the children in the UK live in cold homes, which are increasing the respiratory disease among the children. The habit of the people is also playing an important role in the health of the people (Health.org.uk, 2018). A healthy home always represents some special characteristic features like warm rooms, and stable house walls, which are very much helpful for the people who live in this type of home. A safe and settled type of house always provides a quality life and access to the family and the individuals, which are very much important for better health.

Education and skills

Adverse conditions of the health can stop the people to gather knowledge or skills, which will ultimately provide them with a proper source of income. This is very much necessary to maintain a good quality of life which is very much important for the development of a healthy lifestyle. Good education and skills help the people to make a proper foundation, which will ultimately help them to develop the proper social connections as a result of all the eq1uipments which are necessary for a healthy life can be gained by a person for the better quality of lifestyle.

Good work

Unemployment plays an important role in society because it is developing depression. Anxiety, and different other mental issues in a young person which is very much harmful. As a result of this mental illness, the suicidal rate is also increasing with time. A proper and good quality of work can reduce this mental illness in society, which will ultimately reduce the suicidal case in the society (Health.org.uk, 2018). It can be concluded good employment and improvement in the workplace has the highest amount of potential to provide a proper income source to the young generation. This will ultimately make proper health in the community.


A healthy transport system is important to make well-designed communities in society. Healthy transport enables the different processes of transport like walking, cycling which is good for the fat reduction, and making an individual fit and fine. Proper social interactions are also made by the healthy transport system overall, this step has an important role in the improvement of health within a community.

Discussion about some interesting statistics for the population of the United Kingdom relating to one of the topics

As per the report in the year 2020, about 8974 deaths were registered by the Government of the UK, due to the negative effect of alcohol. The amount of death due to the effect of alcohol is increased by 18.6% compared with the year 2019. In that particular year, the death of the people was 7565, which is near about 11.8 per 100000 people. The4 statistical data is showing the fact that in the years between 2012 to 2019 alcohol-specific deaths remained the same but they took the speed in the year 2020 due to the pandemic situation (Ons.gov.uk, 2021). Most of the deaths occurred due to the Liver-diseases, which are associated with alcohol consumption. 77.8% of the deaths were registered due to alcohol-specific effects. National statistics definition involved the alcohol-specific deaths as the negative effect of the alcohol misuse. In the year 2020, 5957, males and 3017 females died due to alcohol-specific causes (Ons.gov.uk, 2021).

Overall this data is showing alcohol-specific death in the UK which is one of the biggest issues in the UK.

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