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Digital Well Being Assignment Sample


Digital wellbeing is the process of controlling the interaction between human and technology to ensure the safety of an individual. It is cleared that the technology is playing a vital role in daily life. Every individual is having the approaches about the core level information management and technology about which the collaboration of inputs should be well defined to get the approaches and execution process to control the interaction with safety measures(Drnevich, 2013). A complete set of validation must be defined to get the proper analysis and approaches about the different devices with the parameters and affects on the human. It is always necessary to make it control in different situations for the evaluation and controlling of digital wellbeing.

The research is being proposed to have the better approaches and initialization about the different statistical analysis that might be validated and ensured about the different layers of execution for the validation and verification of smart accessibility management as per the rules and regulations of different environmental information. The consideration of different level should be managed as per the interaction and analysis of managerial information to make the deployment of different information approaches.

The research proposal contains the information about complete problem statement so the solution can be well defined. The orientation and the layers of inputs must be managing the statistical controlling of input systems in which the core level execution should be developed and ensured with the layers of usability modeling and measurements(Iosif, 2013).

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Research Background

The research is being proposed to have the knowledge about Digital Wellbeing in which the human secure interaction with the computing devices as it is cleared that the technology is rapidly increasing now a day but there should be a complete security framework that can be used to have a proper interaction with the analytical thinking of evaluation model whereas the information structure should be optimized with the layers of accessibility for the managerial approaches of execution.

The research structure should be well defined to ensure the that all the precautions are properly discussed to have the core functional interaction with entire system about the having the major functionalities of execution statement in which the complete research evaluation should be done in a complete way .

The exploration is being proposed to have the information about Digital Wellbeing wherein the human secure communication with the processing gadgets as it is cleared that the innovation is quickly expanding now daily however there ought to be a finished security system that can be utilized to have an appropriate association with the diagnostic considering assessment model while the data structure ought to be advanced with the layers of availability for the administrative methodologies of execution.

The exploration structure ought to be very much characterized to guarantee the that all the safety measures are appropriately talked about to have the center useful association with whole framework about the having the significant functionalities of execution articulation where the total examination assessment ought to be done in a total manner.


The problem statement is based on the human health which is one of the most important factors in the usability analysis of different input structure for the evaluation and analysis of managerial inputs and outputs for the verification of major information system(Karimi, 2007). The integration of usability structure might be evaluated with the consideration of execution process in which the development management should be validated and controlled with to deploy the understanding with the structural view of implementation. There are many end users who are having the perspective of information system to develop the major understanding about the layers of information as per the interaction of control level species with which the problems can be resolved(Lloyd, 2017).

The major approaches of project are completely based on the interactive solution that might be managing the core level information about complete problem statement and analysis with the combination of execution that should be processed with the layers of system integration and making the research model more effective.

Aims of Research.

The aims of research are listed below

  • To give the broad examination about computerized prosperity execution in various innovation based zones in which the meaning of data sources can be controlled.
  • To build up the comprehension with complete prosperity gadgets which are at present working in the market for the wellbeing of human while the thought and coordinated effort of center level understanding ought to be dealt with the layers of openness.
  • The combination and displaying of the distinctive execution structure must deal with the methodologies of usage to control the perspective on administrations with the coordinated terms and states of convenience the executives according to the layers of gadgets


  • To guarantee that how the runtime gadgets are incorporating the computerized prosperity works so the human wellbeing can't be influenced by the beams which become out from the innovation based gadgets.
  • To build up the comprehension with whole innovation model for utilizing the measurable capacities dependent on which the joint effort and data sources must be overseen according to the various standards of assessment control level data for the finish of creating data.


The major purpose of conducting the entire research model

  • To provide the extensive research about digital wellbeing execution in different technology-based areas in which the definition of inputs can be controlled.
  • To develop the understanding with complete wellbeing devices which are currently working in the market for the safety of human while the consideration and collaboration of core level interpretation should be managed with the layers of accessibility.
  • The integration and modeling of the different execution structure must be managing the approaches of implementation to control the view of services with the integrated terms and conditions of usability management as per the layers of devices
  • To ensure that how the runtime devices are integrating the digital wellbeing functions so the human health cannot be affected by the rays which become out from the technology-based devices.
  • To develop the understanding with entire technology model for using the statistical functions based on which the collaboration and inputs must be managed as per the different rules of evaluation control level information for the completion of developing information.

Research Question

How the SMART technology is integrating the digital wellbeing functions to ensure the health and safety of an individual?

The research question is defining the complete integration and management of feature level information that should be controlled to have the execution and planning of entire research modeling and validation for having the complete approaches of usability as per the rules of information about which the research modeling is controlled(Orozova, 2005). The combination of different layers is also necessary for making an effective research model about which the control level information should be managed as per the major rules of inputs and outputs for the approaches of usability factors and initialized measurements of execution structure.

Literature Review

The digital wellbeing ensure that the human computer interaction is secure enough to run a technology with entire brief that should be applied with the interaction and controlling core level statistics that must be showing the complete literature analysis to develop the understanding with technology measurements. It is cleared that user interaction is having core terms and conditions for the execution process of digital wellbeing. The layers of system should be managed to have the statistical view of information in which the literature analysis can be managed to set the utilization analysis of the different complete analysis.

A proper technology measures can be deployed to set the interaction of the consideration and analysis about which the configuration and controlling to develop an understanding with different managerial domain of integration in which the proper literature domain of execution in which the digital wellbeing. The service level information is based on the complete domain level information in which the core level execution should be developed.

The advanced prosperity guarantee that the human PC communication is sufficiently secure to run an innovation with whole concise that ought to be applied with the collaboration and controlling center level insights that must show the total writing examination to build up the comprehension with innovation estimations. It is cleared that client association is having center terms and conditions for the execution procedure of advanced prosperity. The layers of framework ought to be figured out how to have the factual perspective on data in which the writing examination can be figured out how to set the use investigation of the distinctive complete investigation.

A legitimate innovation measures can be conveyed to set the connection of the thought and investigation about which the setup and controlling to build up a comprehension with various administrative space of combination where the correct writing area of execution in which the advanced prosperity. The administration level data depends on the total area level data in which the center level execution ought to be created.


For the completion of research, it is cleared that there should be a complete process for the completion of research also the structure of information must be controlled for the implementation of entire research information. There are different execution processes which are managed to get the detailed services about which the perspective of analysis can be managed for the structure of system information and domain level analysis. A complete validation analysis should be managed and defined with the combination of inputs as per requirements of research.

A quantitative research technique will be used for the research interpretation and execution that must be controlling the completing the optimized research structure in which the layers of information must be well defined to develop the major understanding of methods and integration. The combination of execution can be managed with the layers of usability methods using which the analytical framework should be managed to deploy the understanding and execution of the interactive research.

The questionnaire should be defined for the better execution process of the research based on which the complete research analysis can be managed as per the layers of systematic information to develop the major understanding with research model.

Research approach

The approach to complete the research is based on agile methods because the research should be highly quality oriented otherwise the results will not be accurate enough , there must be some different execution processes and plans which should be utilized to have the integration of the core level information about the implementation of research approach.

It is cleared that the agile methods are most optimized research methods in which the process and integration of different approaches should be well defined with the layers of services in which the consideration of research models. The consideration of the different execution should be developed with the layers of understanding about which the core level statistics can be managed as per the interaction and consideration of proper agile research methods to utilize the framework of usability.The way to deal with complete the examination depends on deft techniques in light of the fact that the exploration ought to be exceptionally quality arranged in any case the outcomes won't be precise enough , there must be some unique execution procedures and plans which ought to be used to have the reconciliation of the center level data about the usage of examination approach.

It is cleared that the nimble strategies are most enhanced examination techniques in which the procedure and joining of various methodologies ought to be all around characterized with the layers of administrations wherein the thought of exploration models. The thought of the diverse execution ought to be created with the layers of comprehension about which the center level insights can be overseen according to the cooperation and thought of legitimate lithe examination strategies to use the system of ease of use.

Data Collection

The collection can be done by using the online scripts and APIs to test the security in which the consideration of data modeling can be completely tested using which the core level information to develop the understanding and analysis of a different approach and managerial approaches that can be considered with the data collection models which should be utilized using which the data collection models can be more optimized and controlled with the interaction and analysis to develop the entire data collection approaches

Reliability and validity

The validity of collected data should be done by training dataset using the managerial consideration of the core level information and modeling to develop the understanding with the core level data stats. The data accuracy can be considered with the entire stats of data if the data is providing the complete results, it must be accurate. The legitimacy of gathered information ought to be finished via preparing dataset utilizing the administrative thought of the center level data and displaying to build up the comprehension with the center level information details. The information precision can be considered with the whole details of information if the information is giving the total outcomes, it must be exact.

Research ethics

The research copyrights should not be shared with someone else, as the research is having the core constraints that can be utilized to deploy a complete understanding and approaches of execution and planning of research ethics. The examination copyrights ought not be imparted to another person, as the exploration is having the center imperatives that can be used to send a total comprehension and approaches of execution and arranging of exploration morals.


It is concluded that the complete research framework is being managed to get the initialized structure of implementation and development as per the layers of execution to maintain the quality of services of research and development. There must be completed with the integrated terms and conditions of the approaches and evaluation of entire technology and modeling of the complete research integration and development. The settlement and approaches of inputs can be developed with the layers of accessibility for the complete systematic design and analysis with which the combination of research about digital wellbeing can be completed.


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