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Public Health Policy Development and Healthcare Promotion

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Introduction : Public Health Policy Analysis and Formulation Process

Task 1

  1. The process that involves in developing a public health policy involves three major components. The first step is based on the analysis part of the location that has been chosen. The analysis part helps in the formulation of all the aspects that have the chance of arising and implementing them would resolve the conflicts. The second part involves the planning of all the evidence that has been collected in order to develop a policy that is used in the treatment of the patients and ensures that they receive proper healthcare facilities (Cdc.gov, 2020). The third stage revolves around the evaluation of these policies and the fourth stage is based on the implementation of these policies in order to benefit the patients out of it.
  2. There are several key groups that help in creating the policies and influence the policies in the public health sector. The primary sector that influences public health is the agencies of the government and non-governmental bodies. These fall under the category of the Department of Health. The second group is the pressure group which includes Greenpeace, ASH etc(Health.org.uk, 2020). Pressure groups are an organisation of individuals who happen to believe in the same cause. These people perceive and have a strong view regarding anything and everything and they strongly believe that they are capable of influencing society in some ways. The international groups such as WHO and UN and lastly the national groups such Cancer Research UK also influences these policies.
  3. There are several roles of the government in terms of monitoring the health care of the society. It plays the role of the regulator and regulates all the policies that eventually benefits the individuals of the society. It is the purchaser of the care system and provides all the required attention and healthcare facilities to the individuals who are in need of them thus ensuring the proper health of those people. The government sponsors various types of research and training programs. It facilitates the demonstration and education of the healthcare professionals so that they can educate and treat the mass.

Task 2

  1. The various factors such as the social, cultural and environmental factors play a major role in the health aspects of an individual or of the society. The lifestyle of the individual, the kind of diet he/she has, the natural habitat of the people along with the environment they tend to work in are all the factors that majorly impact the lives and health of the people (Awudza, 2018). The habit of the individual mainly affects the lifestyle of the individuals thus making them prone to an unhealthy lifestyle.
  2. The wellbeing of the individuals are the primary aspect that should be kept in mind and worked upon. With the upcoming years and the increase in the population, there has been an adverse effect on the health of the society. If the nation and its individuals has a better way of living and are healthy beings, it helps in prospering the country. The individuals of the country define the working of the country (SLACK, 2016). Hence it is very important for the government to regulate the educational programs in order to spread awareness so that the citizens are responsible and informed well.

Task 3

  1. The two models that are used in the healthcare promotion are the behaviour change model and the collective action model. The behaviour change model focuses on influencing individuals to adopt a good and healthy lifestyle so that people can live disease free. The collective model focuses on the socio-ecological approach that believes in encompassing the empowerment of the community by informing the individuals of the different factors that influence their health and health status. It enhances the thinking ability of the people so that they can focus on living a healthy lifestyle (Health.tki.org.nz, n.d.).
  2. The public needs to be informed and the spread of awareness regarding the healthy factors are very crucial. Face to face interaction about these programs can be counted as the first and former approach in which the public can gain the knowledge of all the available programs that are built in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The second approach can be the promotion of these health programs through various educational programs (Atrium.lib.uoguelph.ca, 2020). This will help the individual stay informed and will enhance their way of living thus making them stay away from the harmful diseases that pose a threat to mankind.

Task 4

  1. There are several ways in which the promotion of healthcare can be one. These are done with the help of advertising done traditionally as well as through posters. The internet in today's time has become one of the most prevalent platforms that inform people about the various harmful infections and the diseases that are causing a threat to human beings. The healthcare professionals can also promote these programs frequently in order to help the citizens to stay informed (Resources.hwb.wales.gov.uk, n.d.).
  2. In recent times, the individuals are mostly suffering from various kinds of heart diseases. The campaign should focus on the target audience which is more or less every individual that is out there. The main reason is that starting from young people to adults to the people who have aged; everyone is equally getting affected by heart diseases. Online programs should be launched to deliver the best ways of living a lifestyle that will help in avoiding the disease. This might be through exercises or walking a mile every day.
  3. The promotion of the health care programs through the campaign has enabled people's knowledge of the various help they have the access to in order to lead a good and healthy lifestyle. The informed individuals know the various ways they can implement in order to live a proper life which is disease free and thus can contribute to be a part of the healthy and functional society. With the increase in the individual's knowledge about the various factors that affect and influence their health, they will be capable of taking an informed decision thus facilitating a better tomorrow and a better society.


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