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Auto Repair Garage: Scope, Problems, and System Requirements

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Introduction - Auto Repair Garage Information System Requirements

This report is about the auto repair garage. Four brothers will decide to open four garages. That garage will be working on repairing vehicles, providing service, and also will provide MOT certificates. They will also buy many specific parts for the garage.

Scope and purpose

The main scope of this auto repair industry is to impress the customer for future got a work. When the customer comes, the owner and customer relationship is made very strong. That the garage will become very popular and fastest growing. Vehicle Repairs emphasises customer loyalty, as well as the business by interacting hard to preserve existing customers by providing fair product pricing, wage costs, as well as possibly a high standard, in the attempt to obtain new customers through word of mouth. Because multiple garage areas are near to one another, it is a highly competitive market.

Description of present situation

The expert advisors were occasionally outnumbered with relatives, so large boards do get a little contentious. Ian can sometimes be abrasive at gatherings as well as believes he has gotten the short end of the stick since he's the middle brother last one to receive his property. Alan, who seems to have been a senior executive as well as director for longer than most of these brothers, so he is fixed in his ways. Adapt well enough to fresh concepts or adjustments. It is often hard to obtain a good image of conversation points as neither of my brothers present. Someone may scribble a few numbers on a single sheet to deliver at the conference based on computer books.

Problem and requirements

The most recently available start taking (five months ago) disclosed inventory levels are indeed 30% relatively low than which one has processing conditions kept inside the inventory network; all garages had already detailed in the following too at some juncture, when a vehicle has now been reserved in during a fix as well as the component is already out of stock just on shelf and still shows up in the bloodstream. When many than just users access this system in the first place, the existing system is slow as well as frequently crashes. Every booking requires the Technician to personally fill out a job card, which is then given to the Administrative Assistant as once task is completed. The job card will include information about the work performed as well as the parts that were used.

Objectives of the new system

To the above study it will discuss the object of the system of the auto repair garage. So here it will discussed about it's objects. So here it will also aim to improve and make a strong customer relation. So here it is also the main aim is to increase the competitive stock price.

  • To improve the the strong customer relation
  • To improve the competitive stock price
  • To improve the service quality

Possible alternative

Because there are more than one person accessing this service, it is slow and occasionally crashes. Each booking necessitates the Technicians actually filling out a notice, which will also be handed across to the Office Administrator again when the mission ends. The applicant would include specifics accomplished including the supplies utilized. The Office Assistant seems to be in responsibility of updating inventory database like used components, as well as writing a new bill for such customer, and filing the activity card in a cabinet. Typically, a garage will have four to seven experts, one executive assistant, and sometimes, a trainee. Each of brothers is already in command of such a different business.

Creation for comparison

Auto manufacturers have been compelled to use alternate lightweight innovations and advanced technologies as a result of increasing safety as well as fuel standards. Composites might be a decent mass-reduction choice, but unless users can purchase them. The steel business continues to develop new, and different materials including steel were competing for the car industry's interest.

Required System Features and Capabilities

The evaluation of the above-mentioned issues in all the different branches related to auto repairing garage companies there are various requirements that need to be full field along with modifications of the existing system as well as involving a new system in the garage that will allow mitigating all the issues regarding the customer dissatisfaction and high employee turnover. In order to run the business process effectively the organization requires to categorize their process more strategically in two different functional areas so that information systems can serve each of these levels as well as functions in a more effective way involving various computing software and platforms to monitor their business process.

Types of Systems

There are mainly three different categories of information systems that are mostly used at different organizational levels. These are the operational level system, strategic level system and management level system (Melin and Wihlborg, 2018). The operational level system helps to support various managerial operations such as sales, cash deposit, payment received, credit decisions and payroll management along with materials in organization.

  • Management-level system-

This system helps in monitoring, decision-making, controlling administrative activities. to use the management level systems instead of providing instant information it typically provides periodic reports related to the operations. In the following companies this type of system is very much required for monitoring the number of cells in a particular week, evaluating the performance of an employee as well as understanding of the organizational performance through financial analysis.

  • Strategic-level systems

The strategic level systems on the other hand help the senior management to addressing various issues in the organization related to strategies and long-term trends and it includes the external environment of the organization. Therefore the strategic level system cells for creating predictive analysis of their employees requirement, prospects for sales on a particular time period as well as reducing the cost trends in long term two identification and bringing strategic changes into the operation (Benschopet al. 2020).

Role of Information System

The information system will also allow it to perform various major business related functions like observing the sales and marketing, calculating the production and manufacturing, managing human resources as well as finance and accounting. What a large organization it may include operational management as well as strategic level systems in every functional area. However, in this case the business process includes observing the sales in each garage from booking and parts. The system in all the branches needs to be synchronized through a centralized control media so that any data can be inserted into the system online. This will allow the work to get exact details regarding the available stock of parts (Nestorovet al. 2019). For this reason, all the branch offices can update the stock information online. edition Ali the system also needs to to include a database so that customers details can be stored within the system along with the payment information.

Transaction Processing System-

The transaction processing system is basically a computer system that is required to be included into the The organization for recording the daily routine transactions. for example to include the sales order in tree reservation of any parts keeping record of any overtime of employees as well as requirement for shipping also to be included into the system.

The above figure represents the employees data to be stored in the database where it includes employee number address, department of fermentation period and various other data. the computer system will include a structured query language to store this data in a structured way and also retrieving the data whenever required (Moura et al. 2019). This system helps to make the transaction process more simple and error free.in case of any salary deduction for addition of salary because of overtime the payroll system is most appropriate for performing search operations and keeping track of money paid to employees for a long time. Therefore, it can also help management to take decisions on evaluating their employees' performance or helping in other decision making processes.

Management Information System

depending upon the type of operation and specific type of information that are related to the organization. Depending upon the functions or operations in the workplace the management information systems can be divided into four functional areas. Depending upon the case study of Auto repair Garage it is required to manage the sales and marketing function, repairing of cars and certifying vehicles (Murungiet al. 2019). The other two functional areas include finance and accounting where all the employees' payroll can be managed by the system. it will impact on the employees satisfaction level as automated payroll management processes must include the overtime and rate of employees. Additionally, the last functional area is Human resource management where all the employees records are kept through the system where it includes all the employees personal data as the work done in a day. The final functional area includes Human resource management through which it manages its employees such as keep tracking of employees work, performance of employees on a particular week or month in order to improve the employee satisfaction and reducing employees turnover.

These are the following systems that the company needs to include in all the garages to allow Auto Repairing Garage eliminating the issues in their operation.

This system summarizes the basic operation of the organization and can make reports based on that. all the transactions related data from the transaction processing system can be presented by completing the long report produced on a daily schedule basis (McCarthy, 2019). The above figure shows the management information system that helps to process the data from the inventory, orders as well as accounting into different databases or file systems. With the help of a management information system, by accessing dudh information managers can view the reports in a user friendly way by summarizing all the transactions for different orders or bookings. tourism management information system the data can be represented on weekly, monthly or yearly basis as well as it also allows to get data daily or hourly basis (Pereira et al. 2021).

As the organization uses different types of systems, it is essential to make a relationship between these systems so that various types of data can be collected from a single interface which is effective decision making. Therefore it is very much essential to understand the data flow between the systems.

Analysis of alternative

  • Technical

The certificate would include information about the job performed as well as the equipment that were used. The Office Administrator is in charge of modifying stock records with used parts or rather printing out such a statement of account again for customer; this same job certificate is then submitted in some kind of a cabin.

  • Operation

Each garage utilises four to six technicians, yet another administrative assistant, as well as an understudy on celebration. Each garage has been handled by a different brother. Even though the Specialists report that if they are pleased at the company and that they will be handled such as family, staffing levels could be a problem because the Technicians could get an improved pay rate by having to move to a bigger firm and/or well-known founded groups such as BMW, VW, and KIA.

  • Economic

iin economic section every brother are improve the stock price as like 40 persent as per the previous year. One brother only losses the stock price for the some reason.


The business the main thing is to pay all the employees. So here the main thing is to pay as per the requirement. Bateman Capital Markets uses an obsolete accounting application to manage ledgers as well as create accounts. Workers are mostly in control of wage calculation. Every week, most employees get paid with a written check. Every week and, every garage Administrative Assistant should send emails to Batemans confirming the average hours according to each worker.

Therefore, through the using the system interface the technicians can select the required product, quantity required and also need to mention the booking ID and show that the system can automatically add the component prices into the following booking at the time of receiving payment from customers (Durmic, 2020). This simultaneously helps to keep track of the parts. The technicians take products by entering the quantity and selecting the products system automatically reducing the same quantity from the available therefore this stock management system will also help to to address the issues in the following company.


The business includes repairing cars, carrying different services and providing a MOT certificate to its customers. The company has four different branches at their locations mentioned earlier. In that case, it has been observed that the organization faces various problems regarding their poor information system, lack of synchronization between different branches and employees. Additionally the organization uses paper based documentation of their business process that is done manually such as keeping record of repairing works in a diary or book in each garage. Along with the organization currently facing various issues regarding the stock management, keeping record of bookings and customers.



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