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BMM3003 - Introduction to business operations and management Reflection report

Introduction: BMM3003 - Introduction to business operations and management Reflection report

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Operations management is the management of corporate performance to produce the high level of competence possible within the company. It is a concern with adapting resources and labour into products and services as resourcefully as possible to maximize the income of an association. While I was learning my business and operation management, the skills I have developed through my learning course can improve my accomplishment and efficiency. I have learned so many skills starting from the management of budgets and establishing project particulars to cooperating with teams, operational managers develop durable hard and soft skills to take on the tasks of the job.  Through a degree in business operations management, I was ready to enter a career as a professional, helping in competence, communication and product organization. The role of the operation manager inatmospheres might include offices, warehouses and production amenities. They are obliged to keep solid communication, management, and management skills. They are also required to be good problem-solvers who can work around mechanical limits to classify practical solutions. Master’s in Business administration degree plans set graduates up for career elasticity. They can attempt for retail companies, financial institutions, and healthcare bread winners, to name a few opportunities. They may also work at set-ups or become business persons, exploiting their diverse business information to accomplish many sections of a small business, such as marketing, accounting and human relations. 

Reflection of semester 1

For business operations management graduates the employability skills I have developed include the ability to understand vital business elements such as marketing, accounts and finance, information management, human resource management and various operations about running a company efficiently. This also helped me to put together coherent arguments and query assumptions. To draw together, analyze, and critically evaluation of information and understand the nature of leadership and behavior skills within an organization. Throughout my study course, I also have learned so much about how to communicate effectively, evidently, and precisely with others. This has helped me to manage my time and take on obligations for my development. Because of the complex nature of the operation’s executive role, I was interested in the career to prepare myself for the profession.

The track of becoming an operations executive involves receiving a degree ahead professional knowledge. Furthermore, it means refining the skills required to develop approaches that improve operational competence, such as organization, leadership, communication, and financial capabilities. As I arrived at the remaining classes in my attentiveness, operations efficiency management, I comprehended how each specific class topic had all come composed, and how each was consistent. Each lesson and the individual subject became extra significant to me as I appreciated their position in the role of a business operations manager. By way of I seek to arrive the company, one of the primary things that I wish to reminisce about is the reputation the company has located on their tactical planning and targets. Decisions made by my team will directly impact the finance, operations, accounting, buying, and managerial sections.

The things that benefit to make any organization successful, are the value the organization places on its tactical, and operational targets. Consequently, before taking a situation with a corporation I hope to study as much as I can about the numerous purposes of the firm, and how each subdivision works with the subsequently to accomplish these goals. Thus, I courage to use the information I have grew in this class in business operations management to access the firm’s operational tactics. This should be reflected in their vision and mission statements and also their financial reports. I would also aspect the worth they place on corporate responsibility, ethics, and giving back to the public. I feel a firm’s accomplishment will be directly secured to how operative they are in assembling the everyday challenges of developments, processes, and sales. The importance placed on these precise areas will be obvious by their accomplishment and thoughtful in both their short and long term targets, in their financial statements. This course has also covered the combined management of supply chain logistics and value-added actions. This includes all features of the supply chain, from the expansion of goods to delivery, to the delivery to the end customer. Structural concepts are addressed, such as cooperation, buying, logistics globalization, and the effects of developing skills.

Throughout this course, I have also gained so much knowledge on the ethical and moral issues met by business executives. It is significant for operations executives to have a sturdy grasp of commercial ethics, for the reason that individual beliefs, values, and performances can posture major challenges to companies and corporations. The project provides me with a consideration of how to protect the human rights of employees, customers, and associated executives in a business environment. Previous to this course, I believed that to accomplish a project I need to be a project executive. Throughout, this course transformed my viewpoint on project management. This path obtainable in project management attentiveness delivers an exhaustive inspection of the project lifespan and the characters of venture managers as they lead groups and achieve tasks. This has benefited me in project management issues, like those regarding technology application projects, risk, new products, and change management. Additional applicable topics comprise project beginning, reserve planning, and development, cooperation, management and project termination.

Semester 2 Reflections and continued development

Challenges faced in semester 1

I have faced lots of challenges in business operations management that arise as an outcome of the essential of well-organized and operative systems. Well-organized systems are obligatory for making cost-operative and sustainable procedures. 

The very first challenge I faced throughout the course is learning the impact of globalization on businesses. This involves a process of communication and incorporation among the persons, corporations, and administrations of diverse nations. I as an operations manager must tap into my new technical skills as innovation will be a main factor of accomplishment as well as information about global business and the innumerable cultures of the industries around the world.

The next challenge throughout my learning is sustainability which is significant to adopt by every organization for future growth and development. This is a technique of assessing whether a corporate can preserve existing performance without hitting future possessions at risk. I as operation manager must be concerned with the outcome of each of the supports including how their work affects welfare, security, groups, the environment and economic sustainability.

The major challenge faced by companies nowadays is to fulfill their ethical responsibility which benefits all the stakeholders and the country as a whole. Ethics are considered as a subsection of commercial ethics that is “destined to safeguard that the manufacture function and actions are not harmful to moreover the customer or the culture. Specific organizations should deliberate on the belongings new knowledge, imperfect facilities, animal testing and corporate contracts have on individuals, security and the atmosphere.

Knowledge of semester 1 helped in further developing understanding in semester 2

Last week I have explored my life knowledge, my inspirations and some of the applied authenticities around work selections. Confidently, I was starting to develop thoughts about the sympathetic work I seek to do and stronger about how to carry more of myself and my desires to the forefront in the work I already do. Significant what I want, of course, is the only portion of the challenge. I require to have, or to improve, the information and skills essential for my work selections, whether they are salaried or volunteer. So, this week I have deliberated the information and skills I previously have and how I force want to complement these to encounter my future goals in semester 2. It is significant to have or to study the assistances and knowledge I need for the kind of effort I want to do. I begin this by looking for the characters I play in my life and what these necessitate of me. This will assist me to see what information and skills I have learned along the mode. Then I would be able to audit my skills and measure how well I would do them so that I can build up a strong picture of how well I can do things. This will help me to appreciate my strengths. Group work permits me to showcase my new knowledge. It demonstrates what I want from the whole team to the advantage of my knowledge.

How has the knowledge helped to improve overall understanding of Business management?

Skills like allocation, project management, elasticity, and business financial information helped me to make decisions about risk management, product development, and cost-decrease approaches. With exhaustive information on business procedures and organization, I am better able to pledge projects, cooperate with teams, and encounter significant deadlines. As a business operation manager in the future, I should be accountable for a range of significant tasks and schemes that depend on my competencies and knowledge in the exact areas of management, business and manufacturing. For example, working as an operation executive in a large industrial company may need me to direct numerous manufacturing teams and strategy and implement approaches that help the business in achieving optimal outcomes. My collaboration, coordination, preparation, and planning skills are all characteristics that are significant for this career. Improving my operational management skills which can help me to boost my competence in the occupation and grow my capability to accomplish positive outcomes.

Which topic are you enjoyed the most?

The career field is growing tremendously. My learning in this course related to supply chain management has endured growing, as the worldwide supply chain endures alteration and change. Demand for those with the education and skills to accomplish supply chain, generate and perform strategies, and optimize will be extremely required after. Nowadays, many businesses and establishments are complex in making goods readily obtainable so customers, creators, and producers can have them after and where they need them, and at an inexpensive price. Preparing me with the information and knowledge I need to organize and accomplish all of the establishments and providers involved in the actions that move goods to the correct places at the correct times, is the target of a supply chain logistic management degree. I was able to learn how to grow, accomplish, plan, and advance supply chains. Technologies are pouring supply chain business procedures and approaches that give businesses a competitive advantage. Business operations include all the things it does to produce goods or services. If my operations are not efficient I could be wasting money and energy. Well-organized operations are money-making, reducing waste while preserving excellence and service. I can measure competence by comparing my operation’s outputs.

Which topic areas need to progress and learn more about?

The topic which has learned during my course is quality control policies in the business. I need to progress on this topic to run a business effectively and efficiently. A quality control policy is a procedure through which a professional seeks to guarantee that product quality is preserved or better quality. Quality control needs the corporation to generate an atmosphere where the organisation and workers struggle for excellence. It is done by training workers, generating standards for product excellence and testing goods to check for statistically important differences. An important feature of quality control is the creation of definite controls. These panels help regulate both manufacture and responses to quality subjects. Warning room for the mistake of stipulating which manufacturing activities is to be finished. Through this worker decreases the chance that workforces will be complicated in responsibilities for which they do not have satisfactory training.


Self-reflection includes procedures that happened after knowledgeexertions and influenced my reaction to that experience. Throughout the self-reflection, I can examine my reasoning procedures, insight, activities and performance, which helped me to gain a better understanding of myself and my role in speaking in the place of work. This activity is part of my future approaches to dealing with diverse circumstances where I require directing my company's action plans through self- focussed knowledge. Based on the consequence of my self-reflection through smearing the reflective outline to comprehend, how will I accept diverse challenges in the primary 12 months of my career? This reasoning procedure of self-reflection consequently not only helped me to improve knowledge outcomes but nurtures self-regulated knowledge, a cyclical procedure that includes preparation to comprehensive a theoretical task; using approaches to monitor development; assessing the result; and using that information to lead future tasks. The possessions I like greatest about self-regulated and reflections and learning is  composed, they assist place through the accountability for knowledge directly onto undergraduates. Good students to think about what and how they have been educated which inspires them to reflect on knowledge purposes and their portion in emerging information.

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