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BMSW4004 Hackmons Care Management: Addressing Skilled Labor Shortage

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Introduction: Addressing Skilled Labor Shortages Through Healthcare Case Study Analysis

The study highlights the nature and complexity of the problem identified by the case study of Hackmons Care in the UK. The analysis of the effects caused by the problem is demonstrated based on the case study. Furthermore, a SWOT analysis is determined to understand the current state of the organization along with measures to mitigate the current problem is also demonstrated.

Nature and impact of the problem

Hackmos Care is one of the best healthcare providers in the UK Midlands. Its core competencies comprise physicians, hospitals and an extensive network of highly skilled doctors. Healthcare was incorporated to serve people with every aspect of care that is needed. For instance, they provide services as per the comfortability and convenience along with families agreement and support in order to enhance the lives of the common people. The main agenda behind healthcare was to give people a healthy living to build up a healthy community by providing service through qualified staff and professional doctors. Hackmos Care has developed a great reputation in the market over the prolonged years of providing care services. The review of the service users has been positive and the support of the medical staff was also well recognized (Macdonald 2020) However, the main issue faced by Hackmons Care is the shortage of skilled labour in the healthcare sector. The nature of the problem is not having adequate skilled workers who are skilled enough to work as reliable careers. The biggest shortage that the UK is facing is the lack of technical and skilled workers in the healthcare sector. The hospital and care homes are facing lack of skilled care workers due to starker recruitment and retention challenges. In the UK, there is a huge vacancy for the medical staff which could not be fulfilled due to certain setbacks. Hackmos Care is also facing a similar issue which is affecting their reputation. Though the service users are quite satisfied with their services but still the challenges regarding the shortage of caregivers are not lessening.

Cause and effect analysis of the complex problem

The cause behind the rise of the problem of the shortage of skilled labour appeared due to the negligence of the government. The collapsing and challenges faced by the care homes to retain the caregivers are due to people unwilling to invest their time towards it. It is a complex work along with that a tiresome job. The long hours of constant working in unsuitable and destructive working condition with nothing in return as the payments are very less as per their terms of service. The budget constraint in this sector has always been a point of concern. The present situation has raised the turnover of staff and pitiable pay is demotivating people to involve in this sector (Healthcare professional shortages in the UK 2020). A per the research by Lancet public health, a medical journal showed that the percentage of patients will increase from the year 2015 and 2025. However, very few students are pursuing their career towards health care service. In addition to that, the government policy for not pertaining visa to the individual who is skilled as caregivers as according to them this qualification is not skilled enough to permit overseas via in order to fulfil the vacant of care homes in the UK. Furthermore, it is also determined that due to the lack of strategic organisational planning the issues is increasing. Lack of skilled workers in the healthcare sector is affecting the health and social care sector very badly. The increase in number is patients with low support of skilled staff can lead to a huge problem in the future.

SWOT analysis


Extensive work network

Good leadership and structure

User friendly


Proper training for modifying the skills of the employees

Increase in staff turnover

Improving strategies for potential employees.


Non-reliable services

Lacks in skilled labours

Low pay to the employees


Threats from market competition

Threats from substitute product

Risk in lacking management


Extensive work network- The extensive work network of Hackmos care is very much strength worthy as the organisation provides a wide range of services to the customers with an extensive network of doctors, physicians and hospital services in the midlands of U.K. Thus, the overall status of the organisation in the healthcare service sector depends on the performance and range of services offered to the public under one roof.

Good leadership and structure- In the healthcare sector, the proper leadership and good organisational structure represent the overall reputation of the company in the market. Thus, the organisational structure helps in accelerating the performance of the organisation with the help of good leadership over the employees.

User friendly- The main strength of the organisation is they perform all the activities in a user-friendly way to fulfil all the demands of the customer and access the growth of the organisation. Therefore different essential treatments and fulfilling the requirement of the customers is the basic strength of the organisation.


Non-reliable services- In the health care sector, all the operations and services depend on the superior authority of the organisation and helps in evolving the performance in different effective areas If the regular carers were on the annual or sick leave the overall operation of the organisation degrades. 

Lacks in skilled labours- In another major weakness in this sector is the shortage of skilled labour who actually performs the organisational activity. Thus, the lack of skilled labourers devalues the working environment with wrong and improper working. 

Low pay to the employees- The shortage of skilled labours occurs due to the low pay in the wages to the employees which results in a reduction in labour-power in the organisational activity.


Proper training for modifying the skills of the employees- Thus the opportunity for accessing the growth ability and resulting in ineffective performance. The training and development of the employees help in evolving the overall skills and ability of the employees in performing the organisational activity.

Increase in staff turnover- The increment in the staff turnover value will help in retaining more efficient and effective employees to perform the organisational activity properly. Thus

Improving strategies for potential employees- The adaptation of effective strategy in improving the organisational activities developing more potential employees in evolving the performance in different areas.


Threats from the market competition- In the market competitive area the threats occur in different effective competition in terms of accessing the employees towards different organisations or disrupting the performance which is a major threat. 

Threats from substitute product- The threats from substitute product are a general threat which occurs in every operational activity of the business. 

Risk in lacking management- The risk of management failure results in the disruption in the overall organisational activity. Thus, these types of risk occur due to improper organisational culture. 

Evaluation of the measure to mitigate the issue

The following are the measures which are required to be followed to mitigate the general issues discussed in the case study.

Proper training and development plan- The improvement of the skills and ability of the labour can be accelerated by implementing proper training and development programs. Thus, the performance can be boosted through the effective control and development plan accordingly by generating the function of the organisation. These measures mitigate the issue of shortage of skilled employees as all the freshers are to be trained by the organisation for performing the activities properly.

Increase in pay- The common issue in the health care sector is the problem of low pay which leads to a reduction in employee rate from the sector. Therefore the general issues of low level of skilled employees can be mitigated through increasing the monthly staff turnover for retaining all the potential employees and accelerating the growth function again.

Assistance from the government- The government should make changes in the protocols and ineffective policies for exports freshers from the overseas (Drennan and Ross, 2019). Therefore in mitigating the issues of visa the government should remove all the unnecessary barriers for promoting the health care sector of the country. 


From the above case study analysis it can be determined that being a reputable healthcare provider, Hackmos has to face a shortage of skilled medical workers. Though its service is still making the service users happy the care home has to face huge challenge regarding staff. Furthermore, the causes and measures are determined based on the information given in the case study.


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